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Saturday, February 6, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 27

Round 27 – That Boy Is Mine

Morning comes.

As they lay, sleeping peacefully on the bed, Chun had his arms around Ella. Somehow, his hug have made Ella more comfortable as she sleeps. As the sun's ray hit his eyes, he opened it slowly, and found himself hugging Ella. He let out a smile as she watched the girl beside her sleep peacefully. “What a good morning...” he thought. He shifted his body, and turned to face her. He gazed into her face as she slumbers. He smiled to himself as his eyes trailed down from her forehead, to her closed eyes, to her nose and to her lips, which is curving into a faint smile. “I wonder what you're dreaming about, that's making you smile that way...” he thought. Then, he leaned over her, and planted a kiss on her forehead. Then, he planted a small kiss at the tip of her nose. As he was about to kiss her lips, he paused. He was scared that if he kissed her on the lips, he would wake her up and would question her on what he's doing. He let out a sigh, and then tried to get some sleep again.

After a while, Ella slightly opened her eyes. It was as if she is still in her deep sleep, and still dreaming of him. Last night, she dreamed that Chun told him that he loves her, and then he kissed her. “It all felt so real...” she thought. Then, she let out a faint smile. “I love you, Chun... I really do...” she thought. Then, she closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

After an hour, Fang Fang and Bao Ming decided to check on their grandchildren. “Maybe they are still asleep, Fang Fang...” Groovy grandpa said to her as soon as they reached their room. “Then it would be better. We can wake them up so all of us can have breakfast together.” Fang Fang said. “But what if... you know... we barged into them, and you know... they are doing 'it'?” Bao Ming said. Fang Fang paused, and looked at him. Then, she let out a smile. “Then, the better it is. At least you will see your granddaughter get married to my grandson before you leave Taiwan.” she said, winking at him. Bao Ming smiled at her, as he liked her idea. “You're right.” he said. Fang Fang reached for the door, and then began to unlock the key with the spare she got from the receptionist. As she slowly opened the door, they peeked inside. They were surprised to see the two of them on the same bed, and Chun hugging Ella tight in his arms. The two elders let out a smile of contentment. “Look how good they look together...” Bao Ming said. Fang Fang nodded in agreement. “It's too bad they both aren't naked, and that we didn't caught them in the act of doing it so that we could ask them to get married right away...” Bao Ming let out a laugh as he shook his head. “I think we shouldn't pressure the kids. As long as we know that they do love each other, then we should be contented for now.” he said.

Chun turned to his side facing the door, and as he slowly opened his eyes, he saw his grandmother and groovy grandpa inside their room. “Grandma!” he exclaimed. He looked at his side, and saw that he have his arm around Ella. Then, Ella slowly opened her eyes, and saw that Chun had his arms around her. “What the -” she muttered. Then, she looked up, and saw their grandparents inside. “Grandpa!” she exclaimed. Both of them sat up on their bed. The two elder just laughed at their reaction. “Don't mind us, we're just checking on the two of you.” Fang Fang said. “Well, since the two of you are awake now, get dressed and we'll have breakfast together.” Bao Ming said. Before they left the two alone, Bao Ming looked back at Chun, and winked at him.

As soon as they left, Ella turned to Chun, and glared at him. “What the hell did you do to me?!” she shouted angrily at him. Chun turned to face her. “I didn't do anything!” he said in defense. “You had your arms around me!”
“You were also hugging me!”
“So what?! I've put pillows in between us so that you can't do anything to me.”
“Oh, please, Ella... with the way you sleep, you've ruined your own boundary. I can't sleep with you wiggling all over the bed.”
“Tell me, chicken face... are you trying to rape me?”

Chun gave her an are-you-kidding-me look. “Me? Rape you? Oh, please! You're not even my type! And besides, you might be the one trying to rape me here...” he said. Then, he looked away from Ella, and folded his arms. “And I won't do that to you when you're awake, of course!” he thought. Ella could only glare at her. “Did I try to rape him?” she thought. Given that fact that Chun was rather hot in his pajamas last night, she might have tried unconsciously to rape him. “But I can't and won't ever do it!” she thought to herself. She took a deep breath, and then faced Chun again. “You are sleeping on the floor later, mister!” she told him. She stood up from the bed, and rushed inside the bathroom to fix herself. Chun just smiled to himself as he watched her disappear. “Sleep on the floor? No way!” he thought. He was only enjoying having Ella by his side, and there's no way he will not sleep beside Ella tonight. Well, there's always a way for him to get what he wants.


Nicholas went outside the beach, and found Hebe strolling by the shore. He decided to approach her, and as he did, he saw her collecting sea shells again. “Still couldn't find what you're looking for?” he asked. Hebe looked up at him, and smiled. “I can't find one...” she answered. “Maybe it doesn't exist...” Nicholas suggested. Hebe could only shake her head at what he said. “I know it does! It does exist... and I know people who find it will be able to find their true love as well...” she said. Nicholas let out a sigh, and then he smiled at her. “So, what will you do if you didn't find that purple shell?” he asked. Hebe let out a pout as she looked down. “Then, I guess I'll never find my true love...” she said sadly.

With that, Nicholas laughed, which made Hebe even more confused. As she looked up at him, he put his hands on her shoulders. “Whether you found that special sea shell or not, you will still be able to the one meant for you. It may not be anytime sooner, but you will... at the right time and at the right place...” he said. “You think so?” she asked. He smiled, and nodded his head. “Cinderella found her prince charming right? She didn't have to do anything to make him fall in love with her...” he said. “They danced.”
“She transformed into a pretty princess.”
“But when the prince found her, he loved her even though she is just a peasant.”
“I am not Cinderella.”

Nicholas let out another laugh at the last thing she said. Hebe, so innocent and naïve, never fails to amuse him. And that character of hers is what made him fall for her in the first place. “So what? A girl like you can't be a princess even for a day?” he asked. “I am not as pretty as Selina, or Ella. I'm just plain old me.” she said. “You're only saying that because you don't have confidence in yourself.”
“Look at me, I'm a nerd.”
“I'm plain looking.”
“I don't think any guys would like me.”
“Have you heard of the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan? Have you heard of the fairy godmother that transformed Cinderella into a beautiful princess? Have you heard of how the frog prince transformed into a handsome prince as soon as the princess who loved him, kissed him?”

Hebe could only give Nicholas a confused look. “I don't get it...” she said. “All I'm saying is that... I know you're not confident of yourself. You need to be a beautiful swan. And you need a fairy godmother to find your prince. Lucky you, I'm your fairy godmother.” he said. Hebe's eyes widened with surprise at what he said. At that moment, all the suspicious she had about Nicholas was finally confirmed. “And I thought he's gonna be the prince charming...” she thought. Then, she saw Nicholas tuck his hair behind his ears in a girly way. “Oh, God... are you punishing me? Why does the guy I like have to be so... so... gay?” she thought. “Fairy godmother?” she managed to ask. He nodded his head. Hebe's eyes widened at what he said. “Why do you have to be my fairy godmother?” she asked. She wanted to ask why he can't be her prince charming, but that would be too straightforward for her to ask, and she doesn't want Nicholas to know that she likes him. “Because.” he said, winking at her. “I am the frog prince that you're about to kiss...” he added in his thoughts. Hebe let out a sigh, and looked away from her. “I'm not sure if I am getting this idea straight...” she muttered. “Of course, you are!” he said. Hebe looked at him, and shook her head. “I think I'd rather find that purple sea shell now...” she said. Before she could leave, Nicholas called on her. “Hebe... if... if I found that purple sea shell of you... will you let me be your fair godmother?” he asked. Hebe let out another sigh, and faced him. “If you found it, I might agree.” she said. Then, with that, Hebe left him alone. “I guess I have no choice but to find that sea shell...” Nicholas said to himself. Then he began to make his search for the purple sea shell.



Chun stopped walking, and looked back. He saw Nicholas running up to him. “What's the rush?” he asked. Nicholas pants and was trying to catch his breath as he reached up to his brother. “I... need... help...” he said in between breath. Chun could only give his brother a curious look. “What is it?” he asked. Nicholas stood up straight to face his brother, then began to tell him about the help he needs.

“I need to find a purple sea shell...” Nicholas began. This made Chun even more confused. “Purple sea shell? Try the gift shop.” he suggested. Nicholas shook his head. “No... that one is fake. I need to find the real purple sea shell, as in the sea shell that came from the sea.” Nicholas said. Chun folded his arms, and looked at him confusedly. “Is there such a thing?” he asked. Nicholas just shrugged his shoulder. “I don't know if it exists but I have to find one. For Hebe.” he said. Chun finally got what he means. His lips curve into a smile upon hearing the magic word. “Oh...” he said, giving him a meaningful look. “This is all part of the big plan?” Chun asked. Nicholas nodded his head. “So, will you help me?” Nicholas asked. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. “Just let me find my girlfriend, and we'll help you find a purple sea shell.” he said.

Nicholas smiled happily at Chun, that he literally jumped into him, and hugged him tight. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me!” he told him. Chun tried to release himself from his hug, as people around them were giving them a disgusted looks, while other were laughing at them. “Aiyo! Stop it! You're being too gay!” he shouted at him. With that, Nicholas let him go. Chun let out a sigh, and shook his head. “You're being too gay. Stop hanging out with Arron and Jae Joong, will you?” he said. Nicholas just let out a laugh at what he said. “I am not gay. You know that.” he said. “I know. It's all part of your big plan. I just don't understand what that's got to do with your plan with Hebe...” Chun said. Nicholas just gave him a smile. “How about you stop questioning me about that plan and start looking for that sea shell now?” he snapped at him.


“What are we trying to find again?” Ella asked as she followed Chun at the shore. “Why do I always have to repeat everything I'm saying to you?” Chun asked in an annoyed tone. Ella stopped walking, and folded her arms at him. “Because you specially looked for me and dragged me here, that's why.” she said. Chun paused, and let out a sigh. Then, he turned to face her. “We need to find a special sea shell for my brother...” he said. Ella could only give him a confused look. “Don't tell me he's also looking for the purple sea shell?”
“How did you know?”
“Hebe have been looking for that since time immortal. She told me that when you found it you can wish for your true love.”

Chun paused, and stared at Ella. An idea came into his head upon hearing what she said. “Wish for your true love?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “She said that her grandpa told her that when she found a purple sea shell, she can wish for her true love to come, just like what happened to her grandpa and grandma.” she said. Chun folded his arms, and gave her a skeptical look. “Is that true?” he asked. Ella could only shrug her shoulder. “I don't know... maybe it did work to her grandpa, she is assuming it will work on her. You know Hebe, she's just as hopeless romantic as I am.” she said.

Chun turned his back on her, and let out an evil smile. “Wish for true love, huh?” he thought. He sure needs to find that purple sea shell before Nicholas or Hebe could. And he new exactly what to wish for once he find that purple sea shell.


Ethan was strolling along the beach, when he saw Selina sun bathing. He let out a smirk, and then walked towards her direction. Selina had her sunglasses on her eyes, and her earphone on her ear, and was not aware that Ethan have approached her. “Are you trying to toast yourself?” he asked. With that, Selina took off her sunglasses. She was surprised to see Ethan beside her. She rolled her eyes as she let out a sigh of disgust. “What are you doing here?” she asked in an annoyed tone. “I'm bored, so I decided to annoy you.” he said. “Have you had enough last night during dinner?”
“Why are you so affected?”
“Why do you have to bring that up?”
“What? About that cheating boyfriend of yours?”
“For your information, Anthony and I have an open relationship.”
“Just like us?”

Selina threw Ethan a death glare. She put her sunglasses back on, and lied back on her beach blanket. Ethan, let out a sigh as he looked away from Selina. “Look... whatever it is that happened between us, I'm sorry...” he said. “I'm not.” Selina said bluntly. “I wasn't exactly ready for a commitment till you came into my life...”
“I'm not ready for a commitment. Period.”
“I want us to be together...”
“I don't want us to be together.”
“Look at Chun and Ella. They're in good terms now. If only I didn't know they are pretending to be together, I would have thought that they are really in love.”
“There's a difference between Chun and Ella, and us, Ethan.”

Ethan looked at her hopelessly. “Why? Selina... I -” before he could finish his sentence, Selina sat up, and glared at him again. “Don't say it, Ethan. Whatever it is that happened between us, it's just pure, non-wholesome and lustful fun, all right? You were new in the neighborhood, I found you kinda cute. I needed someone to flirt with. That's all.” Selina said. “You can't forgive me for kissing that girl in the club, don't you? How many times do I have to tell you that it was her who kissed me first?” Ethan asked. “I don't believe that story, Ethan. And besides, aren't you supposed to be the most playboy among the three of you? Once a playboy, always a playboy.”

Ethan stood up from his seat, and then turned to face Selina. “What if I prove to you that I can change? That there can only be you in my life, Selina? Will you give me that chance?” he asked. Selina let out a smirk at him. “Those things need not to be asked. It needs to be proved, Ethan Ruan.” she said. He could only nod his head. “I will, Selina. Just wait and see, I'll prove to you that you will be the last girl in my life.” he said.


From where she is standing, Larissa could clearly see Chun. She smiled to herself as she watched him pick up the sea shells from the shore. The first time she saw him, she was lovestruck by him. He have this perfect body, and a very handsome face. When she first saw a glimpse of him, she knew it was love at first sight. But then, it seems that he is not interested in her, which she found weird. All guys are after her. After all, she's pretty and sexy, and not to mention, really smart, but with Chun, he seems not to notice her. And it's a big challenge for her. He is the challenge he is looking for.

She is tired of guys begging for her attention at her feet. She is tired of guys chasing her. She knew she could get any guy at a snap of her finger, and more. But Chun is not like those guys, it seems like she have to find a way for him to notice her.

She began to walk towards his direction. Saying hi to him won't hurt a little, right? “Hi...” she said. Chun looked up, and let out a smile. “Oh, hi.” he said. Then, he continued with what he's doing – searching for something that she doesn't even know. “Uhmmm... I'm really sorry about yesterday...” she said. Chun looked at her again, and saw her giving him puppy eyes and biting her lips. “Are you OK now?” he asked. “Yeah. Don't worry about it. A ball won't kill me.” he said. “Are you sure it doesn't hurt anymore?” Larissa asked, touching his head. Then, she brushed the hair away from his face, which made Chun shiver. “Y-yeah...” he stuttered.

From afar, Ella could see Chun talking with another girl. Suddenly, she could feel all of her blood rushing up to her head. Chun dragged her to find the purple shell, and now, she find him flirting with another girl. “The nerve of that guy!” she thought. She clenched her fist and marched towards him and the girl. As she got closer to them, she realized the girl is familiar – too familiar to her. Then, it hit her. It was Larissa, Sphinx's ex-girlfriend. “That flirt! Why is she flirting with MY boyfriend?!” she thought angrily. Larissa have managed to take Sphinx from her before, and she wouldn't let her take HER Chun away from her. She have every right to take Chun from Larissa, right? For she is technically the “girlfriend”.

“Chunnie, honey?” she called sweetly. Chun looked at Ella, and saw him walking their way. Although Ella is smiling at him, she could see the anger written in her eyes, as if there was a dark force taking over her, and this made Chun scared of her. “Uh-oh... trouble with Ellie... I shouldn't have talked to this girl!” he thought as he panicked. Is Ella mad for seeing him talking with another girl? What if she thought that he is flirting with this girl? What if she beats him for not being faithful to her? What if she breaks up with him that instant? There were a lot of crazy thoughts inside his head as she comes nearer and nearer..

Then, she linked her arms to his arms. She smiled up at him, and then looked up at the girl in front of Chun. Ella could see Larissa fold her arms, and roll her eyes at her. “Oh, hi, Larissa. How's it going?” she said in a sweet tone. Larissa could only give her a smirk. “Oh, hi, Ella. I'm doing great. How about you?” she said to her. Chun gave a surprised look at Ella, and another to Larissa. He never thought that the two girls knew each other. “You... you know each other?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and nodded her head. “This is Sphinx's ex-girlfriend. The one who dumped him for another guy. The one who had been cheating on him.” she said. Larissa smirked at her again and folded her arms. “You're still the same, Ella. Stilll such a snoop. And a tattletale.” she said. “I'm only telling the truth.” Ella snapped. “You're too square.” Larissa said.

Chun looked at the two girls, and he could see the imaginary electric bolt in their eyes as they glared at each other. “She is Sphinx's ex-girlfriend?” he asked. “Yeah. She sure is a heart breaker, you know. You should be careful of her. Anyways, I trust that you are faithful t me, right, honey?” she said. Chun was speechless at what she said. He saw Ella look up at Larissa and smiled at her. “Oh, by the way... this is my boyfriend, Chun.” she sad. Larissa could only raise an eyebrow at her. “Oh, really?”
“Why, you can't believe I would make someone like him be my boyfriend?”
“No, actually, I can't believe someone would actually want you to be their girlfriend. Not someone as hot as him.”
“Why, do you think guys like him would go for girls like you?”
“99%, yes.”
“Well, Chun consists of that 1% that won't go for you.”
“So, it means he is gay? Because only gays wouldn't go for someone as hot as me.”
“You think you're hot? You think you're, what, the most beautiful girl on earth?”
“The answer is yes.”
“Dream on!”

Larissa could only laugh at Ella. She loves it when she sees her so annoyed with her. After all, she is annoyed of Ella as well. She could have remained faithful to Sphinx all throughout, but with her always butting into their relationship, it annoys the hell out of her. Now, it's time to give her her own dose of medicine. “Still, I don't believe that he is your boyfriend. I need proof. And you linking your flabby arm on him is not the proof I want.” Larissa said. Ella smirked at her. She took a deep breath, and then turned to face Chun. She smiled at him, and she could see the confusion written all over his face. “What is she going to do?” he thought. She cupped his cheeks with his hands, and then she reached up to him, and give him a long kiss on the lips.

Chun was surprised at what she did. He closed his eyes and let things go with the flow. Before he knew it, he was responding to her kiss. And just as he was enjoying it, Ella broke their kiss apart, which made him go into a state of shock. Ella turned to Larissa, and gave her another smirk. “Is that enough proof?” she said. Larissa smirked at her. “I guess so. And now that you proved that, I will have to warn you... I'm good with stealing boyfriends, you know. I've stolen Sphinx from you before, I will steal your precious little boyfriend. So, don't let your guards down, Ellie.” she said. With that, Larissa left the two alone.

Chun was still in a daze when Larissa left. He can't believe that Ella kissed her, and her kiss is much better than the last time. Ella, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief as soon as Larissa left. “That was so close...” she thought. Then, she looked at Chun, and saw him in a daze. “What's wrong with you?” she asked him. Chun loooked at her with confusion. “When did you learn to kiss like that?” he asked. “You taught me that.” she answered. Chun looked away from her and smiled secretly. “So, I'm a good kissing teacher...” he thought. Ella let out a sigh, and folded her arms. “Wei, Wu Ji Chun... I don't want seeing you around that girl, you hear that?” she said. Chun gave her another confused look. “Why? She seems nice...”
“Nice? That girl's a bitch.”
“If you dare date her in the future, and if she breaks your heart, don't run crying to me!”
“Who say I'm interested in dating her?”
“The way you looked at her gave it all away!”
“I am not interested in her...”
“Oh really?”
“How can I be interested when -”

Chun paused as he became wary of what he is about to say. “When it's only you that I am interested in...” he wanted to say. He let out a sigh, and shook his head. “Don't worry, you won't see me with her again.” he said, finally giving in to Ella. Ella let out a triumphant smile. “Good boy.” she said to him.


Hebe and Nicholas sat on the sandy shore, tired from looking for the purple shell the whole day. Nicholas heard Hebe let out a sigh. He looked at her, and saw her pouting. “I guess that purple sea shell is a myth after all...” she said. Nicholas laughed, and shook his head. “Why are you giving up now?” he asked. “I've been looking for it since I am a kid, and I haven't found it yet. Maybe it does not exist after all...” Hebe said. “Maybe it doesn't want to be found. If you try harder in searching for it, then the more that it will not appear. All you have to do is just relax and let it come to you... that's all.” Nicholas said. Hebe could only give Nicholas a confused look. “So, I should just forget about it?” she asked. “Sometime, when you stop looking for something, that's the time that it will appear.” he answered.

Hebe looked away from Nicholas, and let out a sigh. She pulled up her legs, and hugged it. “I guess I will never be able to find my true love... my soul mate...” she said sadly. “You know what, I believe that each one of us have a soul mate... that one true love. You just don't know when it will come. He will come in time when God knows you're ready for him. Don't lose hope on him... just always have faith. Who knows, maybe he is looking for you as well... you just don't realize it.” Nicholas said. He looked at Hebe, and smiled at her. He wanted so much to touch her soft cheek, and caress it. He wanted so much to tell her that he is what she is looking for. “You don't need that sea shell to wish for true love... I am here, Hebe. I am here...” he thought. Hebe let out another sigh, and looked at Nicholas. “I guess I should give up on him. Anyways, it's just an old man's tale... I guess.” she said. Nicholas smiled, and nodded his head. “You see, Hebe... life is always filled with ironies. Once you said to yourself you'll give up on searching for something, that something appears right in front of you. What you thought to be a fairytale can be for real...” he said.

Hebe let out a laugh at what he said. “How could that be possible? Fairytales will remain fairytales, right?” she said. Nicholas just gave her a meaningful smile. “Maybe... maybe not.” he said. “Why are you always filled with so much mystery?”
“You're being intrigued by me?”
“I don't know... there's always something about you that I can't understand...”
“Only the heart knows what the mind could not comprehend.”
Hebe gave him another confused look. “Huh?” she asked. “I'm hungry. How about if I treat you some hotdog. I blabber too much when I'm hungry.” he said. Hebe could only laugh at him. “All right.” she said.

As she stood up, the wave of water crashed into her feet. And as she looked down, she saw something that she never expected to see. It was the purple sea shell she have been looking for. Nicholas could see Hebe's eyes widened in amazement as she took the purple shell from the water. “Wow...” she said. Then, she looked up at Nicholas and smiled. “I found it!” she said happily. Nicholas smiled at him. And then, Hebe did something that he never expected – Hebe jumped to him, and hugged him. “I found it!” she said happily. As she let him go, Nicholas froze in his place, watching her as she put the shell at the palm of her hand and close her eyes to make her wish. “I wish...” she prayed. “I wish Nicholas is my true love and my soul mate...”

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