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Sunday, March 22, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Dream of Me

Let me sleep, for when I sleep I dream that you are here
You're mine and all my fears are left behind
I float on air and nightingales' sings tender lullabies
So let me close my eyes
And sleep, a chance to dream
So I can see the face I long to touch, to kiss
But only dreams can bring me this
So let the moon shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams, he dream of me...


It was 3 AM....

Ella opened the door of their apartment. She dropped her bag on the floor, and slumped on the couch. She still could not believe what happened a while ago. She felt harassed and exploited when that man kissed her outside the bar. She was saving her first kiss to her true love, and she never thought she would jut lose it a drunk stranger. “That bastard...” she thought. “He should not think of showing up himself to me or else!”. She will never forgive that man. “Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted. Then, she saw the lights on upstairs, and heard someone running downstairs. Someone opened the lights to the living room, and there, she saw Calvin and Jiro giving her a confused look. Looks like she awakened the two with her shout of frustration. “Wei, Ella... do you even have an idea what time it is?” Calvin asked, yawning. Jiro scratched his head as he looked at her. At that moment, Ella began to break down. The two looked at each other, wondering what's wrong with her. “El, is there something wrong?” Jiro said as sat beside her. Calvin put his arm around her, and consoled her. “He... he... waaaaaaaahhh” she said before crying again. “He? Who? Did someone tried to attack you?” Calvin asked in a worried tone. “Did someone molested you?” Jiro asked. Ella slowly nodded her head. “What?” the two boys exclaimed. They will definitely not forgive the guy who molested their best friend. “What did he do? Did he tried to rape you?” Calvin asked again. “Was he able to reach the first base?” Jiro asked. Upon hearing that, Calvin glared at him. “He... he... he... waaaaaaaahhhhhhh” she cried again.

Jiro and Calvin looked at each other, not knowing what to do with Ella. “Should we report what happened to her to the police?” Jiro asked him. Calvin shook his head, and then looked at Ella again. “Ella, tell us what happened? We can't help you if you'll just keep on crying...” he said to her. “He... that bastard... he... he... he...” she said between sobs. “He what?” Jiro and Calvin asked. “He... he stole my first kiss!” she finally said. Jiro and Calvin looked at each other, they don't know if they would sympathize with their best friend, or laugh at her, or smack her head for making them worry for nothing. And they both thought she was almost raped. “Owkey...” Jiro said. “Someone just devirginized Ella's lips...” Calvin said. They looked at her, as she still cried. “We're definitely not going to report this to the police, Calvin.” Jiro said. Calvin nodded in agreement. “Was the guy drunk?” Jiro asked Ella. Ella nodded her head. “OK, the guy is drunk, he might've mistaken Ella for some hottie.” Jiro said to Calvin. When Ella heard that she smacked Jiro in the forehead. “I'm serious, OK. He kissed me. He stole my first kiss. I was reserving that for... for... for...” Jiro and Calvin sighed and rolled their eyes at her. “For Arron Yan-Wu...” the said in unison. “Get over it, Ella. It's not even you're first kiss. You used to kiss Calvin on the lips when we were five years old.” Jiro said to her. Then, Ella stopped crying and looked up at him. “I did?” she asked. Calvin nodded his head. “So technically, it's just a kiss. Not your first kiss, so get over it, OK?” Jiro said. Calvin looked up at Jiro, surprised at what he said. “Did I really kissed her?” Calvin asked. Jiro nodded his head. “You were the one chasing Ella for that kiss. And yes, Ella's your first kiss as well. And get over it. We were kids back then...” Jiro said. “Yuck...” Calvin muttered under his breath. Then, he looked at Ella, who was as surprised at her. “And don't ask me to give your first kiss back!” he shouted it. Ella smacked him on the head. “I won't ask for it, you dummy!” she shouted at him. Jiro shook his head as he watched the two bicker again. “Ella, I think it would be better if you don't go back to the bar. You're making us worry.” Jiro said to her. “But I just got in there, and besides my pay there would help a lot for our expenses...” she said. “I think Jiro's right. Just get another job. I'm afraid you'd kill that guy if you see him again.” Calvin said. Ella wrinkled her eyebrows. “I sure will kill him for what he did!”


Chun found himself standing in front of the altar. He looked around the empty church and found flowers decorating the place. He looked back and saw her standing by the door. As he expected, she looked beautiful in her long white tube gown. Underneath her veil, he could see her smiling at him. He smiled lovingly at her. Then, she started to walk towards him. He counted the steps she make as she walked down the aisle. One... two... three... four... five... twenty steps. She took twenty steps before she could reach him. “Ella...” he whispered his name. With her hand, and she reached up for his cheek. “I love you...” she heard him say. “I love you more...” he whispered. “I can't wait to spend forever with you, Ella...” he said. Then, he pulled back her veil, and kissed her lips.

He heard the alarm beeped nonstop. Chun reached for it and snoozed it. He sat up on his bed. Suddenly, he felt his head ache, as if it was being hammered. “Aww...” he said as he reached for his head. Well, he shouldn't have drank too much last night. He was too frustrated last night that's why he drank too much. Then, he looked around, and realized he was inside his room. How could it be, when he can barely drive last night? “What happened?” he thought. The last thing he remembered was the waitress telling him that he had enough drinks. How was he able to come home last night?

What bothered him more is his dream. Who is that Ella? Why is he marrying that girl in his dream instead of Ariel?


She found herself walking through the garden path with daisies all over the place. She smiled as she touched the daisies as she walked. Then, she heard someone call her name. “Ella!” She looked up and saw Arron, smiling at her. Then, she saw him extend his hand to her. “Come with me, Ella...” Arron said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. But as she was about to reach for him, he heard another voice calling her. “Ella...” the voice is much huskier, baritone in fact. She turned around and saw him, his face somehow blurred, but it felt as if she know him. “Don't choose him. Choose me. I am the one you love...” the man said. Ella became confused. He looked at Arron, who was still waiting for her, then he looked back at him. “B-but... I... I love Arron.” she said to him. Then he looked at Arron. She saw him smile and took her hand. Then, he pulled him towards that man. “Do you really love Ella?” Arron asked the man. She saw the man nod his head. Then, Arron looked at her and smiled. “Choose him, Ella...” she heard Arron say. “I know him too well, and I could feel he loves you more than anything else in this world...” Ella looked at the man. “Who... who is he?” she asked.

“Wakey wakey!” Ella was startled upon hearing Calvin and Jiro shout into her ears. As she woke up, she sat up on her bed and threw a pillow at them. “Wei! You guys don't have to shout!” she said to them. Jiro and Calvin just laughed at her, seeing that angry expression in her face. “We were trying to wake you up, you mushroom! We just couldn't wake you because you were still dreaming.” Jiro said. Calvin nodded in agreement. “And you were calling Arron's name.” Calvin added. “Did I?” Ella asked. Her two friends nodded their head.


“Good morning!” Ariel said as he entered the room. It was 10 AM, and she was surprised to see Chun still in bed. Chun looked up at her and smiled. “Aren't you going to work today? If you aren't then I would have to remind you about Arron's school play.” Ariel said. She saw down on Chun's bed, and noticed that he was rubbing his temple. “I've got a big headache...” Chun said to her. Ariel crossed her arms and glared at him. “That's what you get for drinking too much.” she said. Then, she noticed a bruise on Chun's left eye. “Did you got yourself in a fight?” she asked. Chun was startled with her question “What do you mean?” he asked. “You have a black eye.”

Then, Chun stood up and went to the bathroom to check on his face. When he faced the mirror, he saw a black eye on his face. He was trying to remember what happened last night. All he remembered is that he drank too much, and this lady bartender trying to talk to him into not drinking too much. As he tried to remember the events last night, he felt his head aching again. He flinched as he walked back to his room. “I have no idea where I got this black eye...” he said to Ariel. Ariel could see that Chun's in pain again. “Fine. Just take the day off, and rest for a while. You don't look well...” she said. Ariel helped Chun to his bed and tuck him in. “Sleep for a while. I'll be going to Arron's school to watch him. Don't worry, I'll cover for you...” Ariel said to him. “Can't you stay?” Chun asked giving her puppy eyes. Ariel just smiled and shook her head. “I promised Arron Ill be there.”


Backstage, Arron was pacing back and forth. Once in a while, he would peek behind the curtain. The seats he have reserved for his family is still empty. He wondered if his family and Ariel would be able to come. Then, Arron let out a sigh. “Please let them come. Please...” he prayed. “Arron?” he heard someone call. He looked around and saw Ella standing behind him, smiling at him. “It's OK to be nervous. Just breathe in and breathe out.” he said. Then, she walked up to him to fix his costume. “You're all set!” she said to him. Arron don't know why, but upon seeing Ella, all the anxiousness he's feeling was gone in an instant. “Actually, I'm more anxious that my family won't be able to come...” he confessed to her. Ella walked towards the curtain and took a peek. Then, he saw a lady and to elder man about to sit on the seats Arron have reserved. “I think they're here...” she said to Arron. Arron took a peak from a curtain, and saw Ariel with his dad and grandpa. He sighed with relief upon seeing them. “Whew...” he said. Then, he looked at Ella and smiled. “They're here...” he said to her. “Later after the play, I'll introduce you to my family...”

Ella smiled at him and nodded her head. “So, you're good to go now?” she asked him. Arron shook his head. “Now that family is there, I'm getting more nervous...” he said. 'What if I made a mistake while dancing? What if I forgot my lines? What if I've gone off-note while singing?” Ella smiled at him, then help his hands. “You'll be all right, Arron. I've watched you rehearse, and I know you will wow them with your performance. Believe me...” she said to him. Arron smiled at him again. “Ella, thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot to me.” he said to her. “No problem, anything for a friend.”

Arron and the whole cast took a bow, and the audience stood up from their seats. Arron felt happy, knowing that their audience have loved their performance. As soon as the curtain closed, Arron rushed to the backstage to look for Ella. “Ella!” he shouted as soon as he saw her. “It was an awesome performance, Arron! Congratulations!” she said. Arron was so happy, that he hugged her, and carried her, twirling her around. Then, he put her down, pinching her cheeks. “You are my lady luck, Ella!” he said. Ella blushed at what he said. “Aww, you're so sweet, Arron!” she said. “Hey, it' true. When you peaked at that curtain, my family arrived. Then, you took all my nervousness away. Plus, you helped me pass my subjects. I really don't know how to thank you, Ella.” he said. Then, he held her hand “Come on, I'll introduce you to my family.” he said to her. Then, he pulled her to meet his family.


“Dad, Grandpa!” Arron shouted as he ran towards them. The two elders, as well as Ariel looked up at him and smile. “Congratulations, Arron! Job well done!” his grandpa said. “Thank you, grandpa.” he said to the elder man. “I'm sorry that your brother was not able to come. He's not feeling well today.” he heard Ariel said. Arron looked at her and smiled. “It's OK...” he said. “As long as you're here...” he added silently. Then, his father noticed Ella, who was standing beside him. “And I see you have a friend here...” Jonas said to his son. He winked at her, thinking she was Arron's girlfriend. “Oh... Dad, Grandpa, I want you to meet Ella.” he said. Then, he looked at her and smiled. “She's my best friend.”

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