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Monday, February 23, 2009
All For You - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - The truth will come out, eventually

After the incident at the canteen, Nina, with her friends, went to the powder room to clean up. She's pissed off with what Brent did to her skirt. "That guy's really a jerk!" she said as she tried to clean her skirt. "How can he blame me for his fault! He's the klutz!" she continued. Her friends just watched her as she vents her anger. They were shocked at what Nina did to Brent a while ago - pouring the shake on his head and dumping the trash can on him.

They understood that Nina has every reason to be mad at Brent, but dumping a trash-filled trash bin on his head? That seems to be too much and to un-Nina. They pity Brent because of what she did. "Uhh... Nina... don't you think what you did is too much?" CJ said. "You know, you can always stomp on his foot, or punch him... but literally dump him? Geez..."
"That serves him right..." Nina answered. "After all the things he've done to me in the past, he deserves something worst than that... I can never forgive him for breaking his promise!" she shouted in anger.

Upon hearing that, Lainey gave her a suspicious look. "How can she know about his promise if she can't remember anything about him?" she thought. She walked towards her, and held her on her shoulders. Nina, realizing what she have just shouted, gave Lainey a surprised look. "Lainey I... I..." she stuttered. "Tell me the truth, Nina... You lied about your amnesia. Is that right?" Lainey asked clamly, although she gave her a stern look. Nina sighed before answering her. "Yes..."
"But why did you lie about it? Why did you made us believe that you totally forgot who Brent is?" CJ asked. "I did that because I thought it's the only way I could do to forget all about him. If I act like I didn't know him, I thought I could avoid him... but I was wrong..." Nina explained. "I just want to forget him... that's all. I want to forget all the bad memories I had with him. Too bad, I still have my memory right after the accident..." Nina continued.

CJ and Millie approached her, and gave Nina a hug. "Now we understand why..." Millie said. "But still, it doesn't give you the right to treat him like that... and you know what to do." Millie continued as she smiled at her. Nina realized that what she did is over the limit. Even though Brent embarrassed her before, it's not as embarrassing as what she did a while ago at the canteen. Even though, there are few students who witnessed what happened, he still got embarrassed by that. And, yes, a little stinky to. "How could he go to his class smelling like that?" she thought. Nina looked up to her friends and smiled. "Fine. I'll apologize to him..." then they went out to find Brent.

Little did they know, they're not the only people inside the powder room. Inside one of the cubicles, Ashley was eagerly listening at their conversation. Once they left the powder room, she went outside the cubicle and watched then as the leave. A devilish grin formed at the corner of her mouth, then she crossed her arms. "Ha! I caught you, dork! Wait till Brent hears this... he'll be really mad at you!" she said to herself.


The event at the canteen still plays in his mind. Brent could not believe that Nina was able to do the things she did a while ago. He doesn't know if he should be happy with the changes in her, or not. He's happy because Nina seems to be able to stand up for herself, but sad because she has gone over the limits. When she dumped the trash on his head, he realized that she became a monster. Maybe he got a little annoying, and the new Nina seems to be irritated with him.

He took a shower at the shower room, and changed into new uniform. He even asked Leon and Jasper to buy Nina a new skirt so that she won't feel icky with her skirt from the mango shake he accidentally poured over the shake. As he was about to go to his classroom, he saw Ashley waiting for him outside.

"I thought high school students are off-limits here in the college department?" he said when he saw Ashley approached him. "It doesn't matter, Brent. I'm here because I want to tell you something that I found out about Nina..." she said. "Ashley... I told you that no matter what you say about her, that won't make me change my mind. I'll still go with her at the Grad Ball, and that's final!" he said, then he walked away from Ashley.

Ever since the school administration announced the Grad Ball on their batch, Ashley has been asking Brent to be her date. Unfortunately, he already gave his word to Nina. She did everything she could to make him change his mind, but he still gave her the same answer.

Ashley followed him, until she's already walking beside him. "Well, what if Nina's lying to you?" she asked. She smiled at Brent, who gave him a confused look. "Lie? Nina?" he asked. Ashley nodded her head. "I just found out that Nina doesn't have an amnesia, and she knew you all along." she said. Ashley leaned over him. "She's getting back at you." she whispered in his ear.
Brent felt that a pitcher of ice-cold water was poured over his head when she heard what Ashley said. Getting back at you... revenge... Nina did this so that she could have her revenge.

"Surprised that the little dork got even with you?" Ashley said when she noticed the change in Brent's expression. All this time, he was trying his best to make Nina remember who he is in her life, only to find out that she's just lying. He felt frustrated, and mad at what she did. "Where is she?" he asked Ashley. "I want to talk to her..."


After their last class, Nina and her friends went to find Brent so that she could apologize. As they were heading to the school's waiting area, they saw Brent and Ashley walking towards their direction. They could tell by the way he looked at Nina that Brent's mad. "Gee, Nina... he seems really mad at what you did..." CJ whispered to her. As Brent faced Nina, she stood up straight and looked into his eyes. "About what happened in the canteen..." she began. Her voice is not as apologetic as before. Brent just stared at her, giving her cold looks. "I got annoyed so I did what I did. I'm sorry." she continued. "Did you also got annoyed with me that's why you lied?" Brent said sarcastically. Nina gave him a confused look. "Excuse me?"

"Quit playing games, Nina!" Brent shouted at her. "I know you're lying! I know everything!" he continued. "Don't shout at me!" Nina snapped. "I'm trying to apologize, but if you won't accept it, then fine!" She turned around to leave Brent, still confused with what he he said a while ago.
She was about to take a step, when she heard Brent speak again. "I want to know why. Why are you doing this? Why did you act liked you forgot who I am?" he said. Nina paused, and faced him again. Game over. Brent already knew that she lied about her amnesia. She walked towards him and looked up at him. "You made me do this, Brent..." she began. "I've said this once, and I'm saying this again... I hate you Brent Romero!" she shouted at him. His facial expression changed from mad to apologetic. He lowered his head as he listened to her. "I did this so that I could forget a stupid jerk like you. I did this so that I won't annoy you anymore. Isn't this what you wished for? For me to disappear? Well you got it! I'm out of your life! What else do you want?" she continued.


She swore before that she will never let Brent see her cry again, but she couldn't hide the tears in her eyes. "Aren't you happy that I'm avoiding you? Can you just leave me alone and make me think that I don't know who you are?" she continued. Brent looked up at him and gave her a stern look. "Well then..." he said sarcastically. "If you want me to leave you alone, then I'll leave you alone!"

Nina just stood as she watched Brent leave. This is what she wants, but seeing him walk away made hurts her . The truth is, she doesn't want him to leave...

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