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Saturday, January 9, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 20

Round 20 – The Jealous Ones

Ethan folded his arms and glared as he watched Selina get out of the house and link her arms with the guy beside her. “Where are you taking me today, Anthony?” Selina asked. “We'll have dinner at your favorite restaurant, then we'll go and see that new movie.” he said. Selina smiled at him. “Oh, that's great!” she said. Ethan could feel the green-eyed monster creeping up on him as he watch Selina and her “boyfriend” together. “I can't believe this. I really can't! How can she go dating other guys while she is dating me?” he thought angrily. Selina noticed Ethan outside their house, and she could see how jealous he is. “That's it... be more jealous...” she thought. She tightened her grip onto Anthony, and then rested her head on his shoulder. “Can we go to the park later after we date?” Selina asked, giving Anthony puppy eyes. Anthony laughed, and nodded his head. “Of course! Anything for you, princess.” Anthony said. Selina smiled at him and then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ethan could only glare angrily at Selina. He is mad, all right. “You... you... you wicked girl! You have no right to break my heart! I am more handsome that that ugly date of yours!” he thought. Selina glanced at Ethan, and could see how mad he looks. She felt satisfied with his reaction. At lease everything she's doing is paying off now. “Hah! You're really jealous, Ethan. I know you still want me. It won't take long, and you'll be begging me to take you back.” she thought. Then, Ethan's phone rang. He took it from his pocket, and saw Nicholas' name flashing on the screen. He looked at Selina again, and then he thought of an idea to get back at her. “Hello, Tiffany?” he said. With that, Selina paused, and looked at Ethan. “Anything wrong, princess?” Anthony asked. Selina saw Ethan smiling to himself as he talked to that “Tiffany” on the phone. “Tonight? Oh sure! I don't have plans as well. All right, I'll pick you up at around 9:30, OK? I'll see you later, babe.” Then, he ended the call. Ethan looked at Selina, and could see her glaring at him. Ethan just smirked at her, and then went back inside the house.

“Sel?” Anthony called. Selina looked up at him and smiled. “I'm OK, honey. Sorry... that neighbor of ours really knows how to ruin my night...” she said. Anthony just smiled at her. “It's OK, Selina. Your neighbor seems so weird.” he asked. Selina just shrugged her shoulders. “He is weird. ” she said. Then, she smiled at him again. “Come on, we're going to be late for the movies” she said. Anthony smiled at her, and nodded his head.

Meanwhile, back inside Ethan's house, he was flinching in pain as Nicholas shouts at him. “What the hell are you talking about?! I told you this is Nicholas. Why are you insisting I'm Tiffany? Do I sound like a girl to you?!” Nicholas said angrily at him. “Sorry, Nic... just an emergency. What is it that you want?” Ethan asked. “I called you because I can't reach Chun. Where the hell is my brother?” Nicholas asked. Ethan just shrugged his shoulder. “I don't know... maybe he's with Ella.” he said. “Fine, tell my brother I'm going home late. I need to finish my research.” Nicholas said. And with that, Nicholas ended the call.


“Ella, someone is looking for you.” Calvin said. Ella looked up at him, and then a young lady walked up beside him. “There she is, Cassie. Our famous DJ Angel.” he said. Cassie smiled at Calvin and nodded her head. “Thanks, Cal.” she said. Ella stood up from her seat, and then walked up to Cassie and Calvin. “Oh, by the way... Ella, this is my ex-girlfriend, Cassie. Cassie, you know her. Ella, a.k.a. DJ Angel.” Calvin said. Ella smiled at Cassie. “It's great to finally meet you, DJ Angel.” Cassie said. Ella took her hand, and shook it. “Nice to meet you too.” she said. Then, she looked up at Calvin with confusion. “You are not asking me for a love advice to get back with your ex-girlfriend, right Calvin?” she asked. Calvin laughed, and shook his head. “No. Actually, Cassie is here because she wants to ask you a favor...” he said. Cassie smiled and nodded her head. “I'm getting married in a few weeks' time... and I'm wondering if I could get you as one of my hosts for my wedding. Calvin already agreed to do it...” Cassie said.

Ella looked at Calvin, and saw him pleading to her. Then, she turned to Cassie, and smiled at her. “OK, I'll do it.” she said. Cassie's smile happily at the two. “Really? That's great! Thank you, Ella. Thank you for making my wedding really memorable.” she said. “No problem, Cassie. Anything for you and for this lanky bean.” she said. Calvin just laughed at her. “So, may I know the name of your groom?” Ella asked. Cassie nodded her head. “I guess you know him... he went to the same school as you, he said. Danson Tang.” Cassie said. Ella was surprised to find out that she is actually talking to Danson's fiancee. “Danson Tang? As in Danson Tang Yu Zhe? The one who own Events Unlimited?” she asked. Cassie nodded her head. “Danson would like to come and talk to you as well... but he's quite busy right now. But I'm sure he'll be thrilled to find out that you agreed to host our wedding.” she said. Ella nodded her head. “Oh, so it's Danson...” she said. Then, she looked at Calvin. She noticed something with her colleague. Although he is smiling, there was a hint of sadness in his face.

“Again, thank you for agreeing to host my wedding. I'll talk to you guys soon regarding it. Thank you very much.” she said. Calvin looked at Cassie. “I'll walk you out...” he said. Cassie smiled at him, and shook her head. “It's OK, Calvin. I already took much of your time. I'll go ahead...” she said. She said goodbye to the two, and left. Calvin just watched Cassie as she leaves. Then, he let out a sad sigh, and retreated back to his cube. Ella noticed the change of expression in his face. “Cal, are you OK?” she asked. Calvin looked at her, and forced a smile on his face. “Yeah, I am. Don't worry about me.” he said. Ella folded her arms, and nodded her head. “So, Cassie is your ex-girlfriend, huh?” Ella said. Calvin nodded his head. “Yes, she is.” he said. “And she is getting married to my classmate. Small world isn't it?” she said. Calvin slowly nodded his head. “Yeah, small world...” he said.

“So, how are you taking it? I mean, Cassie is your ex-girlfriend...” Ella asked again. “As long as she's happy, I am happy. And besides, I've accepted the fact a long time ago that we can only be friends, that we are not meant to be.” he said. “But do you still have any feelings left for her?” Ella asked. Calvin paused, and looked at her. He wasn't able to answer her question, for he doesn't know exactly what to say. “I... I forgot, I need to check the library for some info I'll be needing for my show tomorrow. I'll see you around, Ella.” he said as he stood up from his seat. Ella could only watch Calvin as he leaves. Then, she sighed and shook her head. “What is wrong with him?” she thought. Then, she decided to go back to work.


“Welcome to 'Something Sweet'! How may I help you?” Ethan asked a tall guy who came inside their shop. “Hi, I'm looking for Chun...” he said. Ethan nodded his head, and then he called on Chun. Chun immediately got out of his lair, and was surprised to see Danson in his shop. “Danson! Finally! You came!” Chun said. Danson smiled at him, and nodded his head. “I finally had the time to come. Anyways, I passed by to give you this...” Danson said. He handed a white parchment envelope. “I'm getting married in three weeks, and I would be happy if you could be there... even if Ella is around.” Danson said. Chun just nodded his head. “Don't worry, my girlfriend and I will be there.” Chun said. Both Ethan and Danson gave him a confused look. “Girlfriend?!” they exclaimed in unison. “I didn't know you have one...” Danson said. Chun just smiled at him. “Actually, Ella and I just got together... so...” he let out a nervous laugh as he shrugged his shoulder. “Ella?! I thought she -” Before Ethan could continue what he about to say, Chun gave him a deathly glare. “Ethan, aren't you supposed to do something inside?” Chun said. “But, isn't Ella -” Chun gave Ethan another glare. Then, he pointed the kitchen to him. “You have some work to do, right Ethan?” he said. Ethan just sighed and shook his head. He got what he wanted to say, so he immediately went inside the kitchen.

“So, you and Ella...” Danson said as he smiled playfully at him. “Yeah, me and Ella...” Chun said. “I never thought that the two of you would end up together. You hate each other to the core. Why the sudden change of mind?” Danson asked. Chun just shrugged his shoulder. “It just... happened.” he said. Danson folded his arms as he looked suspiciously at him. “It just happened?” he asked. Chun folded his arms, and glared at him. “I have no time to explain the situation.” he said. “Oh, I do have time, Chun. Care to explain everything to me now?” Danson asked. “If you have time, I don't. So, thank you for the invitation, and I'll see you at your wedding, all right?” Chun said.

Chun turned Danson to face the door, and pushed him towards it. “Wait! Wait! OK, I won't ask any further about you and Ella.” Danson said. Chun stopped pushing him, and Danson turned to face him. “Actually, I've got another favor to ask you, Chun... that is if you don't mind.” he said. “As long as you don't ask anymore questions, then maybe I can do you a favor.” he said. “All right, I want to ask if you can make our wedding cake?” Danson asked. Chun smiled at him. “OK... I will make your wedding cake. As long as you don't ask me anymore questions about me and Ella.” Chun said. Danson let out a smile. “All right! I know I can count on you, Chun. My fiancee and I will come by here tomorrow, so better get your cake designs ready.” Danson said. He said goodbye to Chun, and left his shop. Chun could only watch Danson as he leaves. Then, he smacked his own head. “Why the heck did I tell Danson that Ella is my girlfriend...” he thought.


Two cars parked in front of the posh night club town. In the black car, Anthony came out of the car. He opened the door of the passenger seat, and helped Selina out of the car. Selina smiled sweetly at him. “Thank you, Anthony.” she said. Anthony just smiled at her. He put his arm around her, and then threw his car keys at the valet. In the white car, Ethan came out. He already saw Selina and Anthony together, and as he watched the two walked inside the club, he let out a smirk. He walked to the door of the passenger seat, and helped his date, Tiffany, out. “Ready to enjoy the night?” he asked in a husky tone. Tiffany smiled at him. “You know I'm always ready for you, Ethan.” she said. He put his arm around her as they walked inside the club. And just like what Anthony did, he threw his car keys to the valet. Unfortunately, it hit the valet's face. Ethan heard the valet flinch in pain. He let out an apologetic look at him. “Sorry, dude.” he said. Then, he turned to Tiffany, and pulled her inside the club.

“So, what do you want to drink?” Anthony asked as they settled by the bar. “Anything... it's all up to you.” Selina said. Anthony leaned on the counter, and then he snapped his fingers and in an instant, the bartender came up to him. “Hey, Anthony. Long time no see!” the bartender said. “Hey, Mike! I'll have my usual drink, and margarita for my date, all right?” Anthony said. The bartender nodded his head, and went on to prepare their drinks. Meanwhile, Ethan and Tiffany settled on the other side of the bar. And just like a while ago, he was carefully watching Anthony and his moves. “So, you think you're cool, huh? You look like a nerd for me! I am way cooler than you!” he thought as he watched him and Selina. Then, he felt Tiffany tug his arm. “Honey, can you order me something to drink?” Tiffany asked. Ethan let out a suave smile at her. “Sure, baby. No problem.” he said. Then, he leaned on the counter, and snapped his fingers, just like what Anthony did. But the bartender paid no attention to him. He snapped his fingers again, but the bartender ignored him. “Wei!” he said angrily. Still, the bartender did not look at him. He leaned over, and waved his hand over his face. “Wei!” he shouted. With that, the bartender looked at him, and then he took out his ear plugs from his ears. “Yes, sir?” he said. Ethan sighed with frustration at him. “Why are you wearing earplugs? No wonder you can't hear me well!” he shouted at him. “Sorry sir, it's top noisy in here. And besides, I'm not a bartender here. I'm just a dishwasher. I just came here to clean up some mess.” he said. Tiffany just laughed, while Ethan was trying to control his temper. Then, the real bartender came. “Sorry, sir... what will you be having?” the bartender asked. “Give me martini and a margarita for the lady here.” Ethan said.

What Ethan didn't know is that Selina saw him, and was watching him. Selina smirked to herself as she watched Ethan. “So, you're following me, huh? And you brought your own date? Are you trying to make me jealous? Well, excuse me! It seems that you are the one getting jealous!” she thought. She sipped her drink, and then she turned to Anthony and smiled at him. “Cheers.” she said as she raised her glass to him. “Cheers.” Anthony said. Then, they both sipped from their drinks. “Sel, dear... do you want to dance?” Anthony asked. “I would love too, Anthony.” she said sweetly. Anthony took her hand, and led her to the dance floor. Ethan saw the two as they make their way on the dance floor. They stopped in the middle, and then Selina put his arms around his neck, and began to dance sexily in front of him.

He finished down his drink, and then he glared at Selina and Anthony. “What are you trying to do? Make me jealous? Well, Selina Ren... let me tell you this. I am not jealous! You're not the only girl who can dance that sexily!” he thought. Then, he looked at Tiffany, and she was just about to finish her drink. “Babe, want to dance?” he asked. Tiffany smiled at him, and nodded her head. Ethan took her hand, and then led her to the dance floor. They settled on a spot right next to Selina and Anthony. Then, he took Tiffany's arms, and put it around his neck. Then, they began to dance. Selina saw the two together, and threw a dirty look at Ethan. Ethan glanced at her, and just smirked. He looked at Tiffany, and smiled at him. Selina could feel the steam coming out of her head because of what Ethan is doing. She have to get back at him for making her feel jealous (and yes, she is jealous all right). Selina looked at Anthony, and smiled at him. Then, he pulled Anthony and kissed him on the lips for a long time. Ethan saw what she did. He gasped as he watched Selina kiss another guy. “Why... why you... how could you do this to me?!” he thought. His heart is crushed, all right. He doesn't know what's inside Selina's little mind, and how she will play this game.

Ethan looked at Tiffany, and then he leaned down to kiss her lips. Selina saw what he did, and she flinched as she watched Ethan kiss that girl. “Why you... How could you do this to me!” she thought. After Ethan broke their kiss, Tiffany smiled at him and held on tight to him. “And that stupid girl, she is enjoying your kiss! I knew it! You will never ever change, Ethan Ruan! Once a playboy, always a playboy!” she thought. “Are you OK, Sel?” she heard Anthony asked. Selina just nodded her head. “Y-yeah, I'm OK...” she said. Then she felt someone bump into her. She looked back, and saw Ethan smirking at her. “Sorry.” he said. Then, he turned his attention to his date and totally ignored Selina. Selina flinched at what he did again. “Why you... I'll get back at you, Ethan. I swear to God I will!” she thought.


That night at the supermarket.

Ella took a box of cereals from the shelf, and showed it to Chun. “How about this one?” she asked him. Chun took the box from her hand, and then looked at it. “I can use this for the dessert I have in mind.” he thought. He put the box of cereals on the cart, and then they went on to look around. As Ella pushed the cart, she looked at Chun, and smiled. “Thanks, Chun.” she said. Chun could only give her a confused look. “Thanks for what?” he asked. “Thanks for helping me cook for my grandpa. I'm not really a good cook, you see...” she said. “Nonsense. Everyone can cook. I remember back in high school, that was the only time I learned how to cook for myself. And that's because mom and my stepdad left me on my own so I have no choice.” he said. Ella laughed at what he said. “So, how did it turned out?” she asked. “It's OK. They loved it. So, since everyone seems to appreciate my cooking, I started to experiment with food. That's when I discovered my passion for baking, so I pursued being a chef.” he said. Ella nodded her head as he listened to Chun's story. “I guess your girlfriends are lucky because they have a chef boyfriend like you...” she said. Chun let out a meaningful smile at her. “So, you consider yourself lucky because I'm your boyfriend?” he asked. With that, Ella just laughed and hit his arm. “Yeah right!” she said. Chun just laughed with her.

“Honestly, I have a plan that's why I agreed to cook for your grandpa tomorrow. And yeah, my grandma will be here tomorrow, so my plan will work 100%.” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Are you sure it will? The last time you planned things, it didn't worked out.” she said skeptically. “I'm sure it will this time. Trust me. And will you get that bottle of pickles?” he said. Ella reached for the bottle of pickles, and put it on the cart. “And since you're my 'girlfriend', and since you want to get out of this mess, you have to help me out with my plan, all right?” he said. “How can I help you with your plan if you don't tell me what it is?”
“It's a simple one. Have you noticed the way your grandpa and my grandma looked at each other the last time they saw each other?”
“No, I didn't.”
“Ella, you have to be more observant of your surroundings...”
“I didn't notice anything, Chun.”
“Well, I did.”

He turned to Ella and faced her. “Look, my grandma is your grandpa's ex-girlfriend, right?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “I don't know what happened why they didn't end up together. I don't know if it's because grandma is forced to marry another man, or they got separated or something. But looking at the two of them, I can see that after all these years, they still love each other.” he said. “They do?” Ella asked. Chun nodded his head. “Can't you see? The reason why they arranged a marriage for the two of us, it's because they still love each other. They hoped that we can have the happy ending that they didn't have when they were young. But, instead of us getting their happy ending, we'll let them have the ending they always wanted.” Chun said. Ella finally got what Chun is planning. Her face lightened up as she looked up at him. “So, it means that we will set up grandpa and grandma... so that instead of the two of us getting married, they will get married and we can breakup with no problem?” she asked. Chun smiled, and winked at her. “You got it!” he said. “So, it means, I don't have to marry you, you don't have to marry me... you can be with Bianca in the future and I can be with Sphinx in the future?” she asked. Chun's smile slowly faded upon hearing Sphinx's name again. Maybe it was a bad idea to tell Ella his plans. “Y-yeah...” he answered. “But I don't think that will happen. You know how much those two love each other, right?” he said. “Well, it doesn't have to be them. Who knows, in the future, we may meet someone whom we can learn to love the way we loved them, right?” Ella said. Chun just nodded his head. “But for now, we have to keep on pretending. As long as grandma and grandpa didn't hook up, I'm still your boyfriend.” Chun said defensively.

Ella just laughed at him. “Oh my... with you around and with you acting as my boyfriend, I don't think I can find myself a real boyfriend...”' she said as she shook her head. Chun glared at her as she laughed at him. Then, he took some bottles from the shelf and put it on the cart. “Does your dish require a lot of pickles?” she asked. Chun looked inside the cart, and saw a lot of bottled pickles on it. He groaned as he put back the pickles on the shelf. Ella just laughed at him. Somehow, she finds Chun's angry expression amusing.

“Wu Chun?” they heard someone call him. The two of them looked back, and saw a tall Japanese guy walking up to them. Chun's eyes widened in shock upon seeing him. “Hiro Mizuzhima....” he whispered. Ella gave Chun a confused look. “Who?” she asked. “I can't believe I'll see you here, Chun! Small world, isn't it?” Hiro said. Chun nodded his head. Ella looekd at Chun, and he looked as if he have seen a ghost. “What's wrong with this guy?” she thought. “I never thought you'll be here in Taiwan as well. Oh, I forgot, you live here before you moved to Australia, right?” Hiro said. Chun just glared at him. “What are you doing here, Hiro?” he asked. Hiro put his hands inside his pocket, and smirked at him. “I work here in Taiwan. In Sheraton Hotel, to be exact.” he boasted. Chun folded his arms, and smirked at him. “Oh, then that's good. I used to work there, but I resigned.” he said. Hiro shook his head upon hearing that. “Oh, that's bad. I heard that, Chun. I can't believe you would pass up a chance to work as the head chef of a prestigious hotel to have your own bake shop... well anyway that's what you want...” Hiro said.

Then, Hiro noticed Ella, who was standing beside him. He smiled at her. “And she must be your assistant?” he asked. Hiro was about to take Ella's hand, when Chun pulled Ella close to her. “No, she's my girlfriend.” he said. Ella gave Chun a bewildered look. Chun looked Hiro into his eyes, and saw him let out a smirk. “You know how to guard your girl well now, huh? Well, at least that's an improvement.” Hiro said. He folded his arm, and encircled Chun. “Sure, you didn't want your new girl to be taken away by me, just like what I did to Bianca before, right?” he said. “Are you done talking, Hiro? Because we have a lot of things to do, rather than hear a stupid guy like you boast your stupid achievements.” Chun snapped at him. Hiro paused, and let out another smirk at him. “Oh, sure... you can go ahead, Chun. Sorry to interrupt your shopping date with your girlfriend. Don't worry, we'll see each other really soon.” Hiro said. He looked at Ella, ans winked at her, before he left them alone.

After Hiro left, Chun let out a sigh of relief. “That was close...” he muttered. “Who is he, Chun?” Ella asked. “That's Hiro... he's my rival.” Chun said. Then, he looked at Ella. “And Bianca's ex-boyfriend.”


Hebe hid from one of the posts, and then peeked out. She could see Nicholas walking towards Arron and Jae Joong's apartment. “Why is he always going to their apartment?” she thought. She watched Nicholas as he knocked on the door. After a while, Arron came out and led Nicholas inside their house. Hebe sneaked towards one of the window to take a look at them. “It won't take long...” she heard Nicholas said. “But...” she heard Arron said. She looked around, and could not see Arron anywhere. She looked up at Nicholas and saw him taking off his jacket. He was smiling down at Arron (who is lying on the floor) as he took off his jacket. “Come on, I can't take it anymore...” Arron said while panting. “All right, all right... I'm coming...” Nicholas said. Then, Hebe saw Nicholas dive onto the floor with Arron.

With that, Hebe looked away, with her eyes widened in shock again. “Oh my God... why does Nic have to... be... gay... and with... Arron?” she said to herself. “Nic... faster...” she heard Arron said. “Wait... it's not yet in...” Nicholas said. “Come on...” Arron said. “OK... it's in now...” Nicholas said. Hebe was in tears as she listens to their conversation. She could imagine the dirty things Nicholas and Arron are doing right now. “I can't take it anymore... it's breaking my heart...” she thought. Then she let out a loud shriek, and ran back to her apartment.

Nicholas paused as he heard the loud shriek. “Is that Hebe?” she asked. “I bet she is. She just saw a rat or something... now will you try to screw the table in place again? I can't hold this anymore!” Arron complained. Nicholas let out a sigh, and helped Arron with the table. “Why does all your table have to be screwed in place? It's hard to move things around!” Nicholas said. “It's JJ's fault. He's scared that everything will fall when an earthquake comes, so he screwed everything in place. And it's hard on our part to move around.” Arron said. Nicholas shook his head as he screwed the table. “All right... but you guys owe me a favor, OK? Helping you move these things around is not easy...” Nicholas said. Arron smiled at him, and nodded his head. “Yeah, I know. JJ's already working on one of your favors. Don't worry about a thing. I know Hebe will be thrilled to see that.” Arron said, winking at him.

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