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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Prologue


The wedding march began, and the entourage began to walk down the red carpeted aisle. I can feel bits of sweat running down my forehead. I was happy and nervous at the same time. Happy, foy I will finally be with the girl that I love. Nervous because... well... all grooms have the right to be nervous, right?

I looked at my best man, and he smiled at me. I gave him a nervous laugh. "You'll be OK, don't be nervous..." he said to me. Then, the wedding march ended. At the end of the aisle, I could clearly see her, my bride. Our song began to play, as she walk down the aisle.


A few more steps, and she's already here in front of me. I reached out for her hand, but before she could, she looked at my best man, and smiled. "Thank you... thank you..." I could hear her say. "Anything for you..." he said. I know the reason why she was thanking him. If it's not for him, we would not find this happiness that we have now. If it wasn't for my brother, I would never realize that I could love someone like her. She was not my dream girl, but she's everything that I ever needed and wanted.

Then, she took my hand. I looked at her lovingly, as I said I love you to her, and she smiled back at me. Even without her saying it, I could feel she loves me as well. Today is our wedding day, and today is the start of our forever...


A Year Ago...

Today was his engagement party. Everybody knew from the start that Chun and Ariel were destined to be with forever. I could only watch them as their father gave them their blessings to the two love birds. Arron held my hand and squeezed it. I know that the pain I am feeling right now, he is feeling too. I have no idea what came into me, and accepted Chun's invitation for this party. First of all, I think it's because of the fact that Chun is my boss. I am obliged to follow his order, and one of his orders is for me to come to this party. Second, maybe this will be the last time I will get to see him.

At the part that Chun was about to kiss Ariel, I decided to walk away. I just can't bear to see the man I love with another girl. I've had enough heartbreak, and this is too much. "Ella..." I heard Arron said. He followed me. "I'm sorry that you have to go through this... this charade..." he said in a low voice. "I wish I could do something for you..."

I faked a smile at him. "I'll be OK, Arron. I guess I have to get used to it..." I said. "Ella..."
"Look at you Arron... you're also feeling the same way right? But you have to see the girl you love with your brother..."
"No, you're wrong, Ella..."

I paused. He walked closer to me, and cupped my cheeks with his two hands. "I can't bear seeing the girl I love being hurt because of my brother..." he finally said. Was I surprised? No... I have always loved Arron, but it's a different story now. His confession came too late...

"Give me a chance, Ella... I'll prove to you I am worthy of you. I will never hurt you, just like what Chun did..."

My Two Love, My True Love


Ella Chen
- She is streetsmart and sassy, although she is clumsy at times. Ever since her university days, she have a huge crush on Arron Yan-Wu. She and Arron became friends when Arron saved her from falling from a ladder when she was busy putting on props for their school play. It was through Arron that she was able to work in the Wu Corporation as an assistant to Arron's brother, Chun. She finds Chun very arrogant and bossy, and she starts hating him because he always looks down on his brother.

Wu Chun
- He is the CEO of Wu Corporation at the age of 27. He is arrogant and bossy, and he takes his work seriously. He looks down at his brother Arron, because he have always thought that Arron is the happy-go-lucky type of guy, and he doesn't want his brother to be like their father. His world turned upside down when Ella started working for her. He is arranged to be married to Ariel Lin

Arron Yan-Wu
- He is Chun's younger brother. Happy-go-lucky, down-to-earth and very artistic. He have always wanted to be a painter, and although his father and grandpa approves of this, his brother, Chun wants him to help run Wu Corporation. He became friends with Ella when he saved her from falling from a ladder, and in return, Ella saved him by tutoring him. He helped Ella get into Wu Corporation as Chun's assistant. Although he knows Ella have feelings for him, he could never reciprocate her feelings because he is in love with Chun's fiance, Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin
- She is the only daughter of Francis Lin, the richest man in Taiwan. She is arranged to be married to Wu Chun, and he dotes on Arron as her younger brother (She's two years older than him). She became friends with Ella, and eventually helped her to confess her feelings for Arron. While she is helping Ella with Arron, she finds herself being attracted to Arron to the point of being jealous of Ella and Arron's relationship.

Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen - Ella's Best friends
Wallace Huo - Chun's assistant and confidante
Joe Chen - Ariel's best friend
Gui Gui - Arron's ex-girlfriend

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