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Saturday, January 23, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 23

Round 23 - Chun's Personal Angel


Ella knocked on the door, and after a while, Chun opened it. “Hey, what's up?” he asked. Ella gave him an envelope. “You letter was misrouted to our mailbox.” she said. Chun took the envelope from her hand, and opened it. He immediately read it's contents, and Ella watched him as he reads his letter. Then, she saw him turn into a smile. “I made it!” he shouted happily. Then, he pulled Ella, and hugged her tight. “I made it!” he shouted. Ella was trying to catch her breath as Chun hugs him tight. “Chunnie... can't... breath...” she managed to say as her 'boyfriend' squeezed her.

“All right, what's the noise all about?” Ethan asked as he approached the two. He saw Chun hugging Ella as he turned to him. “I made it to the final competition!” Chun announced. Ella looked up at him, and gave him a confused look. “Final competition of what?” she asked. “Final competition of Taiwan Cake Decorating competition. I'm sure I'm going to win this time.” he said proudly. Ella sighed, and rolled her eyes at him. “Oh, really? Don't be too confident.” she said. Chun looked down at Ella, and smirked at him. “Why, don't you have any trust in my skills? I own the most sought-after bake shop in town. I used to work at one of the top hotels here in Taipei. I know with my great icing skills, I can definitely win.” he said. “Yeah, yeah... whatever... I know you are excited that you got it, now, will you stop hugging me?” Ella said.

Chun looked down at his arms, and saw that he is still hugging her. With that, he immediately let her go. Ethan just laughed at the two. “Man, if I didn't see how much you want to kill each other, I would want to believe that you guys are not pretending anymore...” he said. Chun's cheeks turned crimson red upon hearing what Ethan said. “O-of course, w-we're just pretending!” he said in defense. Ethan laughed again, and shook his head. “Of course, you are! I know that. Anyways, congratulation. You better get ready for work.” Ethan said. Then, he went back inside the house. After Ethan left, Chun let out a sigh of relief. “Am I that obvious? Did Ella felt that I am not pretending?” he thought. Meanwhile, Ella looked away from Chun, and smiled to herself. “Hmmm... Chun is not pretending? Could it be that he likes me as well?” she thought. She felt herself blushing at that thought, but then she have to erase that idea in her mind. She knew that they are just pretending for their grandparents. She shook her head to erase that thought, and then she looked at Chun. “Ethan is crazy, isn't he?” Chun said as he laughed nervouly. “Yeah, just like you.” Ella snapped at him. Chun made a face at her, and she just laughed at him.

Chun let out a sigh, and looked at the letter in his hand. “I wonder what this year's theme is...” he said. “Whatever it is, you should prepare. You don't want to lose to some amateurs, great Wu Ji Chun, don't you?”
“Who said I'm going to lose to some amateurs. I'm so sure I'm going to win.”
“Well, then make sure you'll win.”
Chun gave her a dubious look. “With the way you're talking to me... you're not confident that I'm going to win.” he said. “It's not that I'm doubting if you're going to win or not. All I'm saying is that don't be too confident. It's as if you declare yourself as the winner even though the competition haven't started yet.” Ella said. “Because I know I am.” he said proudly again. Ella could only sigh and shake her head. “OK, how about if we make a bet.” Chun said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Bet?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “If I win, you'll treat me out. If I lose, you'll treat me out. Deal?” he said. Ella folded her arms, and smirked at him. “Then start praying you'll win so that I can treat you out.” she said.


The next day, Ethan and Chun went to Le Plaze hotel, where the competition will be held. Chun had to meet up with his colleagues who will be joining the competition as well, and he will have to attend the orientation by the organizers of the contest. “Wow, it seems that everyone we know joined the competition, huh?” Ethan said as they entered the function room. He looked around, and saw a lot of familiar faces. As he looked at one corner of the room, he saw some young ladies registering on one of the tables.“And there are some hot chicks over there...” Ethan said as he scratched his chin. With that said, Chun rolled the paper he is holding, and hit Ethan in the Ethan. He flinched in pain as he gave his best friend a glare. “Stop being such a perv, will you?” Chun scolded him. “Can't I check out on pretty girls? Be scared if I check on pretty boys!” Ethan said. Chun laughed, and shook his head.

They approached one of the table, and registered Chun's name on it. “Hey, do you mind if I take my leave now? I'm not joining this competition...” Ethan said in a bored tone. “If I know, you only want to leave because you've got a date...” Chun said. “Well, I do. And, can we leave Nic at the store?”
“Well, we can. Unless you want to join him.”
“I think I'll go and check those hot chicks there.”
Chun stood up straight, and glared at him. “Stop being such a perv, Ethan Ruan.” he said. “I am not being a perv. I'm just mingling with single girls. Why don't you try to do it once in a while, especially after you and Ella ends your pretend relationship.” Ethan said. With that, Chun glared at him. “I have no plans with mingling with other girls. I am not like you.” he said. “That's the point. You should start being like me, or you'll end up being alone all your life. Not unless you take seriously your relationship with Ella...” Ethan said. Chun let out a sigh, and gave him an annoyed look. “OK, I'll stop prying into your life, stop getting into my business. Now, go and flirt with those girls before I kill you.” Chun said. Ethan laughed as he shook his head. He tapped his shoulder, and then said goodbye to his friend.

Chun finished his registration form. After that, he gave it to one of the marshals by the table. “Wu Ji Chun!” he heard someone call him. As he turned around, he saw Hiro walking up to him. “Fancy meeting you here. You're also joining the contest?” he asked. Hiro stood in front of him, and let out a smirk. “Why, can't I join this competition?” he snapped at him. “I'm not saying that you can't join this competition. I never thought you're ready to lose face to me again...” Hiro said. Chun glared angrily at him. If only looks could kill, he would have killed Hiro with the way he is looking at him right not. “You never learn, don't you, Wu Ji Chun. You can never surpass me.”
“You never changed. You're still high and mighty.”
“Of course. I am great. I am a prodigy. I have more talent than you.”
“You're too proud. Have you heard that pride is a deadly sin?”
“I'm not proud. I'm just telling the truth.”

The two of them just stood, glaring at each other the whole time. Chun didn't want to lose to Hiro, and so does Hiro. “I can count the times I lost to you, Wu Ji Chun. But I bet, you can't count the times that you lost to me.” Hiro said. “So what? Winning isn't everything?” Chun said. “Then, why do you dare to compete with me always? And don't me that shit that you it's just a coincidence...” Hiro said. Chun was not able to speak. Actually, he doesn't know why he always ends up competing with his senior. Whenever there's a contest or competition in their culinary school, Chun always end up facing him, only because he was his batch's best best. Hiro folded his arms as he circled him. “Face it Wu, you never stand a chance with me. You even lost to me when it comes to Bianca, the love of your life...” he said. Hiro shook his head as he looked at him from head to toe. “You never stand a chance with her at the first place. And that girlfriend of yours? I don't even know what she saw in you...” Hiro continued.

Chun gave him a death glare. “Shut up!” he shouted at him. Hiro just sneered at him. “I think it's out of pity. A pretty girl like her looks perfect with me.”
“Yeah. If she wants a clown.”
“A clown? Do I look like a clown to you? If I'm a clown, then you're her slave. A low kind of slave.”

Hiro paused, and then he leaned towards his ear. “If I were you...” he whispered. “I'll guard my girlfriend well. Who knows, I might take her away from you...” Hiro pinched his cheek, and winked at him. “So long, loser!” he shouted at him. Chun could only glare at him. He was done putting up a brave front in front of his archrival, but because of his threat, he suddenly felt nervous. At that time, he was too scared to lose Ella to Hiro, that is, if Hiro really means to take Ella away from her.


“Oh, lover boy is here!” Ella heard Calvin shout. Ella leaned on her table, and groaned. Ever since Calvin found out about her “relationship” with Chun, he would tease her about it nonstop. “What does that chicken face wants?” she thought. She stood up from her seat, and she saw Chun walking up to him with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand. She felt herself blushing as she watched him walk up to her. “I can't believe he knows what my favorite flower is. Even Sphinx doesn't remember that...” she thought. “Hey...” Chun said, giving her the flowers. Ella looked down at the flowers on her hand, and looked up at him. “Thanks, Chun. What brings you here?” she asked. “I... I was wondering if you want to go out with me?” he asked. Ella gave him a confused look. “Go out with you? As in, a date?” she asked. Chun nodded her head. “You know, I had this urge to eat a lot of ice cream. And the first person I thought to ask out is you...” he said.

Ella gave him a dubious look this time. “Do I look like who eats a lot of ice cream to you?” she said. Chun laughed, and shook his head. “No. All I want to do is eat ice cream. That's all. My treat...” he said. Ella gave him another suspicious look. She leaned towards him, and looked at him closely, studying his face. Chun was surprised at what she did. “What are you doing?” he asked. Then, she let out an evil smirk. “You're admitting defeat, aren't you?” she said. Chun shook his head. “D-d-defeat? No way! W-why would I admit defeat? T-the great Wu Ji Chun never loses battles!” he said proudly. “So, this treat is different from the one on our bet?” she asked. Chun nodded her head.

“Damn it, Ella, just say yes to your boyfriend already!” Calvin told her as he passed by them. Ella gave her colleague dagger looks. “Stop pestering me, Calvin Chen, or you're dead.” she told him. Calvin just laughed. He walked up to Chun, and nudged him. “I salute you for being such a patient, understanding and wonderful boyfriend to the great Ella Chen, and for putting up with her.” Calvin told him. Chun watched as Calvin leaves the two of them alone again. “He sure is weird. What happened to him?” Chun asked Ella. “He met someone at the wedding. Their dating already, that's why the Bbox is happy.” Ella explained. Chun just nodded his head as he understood what she said. “So, shall we go? I want to eat ice cream.” he said. “Let me just go and get my bag.” Ella said.


“Here's your order. Enjoy your ice cream!”

Ella and Chun smiled at the waiter, and then nodded at him as he left. Ella turned to Chun and saw that he ordered a very big bowl of ice cream. “Wow! Chun, can you finish that all up?” she asked. Chun put a spoonful into his mouth and nodded his head. “I love ice creams, remember?” he said. Ella just stared at Chun as he devoured his ice cream. “Aren't you supposed to be on a diet or something? I find it really weird... you're eating that much ice cream...” she said.

Chun looked at her. “Could she know that...” Then, he shook his head. No way Ella could know his habit of eating a lot of ice cream when he's nervous and scared. “I just had a big craving for ice cream, that is.” he said. “OK... you said so.” she said. She dug into her own bowl, and ate her ice cream. “So, how was your day, DJ Angel?” he asked. “It's OK... had some interesting callers today. How about you, Chef Chun? How did that orientation for the competition have gone?” Ella asked. Chun paused, and then he began to toy his spoon into the ice cream. Ella noticed his action, and was even more confused with him not answering her question. “Chun?” she called. “Ha! It... it's OK. You should have s-seen the contestants. They... they are nothing compared t-to... to me.” he said nervously. Ella looked at him closely. With his stuttering, she have already figured out that something is wrong with him. “Chun... is there anything that happened? You're nervous...” she said. Chun shook his head. Ella leaned back on her seat, and folded her arms. “Wu Ji Chun... I know when you're lying or not!” she said. “I saw Hiro. He's also joining that competition.” Chun blurted out.

He let out another nervous laugh, and began to eat his ice cream again. Ella was surprised at what he said. She never thought that Chun would meet his rival once again. “Now, I know what he's acting weird...” she thought. It seems to her that Chun is slowly losing his confidence because of Hiro. It's as if he does not trust himself in winning this competition anymore. “Are you all right?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “I am! And besides, it's good that Hiro is joining the competition. At least it will challenge me to do better.” he said. He looked away from Ella and stared into his half-empty bowl. “I'm not scared of him... I'm not scared of losing to him. But... his threat is bothering me...” he thought. He remembered what Hiro said to him a while ago. That he should not let his guards down when it comes to Ella. He is scared that Hiro would do what he did to Bianca before – and that is make Ella fall for him and dump her in the end.

Ella reached up to him, and then held his hand. Chun was surprised at what she did, and as he looked up at her, he saw her smiling at him. “You're way better than that guy. He couldn't compare to you. You don't have to be scared or nervous in facing Hiro. Just think of it like when you guys are back in the culinary school.” she said, winking at him. “I know.” he said. He doesn't know why, but when Ella held his hand, he felt that all of the confidence he had lost after meeting Hiro suddenly came back. “You'll win this time, I know that.” she said. “You think so?” he asked. “I know so.” Ella said. Then, she winked at him. As she finished up her bowl, Chun smiled secretly to himself. He felt himself blushing when Ella was boosting his morale. “And I guess, those words are all I ever needed to hear to fight Hiro back...” he thought. Then, he went to finish up his bowl of ice cream.


Chun was at the counter, trying to figure out which design he should do for the cake decorating competition. He was staring at the blank paper on his hand, then he looked around at the crumpled papers lying all over the floor. “Love... the competition's theme is love. It seems so easy, yet I can't find a good design for it...” he thought. He was thinking of doing the design he made for Danson and Cassie's wedding, but then he shook his head. He wanted his design to be unique, to be one of a kind, and a wedding cake would simply be a cliché for it.

He let out a sigh, and then slumped on the table. Two weeks before the competition, and here he is, still thinking of a design for the competition. “How will I describe love with my creation?” he thought. He was in his deep thoughts when he heard the door open. “Welcome to 'Something Sweet'” he said monotonously. He stood up, and he was surprised to see Hiro in his shop. His eyes looked around the place, and he could tell with his mocking smile that he is not impressed with his shop. “What a place...” Hiro said as he snorts. “Not an eye-candy. Just an ordinary bake shop from the corner... It's so... so... plain. Plain ugly.” he added. Chun let out a sigh as he tried to control himself. “What does this guy thinks he is, telling me my place is ugly?” he thought angrily. “Well, thank you for the compliment, Mr. Mizushima. What can I do for you?” Chun said politely. “Oh, I'm not here for your trash. I'm just here to see my biggest rival. For inspiration.” Hiro said. Chun folded his arms as he glared at him. “Inspiration for what?” he asked. “Inspiration for me not to lose. Because losing to a measly bake shop owner is a very big deal for me.”
“Why, it will hurt the ego of a five-star hotel head chef? Are you really scared of losing to me that you have to come and see me?”
“Who says I'm scared of losing to you. I never lost to you.”
“Well, it seems that you are scared of losing to me.”

Hiro let out a smirk, and folded his arms as he walked towards him. “It seems to me you are the one who's scared to lose.” he said. Chun just gave his rival dagger looks. “I am not scared of you.” he said. Hiro chuckled as he shook his head. “The competition seems boring. Both of us are fighting for some boring title to be Taipe's best cake maker. I think we should spice it up a little bit...” Hiro said. Chun held his breath as he waited for Hiro to speak again. “A bet?” Chun asked. Hiro nodded his head. Then, he stopped in front of him, moving closer to his face. “You know, your girlfriend is really cute...” Hiro began. Chun glared angrily at him. “Don't ever think of touching my girl!” Chun hissed. Again, Hiro let out a smirk. “Are you scared that she will chose me over you? You don't trust her love enough, don't you?”
“I trust Ella.”
“Then, if you do trust her that no matter what happens... that Ella will chose you... then agree to this deal. If you winI will leave you and your girlfriend alone. If I win, she will be mine, and you can't do anything about it.”

Chun smirked at him, and shook his head, unable to believe what he's hearing from Hiro. “Are you out of your mind?! Ella is not a toy that we could bet on!” he said. “Then, you better win. Because you know what, Wu Ji Chun, even if the competition haven't started yet, I'll do my best to steal away your girl. And I will do everything for her to fall for me. If you lose this time, then you have to leave me alone and be with Ella.” Hiro said. He winked at him, and then turned his back on him and walked towards the door. “Ciao for now, Wu Chun.” he said as he paused. As Chun watched Hiro leave, he suddenly felt weak. He is not fighting for the honor and the title anymore, he is fighting for the girl he loves. He slowly lowered his head, and stared at the empty paper on his hand. He needs to find a way to win, or he will lose everything he have now, and that is Ella.


That night, Chun was at the living room, still trying to make a design for the cake he will decorate for the competition. He was a drawing a design of swan for the cake, but he felt it wasn't right. He drew a big X on his design, then he crumpled it, and threw it on the floor. He let out a sigh of frustration, and then stared at the blank paper on the coffee table. “You won't be able to make a design that way, Chun.” he heard a familiar voice say. He looked by the door, and saw Ella standing. She smiled at him, and then walked up to him. Chun let out a sign, and then he felt Ella sat beside her. “You can't think of a good design to enter to the competition?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “I know the theme is simple, but it's so hard to think of a unique concept when every design I think of have been used by other chefs for their designs...” Chun said. “What's the theme of the concept?” Ella asked. Chun let out a faint laugh, and shook his head. “You wouldn't want to know...”
he said. “Come on, try me.” Ella said. Chun looked at Ella, and then smiled. “Of course, she would be able to help me. It's her forte...” he thought. “What's the theme for the competition?” Ella asked again. “Love. The theme is love. It's simple, yet, I don't know how I will describe my cake design using that theme.” Chun said.

Ella let out a sigh, and then, she hugged herself, and smiled. “Love... you know what... I have this favorite novel. It's called 'Rhythm of My Heart.' It's a story about a girl and a superstar, and how the two have fallen in love with each other. I remember, when I was reading that story, I the girl asked this guy how love feels. At first, the guy did not answer her, but when she was about to seek the answer from another friend, he began to tell her what he knows about love.” Ella said. She looked at Chun, and then saw the curious look on his face. “And did you know what that guy said? He said that love is an experience. An experience is something you go through. You’ve got to go through love. Love is like a road. You’ve got to start somewhere and end somewhere. A journey. The reason why people cannot tell you what love feels like is because of love’s different expressions. Love is not a tangible thing or an object that we can touch, see and feel. Love is an idea that we think we can feel when we like someone. And most of all... love has to become a person for you to feel love.”

Then, Ella looked at him, and smiled. “If you want to show love in your cake design, then think of the person you love the most. What is it about her that made you feel love? When you answer that question, you will be able to find the right design for your cake. And with that, you can never go wrong.” she said. Chun stared at her as he listened carefully to every word she says. “Love... has to become a person for me to feel love?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “I guess it's right. You will never know love until you found that person who will make heart beat fast.” she said. Chun stared at her again, and then smiled. As he gazed into her face, he suddenly found the inspiration he needed for his design. At that moment, he finally became sure of how he truly feels for Ella. What Ella said have given him enough courage to fight for her, for her to be by his side forever. “I think I know now what to do...” he said. Ella smiled at him again. “I know you would. Do your design now before your inspiration runs out. I hope to see your design really soon.” she said. Then, she looked down on his hand, and then held it tight. “I know you can do it, Chun. I trust that you'll win this time. Just have confidence in yourself.” she said. Chun smiled and nodded her head. “Thank you...” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “For what?” she asked. “For being the light when everything seems unclear... and for holding my hand whenever I fear something...” he muttered. Ella could feel herself blushing as Chun gazed at him. “Didn't you ask me to just hold your hand? This is the only thing I can do for you... after all the good things you've done for me before...” she said.

Chun moved closer to her, and let out a smile. “I wish you'll hold my hand forever...” he said silently. Then, he held on tight to Ella's hand.

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