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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 37

Round 37 – Broken Hearts, Bitter Tears

She felt her knees began to tremble. She felt she couldn't breath, and it's all because of her heart breaking. She trusted him, she loved him so much. She have convinced herself that this is all a bad dream, but when she opened her eyes, it's all the same scene – Chun lying naked on the bed with Larissa beside her. The tears couldn't help but fall from her eyes. Finally, she found the courage to turn her back, and silently walk away from that place.

Sphinx soon followed her. “Ellie...” he called. But, she did not stop at his call. She continued to walk out of the room, of the building. She continued to walk through the streets, ignoring the wondering looks of the passerbys. She had all the right to cry, for she was heartbroken, and she doesn't give a damn with the way people stare at her. “Ellie, wait... please...” Sphinx said. She felt a hand stop her. She paused, and looked back at him. Seeing his best friend this way, all broken and hurt, it finally sinked in to him that what he did was wrong, but then it's the only option he got. He have to hurt her to make her realize that he is the right man for her, and not Chun. “Ellie...” he said in a low voice. “Why?” she asked as she cried. “Why did he have to do that? Why did he have to break my trust? Why did he have to be in her bed? Am I not enough for him?” she asked. Sphinx walked up to her, and put his hands on her shoulder. “You are more than enough for any girl, Ella... you know, it's not your fault. It's his. Now you know how weak he could get. If he can cheat on you now, how about in the future?” Sphinx said. Ella lowered her head as she shook it. “Please tell me this is all a big joke... Please tell me Chun is just playing a prank... Please tell me he's just testing me, or something...” she said as she cried. Sphinx slowly shook his head. “I'm sorry, Ellie... it doesn't look like it...” he said.

With that, she buried her face on her palm as she broke down. Sphinx pulled her close to her, and let her cry on his shoulder. As he consoled her, he felt guilty for hurting her own best friend. But then, this is all that he have ever wanted – for Ella to be in his arms. No matter how much guilt he had inside for causing her this heartache, the happiness he felt for breaking them apart matters most to him. Finally, he can be with Ella once again.


Larissa slowly opened her eyes, and looked at the naked guy beside her. She let out a playful smile as she drew circles on his bare chest. She saw him let out a smile as he shifted position. “Ella...” he thought. Upon hearing her nemesis' name, the smile abruptly disappeared from her face. “Why do you always have to mention her name? You've been doing that since last night!” she said.

As Chun turned to his side facing Larissa, he slowly opened his eyes. Upon seeing Larissa beside him, he immediately woke up. He was surprised to see her. “W-what... what are you doing here?” he asked. He sat up from the bed, and noticed that this isn't his room. “W-where am I? What did you do to me?” he asked. Larissa let out a smirk. She sat up from the bed as she covered herself with the blanket. “Relax, OK...” she said. Then, she faced him. “You don't remember anything? That's too bad, we had a lot of fun last night... especially after you brought me back here...” she asked, trailing a finger on his chest. Chun shook his head, and put her hand away from him. “The last thing I remember was I was drinking...” he said. Then, he narrowed his eyes, and looked suspiciously at her. “You drugged me, didn't you?” he said. Larissa gave him an are-you-kidding-me look. “Oh, really?”
“Yes. I know you did. I only had a few drinks!”
“Few drinks, yes, but it's enough to knock you down.”
“No way! I know my limits! I knew you drugged me!”

Larissa let out a laugh at what he said. “You sure are a funny guy, Chun. How can I drug you, when you were flirting with me the whole night? And you were the one who told me that you want to make love with me.” she said. Chun shook her head. “I know myself. I'm not like that.” he argued. “But that's the truth. You were the aggressive one last night, and not me. You were the one who couldn't get enough of me. You were the one who started it.” she said. He let out a sigh. He covered himself with sheets as he picked up his clothes. Then, he began to put it on. “Look, whatever it is that happened last night, it was a big mistake. I should have not done it with you, assuming that we did it. I have a girlfriend, and I want to be a good and faithful girlfriend to her.” he said. As he finished dressing, he turned away from her, and shook his head. “God, please forgive me...” he thought.

Larissa stared at him sadly. Seems like no matter what she does, she could not really own him. “You really love Ella, do you...” she said. Chun looked at her, and nodded his head. “I know this is a mistake... but to make you feel less guilty about the whole thing... while you were making love with me, it's her name that you're calling.” she said. Chun let out a sigh, and threw one last look at her. “I hope this will be the last time I'll be seeing you, Larissa. I hope our paths will never cross again.” he said. Then, he turned to leave her behind. As he left, she could only groan with frustration.


As Chun opened the door of his apartment, he was greeted by the piercing looks of his brother, and his best friend. “Hey...” he said, wondering what happened to him. Ethan stood up from his seat, and folded his arms. “Where have you been?” he asked. Chun could only scratch his head. He doesn't know if it's right to tell them where he was the whole time. “You worried us. I was on the verge of filing a missing person case.” Nicholas said. Ethan walked up to him, still staring angrily at him. “And I am on the verge of being dumped by your girlfriend's cousin.” Ethan said. Chun could only give Ethan a confused look. “What?” he asked. Ethan could only sigh. “Selina!” he called.

In an instant, Selina came out of their apartment, with Hebe tailing behind her. As Chun looked at her, he saw Selina looking at her as if she wants to kill him. His eyes widened upon seeing the furious expression on her face. “S-selina?” he asked. Without saying any word, Selina just punched Chun on his face, making the latter fall on the ground and almost losing all of his remaining consciousness. “That's for breaking my cousin's heart, you stupid chicken face!” Selina shouted at him. Then, she looked at Ethan, and smiled sweetly at him. “Thank you, darling!” she said. Ethan walked up to her, and put his arm around her. “You won't dump me now, right?” he asked. Selina nodded her head.

With all his remaining strength, Chun managed to sat up from the floor, and looked at the people around him. “What's happening here? What's wrong? Why are you mad at me?” he asked. Hebe folded her arms as she rolled his eyes on him. “Does the name Larissa rings a bell?” she asked. Chun eyes widened again with surprise upon hearing Larissa's name. “Looking at you, it sure does ring a bell.” Hebe said haughtily. Then, he looked at Nicholas, and he saw him sigh in disappointment and shaking his head. “What about her?” he asked. “You tell us, chicken face!” Selina said.


“So... that's what really happened.” Chun said, sitting down on his bed. After that brief encounter with Hebe and Selina, he asked the two guys for a meeting so that he could explain everything to them. He was trying to explain the whole thing to the girls, but they just wouldn't listen to her. Ethan and Nicholas could only exchange looks. Nicholas sighed, while Ethan shook his head. “What? You don't believe me?” he asked. “We believe you, Chun... it's just that, it's not what Ella told us...” Ethan said. Chun gave the two a confused look. “Ella? What does she know?” he asked. Ethan lowered his head as he let out a sigh. “She knows you jumped into bed with Larissa...” he said. Chun snorted as he folded his arms. “Is that what Sphinx told him?” he asked. “It's what she saw with her own two eyes...” Nicholas said.

He felt a cold water being poured down his spine at that moment. His heart began to beat fast due to anxiety. “She... she saw? How can that be possible?” he asked. “Sphinx came in a few hours before you came. Then, I came in, because I was worried about you, so I asked Sphinx where you could be. Then, Ella saw that someone sent pictures of you and Larissa dancing at the club. So, she became suspicious. Sphinx came with her at Larissa's pad... and...” Ethan paused, and let out a sigh. “She... she saw you in bed with her...” he added. Chun took a deep breath as he lowered his head. “She saw me...” he said sadly. Ethan nodded his head. “I'm so sure nothing happened between us, Ethan. I was drugged. I guess I was setup by her. Or them.” Chun said. “We really don't know, Chun. We weren't there. We did not witness anything. And besides, with what Sphinx told Ellie, it's obvious that she believes him. He is her best friend after all.” Nicholas said.

Chun narrowed his eyes as he clenched his fist. Now, he's sure more than ever that Larissa and Sphinx set him up with the things turns out to be. He knows himself well, even though he is dead drunk, he will never ever have sex with another girl. Especially if the girl is not his girlfriend. Then, he stood up from his seat, and headed to the door. As he reached for the knob, Ethan called him. “Wait, were are you going, Chun?” he asked. Chun paused, and looked at him. “I have to clear up this misunderstanding.” Chun said. “Ge, I don't think she will listen to you now. She's mad. She's hurt...” Nicholas said. “That's why I have to clear things, all right? It's clear to me that Sphinx set me up so that Ella will break up with me.” Chun said. “And what is your proof?” Ethan asked. Chun paused again, and looked away from them. “I don't know... but I have to make her understand...” he said. Then, he opened the door, and left the room.


As he walked out of his apartment, he saw Ella and Sphinx coming out of the former's apartment. Ella paused, and turned away from him. As she was about to go back, Chun ran up to her, and held her. “Ella, wait!” he said. Ella turned to face him, and into her eyes, he saw the hurt in it. She bit her lips as she tried to control her tears from falling. “Listen to me...” he said. Ella simply shook her head. “Please, Chun... whatever it is... today is not the right time. I... I just had the biggest heartache of my life. And I don't think I can listen to your lies...” she said, on the verge of tears. “Lies? Ella, I am not going to lie to you. Just listen to me.”
“Please, just don't say a word, Chun. I'm not ready to hear what you have to say.”
“Ella, I love you. You know that! Whatever it is that you saw, I assure you, nothing really happened.”

Ella looked up at him, and stared at him for a long time. She took a deep breath, and then she gave him a slap on his face. This stunned Chun. “I trusted you.” she said in a hurt tone. “I trusted that you will never ever hurt me. Not the way Sphinx did before... but you lied. Do you know how much it hurts me when I walked into her room, to find you in her bed? Why, Chun? I wasn't enough for you? Am I too inexperienced for you? Chun... I gave you my all. I gave you all the love I've got remaining here.” she said as she pointed her chest. “I was too scared to love you before, but I took the risk. I thought we will have our own happy ending as well, but I was wrong...” she said. Chun looked at her sadly as she speaks. He was scared as to where this would all lead to. “You still love me, right? Please, give me another chance to prove to you that what you're thinking is wrong. I love you, Ella...” he said. He could feel the tears voluntarily fall from his cheeks. Ella lowered her head, and shook it. “How can you love someone that you don't trust?” she said.

He felt as if someone stabbed his heart upon hearing what she said. Whatever pain Ella is feeling right now, what he feels right now is a hundred times more than that. “So, you're breaking up with me?” he asked. Ella shook her head. “I... I don't know... all I know is that I don't want to see you for the mean time, Chun.” she said. “But what you said means the same thing. You can't love me anymore because you don't trust me.” Chun said in a hurt tone. He reached up to her, and held her shoulders. “Can you give me a chance to build up that trust again? Ella, let me prove to you that what you saw wasn't real...” he said. Ella put his hands away from her. “I really don't know, Chun. I'm sorry... it... it would be better if we don't see each other for the mean time...” she said.

Then, she turned her back on him, and went back inside the house. Chun tried to follow her, but before he could, Sphinx blocked his way. “Don't ever get near her.” Sphinx said as he glared at him. Chun glared back at him. “You set this up, did you? He hissed at him. Sphinx just let out a smirk at him. “Why would I set you up? Why are you blaming your mistakes on me?” Sphinx asked. “Because you badly wanted to be with Ella. Because I am getting in your way.” Chun said. With that, Sphinx just snorted at him. “Yes, I want to be with Ella. Yes, you're getting in my way. But whatever it is that you've done, it's not my fault. It's yours. It just gave me an advantage over her.” Sphinx said. Angry, Chun took a deep breath, and held Sphinx by his collar to scare him, but Sphinx showed no sign of fear. “I don't know, but I have a strong feeling you did set me up, Sphinx Ting. And I will prove to Ella that. When Ella finds out what you've done, she will hate you more, Sphinx. She will hate her best friend for being the cause of her heartache.” Chun said. “Go and find a proof.” Sphinx dared him. Chun pushed him away. He could only glare at him, as he went back inside his apartment.


“I've thought up of a plan...” Ethan said as they had another meeting in his room. Chun and Nicholas could only look up at him. “Despite all the things that happened, I still believe Chun. I know that he is not the kind of guy that will have sex with anyone, especially when he is drunk.” he added. “I wished you said that when Selina was punching me!” Chun said, shouting the last two words at him. Ethan could only flinch at his shout. “Sorry...” he said. “So, what's the plan?” he asked. Ethan took a chair, and then sat in front of him. Then, he let out a smile. “Meet up with Larissa.”


“You have to make her believe that you felt guilty for what you have done. Say sorry. And then tell her that you want to make up for what you have done.”


Chun sat at the corner of the restaurant as he waited for Larissa to come. A few minutes later, she came and walked up to him. “Sorry, I'm late...” she said, smiling at him. Chun smiled at her, and shook his head. “It's OK.” he said. “Bitch...” he added in his thoughts. Then, she sat in front of him. “So, why did you call to meet me up?” she asked. Chun took a deep breath, then he cleared his throat. “About what happened the other night...” he said. He leaned towards the table, and then held her hand. “I'm sorry for being such a jerk... I should have done that with you...” he said. Larissa let out a smile at him. “I understand. You were drunk...” she said. Chun nodded his head, and smiled. “I know. And when I'm drunk, I can't remember a thing...” he said.

“Then, question her. What exactly happened that night. Make sure to record your conversation, so that you will have a proof.” he remember Ethan say.

Chun smiled at him, and squeezed her hand. “I'm not really sure what happened that night... care to refresh my memory?” he asked. Larissa was surprised at his question. She already forgot the alibi she made for that night, so she doesn't know what to answer him. “Well... uhh... we... you... got drunk. Really drunk. You had... uh... 4 bottles of beer. Yeah. And 3 glasses of... whisky...” she said. Chun nodded his head. “Then?” he asked with a curious look on his face. “We... danced that night. You were flirting with me... then... you said... asked if we can do it, so I said yes. So Sphinx helped you out -” Upon hearing Sphinx's name, his face lightened up. “Sphinx? Helped me? How can I let another guy help me with another girl?” he asked. “Well... you were too drunk... and... and... you can't stand up straight... so... so... he... brought us back to my place...” Larissa stuttered. With what she said, Chun let out a smirk. “Bingo! She's lying!” he thought.

“Then, flirt with her. Tell her that it would have been more fun if you knew what you were doing. ” Ethan said in his mind.

“OK, let's not discuss what happened between us after we went back to your pad, it would be too much. It's just too bad that I was too drunk that night, maybe if I were sober, you would have enjoyed it more...” he said huskily to her. Larissa could only let out a nervous laugh. “Y-yeah...” she said. “And I know how we can enjoy it more, Larissa. I know we had an unprotected sex that night... and you know the consequences of that. Who knows, a month from now, you might be pregnant with my child, and of course, I can't let you go through that alone. What do you say if we get married right away?” Chun asked.

“Based on what Selina told me about Larissa, she seems to be the girl who's scared to tie a knot with someone, that's why he turned her down Sphinx's marriage proposal. Tell her that you knew that you didn't have any protection that time, and that you will have to marry her. Her reaction will tell you if she's lying or not.”

“M-marry?!” Larissa exclaimed. Chun nodded his head. “I... I turned down Sphinx's marriage proposal before, and he was a serious boyfriend, and you, someone who I just met, would ask me to marry you right away?!” she thought. “So, what do you say? Maybe we don't love each other, but the way I see it, we are very compatible in bed...” Chun said. Larissa shook her head. “No. No way. And besides, how would you know if I didn't use any protection?”
“I didn't see any condoms lying around on your room.”
“I took pills!”
“But, even if you took it, we're still aren't sure.”
Chun looked into her eyes, and let out a boyish smile. “And besides, I'm not getting anymore younger. I want to get married soon.” he said. “W-what about Ella?” Larissa asked. “Ella and I broke up. So, you're my last chance to get married.” he said.

Larissa flinched as she took her hand away from him. She is getting scared of what she's getting herself into. “OK... so that you'll stop... nothing happened, all right! I tried to, but you just don't want to do it with me! And... you kept on calling Ella's name. I... we... I just set you up. With Sphinx's help!” she said. With that, Chun leaned on his chair, and smirked. He put out a recorder, and pressed on the stop button.. Larissa was shocked at what he did. “Thanks to you, my relationship with Ella is already ruined. And thanks to what you said, you gave me the proof I needed that I was set up.” he said. Then, he stood up from his seat, and left the devastated girl behind.


At the park.

Sphinx look at the girl beside her, who was still quiet the whole time that they are together. “Ellie... are you OK?” he asked. Ella forced a smile, and nodded her head. “I am...” she said. “Doesn't look like it.” he said in a worried tone. Ella shook her head. “I really am, Sphinx...” she said.

Sphinx paused, and then looked at her. “Ella, I know you're not OK. You're still hurt from what happened. You just have to forget him, so that you can move on...” Sphinx said. Ella lowered her head as Sphinx speaks to her. “I wish it's easy to do, Sphinx. Even though Chun have hurt me, I... I can't just let him go like that...” she said. He could only let out a sigh. He suddenly felt weary for trying to understand her, and for trying to make Ella forget Chun. How could he make her forget him, when she doesn't want to let go of him. “I still can't understand what it is that he have done to make you love him this way. Why is he any better than me, Ella? I am here. I am your best friend. I know you inside and out. Why do you still have to choose him, despite his mistakes?” he asked frustratingly.

Ella looked up him, and let out a sad smile. “He loves me...” she said. “He loved me despite the fact that I hated him. He loved me first, Sphinx... and unknowingly, he is my first love as well... my cookie guy... that unknown young boy who always leaves cookies for me when I am sad, when I am mad, when I am disappointed, when I am feeling low. He is the man who would seem like he hates me the most, but deep inside he truly cares for me. He ran up to me and looked for me when I am in danger. He followed me when I am brokenhearted, and helped me get through it. He wiped the tears from my eyes, and stayed with me till I cry myself to sleep. He held me in the rain, when you left me. He was there to help me with my grandpa, to pretend to be my boyfriend... although it's against his will. He was there to help me and my friends find their own happy ending. He... he danced with me, and made me feel like it was just him and me, and the other people never mattered. He showed me his weakest side, his fears... and he did his best to overcome those fears. He listened to what I've got to say, gives me his own opinion, without thinking if his opinion would hurt me or not. He only had his eyes on me... and he made me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” she said. She paused as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “He... he loves kids as much as I do... I bet he could be a great dad one day... He... he's too scared to lose me, and he's not afraid to show that. When he holds me in his arms, I feel so protected, that no one could ever harm me, and that no one could ever take me away from him. When he kisses me, I could really feel that he loves me. I feel so at home when I'm with him... I can feel the love I've always wanted when I'm with him... and it feels so right... I'm the happiest when I'm beside him. He made me feel that I can love, and be loved in return. He loves me... even more than how much I do love him, and even more...”

As Sphinx looked at her, he felt defeated. He knew that he have to let her go, but he doesn't want to give up the fight. “Ella, I could be what he is to you... just give me the chance...” he said. Ella lowered her head, and shook his head. “You can never be like him, Sphinx. Only Chun can love me in the same way that I wanted...” she said. At the corner of his eye, Sphinx saw Chun running through the park, and looking for Ella. He could feel the green-eyed monster upon seeing him. Then, he eyed Ella again. “Ella, I know I could. I can love you like he does, more than how he can love you. Let me prove it to you...” he said. He leaned down to him, and then kissed her on the lips, much to Ella's surprise.

Meanwhile, Chun came at the park, and looked for Ella. He wanted to show her his proof. As he turned around, he saw Sphinx kissing Ella, and he saw Ella responding to his kiss. He felt his heart shattering at that sight. It was a mixed emotion – that of pain, hurt, and anger. Yes, he is hurt by what he saw. But the anger in his heart have overcome all the other emotions he felt. He felt cheated. He felt defeated. And he could never forgive Ella or Sphinx for his heartache. It took Ella enough strength to push Sphinx away. “I'm sorry... I...” As she turned around, she saw Chun glaring angrily at them. She felt her face turn pale upon seeing him, for she knew he saw her kissing her best friend. “Chun?” he called. Chun clenched his teeth, then turned his back on her and walked away. “Chun!” Ella called. She made a step to follow him, but Sphinx stopped her by holding her hand. “Ella...” Sphinxed said softly. Ella took his hand away from him, giving him a sorry look. “I'm so sorry... I can't be with you...” she said. Then, she ran after Chun.

Chun walked away from Ella as he controlled his tears, but then he heard her voice calling her. “Chun, wait! Listen to me!” she shouted. Chun paused, and then looked back at him. “Go back to him! Isn't this what you've always wanted? Go back, and be with your best friend!” Chun shouted angrily at him. Ella shook her head as she cried. “No... it's not like that...” she said. “I know you're only making Larissa an excuse to be with him. So go back to him. The hell I care!” he shouted at her again. Ella walked up to him as she cried. “Chun... I lo-”
“I don't want to believe you, Ella. Not after what I saw.”
“Chun, I'm choosing you...”
“I didn't ask you to choose me. I didn't ask you to love me. Go back to Sphinx!”
“You may not ask me to choose you, or love you, but that's what I feel...”
“You're lying.”

Chun took a deep breath as he let a tear roll down his cheeks. “You hate me for what I've done in the past. And you hate me for the mistake I've done now. Ella... you were the one who didn't believe me first. You didn't want to listen to me, instead, you chose to listen to that bastard. Did you know that he set me up? He set me up with Larissa, so that you'll break up with me. And yeah, he won. You broke up with me, right?” he said bitterly. Ella shook her head. “No... it's not that...” she said. “How can you love someone you don't trust? You said that Ella. You don't trust me anymore, that you can't love me, right? And I'm telling you that now. I don't trust you. I can't love you anymore. Happy? Now you can be with your puny best friend!”
“I didn't want to be with him! I'd rather be with you and be in pain, that be with him and feel no love...”
“Liar! You can't fool me, Ella. You still love Sphinx. Because if it's me that you still love, you will not kiss him. You will not kiss him the way that you kiss me.”

He wiped the tears from his eyes, and then glared at her. “If you're getting back at me for all the wrong things I've done, you won. You got your revenge, and even more. Thank you for breaking my heart. I will never forget this.” he said. Then, he turned his back on her. As he made his first step to walk out of her life, another tear fell from his eyes.

And Ella could only watch him in tears, as he leaves his life. For good.

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