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Saturday, March 6, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 31

Round 30 – Cookie Guy's First Love


Fourth Grade.

“Mom!” Chun called as he ran down the stairs. “Mom! I'm going to be late! Do you have what I asked you to make?” he shouted again as he walked into the kitchen. His mom just smiled at him, and nodded his head. “Of course, I did, sweety.” she said. Chun gave his mom a smile. Then, she handed him a bag of chocolate chip cookies, his favorite. “Thanks mom! You're the best!” he said. “Well, enjoy eating your cookies today. Study hard. Jia You!” his mom said. He heard his school bus honking outside. He gave his mom a quick kiss on the lips, and then went out of the house to get on his bus.

He sat at his usual place inside the bus, which is at the last row. As he settled there, he looked at the bag of cookies he was holding. “Yummy cookies... can't wait to eat all of you...” he thought. He put it inside of his bag, as the school bus made another stop. This time, it's at his nemesis' house – Ella. He looked up, and saw his sworn enemy make her way to her usual spot, which is three rows away from him. He could see the piercing look from her eyes as she made her way. “Ms. Piggy... it's a nice day to torture you again.” he thought as he watched her take her seat. He have always seen Ella as the guinea pig for his pranks. And today is another day to rank on her.

As soon as they got into the classroom, he met up with his friends, Danson, Xiao Gui and Teddy and planned on how to prank Ella today. “Just make sure that Princess Selina will not get hurt, all right?” Teddy said. “Aiyo, Teddy, don't you know that you having a crush on Ms. Piggy's cousin is so irritating?” Chun said. Teddy gave him a confused look. “Do you also hate Selina, Chun?” Teddy asked. “I only hate that fat girl.” he said. “Then, we're clear. We'll do it at the flag ceremony.” he said. All of them nodded their head.

Meanwhile, Ella and Selina came inside the classroom, and saw that Chun and his friends were having one of their meetings again. “I smell something fishy...” she muttered. Selina gave her a confused look. “I don't smell anything fishy.” she said innocently. Ella shook her head. “Look at that chicken face and his gang. They are having their meeting again. I think they're up to something bad again.” she said, pointing at Chun and his friends. Selina looked at them, and then gave her cousin a confused look again. “Well, they are talking.” Selina said. Ella sighed, and shook his head. “You don't get it. Can't you see? It's been a week now since they've been pulling out a prank on me. Yesterday, it was the whoopie cushion. Then, the other day, they stuck something at my back saying I'm loser. I have to get that chicken face this time before he do some prank on me again.” she said. Selina let out a sigh, and shook her head. “Can you let it pass, Ellie? Come on, one more fight with him and you know that it's the principal's office for the two of you.” she reminded her. “I am not the one who started it.” she protested. Just then, Chun walked past them. He and his friends were laughing as he looked at her. Then, he gave her a smirk. Ella could only glare at him as he walked past her. “I know he is up to something no good.” she said.

It was flag ceremony. Ella was minding her own business, and Chun was minding his own. They were about to head back to the classroom, when he gave the go signal to Danson. Danson took out a toy snake and handed it to Ella. Since Ella was at the end of the girl's line, and Chun was only behind her, it was a perfect opportunity for him to perform the prank. Chun put the snake on Ella's shoulder. Upon feeling that scaly and cold feeling on her shoulder, she looked at it, and was was shocked to see a snake on her shoulder.

She shouted out of scare. She immediately took the snake, and handed it to Selina. Selina was too scared when she saw the snake, and threw it back at her cousin. Then, Ella threw it to Chun, who acted scared, and threw it back to Ella. Everyone turned to them, and got scared when they saw the toy snake. Upon seeing the panicked and scared look on her face, Chun and his friends let out a loud laugh, and that's when Ella realized that it was just a toy snake. Her expression turned from scared to angry in an instant. “Wu Ji Chun...” she hissed while she glared at him. Chun let out a playful smile at him, and went inside the class room. “I swear I'm going to get you this time, you stupid chicken face!” she thought.

Their first period is over. And Ella saw a perfect opportunity to get back to Chun. Since he is in charge of erasing the black board, she made up a plan to get back at him for the toy snake incident that morning. Chun went back to his table. He was about to take his seat, when Ella pulled his chair, making him fall on the floor. Everyone in his class saw what happened, and started to laugh at him. He stood up, flinching in pain. As he turned around, he saw Ella smiling triumphantly at him. “One point for me, chicken face!” she said. Then, she went back to her seat. “I don't think so, Ms. Piggy!” he shouted at her.

It was recess time, and Chun have prepared something for her. He knew that Ella would go down to buy food, as always, and this time, he is planning a really good and funny prank on her. As Ella got out of the classroom, the four guys tailed Ella. As she was about to reach the staircase, they pulled her and then threw her at the boys' CR and then locked the door. “Let me out! Let me out!” Ella shouted as she banged the door. Chun laughed silently as they hear her plead. “Let me out!” Ella shouted again. “Hey, Chun... do you think we should Ella out now? She's inside the boys' CR!” Danson said. Chun just smiled at him. “Let me out... please...” he heard Ella said weakly. Chun put his ear on the door, and heard Ella as she cries. “Please let me out... please...” she cried. He doesn't know why, but suddenly felt pity on her. It was a bad joke. He have done so many pranks on her, that only made her mad or angry, but this one made her cry. “I think we should...” Chun said to Danson. He unlocked the door, and his heart wrenched upon seeing Ella in tears. He could feel how scared he was. At that moment, he wanted to say sorry, and hug her. He wanted to assure her that everything is OK now. “Ella...” he called as she walked out of the CR. She looked up at him, and upon realizing that it was her sworn enemy that locked her up at the boys' CR for a few minutes, she felt rage coming into her. She clenched her fit, and with all her might, she punched Chun in the face, making the latter fell on the floor.

“Ella Chen! What do you think you're doing?” They heard a teacher shout at her. She wiped her eyes, and looked at the teacher. “Wu Ji Chun started it! He pushed me to the boys' CR and locked me!” she cried. The teacher looked angrily at Chun as he stood up. As he looked at the teacher, he lowered his head in guilt. “You two, to the principal's office now!” the teacher said.


“I want to see your parents tomorrow morning, or you two will be suspended for a week.” the principal said. As soon as they got the permission to leave his office, the two stood up from their seats and got out of the office. Ella is still crying. She clenched her fist, wanting to punch him in the face again, but she knows doing that would result to suspension from class. All she could do is glare at her as she stomped away from him. She headed to a different direction, while Chun decided to go back to the classroom. Recess time is almost over when he came back, and none of their classmates are back. He really felt guilty for doing that prank to Ella, and he knows she will not be able to forgive him. He wanted her to feel all right, but there's nothing he can do to stop her from crying. After all, it was his fault. “Stupid me... why did I ever planned that prank?” he thought. He sat on his chair, and took his bag. He noticed the bag of chocolate chip cookie that he have been saving for that day.

He knew how Ella loves sweets. He knew how Ella loves the chocolate chip cookies from their cafeteria, as he always sees her munching on it. He remember the smile on her face whenever she have one of those chocolate chip cookies. Then, he took the bag of cookies and stared at it. Maybe he could still make Ella smile after all. He immediately grabbed a paper, and put a smily face on it. Then, he stood up, and put the paper and the bag of cookie on Ella's desk. “I'm sorry, Ella. I know these cookies will take back what I've done for you, but I hope that these will make you smile. I'm really sorry for making you cry...” he thought. Then, he immediately went out of the classroom, not wanting anyone to see that he left a bag of cookies to her.


“Stupid chicken face! Stupid, stupid chicken face!” Ella muttered as she stomped towards her seat. Recess time is over, and it ended with her and Chun having a fight, and explaining everything to the principal. Now, the principal wanted to see and talk to their parents in order to solve their rift. That whole week, Chun had done nothing but bully her. He even played a prank on her during the flag ceremony that morning, and the only chance she had to get back at him was at today's recess. “I will never forgive that stupid chicken face! He started everything, and he made it look like I was the one who started it!” she said.

Her cousin, Selina, who was busy reading a book, could hear her ranting again about her enemy. “Ellie, what happened?” she asked her disheveled-looking cousin. “Don't ask, Selina!” she snapped at him. “It's about Chun again, right?” she asked. “Who else?! He got me into trouble again. I will never ever forgive that stupid chicken face till the day I die, you hear that Selina? I will not forgive him!” she said. She went to her seat, and as she sat, she noticed a bag of cookies on her desk. “Selina?” she called. Selina looked at her cousin. “Yes, Ellie?” she said. “Who left these cookies on my desk?” she asked. Selina shrugged her shoulders. “I don't know. I came in a few minutes before you came in.” she said.

Ella looked at the cookies on her desk. “Who gave these to me?” she thought. She held it up, and noticed a card attached to it. It only had a smiley face on it and her name. She opened the cookies, and then took a piece and ate it. “Wow, this is delicious...” she thought as she munched on the cookie. Somehow, eating those cookies made her feel better.


Fifth grade.

Chun sneaked inside the classroom. Good thing their classmates are still at the laboratory for their science subject. That day, it was announced that Ella will be their school's representative for the National Spelling Bee contest. When he heard that, he was discouraging her, telling her that she will not win, and the school should have send him instead. Ella could only glare at him. He knew he wanted to get back at him for all the nasty things, but she decided not to fight back with him.

Ever since that incident that happened in fourth grade, whenever he made Ella mad at him, he would sneak inside the classroom, and leave a bag of chocolate chip cookies for her. When she sees the cookies, the smile on her face as she muches it made him feel relieved and happy. He sneaked out of the classroom, just in time for Ella to come back inside. As she went to her seat, she was surprised to see her favorite cookies on her desk. “Oh, my! Cookies from my cookie guy!” she said happily. The tone of her voice is like music to Chun's hear. He remained hiding outside the classroom, only peeking at the window to see Ella's happy face as she eats the cookies. He could only smile to himself as she enjoys the cookies that he baked for the first time, just for her.

[End of flashback]

The memories of his childhood could only bring a smile to Chun's face. His reminiscing was interrupted when he heard the beeping from the oven. He knew the chocolate chip cookies he made is already done. He took the cookies out and then let it cool down. “Ella would love these... just like how he loved the cookies I gave her before...” he thought. Once the cookies cooled down, he put it in a plate, and then headed to Ella's house.

After a few knocks, Ella opened the door. Her smiling face that greeted him could only make his heart beat faster. “We've been waiting for you. I have a very impatient guest here that is waiting for the cookies.” she said. Just then, Tammy came to her side, and smiled at Chun. “Daddy Chun!” she said. Chun smiled at the little girl that popped at Ella's side. Her sunny disposition and toothy smile could only remind him of the girl he have loved since kindergarten.



Chun walked inside the classroom, and saw a chubby little girl by her seat. He knew he should be mad for the little girl for taking her seat, but then, he saw her smiling at some of his classmates. He doesn't know why, but he felt his heart beating fast as he caught a glimpse of her smiling. She was the cutest girl he have seen in his life, and he could not deny the fact how cute her button nose is as she wrinkled it.

“Wow...” he muttered to himself. He wanted to go over to the little girl and introduce himself, and maybe befriend her. But as he made his way, he heard someone snickering at his back. “By the way you look at that girl, it seems that you like her, chicken face!” a familiar voice said. He slowly turned back, and saw Mike He, the class bully. “Mike?” he asked. Mike let out a smirk, and then walked up to him. “Oooohhh, Chun's got a crush on the new girl!” he teased. Chun clenched his fist as he looked angrily at him. “Of course not!” he shouted at him. “Oh, really? I can tell. I've see my sister look that way at our neighbor. I think you have a crush on her!” he said. “No way! Why would I have a crush on her. Look, she looks ugly! And she's fat!” he said in defense. “Are you sure you don't have a crush on her?” Mike asked again.

Chun paused, and just looked at him. Of course, he hates to admit it, but he does have a crush on the new girl. But he can't let Mike know that, for he will tease him for all his life and torture him with it, like he always does with some of their classmates. “I'm sure!” he said. Mike smiled and folded his arms. “She is sitting on your seat. Tell her off. Tell her to get out of your seat.” Mike said. Chun nodded his head. “Wait and see.” he said. He turned around, and took a deep breath as he approached the little girl.

At that time, some of their classmates have left her alone, and she was drawing on a piece of paper. Chun stood beside her, and the girl slowly looked up at him. “Hey, you big fat ugly girl! Get out of my seat!” the girl looked up at him, who was glaring angrily at her. “But teacher told me I can sit here...” she said. The Chun folded his arms and glared at her again. “When I said get out of my seat, then get out my seat, OK?” he said. She glared back at the Chun and frowned at him. “I can sit wherever I want, so go find your own seat, will you?” she said. The Chun clenched his fast as they exchanged death glares. Neither of them would want to give up. Just then, the teacher came in, and the boy have no choice but to take the seat in front of the girl.

“OK, children. Today, I would like you to introduce our new student.” The teacher said. With that, Ella immediately stood up from her seat, and went in front of the class. “Children, this is Ella Chen.” the teacher said. Everyone said hello to her, except for the Chun who was bullying her a while ago. Ella smiled at everyone, and nodded her head. “Good morning, I hope all of us can be friends.” she said as she bowed before the class. The teacher told her to go back to her seat. As she walked back, the Chun glared at her again, then he pulled out his feet as soon as she was near him. Ella didn't notice it, and so, she tripped on her way to her seat.

“Wu Ji Chun! What did you do!” The teacher shouted. Ella looked at the boy, and saw him smirking at her. She glared at him, and as the teacher was about to come to her, she let out a fake cry of pain, just to make that boy be in trouble with the teacher. Chun just looked at his teacher with fear. He watched her as she helped Ella up, and sit on her chair. Then, the teacher came up to him and pinched his ears. “You bad Chun!” the teacher said. Chun could only flinch in pain as the teacher pinched his ear. He glanced at Ella, and saw her sticking her tongue out at him.

[End of Flashback]

Chun leaned on the table, and watched Tammy as she and Ella devoured the cookies he made. He really found Tammy and Ella alike. Anyone could have easily mistaken Ella as Tammy's mother. As he looked at the two, he is wishing to himself that he could have a daughter as cute as Tammy one day. And he really hopes Ella to be the mom of his daughter.

“Daddy Chun is looking funny at us, Mommy Ella!” Tammy said. Ella looked at Chun, and saw him smiling like an idiot. “What's wrong with you?” she asked. “Nothing. I just like it when I see you two how you devoured the cookies. I've already made three batches, and you two managed to eat it all up.” he said. Tammy could only giggle at what she said. “Because it's yummy!” Tammy said. “So, little Tammy loves Daddy Chun's chocolate chip cookies?” he asked as he smiled at her. Tammy nodded her head.

“Wei, Chun... I don't think we should not let Tammy call us mommy and daddy...” Ella said. “Why not? When Takashi-san leaves Tammy with us, we're her parents for the day. Right, Tammy?” Chun said, turning to Tammy. Tammy smiled at him, and nodded her head. Ella could only sigh as she shook her head. The two always agrees in everything, that she knows. Anyways, she is also enjoying this “family” bonding that she, Tammy and Chun are having. She looked at Tammy, and smiled to herself. She really wished that one day, she would have a daughter as cute and as smart as Tammy. It would be fun to have a daughter like her.

“You know what, Chun... your cookies really tastes familiar.” Ella said. Chun paused, and looked at her. “It really tasted like the one that I had when we were kids...” she said. “Like the one you used to buy at the cafeteria?” Chun asked. Ella shook her head. “I remember, when we were in fourth grade, someone always leaves a bag of cookies on my desk. That always happens when we have a fight, or if you did something to piss me off. He always have this note with a smily face on it. When I eat those cookies, somehow, I tend to forget that I'm mad at you...” Ella said. Chun looked away from her, and smiled giddily at himself. “Oh, really?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “At first I thought it was meant for Selina. But Selina is not fond of cookies as I am, so we figured that if the guy left the cookies, its really meant for me and not for her.” Ella said. She leaned on her chair, and let out a dreamy smile. “Hmmm... I've missed the taste of this cookies. These cookies are not as tasty as what they had in middle school. Somehow, eating your cookies takes me back to our good old days...” she said. “And I thought you hated me back then...” Chun muttered. Tammy looked up at Ella and gave her a confused glance. “You hated Daddy Chun back then, Mommy Ella?” she asked. Ella smiled at her, and nodded her head. “Because Daddy Chun always bullies me back then...” she said, giving her a pout. “You also bullies me!” Chun said in defense. Ella looked at him, and laughed. “We love to fight back then, right? But you know what, if there's one thing that you've done good, it's when you cheered me up during the spelling be contest.” she said.

Chun gave Ella a confused look. “I... cheered you up?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Remember the time you told me that I might lose? Well, I really worked hard on it. During the competition, I blacked out at one of the question, and as I looked at you, you were giving me that thumbs up sign, and you were smiling at me. So, I was able to answer the question, and our school won.” Ella said. Chun clearly remembered that moment. He was too nervous for Ella, and when he noticed that she could not answer the question, he gave her a thumbs up sign, but he thought that Ella did not see him. “Well, at least I did something nice to you back then. And besides, I don't want our school to lose.” Chun said. “Oh yeah, I remember it well that you teased me the next day for almost blacking out.” she said. Chun just laughed at what he said.

Ella took the last piece of cookie, and stared at it for a long time. “I wonder who could be the cookie guy is...” she said. “Why do you want to know who he is?” Chun asked. “I don't know... maybe because I want to thank him for always cheering me up. If it wasn't for his cookies, I wouldn't get through the elementary days because of your torture.” she said. Chun laughed at her again. “Mommy Ella, do you like the cookie guy before?” Tammy asked. Ella paused, and then she smiled. “Come to think of it... yes... I like the cookie guy. I've always thought Sphinx is my first love, but then, realizing it now, that cookie guy is my first love.” she said. Chun just smiled at her. “Well, who knows... maybe you are cookie guy's first love as well.” he said. Ella let out a giggle at what he said. “And you, who is Xua? When you were sick, you were calling her name! I was expecting you will call Bianca's name... but I got disappointed...” Ella said. With that, Chun let out a laugh. “Xua? I don't remember someone named Xua!” he said. “Ohhh... if I know, that's what you call your first love. Danson told me you had a crush on someone back then. I can't believe it, because you kept on ignoring your girl fans back then...”
“And you believed him?”
“No reason not to believe him. Seems like he is getting back at you for not keeping your promise of not telling him who your crush is back then.”
“Forget who she is...”
“Come on, tell me who she is.”
“I won't.”
“Why are you so curious to know who she is?”
“I just want to know. So that when the next reunion comes up, I can tease you about her.”

Chun just smiled at her. “You wouldn't believe who she is. .. and besides, you'll soon find out who she is” he said. Ella could only give her a confused look. Chun looked up at her, and stared into her eyes. “Why?” she asked. “Because my first love....” he said. “Will be the future mom of my kids.” Chun looked at Tammy, and smiled at her. “Right, Tammy?” he asked. Tammy's face lightened up as she got Chun's subtle hint about his first love. “Right!” she shouted with glee. Ella could only sigh as she shook his head. At that moment, she had the urge to punch Chun in the face again. She is hurt, all right, but it was her fault that she couldn't get who Chun's first love is.

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