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Sunday, September 20, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – I Really Think So

I really think, loving you is double
Over there I would have fallen back, but in the end love is still a night of precious
In your room, remains his smell
So you can’t simply forget him
I really think, loving can be double
Don’t care the future is right or wrong
But you said loving me cannot be absolute enough
You still want to meet him, yet still want me to be with you
Tell me, how can love be that distributive

And then, that magical moment happened. Their lips brushed. He pressed his lips against her, and kissed her lovingly...


Ella laid on her bed, turning to her left side. That night she couldn't sleep. She could still feel Chun's lips against hers. She sighed, and then she smiled to herself as she remembered every moment of it. Their kiss may be short, for her, it seemed as if they kissed forever. She bit her lips, and then her fingers traced her lips. “Chun...” she thought. It wasn't the first time that he have kissed her, for he kissed her before. She knew that their first kiss was a mistake, for Chun have mistaken her for his fiancee. This time, she felt something in his kiss. It's like it is filled with love. She could feel what's inside his heart as he kisses her.

Honestly, she found herself being drawn to Chun's charm, especially now that they're getting closer.
There was something in Chun that she could not explain. There was something in that man that she never saw in Arron. There was this kind of thug in her heart that she could not explain whenever he's around her. And somehow, she love that warm feeling whenever Chun's with her. Although her boss is really annoying sometimes, she finds herself liking it when he annoys her.

At that moment, she doesn't care if what she feels for Chun is right or wrong. It is a fact that Chun is already engaged to another woman, and sadly, that woman is the same woman that Arron loves. All that matters to her is the all new and exciting feelings she had for him, and she also wonders if Chun feels the same way towards her. She closed her eyes to sleep. The image of Chun still lingers in her memory. She drifted to dreamland with a smile on her face, hoping the sandman will make her wish come true, and let Chun visit her in her dreams.


If Ella seems too happy with their kiss, it is the exact opposite for our leading man. No, he does not regret his action. In fact, he was very happy about it. But being the logical person he is, soon after, he realized what he did is a big mistake.

Chun leaned on the headboard of his bed, reminiscing their kiss. He have always wanted to do that to Ella, and he doesn't know why. The urge of kissing her grown stronger each day he is with her. He smiled to himself, as he remembered how soft her cherry lips are. If he had the will, he would'va kissed her for eternity, but then he realized that it was awkward for him to kiss her. It was him who initiated it, and it was him who broke away from that magical moment. He could clearly see her cheeks turn rosy pink as they broke apart. She shyly said goodbye to him, and dashed out of his car, while he, he remained seated on the driver's seat, still in a daze.

Kissing Ella seemed so right. Everything about them that moment seemed perfect. However, as he reflected more, he realized that it was wrong.

With that realization, he sat up on his bed. The smile on his face slowly faded. “I'm falling for Ella...” he concluded. Yes, he is. It is the logical reason why having Ella beside her feels so right. However, what he feels for her is wrong. In a few years time, when Ariel comes back from the States, he will be married to her. The girl trusts her so much with her eyes shut, and he couldn't break that trust. He knew before that he is in love with Ariel, but his feelings for Ella is much stronger. He knew Ariel loves him so much, that he suddenly felt guilty kissing another girl. And there's his brother, Arron. He knew Arron have special feelings for Ella. Arron loves Ella, that's what he knows. And he also know that Ella feels the same way for his brother. He have hurt Arron several times in the past, because of him being strict on him. It was only now that they are getting closer again, and he doesn't want to break his brother's heart for stealing the girl he loves away from him. And most of all, there's Ella – the girl he have learned to love. He loves her so much, that he doesn't want to hurt her. Because he knew that if he hurt her, he will be breaking his own heart as well. She will be heartbroken if that day comes that he have to marry Ariel.

Never in his life have he faced this kind of dilemma before. All his life, he planned everything so that his life would go smoothly. He have planned on marrying the girl his family have betrothed to him. He have planned taking over their family business. Everything in his life have already planned, and then comes Ella. She was the one thing that he never planned, the one thing he never thought would come and bring excitement in his life. He used to think Ella has no place in his life, but he was wrong. Slowly, in her own little ways and without her knowing it, she have take his heart away. Loving her was never in his plans, but he already did. He have already fallen in love with Ella Chen.

He brushed his hair with his fingers, and then let out a sigh. He knew he have to stop this before everything goes out of hand, and before he hurt the people around him. If he have to avoid Ella, he would do so, for he doesn't want to break his heart. That night, he made a decision. It is a decision that he knew he will regret, but he knows this one is for the best – for him, for Ariel, for Arron, and most of all, for Ella.


Let's see first how Arron and Ariel are doing.

Ariel opened the door of their apartment, and saw Arron preparing their dinner. Arron smiled at her warmly upon seeing her enter their house. “Welcome home!” he greeted. Ariel let out a weary smile, and then she threw herself on the couch. Arron walked towards her and then sat beside her. He knew it's been a long day for Ariel. Working for the Smithsonian Institute and studying to get her master's degree is quite a handful. “Aiyo, I'm so tired!” she complained. She let out a sigh, and then she frowned. Arron simply smiled at her, and then he reached for her hand, and massaged it. “You've been working so hard, Ariel. Why don't you take a leave from your work, and then relax here at home?” he said. Ariel pouted at him, and shook her head. “With the pile of work I have, I don't think those guys would allow me to take a vacation.” she said.

Arron put his arms around her, and pulled her to a hug. Ariel leaned on his chest, and stayed that way for some time. “Don't worry, spring break is coming up... soon this will all be over.” he assured her. “I really hope so, Arron. I'm soooooooo tired from all of these. I could use a break.” she said. Arron looked down at her, and gazed at her for a long time. It's been months since they were living together, and he felt so happy that he had a chance to get close to Ariel. He have to thank Ella for encouraging him, and for making him realize that this is all he wanted. Aside from studying arts in one of the major art schools in the States, being with Ariel is another factor that made him want to come here.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Ariel's stomach growling. Ariel looked at him embarrassingly. He tried his best not to laugh at her. “Sorry, I didn't have lunch today...” Ariel said. With that, Arron wrinkled his brows and looked sternly at her. “Ariel Lin, how many times have I told you not to skip meals?” he scolded her. Ariel let another pout at him. “I'm so sorry, Arron ge ge... I was too caught up with work...” she said in a childish tone. Arron shook his head, and then he sighed. “Next time, don't forget to have lunch. You might get sick because of what you're doing.” he said worriedly. Ariel smiled at him, and nodded her head. “I will Arron ge ge. I promise.” she said. Then, Arron stood up from his seat, and then pulled Ariel to the dining table. Upon seeing the food, her eyes widened in surprise. “Wow! You cooked all of my favorites?” she asked. Arron nodded her head. “So you better finish everything up, OK? I made an effort to cook all of these for you.” he said. Ariel smiled at him. Surely, Arron knows how to make her feel special. “Thank you, Arron. But I can't finish all of these! I won't fit in my wedding gown if I get fat...” she said. Arron laughed at what she said. “Silly, even if you get fat, you can adjust your wedding gown...”
“But I look really ugly when I'm fat...”
“You're not. You look cute, in fact.”
“But your brother will not be able to carry me if I gain weight.”
“He can still carry you. What's the use of those big muscles of his? I can even carry you myself.”

With that, Arron scooped Ariel off the floor, and carried her bridal style. Both of them laughed. “See, I can still carry you!” he said. “That's because I haven't eaten yet! After I finish up all these good food, you will not be able to carry me like this...” she said. “I will still be able to carry you, I assure you that.” Arron said. Then, he gazed into her lovely face. He couldn't help but stare at her for a long time. Before, he could only adore Ariel from afar. He knew from the start that she is arranged to be married to his brother, and he knew that they both love each other. He was heartbroken when the two announced that they are already dating. Since they were kids, he have already loved Ariel. He love everything about her. He love her being a crybaby at times, and he loves making her smile. All this time, he thought he will never get a chance to be near the girl he loves, but now here he is, carrying her in his arms. He wished the could stay together this way. He wished he could be with Ariel forever. But then, once they're back in Taiwan, he will have to give Ariel back to his brother.

Ariel looked up at Arron, and stared into his eyes. That moment, she felt like being hypnotized by him. It was only now that she noticed that Arron have a beautiful pair of dark brown eyes. “Lovely...” she thought. As he smiled at her, she noticed how pretty his smile is. It was like seeing Arron for the first time, and in a different light. She have always regarded Arron as her younger brother, just because he is Chun's younger brother. In her eyes, Arron will always be this young boy that always cheers her up. She never realized that this young boy have already grew up, and turned into a handsome man, a handsome prince charming that can sweep all the girls in their feet. Now, she realized why Ella have fallen in love with him. It's because of his gentle nature, his sweetness, his thrive to make everyone around him happy.

She felt her hear beating faster and faster as she gazed into her eyes. She felt like a school girl seeing her crush for the first time, and she never felt this way before. She could feel her cheek turn pink as he continued to stare at him. She wondered how it feels like to be love by someone like him, to be hugged by him, and to be kissed by him. Her thoughts swirl around as she gazed up at him. Her mind was filled with Arron, and Arron only. “Oh my God, what am I thinking... I can't be lusting over my boyfriend's brother...” she thought. Then, she saw Arron turn his gaze away from her. He knew it was wrong to feel this way for Ariel. She is his brother's girlfriend, and they will be married someday. He doesn't want his brother to be mad at him again just because he fell in love with Ariel, but the more that he tries to forget what he feels for her, the more that it's difficult for him. As days passes by and as he gets to know Ariel more, he couldn't help but love her even more.

“Uh... I think you're right... you're heavy...” he said. He let Ariel down, both of them being embarrassed because of what happened. “S-s-see... I t-told you so...” Ariel stuttered. They looked at each other again, and laughed. “Y-you know what... I... I t-think we're j-just both h-hungry...” Arron said. Ariel smiled and nodded her head in agreement. “Come on, let's eat. I'm really hungry.” she said as she took her seat.


“Chun!” Ariel shouted as soon as she saw him standing by the gazebo. She ran towards him, and as she got near him, he saw this sad look in his face. “Ariel...” he said sadly. He was wearing a gray suit, as if he was already getting married. She looked at herself, and saw herself wearing a normal summer dress. “What's going on? Why are you too formal?” she said. Chun opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, they heard a girl calling her. They both looked at her, then she looked at Chun. This time, there was a smile on his face. He was too happy to see her, that he totally ignored her. Chun ran after the girl, and hugged her tight. She could already feel her heart breaking into a million pieces at that sight.

“Chun!” she called again. Her tears began to cascade from her eyes. Chun looked back at her, not letting the girl go from his arms. “Chun! Why? Do you love her? Don't you love me anymore?” she shouted at him. Chun simply smiled warmly at her. “Ariel, I am not the one who can give you the love you needed. There is someone else who can love you more than I can... and he should be the one you should choose...” he said. Ariel could only give him a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Ariel...” she heard a familiar voice call. Then, she felt someone hold her hand. She looked beside her, and saw Arron standing before him. Then, he looked back at Chun, and then back at Arron. “Arron...” she whispered. Somehow, having Arron beside her feels so right.

Ariel was awoken by the loud beeping from her alarm clock. She opened her eyes slowly, and then sat up on her bed. She was still sleepy, and wanted to go back to dreamland to finish of her dream. “Really weird dream...” she thought as she scratched her head. She looked at the clock beside her. It was 6 AM. Then, she went back to sleep.


The church was filled with red and pink roses. The cherry blossoms' petals move around the church, swaying through the soft breeze. He wore a tuxedo, and then walked up to his brother. He looked up at him, and saw Chun smiling warmly at him. Then, he looked by the door. As he turned to it, the door opened. The church was filled with light, and then a small figure in her long white gown started to walk through the aisle.

“Ariel...” he muttered. She looked ever so lovely in her wedding gown. Her long curly hair swayed with the wind as she walked down the aisle. She smiled at their direction, and he thought he was smiling at him. But then, he realized, that smile for his brother, who was standing beside him. He looked down, trying to hide the sadness in his eyes. “So, today is their wedding day...” he thought. Ariel will be Chun's wife today, and it was breaking his heart. “I wished... I wished I had more time with her... God, I love Ariel...” he thought. He looked up at Ariel again, and a tear fell from his eye. She was heartbreakingly beautiful. She's the loveliest bride he have seen in his entire life. And he wished he was her groom.

Soon, Ariel was standing before them. Chun offered his hand to her, and Ariel gladly took it. Then, Chun paused, and then looked at his brother. He smiled at him, and then took his hand, much to his confusion. “Ge...” he said. Then, he handed Ariel's hand to him. He was surprised at what his brother did. He looked at Ariel, and saw him smiling lovingly at him. Then, he looked at his brother. “I know you love Ariel so much. And I know you will take care of her... that's why I'm giving way to you...” he said. Then, he looked back at Ariel, and smiled at her. “Ariel... I... I love you...” he said.

“Wake up, Arron, wake up! Wake up, Arron, wake up!”

Arron groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. He made a mental note to change his alarm tone on his mobile phone. He took his phone, and then looked at the time. 6:30 AM.

Upon realizing what time it is, Arron immediately sat up on his bed. “Oh my God! I'm running late!” he said to himself. He rushed inside the bathroom, and took a quick shower. After he got dressed, he gathered his things and rushed downstairs. “Hey, hey, hey! You can't leave yet!” he heard Ariel said. He paused, and saw her preparing their breakfast. “You shouldn't skip your breakfast even if you're running late.” she said, smiling at him. Upon seeing her, Arron felt her heart beat faster again. Then, he remembered his dream last night, as it felt so real. He found himself staring into her smiling face again. Ariel looked at Arron, and found himself being drawn into his boyish face once again. She remembered her dream last night. Although his dream was heart breaking, seeing Arron in her dreams made her feel all right.

Arron walked towards her, until he was close to her. He smiled at her as he continued to stare at her face. Ariel felt herself blush with the way Arron looks at her. She turned her head away from him, and then there was an awkward silence between them. “I... Let's eat breakfast...” Ariel said shyly. Arron smiled, and nodded his head. He was also blushing because of what he did. “OK. What do we have for breakfast?”

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