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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
All For You - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Anything for you

Nina couldn't believe what she heard. "Slave? Until the day of the grad ball?" she asked in disbelief. Brent smirked again and nodded his head. "a lot of girls from your batch has been asking me to be their date. You're lucky that I chose you." he said as he walked around her. "It's just a a little favor in return to your bog favor. If you don't want to do this, the I guess I'll consider the other girls..." after saying that, Brent walked away from Nina.

Nina was hesitant at first, but if this would make her drean come true, then she should accept the deal. She looked at Brent, who's not that far yet. She ran towards him and blocked his way. "Wait!" she said in a loud voice. Brent just gave her a blank look. "OK. I accept the deal. I'll be your slave, I'll de everything you want just be my Grad Ball date!" she said. Upon hearing that, Brent gave her a devilish grin and pat her head. "Good. Then, I'll see you tomorrow, dork!" he said as left Nina standing in the middle of the school grounds.

After Brent left, her three friends approached er and cheered on her. "You did it!" Lainey shrieked. "Congrats, Girl! You now have a date for the Grad Ball!" she heard Millie said. "She's still in awe, for she cannot believe Brent agreed to be her date. "But I'll be his slave..." she thought. She just shrugged her shoulder and smiled. "Well, at least I could be close to him before I graduate!"


It was Saturday the next day.

She was in the middle of her sleep, when her mobile phone rang. Withe her eyes half open, she reached for her phone on the side table. "Wei..." she said groggily. "Wei my ass, Chinese dork! Get over here!" she heard the guy on the other line said. It was Brent. Upon hearing his voice, she automatically got up of her bed. "Brent?"

"Yes, it's me. Get here in my pad. I need you to do something." he commanded.
After gibing his address, he hung up. nina stared at her phone for a while. "Do I really have to do this?" she said to herself. Then, she remembered what Brent told her yesterday. "If you don't want to do this, then I'll consider the other girls..."

She took a deep breath before lying on her bed again. "Nina, why do you always get yourself into a mess? You should not have listened to Lainey..." she said to herself again. After a few seconds, her phone rang again. It was Brent again. "Wei?" she said in a lazy tone. "Now!" Brent shouted. This made her panic and awake.


After three knocks, Brent opened the door. It was Nina. He gave her a stern look, then looked at his watch. "You should've been here an hour ago." he said sarcastically. "I'm sorry, Brent... this won't happen again." she said in a low voice. "Master." he answered back. Nina gave him a confused look. "Master Brent. From now on, call me Master Brent." Before she could react, Brent went inside. "How can someone as cute as him become a jerk?" Nina thought as she followed Brent.

She scanned the place, and she saw the his place is in a total mess. It's as if a tornado passed by. The living room had a lot of clutter. There are a lot of dirty clothes lying around the floor, the furnitures are covered with dust, and the dirty plates piled up at the sink. "Who cpuld live in ths filthy place?" she thought. Then, Brent turned to her and gave her a smirk. "Clean my place." he commanded. "My friends are coming over this afternoon, so this place should be neat."
Nin just shook her head in dismay. "This guy really want to torture me..." she thought. "Anyway," she heard Brent continue. "I need to meet a friend. I'll be back later." And he left Nina alone.

After he left, Nina took a second look arounf the place, decidig which place should be cleaned first. "I really can't believe he can stand this place..." she said to herself. She stared at the pile of dirty dished at the sink, and decided to start cleaning at the kitchen.


That afternoon, brent arrived together with Leon and Jasper. By the time they arrived, his pad is neat and clean. "Good job..." Brent thought. They found Nina at the kitchen, who have just finished cooking spaghetti. "Wlecome home, Master Brent1" she said cheerfully the moment she saw him. His two friends were dumbfound, and gave him a confused look. "Master Brent" they asked. "I made her call me that." Brent explained. The three took their seats as Nina served the spaghetti.

"It looks good, but I don't think it tastes god." Brent said sarcasticaly. He watched as his friends dig in to the food, and he can tell by their face and the way they eat it that it's sumptuous. "Man," Leon said between mouthfulls. "This is the best spaghetti that I've tasted in my entire life!" he exclaimed. Nina smiled when she heard Leon's comment. "Thanks..."
"You know, Nina," she heard Jasper say. "if in the future I can't find a wife, marry me and make me this delicious spaghetti."

Brent, still doubtful with what his friends just said, decided to taste the spaghetti. "She sure can make a good pasta..." he thought as he tasted it. He noticed Nina staring at him, probably waiting for his comment. He put his fork down, and wiped his mouth. "It's good." he said blantly. Nina smiled happily when she heard his comment. "But, it doesn't suit my taste. Brent continued. That comment wiped the smile on Nina's face, and it pleased Brent. Before anyone could say a word, Brent stood up from his seat and went inside his room. Nina was disappointed because Brent didn't like what she cooked. Jasper noticed it in her face, so he leaned over her and smiled. "Don't believe him... I'm sure he liked it." he said, assuring her. Nina smiled back at Jasper.
"It's time for you to leave, dork." they heard Brent said. "My friends will be here any minute. If they see you, they'll probably laugh at me." Nina said goodbye to his friends, and left his pad.


The following week:

Brent went to Nina's house shortly after her parent left for a day out. So there they were, standing in front of her house as he held his car keys in her face. "Me? Clean your car?" she asked again. Brent nodded. "I have a date tonight, and I want it clean." he said. She didn't argue anymore, so she took hi car keyss and began to clean his car, inside and out.

At the school canteen:

Nina went to the canteen's bookstore to buy a pen, when Brent saw her. On her way back to their room, she saw Brent sitting on one of the tables. He was with his friends and some girls. "Hey dork, come here!" Brent called. Nina changed directions and approached him. As she reached their table, Brent gave her money. "Buy us some oced tea OK? Keep the change." Nina gave him a faint smile, the she took the money and bought the drinks at one of the stalls. After she placed the cups on the table, Brent signalled her to leave. Nina nodded and started to head to their classroom. "Bye, dork!" she heard Brent shouted. She heard his friends laughed at her the moment Brent shouted that.

At that moment, Nina wanted to cry, but she's fighting back the tears. "Be strong, Nina. You didn't hear them laugh at you..." she said to herself. "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words could never hurt me..."


After their class ended, Nina meet with Brent at the front looby. She received his message that morning, asking her to do some things for him. She ran as fast as she could so that she won't be late. Nina saw Brent sitting at the bench, waiting for her. "I'm sorry, I'm late again..." she apologized as soon as she reached him. She thought he's gonna get mad again, but instead, he smiled at pat her head. "It's OK." Brent said. Nina was surprised that he didn't got mad and insulted her for making him wait.

She watched as Brent took his note book from his bag. He torn out one of the page on the notebook and gave it to Nina. "Please find this books for me. I need this for my report." he said. For the first time, Nina heard him say the word 'please'. She never heard it from him, since he always commands her. Nina took the paper and read it. She remember that most of the books were at the High School Library. "I can't get inside the High School Library because I forgot my library card at home. Please borrow these books for me, I'll just pay the late fees. Please drop it off at my pad." he continued. Nina looked up at him and smiled. "No problem, Master Brent." she replied, smiling back at him. After that, he pinched her cheeks and said goodbye.

Luck was on her side, and she was able to find and borrow the books. She immediately went to Brent's pad to give it to him. She was about to know at the door, when she noticed that the door's not locked. She decided to enter his pad, and find him. "Brent?" she call. She went to the living room, and she saw Brent making out with another girl. "So that's why he was happy a while ago..." she thought. She decided to leave the books at the table and leave quietly, but before she could move, the girl noticed her. "What the hell are you doing here?" the girl shouted. Before she knew it, the girl's standing in front of her. Brent tried to stop the girl from lashing on her. "Didn't you know it's rude to enter a room without even knocking?" the girl shouted back at her.

Then, the girl slapped her. Nina was already sobbing as the girl shouted bad words at her. She felt like she's a low kind of person that needs to disappear. "What do you think you're doing, dork?" the girl shouted again. "Stop it! I said stop it!" Brent shouted at the girl. The girl looked at Brent. "You have no right to hurt her!" Brent shouted at the girl. The girl smirked at him then looked back at Brent. "So you're telling me that you chose her over me?" she said sarcastically. Brent didn't answer. "Fine! I'll leave!"

Even after the girl left, Nina didn't stop from crying. For the first time in her life, someone slaped her and hurt her like this. Brent came up to her, and hugged her. "She's gone now... she can't hurt you anymore..." he whispered into her ears. "Ssshhhh... hush now..."
He could feel how bad Nina feels. He just embraced her until she stopped from crying.

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