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Saturday, December 19, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 7

Round 7 – Smart Cookie, Dumb Cookie

“What? Joe is having an affair?!” Both Ella and Selina exclaimed. The long-haired girl just nodded her head, unable to speak because of her sobs. “But, how can it be? He seems to be a really good buy... unlike the guy who lives across us!” Ella said. “Hey! Are you saying I am not faithful?” Ethan asked. Ella rolled her eyes at him. “Whatever.” she said. “I think he is... because... because...” before Ariel could continue, she began to sob again. “Ariel... maybe you're just being paranoid. I know Joe is working really hard, and isn't he taking up his master's?” Ella said. Ariel shook her head. “It's not that... it's not that... I know he is having an affair with someone. I know he is...” Ariel said. “Sometimes a woman's instinct is wrong, Ariel...” Ella said.

Ella knew Ariel and Joe for some time. She witnessed how the love between them have blossomed. She also know that Joe loves Ariel more than anything else in this world, and it never came into her mind that he would cheat on Ariel. “I... I did something, Ella. I... I followed him one time... and... and I saw him... I saw him enter a hotel with one of her colleagues...” Ariel said as she cried. Ella was surprised at what she said. She looked at her cousin, who is just as surprised as she is. “Oh my God! Joe is really cheating on you dearie!” Selina said as she sat beside Ariel. “Maybe they were just having dinner at the hotel, Ariel.” Ella said. Ariel shook her head again. “When... when he came... home that night... he... he had this kiss mark on his collar...” Ariel said as she sobbed. Ella sat back on her chair to think. “This is bad...” she muttered. “Yeah. That guy is careless!” Ethan said. Ella glared at him, and Ethan could only smile guiltily at her.

Selina looked at Ariel, and held her hand. Ariel looked up at her, and saw her smiling at her. “Don't worry, Ariel dear. We'll help you the best way we can.” she said. “Thanks, Selina...” Ariel said, letting out a faint smile. “So, what we have to do now is tail on your husband, but with my condition...” Ella said as she looked at her leg. “Don't worry, Ellie. Hebe and I can take care of it.” Selina said. “I can talk to Joe...” Ethan said. Then, Ella glared at him. “Oh, please... you won't be any help at all.” she said to him. Ethan gave her a confused look. “Why not?” he asked. “Because you're a guy. Maybe you'll just tell him to be careful not to get caught the next time!” Ella said. “Oh, please, Ella. I'm not like that! I may look like a playboy, but I am a faithful guy... believe me!” he said, eying on Selina. Ella rolled her eyes in disgust as she watched her neighbor and her cousin flirt again. “Excuse me! Can the two of you stop flirting for one second? We have some problems here!” she shouted. In an instant, the two stopped flirting.

Ella looked at Ariel, and smiled at her. “Ariel, there's one thing I have to ask you before we start planning how to get your husband red-handed.” she said. Ariel nodded her head, and waited for her to speak. “Do you trust your husband?” she asked. Ariel fell silent at her question. “I... I do, but... I have this feeling that he may be lying to me...” she said. “You know how important trust is in a relationship, right? You can't love someone that you don't trust...” she said. Ariel lowered her head. “I know that...” she said softly. “But don't worry, we'll help you. But you have to be ready to find our the truth.” Ella said. Ariel let out a faint smile, and nodded her head.


Chun went out of the house, and saw Sphinx's car parked outside Ella's house. He saw Sphinx got out of his car, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. Chun let out a sigh and folded his arms as he eyed him. “So you came finally. After your best friend waited for you for what seemed like forever!” he shouted at her. Sphinx paused, and looked at him, confused at what he said. “Excuse me, but are you talking to me?” he asked. “Who else?” Chun snapped at him. “Man, I don't know what your problem is.” Sphinx said. He turned to go to Ella's house.

“Yeah, you may not want to face Ella by now. She's mad at you. After you bailed out on her yesterday!” Chun said. Sphinx sighed, and turned to face him. “Why do you care if Ella's mad at me or not? It's none of your business!” Sphinx said angrily to him. “Oh, it is my business after all. It just so happens that because you didn't came to help her out yesterday, she had a small accident that made all of us panic.” Chun said. He folded his arms as he walked up to him. Sphinx was surprised at what he said. “Ellie had an accident?” he asked worriedly. Chun nodded his head. “She fell from the stairs, and if Selina didn't call Ethan to check on her, we wouldn't find out about it. And man, she is too heavy to carry...” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Sphinx turned to the door and rang the door bell. After a while, Selina opened the door. “Oh, it's you!” she said. “Is Ella OK? I heard from your neighbor -” Selina nodded her head. “She is, but I don't think it's a good idea for you to see her. She's kinda mad at you for bailing out on her because of Larissa...” she said. Then, they heard Ella calling Selina. Selina immediately closed the door, leaving the devastated Sphinx behind. “Tsk tsk tsk...” Chun said as he folded his arms. “Your best friend must have really hate you, huh?” he asked. Sphinx lowered his head. “It's my fault anyway...” he said sadly. “I bet she hates you now.” Chun said. Sphinx let out another sigh. “I just need to let her cool down. She's still mad at me, and I know when shes mad, she'll only refuse to talk to me...” Sphinx said.

He looked at the bouquet of roses in his hand, and then he handed it to him. “Can you give this to her? Please tell her that I'm really sorry... I didn't mean to bail out on her. Tell her that I'm sorry, because if I didn't ditch her, she wouldn't have that accident.” he said. Chun gave him an are-you-kidding-me-look. “Are you nuts? If she hates you, she hates me more!” Chun said to him. “Then give it to Selina, and tell her what I told you.” Sphinx said. Chun let out another sigh. “Are you serious? Man, if you want Ella to forgive you, you should try harder. Don't just ask some people what you want to tell her. You're such a sissy when you do that.” Chun said. He handed the bouquet back to him, and then pulled him to the door. He knocked on the door, till Selina opened it.“Chun?” she said, giving him a confused look. “Selina, tell your stupid fat cousin to face her best friend now, all right?” Chun said. “How can Ella face Sphinx right now? She's upstairs, and you know very well that she can't walk!” Selina said. Chun looked at Sphinx, who seemed to be confused with what he is doing. Then, he pulled Sphinx and went up to Ella's room.

Ella was busy reading a book, when the door opened. She looked up, and saw Chun and Sphinx. “What the hell are you doing in my room, chicken face? And what is Sphinx doing here?” she asked angrily. Chun put his hand on his waist, and let out a sigh. “Look, Ms. Piggy. Just because your best friend didn't keep his promise to you yesterday, that doesn't mean that you have to stay mad at him. Come on, don't be childish.” he said. Ella folded her arms and glared at him. “And what right do you have to interfere with me and Sphinx?” she asked. “Oh, come on Ella! Be mature for once! It's enough that you're mad at me, don't stay mad at your best friend, will you?” Chun said. Ella folded her arms, and glared at Chun. “You chicken face...” she muttered under her breath.

Chun looked at Sphinx, and saw the devastated look on his face. “Look at him. Can you resist him? He's sad because you're mad at him! Stop being childish and forgive him already, OK? Look, he even brought you your favorite flowers...” Chun said. Ella looked at bouquet of roses in Sphinx's hand, and then turned her head away from him. “It's not even my favorite!” she complained. Chun looked at Sphinx, and then realized he was holding a bouquet of roses. “Oh, yeah... how can I forget... you like sunflowers...” Chun muttered under his breath. Sphinx gave him a confused look. “You know?” he asked. Chun became wary of what he just said. He just turned away from Sphinx, and ignored his question.

Sphinx went up to Ella and sat beside her on her bed. “Ella... please forgive me... I know I shouldn't have bailed out on you yesterday...” Sphinx said apologetically. “I'm not mad that you bailed out on me. I'm mad that you had to go see Larissa when it's already clear that it's over between the two of you. When will you learn, Sphinx?” Ella said. Sphinx let out a sigh, and lowered his head. “I learned my lesson now, Ella... well.. Larissa didn't came...” Sphinx said sadly. “See, I told you. You know that ex-girlfriend of yours... she's always giving you false hopes. I don't know why you even bother with her.” she said. She folded her arms again, and looked away from him. “Ella... please forgive me. I'll do anything to make it up to you.” Sphinx said. Ella looked at Sphinx evilly. “Anything?” she asked. Sphinx nodded her head. Then, an idea came into her head.


“Joe...” Chun called as he got back to the living room. Joe was on the couch, patiently waiting for him. “Yeah, you got it?” Joe asked. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. “Got it all right. But we have a big problem...” Chun said. Joe give him a confused look. “What kind of problem?” he asked. “Well, it seems that your wife sought Ella's help. She thought you're having an affair. So, they are planning to tail you.” Chun said. Joe leaned back, and let out a sigh. “That's really a problem...” he said.

Chun said beside him, and gave him a smile. “Actually, we can use it for our advantage.” Chun said. Joe gave him another confused look. “Look, Ariel is already thinking you are having an affair. Make it look like that you are having an affair.” Chun continued. “But I'm not having an affair. All I'm doing is planning a big surprise for our second year wedding anniversary...” Joe said. With that, Chun snapped his fingers. “Exactly! You are not having an affair, and so that Ariel won't suspect a thing about your surprise for her, we'll make her think that you are having an affair.” Chun said. Joe is somewhat still confused with Chun's idea. All he wanted to do is surprise Ariel on their anniversary, not make her think that he is a cheater. “Chun, I don't want Ariel to divorce me, OK?” he said. “I know, Joe. That's why we'll find someone who can act as your other woman.” Chun said. Joe gave him another confused look. “Who?”


“Me? Are you kidding me?” Nicholas exclaimed after Chun and Joe asked him a favor to be Joe's “mistress”. Chun folded his arms, and nodded his head. “Are you freaking kidding me, Chun? You're asking me to dress up as a girl to pose as Joe's other woman?! You're crazy!” Nicholas shouted angrily. Chun and Joe couldn't help but laugh at Nicholas' reaction. They have expected this reaction from him. “Come on, Nic... just do this for Joe, all right?” Chun said. Nicholas folded his arms. “No way! No way! I will not act as a girl for you guys. In your dreams!” Nicholas said. He turned his back on them, and took a deep breath. “Please, Nic... please... We just need you to do this so that Ariel and Ella won't suspect a thing about our surprise for them...” Joe begged. “Please, Nic... I'll do everything for you. Everything you want! Just do this for us...” Chun said.

Nicholas eyes his stepbrother, and let out a smirk. “Everything?” he asked. Joe and Chun nodded their heads. “As in everything. And you won't turn me down if I ask a favor from you guys...” he asked again. Chun raised his right hand. “I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die.” he said. Nicholas looked away from them, and let out a smirk. “Are you sure?” he asked again. “Of course. We are really really sure.” Joe said. Then, he folded his arms. “Well then, you got yourself a deal.” he said. With that, Joe and Chun exchange high fives.


Hebe passed by Chun's apartment, when she bumped into Nicholas, who was carrying a bunch of clothes in his hands. All of his clothes fell on the ground, and Hebe knelt down to help him. “I'm sorry...” she said as she took the clothes from the ground. “It's OK... its my fault that I'm not looking my way...” he said. He looked at Hebe and smiled at him, and Hebe felt as if she was melting by the way he looked at her. She felt like she's blushing.

They both stood up, and then Hebe handed him the clothes he collected. “Here you go...” she said. Nicholas took the clothes from her hand, and nodded his head. “Thanks, Hebe...” he said. Then, she felt him hold her hand, and gaze into her eyes for a long time, which made her feel giddy. “My hand...” she said softly. Nicholas let go of her hand, and blushed. “Sorry...” he said. Hebe let out a shy smile at him. “It's OK...” she said. She tucked her hair at the back of her ear, and blinked her eyes. Nicholas couldn't help but be mesmerized by her smile. “I... I should go. I... I need to.. you know... these clothes...” he stuttered. Hebe nodded her head. “Y-yeah... I think you should.” she said. Nicholas smiled at her one last time, then he turned to leave. Then, he noticed a yellow dress lying on the ground.

“Hey, Nic!” she called Nicholas paused, and looked at her. “Is this yours?” she asked, waving the yellow dress at him. Nicholas walked up to her, and took the dress from her hand. “Ah, yes. It's mine. Thanks again.” he said. Then, he went inside the house. Hebe was shocked when Nicholas took the dress from her. “It's... his... dress?” she thought. Then, she remembered what Arron told her when Nicholas first came. “Is Nic gay?” she thought.


Selina, Ella, Ethan, Ariel and Sphinx hid behind the bushes near the hotel entrance. “Do you think they will come?” Ethan asked as they waited for Joe and his “mistress” to arrive. “I think they will. I heard him last night that he will meet up with that bitch here.” Ariel said angrily. “Are you guys really sure?” Sphinx asked. Ella looked at him, and smiled. “Trust us, will you?” she said. Sphinx let out a sigh, and just nodded his head. Almost an hour have past, and there was no sign of Joe or his mistress. And all of them are losing hope. “Maybe you heard it wrong...” Selina told Ariel. Ariel shook her head. “I know they will meet. Let's just wait a little while, OK?” she insisted. The four have no choice but to follow her.

Meanwhile, Chun was at the hotel entrance, and could see the five behind the bush. He let out a laugh, and shook his head. “You dare follow Joe, huh? Then I'll give you what you want.” he thought. He went back inside the hotel. He took out his phone, and called Joe. “Hey, you and Nic can come now. It's show time!” he said. He ended the call, and looked at the entrance, laughing to himself. “God, these girls are making a big fools out of themselves...” he thought as he shook his head.

After a few minutes, the curious five saw Joe's car stopped by the hotel entrance. “Sel! Get your camera ready!” Ariel said. Selina took out her camera and began to take shots of Joe as he got out of his car. Then, he opened the passenger door, and they saw a beautiful tall lady wearing a yellow dress got out of his car. “Oh. My. God.” Ariel said as he watched Joe and his “mistress” together. She could feel her own heart breaking as she watched her husband kiss the woman on the lips. Ella looked at Ariel, and could see that she was almost in tears. “Are you OK, Ariel?” she asked. Ariel looked at her bravely and nodded her head. She wiped the tear from her eyes. “I am OK, and I will be OK.” she said bravely. Then, Ariel turned to Selina. “Have you taken their pictures? Make sure that you do. I can present that as an evidence for our divorce!” she said. Selina just nodded her head, and took pictures again of Joe and his “mistress” as they got inside the hotel.


“Yuck! Man, that was gross!” Nicholas said as he wiped his lips. “Do you think I would want to kiss you?” Joe said. They went inside the hotel lobby, and met up with Chun. “The coast is clear...” Chun said as he walked up to them. Nicholas folded his arms and glared at his stepbrother. “Chun, I agreed to pose as Joe's mistress. I did not agree that he will kiss me! That's so gay!” he protested. Chun couldn't help but laugh at him. “Oh, please, Nic. Do you think I would want to kiss you? Chun told me to do that so that Ariel and her gang would suspect that I'm having an affair, OK? And besides, my wife is ten times much prettier than you are!” Joe said.

Chun was still laughing as the two fought. The way Nicholas looked so girly in his gress and make just didn't help him to appease his laughter. “Stop... stop it guys...” he said in between laughter. Nicholas folded his arms, and glared at his brother. “Stop laughing right now, will you?” he said angirly. “Sorry.. couldn't help...” Chun said, still laughing at him. “Well if you won't stop laughing, I will go to where Joe's wife is and will tell her the truth.” he said. He turned his back on them, but before he could walk away from them, Chun and Joe stopped him. “OK, OK... I won't laugh. I promise.” Chun said. “And don't ruin everything, will you?” Joe added. Nicholas stopped and turned to them again. “Don't laugh!” he warned his stepbrother. Chun just nodded his head. He bit his lips to suppress his laughter. “Come on, let's meet the manager. He must be waiting for us now.” Joe said. The two nodded their heads, and followed Joe inside.


“I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!” Ariel cried as she tore the tissue paper she was holding. They went back to Ella's apartment that afternoon to plan their next move on Joe. Ella sat beside Ariel, and comforted her. “Ariel...” she said. Ariel took another tissue from the tissue box, and cried her heart out. “I... I will divorce him. I... I will... divorce him. Right at this moment.” Ariel said in between sobs. “Ariel, don't rush things. Even if we caught Joe red-handed, we need enough proof of his infidelity.” Ella said. Sphinx nodded his head. “Ella is right. We just saw Joe in one occasion. If you really want to file for a divorce, we need more proofs that Joe is fooling around, and this one occasion is not enough proof.” he added. “We still have to follow Joe around if we need enough proof.” Selina said. Ariel looked at Ella, and saw her nodded her head.

“It hurts, you know. It hurts to know that someone you've trusted so much will break your heart. Am I not enough? Am I not loving him enough? I wasted my youth on him, and this is what he have done to me... there were other guys who were wooing me before you know? There are other guys who were way better than him, and yet I chose that loser!” Ariel said. Then, she blew her nose on the tissue. “Maybe that girl could give something to Joe that you couldn't give. For example... sex.” Ethan said. The four turned to him, and glared. “I'm kidding, all right?” he said as he let out a nervous laugh. Ella turned to Ariel, and gave her a warm smile. “Ariel, I know you have given everything you have for Joe. I know you loved him with your all, but maybe the reason why Joe cheated on you is because you're loving him too much that it's suffocating him...” he said. Ariel lowered her head, and let a tear fall from her eyes. “I'm loving him too much?” she asked. Ella nodded her head. “But you know what... it will be Joe's loss. If he chose his mistress over you, it will be his loss. Because you know why? He will never ever find someone who could give him enough love and more, than you...” Ella said. Ariel looked up at her, and let out a faint smile. Somehow, Ella's words gave her confidence and strength.

Ethan looked at Ella and smiled to himself. “I wish Chun could hear this... Geez, he should start listening to this girl again. He needs her advise the most...” he thought to himself. “And one more thing, Ariel...” Ella continued. “If you really love Joe... if you want your family to be whole... if you want this marriage to work... you should not give up on him. If you divorced him now, then it means that you are not strong enough for him. Fight for what you feel for him. I know how much you love him... so prove to him that you are way better than that girl.” Ella said. Everyone around them nodded in agreement. “Yeah, listen to her, Ariel.” Selina said. Ariel nodded her head. “I will. The next time we follow him and see him with his mistress, I will confront him. I will fight for my love for him.” Ariel said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “That's the spirit, Ariel! You can do it!” she said.

After a while, Hebe came inside the house. “Hey guys! Did I miss anything?” she asked. The five looked at her, and groaned. “Hebe Tien! Where were you when we need you the most!” Selina complained. “You know that I need to finish my novel, right? So I had to work double time to meet my deadlines.” she said. Then, she sat beside Selina. She noticed the camera on the table, and took it. “What did I miss?” she asked. “We followed Joe and his mistress at the hotel.” Ethan said. Hebe just nodded her head. She turned the camera on, and browsed through the picture. Then, something caught her attention – it's the picture of Joe, and a girl in yellow dress. “Is this the one?” she asked Selina, showing her the picture. Selina just nodded her head. She looked at the picture closely, and zoomed it in. She noticed the yellow dress to be familiar to her. “I've seen this dress before...” she thought. She zoomed in the picture, and noticed that the girl on the picture looked exactly like Nicholas.


It was Friday night, and Ariel and Joe's anniversary, to be exact.

They were supposed to have dinner that night, but Joe bailed out, saying that he had to do some overtime work. Unknown (or yet, known) to him, Ariel eavesdropped on his phone conversation, and found out that he will have a date with his mistress that night at the hotel. As expected, the curious five (Sphinx, Ella, Selina, Ethan and Ariel) followed Joe that night. They were at their usual spot – behind the bush by the entrance of the hotel. After a while, Joe's car arrived. He got out of the car, and then helped his mistress get out of the car.

Ella looked down at Ariel, and could see how furious she is. “I'm so gonna kill Joe!” she hissed. “Calm yourself down, Ariel... or else our plans will fail...” Ella said. “I am trying to calm down, Ellie. But wait till that bastard sees me...” she said. Then, they saw Joe and his mistress went inside the hotel. “OK, that's our queue.” Sphinx said. Everyone nodded their head. “Let's spread out and find them. Selina and I will go to that direction.” Ethan said, pointing at the back of the hotel. “Ariel, Ella and I will head to the garden.” Sphinx said. Selina and Ethan nodded their head. Then, the five went on their way.

“Are you really sure about this?” Nicholas asked as he and Joe and walked through the hotel lobby. “I'm not sure, but I'm going with Chun's plan. I wish it won't backfire on me...” Joe said nervously. Nicholas nodded his head in agreement. “I wish this night would end. I hate pretending to be a girl!” Nicholas said. Joe nodded his head. “Yeah... 'cause I feel gay when I'm with you.” Joe said. Then, he paused and looked at Nicholas. “Nic, can I ask you a question?” Joe said. Nicholas nodded his head. “By any chance, you're not gay, aren't you?” he asked. Nicholas opened his mouth to speak, but before he could answer, Joe's phone rang. Joe took it from his pocket, and answered it. “Hello?” he said. “Joe, Chun here. Get into your places now! I can see your wife and that Ms. Piggy going to the garden.” Chun said. “OK, we're on our way.” Joe said. He ended the call, then he looked at Nicholas. He grabbed his hand, and dragged him to the hotel's garden. “Come on, my wife's already there!” he said. “Wait! Don't drag me! I'm wearing heels, you stupid guy!” Nicholas shouted to Joe.


“Wait.” Ella said as she paused walking. Ariel and Sphinx gave her a confused look. “What?” they both asked. She looked at the garden, and then she saw her nemesis. She pointed at him. “I smell something fishy... you guys go ahead, while I confront that chicken face.” she said. “Are you sure you're gonna be OK? Can you walk with your cast?” Sphinx asked worriedly. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “I can. I have my crutch with me, Don't worry...” she said. Ariel gave Sphinx a confused look. “Who's chicken face?” she asked. Sphinx pointed at Chun, and Ariel nodded as she understood. “I think someone is behind all this, helping your husband prepare a special night with his mistress!” Ella said angrily. “Then go get her for me, while I get my husband, all right?” Ariel said. Ella nodded her head, and went on her way.

Chun went to the far side of the garden where everything is setup. He have to hide before Joe and Nicholas could come. “Come on, guys... they're coming after you!” he said as he dialed Joe's number again. As he put the phone in his ear, he felt someone choke him. “Why you stupid chicken face!” he heard Ella said. Chun looked behind him, and saw Ella. “Why you, Ms. Piggy!” he said. He struggled to get from her, but to no avail. “Stupid homewrecker! I knew you were behind this all along!” she said, still clinging on to his neck, choking him. “You... have... no... freaking... idea... stop... choking... me!” Chun shouted.

He held Ella's hand, and he was able to get away from her grip. Ella glared at him angrily. “Homewrecker!” she shouted at him. “What do you know, Ms. Piggy? Nothing! So stay away from my business, will you!” Chun shouted at him. “How can I stay away from this if you are the reason behind a broken family! I can't believe you would actually help Joe and his mistress!” Ella said. “What? What broken family? Can you get your facts straight first before you accuse me of anything?”
“Then, what are you doing here, chicken face?”
“I'm here on business. And believe me, it's not Joe!”
“Oh really?”

Ella did not believe Chun. She saw the phone in Chun's hand, and then she immediately grabbed it. “Give it back!” Chun shouted at her. She looked at the calls he made, and saw that he was calling Joe all this time. “I knew it! I knew it, and you chose to deny, you chicken face!” she shouted at him. “Why you Ms. Piggy! You have no right to intrude with my privacy!” he shouted at her. He tried to reach for his phone, to no avail. Ella went to his inbox, and saw some messages fro Joe, asking him to help him for a special night. Then, she showed the message to Chun. “I got you now, chicken face! How do you explain this!” she said. Chun walked towards her, and then he grabbed to phone. As he grabbed his phone, he lost his balance, and he fell on top of Ella. As he fell, his lips kissed Ella's lips. His eyes widened with just what happened, and he immediately broke away from her. Then, Ella let out a loud eardrum-breaking shriek. “Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh you pervert!” she shouted at him. Then, with all her strength, she punched Chun in the face.

Chun fell again on his back when Ella punched him. For a girl, Ella sure have enough strength to kill someone with a punch. He flinched in pain as he touched his jaw. “That... was... some... punch...” he said. “You have to start praying for your life, you chicken face!” Ella said angrily to him. She is mad, all right. Not only because this guy was helping Joe to fool around, he stole another kiss from her. “Oh, please... who would want to kiss a Ms. Piggy like you?!” Chun snapped at her. He stood up from the ground, and helped Ella up. “Look, let me just explain the thing about Joe and Ariel, OK?” he said. He gave her her crutch, but as Ella made a step, she flinched in pain. “Look what you've done, chicken face... you broke my broken leg. You're so gonna be dead.” Ella said angrily to him. Chun just shook his head. Then, he took Ella and piggybacked her, which made Ella more angrier. “Why you stupid chicken face! Let me down!” Ella shouted at him. “I will not let you down until you see what you've got to see!” Chun said. Then, the two went back to the garden.


Ariel saw Joe alone in the garden. She could see everything setup from where he is standing – there was a table for two with a candelight on top of it, around the table is filled with red and white rose petals, and there was a violinist playing their song. “Joe Cheng!” Ariel shouted angrily as she marched towards him. Joe looked back and smiled at his angry wife. “Ariel, dear!” he said as he opened his arm to hug her. Instead of hugging him, Ariel punched her husband in the face. “Why you two-timing, freaking, stupid, guy!” she shouted angrily at him. Ariel was about to attack her, but Joe blocked her hands. “Wait, wait... let me explain!” he shouted. “Explain? Explain?! You expect me to listen to your lies?!” Ariel shouted at him. Ariel was about to punch him again, when Nicholas (who is now wearing normal guys' clothes) came. “Hey, your wife is here? Great! You can now start your dinner date!” he said, smiling at the two. Ariel paused, and gave Nicholas a confused look. “What? Us? My husband is on a date with his mistress!” Ariel shouted at him. Nicholas smiled at her, and made a girly pose. “I was the mistress you've been seeing with Joe all this time...” he said.

Selina and Ethan came in time to hear what Nicholas said, and they burst out laughing. Ariel looked at her husband, still confused with what's happening. “I know you've been suspecting that I have another woman, but you're wrong, Ariel. I am having an affair, yes, but I am having an affair with the girl I married two years ago. And that's you, Ariel Lin-Cheng...” he said. He walked up to her, and held her hand. He gazed into her eyes, and smiled lovingly at her. “How can I cheat on you, when you're all that I ever wanted, Ariel? I asked Chun's help for my surprise to you this evening, but you suspect a different thing... so we went with your suspicion so that you wouldn't find out my surprise for you.” Joe said. “So, all this time, you've been busy preparing for our anniversary? You never forgot? And it was Chun that you were calling all this time?” she asked. Joe smiled and nodded his head. “I want our second anniversary to be really special. And I'm glad it did...” he said. Joe leaned down and kissed Ariel on the lips. After he kissed her, Ariel hugged her husband. “I love you, Joe...” she said teary-eyed. “I love you too, Ariel...”

From the other side, Ella and Chun were watching the two couple as they made up. “So, it means you are helping Joe for their anniversary?” Ella asked, still could not believe what was happening. Chun nodded his head. “So next time, don't just jump to conclusions... OK?” he said. Ella just let out a sigh. “I lost to you again...” she muttered. Chun was able to hear what she just said. “So, you admit that I am greater than you?” he teased. Ella rolled her eyes at him. “Great my ass! I won't concede to you, you chicken face. Now let me down!” Ella said. Chun just shook his head. “You still can't walk.” he said. “I can walk! Let me down!” she shouted in his ear. But still, Chun carried her, not letting her down. “I know you're just lying, Ella. With your fall a while ago, you can't walk. So, I'm gonna carry you around.” he said. “I can walk! What do you think of me, a handicapped person?” she said angrily. “I just know you can't walk so just let me carry your fat body around, will you? I know your best friend can't carry you.” he said coolly. Ella just let out a sigh, and resigned to him. With that, Chun secretly smiled to himself as he carried Ella.


Chun took out the freshly baked cookies from the oven, and transfered it to a plate. He took a piece, and then ate it. As he leaned on the counter, he remembered her. He remembered the moments he had with her. Somehow, it felt so good being so close to her, and he wished that he will be given another chance to be much closer to her, even for just a short period of time.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the phone ring. He walked to the living room to get it. “Hello...” he said as he settled on the couch. Then, he heard a muffled cry on the other line. “Bianca?” he called. “Chun...” Bianca said sadly. “What's wrong?” he asked. “Chun... Matthew... he... he broke up with me...” she said as she cried. With that, Chun smiled to himself. “Yes!” he thought. “Chun... can.... can I go there? Can... can I stay with you? I... I need you right now...” Bianca said in between sobs. “O-of course, Biancx...” Chun said. “You're always welcome here.”

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