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Sunday, April 5, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Because of You

From the moment the morning smiles by showing its golden ray
I know I won't be lonely anymore
Seeing your bursting face in front of me, I put it on top of my heart
Having you, my world is not the same


Two years later...

“Congratulations, graduates of 2009!” Everyone inside the school auditorium cheered. They all took off their hat, and threw it in the air. Batch 2009. Finally, they are free from school.

Ella looked around her, and smiled to herself. Finally, all of her hard work have paid off. “Ella!” he heard someone call. She looked back, and he saw Arron holding a bouquet of flowers. Ella smiled at him as he walked towards her. “Congratulations!” he said as he handed her the flowers. “Thank you...” she said. Arron just smiled at her. “I envy you guys... you have graduated, but as for me, I still have to stay here in school for another year.” he said. Ella just smiled at him. “Don't worry, You'll graduate next year. I'll still help you with school.” she said. Arron shook his head. “You've helped me enough, Ella. More than enough. Guess this major is really not for me. Gee, I never thought it could be tough...” he said.

During their final year in college, Arron failed a lot of subjects, and most of it were major subjects. Ella tried to help him with all that she could, but she was not able to save Arron's grade unlike before. It was hard on her part since they belonged to different classes. “If only we were classmates this semester, then maybe I was able to help you...” Ella said in a low voice. Arron smiled at her as he lifted up her chin. “Hey, don't blame yourself. It was my fault that I failed. But now, I know better. I assure you, next year, I'll graduate with flying honors.” he said proudly. “Promise?” Arron lifted his right hand. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” he said. Just then, they saw Jiro and Calvin running up to him. “Arron! Ella!” Jiro shouted. “Hey, Jiro!” Arron greeted. “Congratulations to the two of you.” Arron said to the two. Calvin smiled at him. “Thanks, Arron.” he said. “So, what are your plans after graduation?” Arron asked. “Well, a sports channel hired me to be one of their staff, and Calvin here will take over their family business in a month's time. “Jiro said. Arron turned to Ella. “How about you, Ella?” he asked. “I think I'll have a vacation first then I'll find a job.” she said. “Oh, by the way, Arron. I already emailed it to you.” Jiro said. Upon hearing that, Arron looked at him, and put his finger on his lips, asking him to keep silent. Calvin nudged him as well. “Blabber mouth...” Calvin muttered. Ella gave the three a confused look. It's as if they were keeping some things from her. “What is it? What did Jiro emailed to you?” she asked. “It's your resu -” before Jiro could finish what he was saying, Calvin covered his mouth. “We really can't trust you with our secrets, Jiro.” Calvin told him. Ella looked at Arron again. “Secret? What secret?” she asked. Arron sighed, and then asked Calvin to let go of Jiro. “Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore, since Jiro already gave you a hint.”
“What do you mean?”
“I asked Jiro to send me a copy of your resume.”
“My resume? What for?”
“Well, there's an opening at our company for Chun's specialized marketing team, and I gave your resume so that they would consider you for that position.”

Ella's eyes widened upon hearing what Arron said. She will be working with his pervert brother? “What?!” she exclaimed. “I'm really sorry, Ella. Your friends told me that you were already looking for a job, and the companies you've applied for did not call you yet, so I decided to seek help from my brother so that you'll get a job. It's my way of saying thanks to you for all the things you've done for me.” Arron explained. Ella smiled at him and shook her head. “No, no... it's OK, really. I appreciate it. You helped me a lot, Arron. Thank you.” she said sweetly. “And by the way, “ Arron continued. “You have an interview with my brother tomorrow, so better be prepared.”

Upon hearing that, Ella's eyes popped out. “Tomorrow?!” she exclaimed. Arron nodded his head. She looked away from Arron. What if she gets hired? How will she get away from his pervert brother?

[Ella's imagination]

“Oh, Ella... come here...” Chun called her. Ella walked slowly towards him. She hugged the folders tight. She know what Chun wanted this time. “Y-y-yes s-s-s-sir?” she stuttered. Chun smiled sexily at him. “Ella, baby, come here...” he said, pointing at his lap. She looked at his lap, and then looked at her boss's face. He saw him as he licked his lips. “Come on, Ella baby. It's time to play...” he said. She looked up at the ceiling, hoping God would have mercy on her. “Noooooooo!!!!!”

[End of Ellas imagination]

Arron could see the frightened expression on her face. He could understand why she's that way, after all, Chun is really a strict guy. “Wei... don't worry. My brother is not as bad as you think. You're going to be all right.” he assured her. “Well...” she said as she sighed. “I wish I will be.”


The next day, Calvin drove Ella to the Wu Corporation's office. Ella took a deep breath, but as she reached for the door to get out of the car, she hesitated. She turned to Calvin again. “Can you tell me why you won't hire me in your company?” she asked. “Because I've been with you since kindergarten, and I'm fed up with your mushroom face.” Calvin said. “Don't you really want me to work for you?” she said, giving him puppy eyes. Calvin rolled his eyes at her. “Please, Ella. We've been together wince kids, can you separate yourself from me for once? And how will you be able to get close with Arron's family if you won't accept this job?” he said. Ella lowered her head, pouting. “I will if Arron will become my boss, not his pervert of a brother...” she said. Calvin just sighed at his best friend. He pushed Ella from her seat to make her come out of the car. “You're gonna be late for your interview...” he told her.

Ella walked through the carpeted lobby of the 35th floor of the building, where Chun's office reside. She walked over the reception area, and she saw a girl receptionist and a guy talking. She approached them, and smiled. “Good morning...” she said. The two looked up at her. The guy smiled at her as well. “You must be Ella Chen, right?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Hi. I'm Wallace Huo, Chun's assistant. I've heard a lot about you from Arron.” he said. He extended his hand to Ella, and Ella shook his hand. Then, she watched him as he looked at his watch. “Hmmm... you're way too early for your interview.” he commented. Ella just smiled at him. “I didn't like to make people wait, and I want to make a good impression on Mr. Wu.” she said. Wallace smiled at her. “Oh, you can call him Chun ge. That's what Arron call him.” he said, winking his eye. Wallace walked away from her, entering Chun's office. Ella got what he was trying to say. Obviously, Chun's assistant got it all wrong. “No.. you don't understand. Arron's not my boyfriend...” she explained. She heard the lady receptionist laugh as she tried to explain to Wallace. “No worries. I know you're not yet Arron's girlfriend, but will be.” she said. The girl smiled at her. “By the way, I'm Joe Chen, the receptionist here. Why don't you take a seat for a while?” she said as she pointed at the couch at the corner of the room. Ella nodded and then took a seat.

Meanwhile, Wallace entered Chun's office and handed him the documents he needed. “Thanks, Wallace.” he said, not looking up at him. “By the way, Arron's friend is already here.” he said. Chun looked up at him, wrinkling his forehead. He looked at him watch, and saw that Arron's friend is an hour earlier. “Well... at least she won't have to ruin my schedule. Let her in.” he told him. Wallace nodded his head and went outside to call Ella. After a few seconds, Wallace came back, and behind her is Ella. “I'll leave the two of you for a while.” Wallace said. Then, he got out of his office. Chun took a glance at Ella and then proceeded with reading the documents. “Have a seat, Ms. Chen.” he said. Ella nodded his head, and took a seat in front of Chun. Chun put the document down, and then faced her. He have read Ella's resume the night before. Honestly, he didn't want to consider Ella for this position since she's still inexperienced, but his grandfather insisted. After all, Ella have charmed her way to the Wu family. “I won't beat around the bush anymore, Ms. Chen. As you can see, Wu Corporation is the leader when it comes to marketing strategies, and we only hire the best people. We handle marketing strategies to the top companies not only in Taiwan, but also all over the Asia. Right now, we are expanding our company to make it known globally. Wu Corporation is...” Ella is not listening to what Chun is saying. She know she should have learn about what their corporation is all about, but can he save it for their orientation on the first day? And what happened to to 'I won't beat around the bush' part?

“And so with that, Ms. Chen, you're hired.” she heard him said. Ella seemed to be shocked at what he said. “Excuse me?” she asked. “I said you're hired.” Chun repeated, this time, he took the document from the table and reviewed it again. “But, you have not asked me a question yet. What happened to the 'Tell me more about yourself' part?” she asked. Chun was annoyed with Ella's questioning. He sighed as he put the documents down again. “My family already knew you, and your capabilities, Ella... except for me. To tell you honestly, I'm eying another candidate for this position. Grandpa insisted on hiring you because she's really fond of you. So, consider yourself lucky that you got this job without lifting a finger.” he said. “But, that would be unfair to the other applicants. You can't just hire me, just because your grandpa likes me or I'm Arron's friend...” she said. Chun stood up from his leather chair, and then walked towards her. “Ms. Chen, just because I hired you right away, doesn't mean I'm going to make your life easier when you start working for me. You'll work for me directly, and you will be under probation for the next six months. And I tell you... I am a very strict boss.” he said. Then, he leaned over her, that his face was too close to her. Ella's eyes widened as Chun moved his face closer to him. “Perv...” she thought. She was thinking that Chun will kiss her again. “So...” he asked in a husky tone. “Tell me something about yourself, Ms. Chen?” he smirked at her, feeling contented seeing the fear in her eyes. He didn't wait for her answer, and he moved away from Ella. “That question is irrelevant, I must say. I will get to know you as soon as you start working for me. You will start on Monday, and don't be late.” he said. He retreated back to his seat, and resumed to what he was doing a while ago. “You may go now, Ms. Chen. I'll see you on Monday.”


“OK... I'm on my way.” Arron ended the call. It was Ella who called him, asking him to meet him at the coffee shop near the university. She said that his interview with Chun just ended, and she needed to talk to him. As she was about to leave the mansion, he saw his grandfather having tea by the patio. “Grandpa, I'll go out for a while to meet Ella.” he said. His grandfather looked at him and smiled. “Are you going to propose to her this time?” he teased. Arron just smiled back at him. “Grandpa, you know that Ella and I are just friends...” he said. “But you're acting otherwise. I know you like Ella a lot. Why don't you tell her how you feel, and make her your girlfriend. No, make him your wife. I want her to be a part of this family.” his grandpa said. He took a seat beside his grandfather. “She's the first girl you introduced to us. It means that Ella is really special. What's keeping you from courting her?” grandpa asked. Arron lowered his head, unable to answer his question. “Or is it because you like someone? Someone you loved secretly, and whom you can't confess your feelings to?” he asked. Arron looked up at him, surprised at what he said. Does his grandfather know about his feelings for Ariel? “Grandpa...”
“I am an old and wise man, Arron. I've been there and done that. I know. I have a strong feeling. It would be better if you let that girl you like what you feel because you might end up regretting it.” he said. His grandpa gave him a warm smile and then put his hand on Arron's shoulder. “The only wrong this to say the way you feel is when you don't say it at all.” he said. Arron smiled at him and nodded his head. “I'll keep that in mind, grandpa.”


Arron reached the coffee shop, and at one corner, he saw Ella. He smiled as he walked towards her. “El!” he called. Ella looked up to him and smiled. He took the seat in front of her. “So, how was the interview?” he immediately asked. “I'm hired...” she said. Arron's face lightened up upon hearing that. “Really? That's a good news!” he said. Ella just sighed as she leaned on her chair. “But your brother... I don't feel like working for him...”
“He's just a little strict, don't worry. I know you'll wow him in the end. Just work hard. I know you can do it.”
“Why can't you be my boss instead?”
“I'm not yet working there... don't worry, as soon as I graduate, I'll make you my assistant.”
Ella frowned at him. She was expecting not to be hired by Chun, but the opposite happened. “Your brother's really weird. He didn't even asked me any questions. He only oriented me about the company, the mission and vision, blah blah blah. Then, he told me I'm hired. Is he really that weird?” she asked him. Arron laughed at what he said. “Well, he's not always like that. There's always an exception. Grandpa pulled a few strings so that Chun would hire you. Grandpa really likes you, you know...” Arron said. Ella smiled at him this time. “I like your family, Arron. They're all nice, well... except for your brother...” she said. Arron gave her a confused look. “You didn't like my brother, don't you?” he asked. “I've noticed when you first met him, your face became pale. You always come at our house when you're sure he's not around. Did he do something to you?” he asked. Ella sighed, guess it's no secret anymore. She have to let Arron know what happened in the past so that he could understand the reason why she's scared his brother. “OK, I'll tell you, but promise me you will still be my friend. OK?” she said. Arron nodded his head. “Well, you know that I was working part time before in a wine bar as a bar tender, right?” she began. Arron nodded his head again. “Your brother is one of our customers, and one time, he came to the bar. He drank five bottles of Martini. When it's already closing time, I helped your brother to his car, but in the end he....” she paused, she could still clearly remember what Chun did that night. “He what?” Arron asked. “Your brother kissed me.” she answered. There was a long silence between them, and Ella felt anxious with Arron's reaction. Just then, Arron burst out laughing. “Wei?” she said in a confused tone. “Sorry... sorry...” Arron said while trying to keep his laughter down. “My brother kissed you?” he asked again. Ella nodded her head. “I'm really sorry about that... I'm really really sorry. You might be thinking that he's a pervert now. I'm really really sorry, Ella...” he apologize. “Yes, I think he is a pervert.”
“He's not really like that, Ella. He only drinks when he's stressed out or frustrated. Maybe something happened that night that's why he drank beyond his limit. When he does that, he either turns into a hugging monster or a kissing monster. I'm really sorry that you became his victim that night...”

Ella could not believe what Arron told him. “He becomes a kissing monster?” she asked again. Arron nodded his head. She wondered, if she'll make Arron really drunk, will he kiss her the way his brother did?


Calvin's mobile phone rang while he was watching TV. He took it and answered the phone. “Hello?”
“Calvin, this is your dad.”
“Oh, hey dad!”
“Son, I know I promised to give you a month's vacation... but I need you in the office on Monday.”
“Sure, no problem. Jiro and Ella will be starting on Monday. Why dad?”
“Well... I... well...”
“Fine... I'll tell you. I'm taking your mom on a second honeymoon, that's why.”
“That soon? You didn't even planned about it?”
“Come on... give us a break, son. Promise, once I return from the honeymoon, I'll give you three months leave.”
“Fine, I'll do it. So how long will you and mom will be gone?”
“Six months.”

Calvin stood up from his seat, surprised at what his father said. “Six months?! Who in their right mind would go on a honeymoon for six months?!” he shouted on the phone. “Calm down son... give this time for us, OK. Don't worry, when we're back, I'm sure you'll have a baby sister. Thank you, son. I love you.” Before Calvin could further react, his dad ended the call. “Damn!” he thought. Six months. His parents will be gone for six months, and he'll be left alone with the company. Good thing he was his dad's side kick all through out the years, so he knows what he's going to do. He sat on the couch again, his face frowning. “Better make sure to give me a baby sister, dad, or else...” he thought.

Jiro walked down the stairs, and he saw Calvin. His looked like as if it rained down on him. “What's wrong?” Jiro asked. “Dad wants me to report to office on Monday. He'll be going on a honeymoon with mom.” he explained. Jiro sat beside him, and took some chips from him. “So?” he said. “They'll be gone for six months.” Calvin said. Jiro looked at him and smiled. “Don't you like it? At least when they're back you'll have a baby sister.” he said. Calvin was an only child, and ever since he was asking his parents to give him a baby sister. That's why he is close to Ella, because he sees her as his little sister.

Just then, Jiro's mobile phone rang. He took it from his pocket, and answered it. “Hello?”
“Look outside the window, monkey boy!” the caller said. Jiro sat up on the couch and then looked outside the window. Outside the house, he saw a familiar girl smirking at him, and waving at him. “Oh my God...” he shouted in a shocked tone, which startled Calvin. “What?” he asked, and peeked outside the window. “Angela...” Jiro said. “She's back!”

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