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Sunday, June 14, 2009
I Will Wait For You In Heaven - Prologue

He took one last gulp from the bottle of wine, and as he took it's last drop, he threw the bottle at the back seat. He wiped the tear from his face, and then he took the picture of him and Joanne, which was taken not so long ago. “Why?” he said. “Why did you have to do this, Joanne? Why did you have to leave me for that stupid guy? Am I not enough? Am I not giving you the love the you want? I've been making a fool out of myself because of you, but you chose to break my heart again...” he said. With all his strength, he tore the picture apart, and threw it outside his window. He started the engine of his car, and as he stepped on the accelerator, he sped away. He was driving so fast, that he was almost flying. He drifted his car at the corner, but what he didn't know was there was a big truck ahead of him. As he saw the truck coming up to him, he stepped on the accelerator. He closed his eyes until he his car have hit the truck. “Goodbye, cruel world!” he thought. The last thing he heard was a loud crash before darkness have devoured his consciousness...


“Aww...” Danson rubbed his head as he sat up from his bed. He wondered what is it that happened the night before that caused him this big headache. He remembered drinking himself to death, and driving as fast as he could. “Wait... I think something happened last night while I was driving...” he thought. He closed his eyes, and tried to remember the exact events that happened the night before. “OK, I was drinking inside my car because I was too broken hearted... I was driving too fast, then I saw this truck...” Then, he paused. He remembered colliding with a big truck. He remembered steeping on the accelerator as the truck was fast approaching. “OK... where am I? Is this the hospital?” he thought again. He looked around him, and saw everything is in white. There were no machines beeping beside him, or even a dextrose attached to his arm. “Weird...” he thought as he stood up from the bed. He looked around him, and found the room to be somewhat empty.

“At long last! You're finally awake!” he heard a voice said. He looked back, and saw a tall man walking up to him. “Who are you?” he asked. The man let out a laugh as he walked towards her. “Please excuse my manners. I am Chun, the head angel here.” Danson nodded his head. “Nice meeting you, Chun. By the way, where am I?” he asked. Chun let out another laugh. “You're in heaven.” he said. Danson wrinkled his brow, and then gave him a skeptical look. “Heaven?” he asked. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “As in the place where good dead people go, and where the saints and angels lives?” he asked. Chun nodded his head again. “What am I doing here?” he asked. “You are here, because your soul could not go back to it's body yet. Look.” Chun pointed at the other side. Danson looked at the direction he was pointing, and he saw an image of him, lying unconsciously on the hospital bed. Danson could not believe what he saw. “That... that was me?” he asked as he turned to Chun. “Yep, unfortunately...” he said. “B-but... why?” he asked. “I guess it's because you are in denial with the things that are happening in your love life. You wanted to kill yourself because of a girl who couldn't love you back. Or was it because you were too disappointed that you failed the bar exams?” Chun asked. Danson sighed as he looked down. “Both... he admitted. “You know, Danson Tang, taking away your life is against God's will, and you're not supposed to go up here, but below...” he said, pointing on the ground. Danson looked down, and saw an abyss filled with fire. Then, he looked up at Chun again. “Luckily, I was able to pull a few strings and Big Boss agreed to let you stay.” Chun said.

Danson looked up to him with that worried look in his face. “Am... am I going to live?” he asked. Chun just shrugged his shoulder. “If you are, then Pete should have allowed you to go back your body by now... but he wants you to stay...” Chun said. This made Danson even more confused. “But why?” he asked. Chun let out a smile as he looked at Danson. “Before you go back to your body, you must do accomplish these three missions that we will give you...”


I Will Wait for You in Heaven

Danson Tang
Maki Horikita

Wu Chun
Joanne Zeng
Angela Zhang

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