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Thursday, April 9, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Back To You

Back to you
It always comes around
Back to you
I tried to forget you
I tried to stay away
But it's too late...



A loud shriek was heard all over the house. Scratch that, a loud shriek was heard all over the neighborhood. Arron, Calvin and Jiro flinched as they watch the two girls. Can't blame them, it's been four years since the two girl best friends last saw each other. “Oh my God! Look at your hair! It's nice and curly!” Ella said. “And look at you... you really looked very professional! Oh my God, let's go shopping this weekend OK?”
“Yes, yes! You know there's this sale at the mall...”
“Sale? Oh my God! Then let's go there tomorrow instead.”
The two girls looked at each other, almost teary-eyed. And then, they hugged. “I missed you, girl...” Angela said. “I missed you too, Angela. I really can't believe you're here for good...” Ella said. Jiro looked up at Angela upon hearing what she said. “Wei? For good? I thought you're only here for vacation?” he said. Angela glared at him. “For your information, Jiro Wang, I'm here to stay for good. Aren't you cleaning your ears?” she snapped at him. Jiro rolled his eyes at here. “Oh please, Angela. I always clean my ears. You told me a while ago that you're only here for a vacation.”
“Well, a girl can always change her mind, OK?”
“You're too fickle-minded Angela.”
Angela gave him a death glare. “Jiro Wang, you're such a jerk...” she said. Calvin and Ella looked at each other. They knew where their little conversation would end up. Before world ward 4 could ever happen, Calvin stepped in to stop the two from bickering. “Whoa, whoa... calm down guys, OK?” he said to them. Calvin gave Jiro an authoritative look. “And Jiro, Angela just came back from Canada. Give her a break OK?” he said. Jiro glanced at Angela, and saw her sticking out her tongue. “Fine.” Jiro said. He crossed his arm, and then looked at Angela. “Did you brought me some chocolates?” he asked her. “It's inside the bag.” Angela said. Jiro took Angela's bag and searched for the chocolates.

Angela finally notices Arron standing beside Ella. She looked closely at him, unable to believe that this is Arron Yan-Wu. “You're Arron, right?” she asked him. Arron nodded his head. Then, Angel looked at Ella with shock. “Oh. My. God....” she said. Then, she jumped to her, and hugged her tight. “Oh my God, Ella! I can't believe you finally did it!” she shrieked again. Ella broke free from her hug, and gave Angela the keep-quiet-you're-going-to-spill-my-little-secret look. “Uh... what are you saying Angela?” she asked, so that Arron won't notice. Angela have her a confused look. “Aren't you dating Arron Yan-Wu?” Angela asked. Calvin and Jiro paused and then looked at Angela with shock. “Wei, how come I didn't know Arron's already dating Ella? She didn't even have the courage to -” before Jiro could end his sentence, Calvin jumped onto him and covered his mouth. “Shut up, will you?” he hissed to him. “D-dating? Oh... you're really funny, Angela... really funny...” Ella said with a nervous laugh. Ella looked at Arron apologetically. “Sorry, Arron. Angela thought we're dating. She's really a funny girl. She said. Arron just smiled at her and nodded his head. “It's OK, Ella. I understand.” he said.


Days passed by and it's already Monday. The three were busy preparing for their first day of work. “I'm nervous...” Calvin said as he walked down the stairs. “Aww... Callie... don't worry, you're going to be fine.” Angela said. “You worked with your dad before, you can do it. Besides, you dad will train you first before he leaves for his honeymoon, right?” Ella said. Calvin nodded his head. “But it's just going to be me this time. What if I messed up? What if I failed my dad?” he said. Ella walked up to him, and gave him an assuring smile. “You'll be OK, I know.” she said. Calvin just smiled at her. “I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!” Jiro said as he walked to the dining table. “Imagine, the great Jiro Wang is going to work for Taiwan Sports Channel? Oh my God, this is really great!” he said proudly. Angela looked at him, and just rolled her eyes at him. “So that makes you great now?” she asked. Jiro gave her a death glare. “You're just envy.” he said. Before everything could worse, Calvin stepped in again to stop the two. “Stop it. It's early in the morning and the two of you are fighting again.” Calvin said.

Calvin then looked at Ella. “Something wrong, El?” he asked. “Calvin, tell me you'll hire me at your company... please? I'll help you out, promise. I just don't feel like working for Chun Wu...” she said. Calvin shook his head. “You'll be OK, Ella. Don't be such a scaredy cat.”


As the elevator opened, Ella took a deep breath. “You can do this, Ella. No need to be scared with Arron's brother.” she told herself. She started to walk towards the entrance of the office, but as she took her first step inside the office, she retreated back. “Ms. Ella?” she heard someone call. She turned again, and saw the receptionist, Joe, smiling at her. “You're not planning to resign on your first day of work, aren't you?” she asked. Ella smiled at her and shook her head. “No, of course not... why would I resign?” she said, letting out a nervous laugh. Ella walked towards Joe, and leaned over the counter. “I know you're scared of Mr. Wu. I was intimidated with him as well when I started working here. But Mr. Wu is a great boss, I tell you.” Joe said.

Just then, Wallace came in. “Wow, you're earlier than our boss.” he said. The two girls looked at him, and smiled. “Good morning!” Joe greeted. “Good morning, Mr. Huo...” Ella said. “Please call me Wallace, Ella. After all we have the same position in this company. We're both Mr. Wu's assistants.” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Assistant? I thought -”
“We also work as the specialized marketing team for Mr. Wu. You, me and Joe are his team. We handle the most critical and important account of this company.” Wallace explained. “That's weird, why didn't he tell me that during the interview?” she asked. “I believe I told you that, but you were not listening, Ms. Ella Chen.” they heard someone said. The three looked at the door, and saw Chun. Wallace and Joe immediately bowed to him. “Good morning, Mr. Wu.” they both said. “G-good morning, sir...” she stuttered. Chun crossed his arms as he looked at her. “You were not listening while I was interviewing you, you disappoint me, Ms. Chen.” he said. “Sir, I never thought that you would blabber about the company's mission and vision and your plans and some other random things I didn't catch. I was waiting for you to ask me something,.”
“But you should still listen, Ms. Chen. If you're going to work for me, you have to listen carefully. I hate repeating myself.”

Chun put his hands on his back, as he circled around Ella. “Ms. Ella Chen, now that you're working for me, expect the unexpected. Always look forward to the worst case scenario. This is not an easy job, and this is not like college. There will be a lot of challenges for you, and you have to face them, and listen carefully to what is being requested from you. Understood?” he said. He stopped in front of her, and looked closely at her. Ella slowly nodded her head. “I understand, Mr. Wu.” she answered. Chun nodded his head, satisfied with her answer. “Good. Come inside my office. I will explain everything to you again, and I'll give you your first assignment for this week.”


Ella looked at the pile of folders on top of Chun's table. He have just finished explaing that nature of her job to her, and he have given her her task for that week. “I've prepared your laptop for you. It's on your desk, right beside Wallace. And this...” he said pointing at the table. “These are the reports for the Yu Fei project. I want you to revise the marketing plan for them. I want it on my table before 12 noon on Friday. Do you understand?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Good. Now take these documents and start working.” Chun said. Ella collected the folders, and went out of his office.

She found her desk right beside Wallace's desk, just outside Chun's office. Ella walked over her desk, and started reviewing the documents that Chun gave her. “Hey, Ella...” she heard Wallace call. Ella looked at him, and he saw him smiling at her. “Don't get intimidated with Chun. He's just testing you. If you could impress him with your job, then he'll go easy with you. He's a great boss, I tell you.” he said. Ella just shrugged her shoulder. “I don't know. He still looked scary to me.” she said. “And a pervert...” she added silently. “Chun's really strict when it comes to work. All bosses are, so just understand him.”
“Wei, how long have you been working for Chun?”
“Since he started in this company. Honestly, Chun is my high school best friend. When he came back from studying in Europe, he hired me to be his assistant.”
“So, he didn't go easy on you on your first day even though you're friends?”
“Well, he did. It's because we were both starting out that time, and we both didn't know what to do.”

Ella leaned on her chair and sighed. “I don't think I'll last here for a month...” she muttered. Wallace just laughed at what she said. “That's what all of those who worked for him said, but they lasted for years. The one you replaced, Joanne, she really didn't want to resign... if only she's not getting married this year, she would've stayed.” Wallace explained. Ella smiled at Wallace and then sat up straight. “Well, I guess I have to start working now so that he'll be impressed and go easy on me.” she said. She turned her attention to the computer in front of her, and began to work. “OK, just give me a shout if you need help.” Wallace said.


It was 11:30 in the morning, and Wallace and Ella were doing their work. Just then, Chun came out of his office. “Wallace, Ella...” he called. The two stopped what their doing and looked up at their boss. “Get ready, we have an meeting with Mr. Fang regarding the Cyberlandia project.” he said. Then, he returned inside his room. Wallace stood up from his seat and readied himself for the project. “Do I really have to come with you guys?” Ella asked. Wallace looked at her and nodded his head. “I think Mr. Wu wants to introduce you to the client as the newest member of the team. So, it's a must that you come with us.” he said. “But, I don't know anything yet about this Cyberlandia project...” she said. Wallace handed her a folder. “Read that on our way there. I've highlighted the important details regarding that project.” he said.

After a while, the three were on their way to the hotel to meet with their client. Along the way, Ella was busy reviewing the document Wallace gave her a while ago. She was reviewing it, as if she was reviewing for an upcoming quiz. Chun, on the other hand, was observing his new assistant. “She's a smart girl, she really know what to do so that she won't look like a fool at the meeting...” he thought. He smiled secretly to himself. His grandpa is right about insisting in hiring her. She would be an asset to their company. All he have to do is hone her to be his little protegee.

“Ehem...” he coughed. Ella put down the document, and then looked at Chun from the rear view mirror. “Care to tell me what the Cyberlandia project is all about, Ms. Ella?” he asked. He decided to give Ella pop quiz, after all, she was busy reading it. “Uhmmm... the Cyberlandia Project is a marketing plan designed for the new product being launched by O-games live. The marketing plan would consist of print, TV and radio advertisement, which shall be done by our in-house advertising team, as well as other strategies to promote this new online game such as product launch, cosplay sponsorship, and the likes.” she answered. Chun smiled satisfactorily at her. “Good. You'll do well at the meeting later.” he said. Ella nodded his head and smiled at him.


They were in the middle of the meeting when a middle aged woman walked towards them. Mr. Fang paused, and then looked back. His face turned to smile upon seeing her. “Honey…” he said, smiling at her. He stood up from his seat, and gave her a kiss. Then, he turned to Wallace, Chun and Ella. “By the way, this is my wife, Louise Fang.” He said to them. The three stood up from their seat, and shook her hand. “I’m sorry for disturbing you, honey. I thought your meeting would end soon.” She said. Mr. Fang smiled sweetly at his wife. “It’s OK, honey. Just give me more time, OK?” he said. Louise nodded his head.

She turned her attention to Ella, who was standing right beside him. “And this must be your girlfriend, Mr. Wu?” she asked. The two were shocked with her question, they eyes almost popped out. “Oh, no!” they said in unison. Lousie just laughed at the two. “Oh, I’m sorry…” she said. “Actually, Mrs. Fang, Ella here is new in my team today is her first day.” Chun explained. Louise just nodded her head. “I’m sorry about that. I thought she is your girlfriend.” She said, as she looked at him. “Would you mind if I tag your assistant for the mean time to keep me company?” she asked. Chun looked at Ella, and smiled. “Go with Mrs. Fang for a while. We’ll just let you know what happened.” He told her. Ella nodded her head, and smiled at him. She was happy that she could away from this very boring meeting. “Thank you, boss.” She said.

The two ladies went out of the restaurant, and then headed to a café nearby. “I’m sorry if I have mistaken you for Chun’s girlfriend…” Louise said to Ella as they took their seats. “It’s OK, Mrs. Fang…”
“Please call me Auntie Louise.”
Ella smiled at her and nodded her head. “So, today is your first day working for Chun Wu?” Louise asked. Ella nodded her head again. “Yes, Auntie Louise. I was lucky to get in, with the help of Arron, his brother.” She said. “That’s good. It seems that you get along with the Wus very well…”
“Arron was a classmate of mine in college, that’s why I got to know his family.”

Louise looked at Ella, and then held her hand. “You know, I don’t always do this, but I feel like reading your palm… would you allow me to do it?” she asked. Ella was surprised to know that Mrs. Fang knows how to read palms. “You’re a fortune teller?” she asked in awe. Mrs. Fang shook her head. “I can only read palms on certain times. Like today…” she explained. Then, she looked at her palm, carefully analyzing it. “Hmmm… you are one lucky girl, it says here. You’re lucky with friends, career, family and in love…” she said. Ella was happy to hear that she’s lucky in love. “Really? So, does that mean I get to meet the one?” she asked. Louise nodded her head. “Actually, I can see here that you have already met him.” She said. She looked up at her and smiled. “It’s one of the two brothers that you know.” Ella smiled to herself. She knew from the start that Arron is her true love, and he is her soul mate. After all, they have similarities.

But, maybe Ella is wrong…

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