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Friday, December 11, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 1

Round 1 – Cakes, Love Advice, And A Stubborn Cute Best Friend

“And we have come to the end of the show. And before I go, I would like to share to you a very inspiring quote. “When you can't remember why you were hurt, that's the time you've already moved on.” Thank you, all, and please tune in again here in the Love Corner, same time, same place. This is DJ Angel, and do enjoy Rainie Yang's new song, “Rain Love” Goodbye and see you all tomorrow.”

Ella pressed on the play button, and the song played on air. She took up her head phone, and as she looked up, she saw Sphinx by the glass window, smiling at her. She smiled back at him. “I see your best friend is here again, huh?” her fellow DJ, Calvin a.k.a. DJ Bbox said as he entered the DJ booth. “He's always here. He also works here, remember?” she told him. Calvin just smiled. “I know. And I know when he's here, it means he's got some love problems to share with you.” he said. He just shook his head, and Ella watched him as he took his seat and ready for his show. She got out of the booth, and walked up to her best friend. “Hey, Sphinx!” she said. “Hey, Ellie! Want to go out for some coffee?” Sphinx asked. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “As long as it's your treat.” she said. Sphinx let out a laugh, then the two of them left the radio station to grab some coffee.

“So, tell me what's wrong with you.” Ella said to Sphinx as they took their seat at the comfy couch of Starbucks. Sphinx gave her a confused look, and just shook his head. “Does something always have to go wrong whenever I ask you out for coffee, Ellie?” he asked. Ella nodded her head as she took a sip from her coffee. “I know you, Sphinx. I've known you since middle school. You can't fool me...” she said. Sphinx let out a faint laugh at her. “Nothing is wrong, Ellie. You're thinking too much.” he said. Ella just rolled his eyes at him. “Oh, come on, Sphinx! You have to tell me. Is it about Larissa again?” she asked. Sphinx leaned on his seat, and let out a sigh. Ella knew that when he sighs like that, it means that she got it right. “We had another fight...” he said sadly. “It's not about me again, right?”
“Of course it's not about you. Well, yeah... a little... but she just couldn't understand that you are my best friend. She's getting jealous again, and her jealousy is getting out of hand... she always tell me that I don't have enough time for her. I always have time for her, Ellie. You know that. I spend most of my time with her, that I forget that I have a family and my friends. What else does Larissa wants?”

Sphinx let out another sigh of frustration. “Well, honestly, I'm not sure what's wrong with your girlfriend. I mean, you spend way too much time with her, and she demands for more. Maybe you should try to reconsider things, and talk to her. You know what I mean, Sphinx.” she said. “I don't want to break up with her. I know she's the one for me. I see myself growing old with her. I love her so much, Ellie...” Sphinx said. Ella sighed in dismay, and looked away from him. “Yeah, right... you want to spend the rest of your life with a monster?” she thought. “You understand me, right, Ellie? I really do love Larissa, and I want this to work out for the two of us.” he asked. Ella forced a smile on her face, and nodded her head. “Of course, I understand, Sphinx...” she lied. Yes, our leading lady understand, even if she doesn't understand her best friend at all. That's her job as his best friend.

“What should I do, Ellie? I love Larissa so much...” he asked. “Why don't you make her feel secure? If the other things I advised you didn't work, how about asking her to marry you?” Ella said. With that, Sphinx's face lightened up. “Marriage proposal, huh...” he said as he scratched his chin, and smile. She knew very well that if Sphinx scratched his chin and smile, it means that he thinks Ella's idea is great and he will go with it. She mentally smacked herself in the head for even suggesting that to him. “I think you're right. I mean, both of us are not getting any younger... and I've been planning to ask her to marry me...” he said. Scratch that. She mentally hit herself with a hammer on her head. “Stupid Ella! Stupid, stupid Ella!” she thought.

There's nothing she can do but smile at him, and nod her head. “It's a great idea, isn't it?” she said. Sphinx smiled and nodded his head. “You're really the best, Ella! I'm glad you're my best friend!” he said as he hugged her. Ella smiled fakely. “Yeah, isn't that great?” she said. Well, she was wishing she have never made that suggestion to him.


Chun took the cake out of the oven, and put it on the table, letting it cool for a while before he puts the icing on it. Then, he took another cake which have already cooled down, and put it on top of the lazy susan. He took a bowl of royal icing he made a while ago, and poured it on top of the cake. As he turned the lazy susan around, he spread the icing using his spatula, making sure that he spread the icing cleanly on the cake.

“Chun, we got some order for tomorrow.” Ethan said as he entered the kitchen. He stood up, and then took the paper from Ethan's hand. He looked at it carefully, then he faced Ethan. “This sure is a lot of order. I think I need to go out and buy some more ingredients to make these cakes.” he said. He took off his apron, and then took the cake he just decorated and went outside the kitchen to their store. He leaned down the glass display, and placed the cake inside. “I guess we have enough cakes to sell today. Why don't you go out and buy the things you need for tomorrow's order?” Ethan said. Chun gave him a suspicious look. “What?” Ethan asked. “Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, will you, Ethan Ruan?” he said. Ethan smiled at him. Then, he raised his right hand. “I promise, Chun ge ge!” he said. Chun just shook his head at him.

He went Went back inside to change his clothes, and after a while he's ready to go. “Look after the shop for a while, Ethan... and please... don't flirt with our lady customers, will you?” he said. “I don't flirt with them! They are the one who flirts with me!” Ethan said defensively. Chun put his hands on his waist, and glared at him. “OK, OK, I won't flirt, I promise.” he said. “After I bought the ingredient, I might go and look for a new house where we could move in. We need a bigger place, since Nic will be staying with us.” he said. Ethan just nodded his head. “Whatever you say boss!” he said.

Shortly after Chun left the shop, Selina passed by the store. She looked up at the sign. “'Something Sweet'... how come I've noticed this store just now?” she thought. Curious, she went inside the shop. “Welcome to 'Something Sweet'. How may I help you?” Ethan said as soon as she entered. Selina smiled at him. “I'm just looking around...” she said. “Well, go ahead, miss. Feel free to look around our little shop.” he said. Selina giggled, then she nodded her head. She bent down, and looked at the cake on the glass display. She found herself craving for the cake, as they were beautifully done. “So mouth-watering...” she thought. “Well, why don't you have one, miss?” Ethan asked. Selina stood up, and shook her head. “Actually, I'm on a diet...”
“Did you know that most of our cakes are low in calorie? It won't make you fat.”
“Yup. It suits your diet.”

Selina bent down again, and she eyes on the strawberry and chocolate cake on the display. Ethan bent down, meeting Selina's eyes on the glass display. “I see you like this strawberry and chocolate cake, huh?” he asked. Selina nodded her head. “It looks too cute to eat...” she said, giggling again. Then, she stood up. “I'll get two of those small cakes, please.” she said. Ethan smiled at her, and nodded her head. “Two strawberry and chocolate cake coming up!” he said. He put the cakes out, and put them on a special box. Then, he handed her the box. “Thank you...” Selina said as he handed her the payment. Ethan took her hand, and then caressed it. “No, thank you...” he said. Selina felt herself blushing as Ethan held her hand. “Uhmm... my hand...” she said. Ethan laughed as he let go of her hand. “I'm so sorry... I just can't resist a charming girl like you.” he said. He took the money from her, and then smiled. “i do hope you enjoy our cakes, and I do hope you'll come back. Can't wait to see you again.” he said. Selina nodded her head. “I sure will...”


“You can't believe what stupid thing I did today!” Ella said as she stormed inside the house. Selina looked at her cousin as she threw herself on the couch. She showed the cake on her plate to her. “Cake?” she offered. Ella nodded her head. “Not in the mood for that, Sel. I did something really really stupid today!” she said. “Let me guess, you made another stupid advice to the love of your life?” she asked. Ella nodded her head. Selina rolled her eyes, and just shook her head. “So typical of you, Ella. And to think you give love advice over the radio, when your own love life is messed up!” Selina said. “I know how messed up my love life is. And it's more messed up now that I made a stupid advice to Sphinx.” Ella said. “Let me guess, the girlfriend is totally insecure with you that she wants to your best friend under his claw. And because of that situation, you adviced Sphinx to marry that monster. Am I right?” Selina asked. Ella nodded her head. “Exactly.” she said.

Selina shook her head. She took a napkin on the table, and threw it at her. “What?!” Ella said. “That's for you being too stupid, Ellie! Come on, who in their stupid mind would advice their best friend to marry their monster girlfriend? And to think that best friend is the one you've been lusting on since middle school! You are so lame, Ellie! I mean, with that stupid advise of yours, you so totally lost your chance to have happy ending with Sphinx!” Selina said. Ella slumped on the couch, and sighed with dismay. “I know...” she said, pouting. “So, what are you going to do now? That bitch will be together forever with the love of your life. You shouldn't have given that advice to Sphinx. Instead, you should have told him to break up with him. That's the problem with you Ellie, just because you see your best friend really really sad because of that bitch, you tend to say the things that he wants to hear, and not what you really think.” Selina said.

Ella let out a sigh. If she could she would just cover her ears and sing lalala to herself, but she have to hear Selina's nagging. She is in love with her best friend. And her giving Sphinx advises on how to deal with his girlfriend is the most stupid thing a best-friend-in-love-with-her-best-friend could ever do. She felt guilty about it, for as a DJ whom everyone listens to and gives advises on-air, she doesn't practice what she preach. “Ella, listen to me...” Selina said. Ella looked up at her. “It's about time for you to be happy, and make Sphinx realize that you are the one for him. So stop giving those stupid advises, OK? Next time he asks you, tell him to breakup with Larissa.” Selina said. Ella just nodded her head. “I never thought hearing you nag about him could make me hungry...” she said. She stood up from the couch, and headed to the table. She peaked inside the box on top of the table, and saw that there's another cake. “Go ahead. I really bought that one for you.” Selina said. Ella took the cake from the box. She took the fork beside it and took a piece of the cake on her mouth. She savored the cake in her mouth, and she found herself enjoying its taste. “It's delicious.” she said as she took another bite. “You should bring some to Sphinx. He loves sweets, doesn't he?” Selina said. Ella looked at her, her face lightened up, as if Selina just discovered sliced bread. “Eureka!” she said. Then, she looked at the cake she was holding in her hand. Isn't there a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?


Chun walked out of the store, when he noticed a sign outside the store. He looked at it, and read it carefully – it was an ad about a house for rent just a few blocks from their bake shop. He took the sign, and stuffed it on his pocket. “I still have enough time, I guess it won't hurt to check the place out, right?” he thought.

He found himself in front of white, two-storey town house. He looked at the ad on his hand to double-check that he got the right address. “Cool place!” he thought. The house looks homey, unlike the condo unit, he and Ethan were sharing. Aside from that, the neighborhood looks safe, which is very important to him. “Hi, can I help you?” he heard a girl ask. He looked back, and saw a petite, short-haired girl coming up to him. “Hi, I saw you ad about this house...” he said, showing her the paper. The girl looked at the paper, then, she smiled at her. “Right... would you like to take a look at the house?” she asked. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Sure. I have all the time in the world.” he said.

The girl lead him inside the house, and showed him around. Chun was amazed at how beautiful the place is. The first time he set foot inside the house, he fell in love with it. Its everything that he ever wanted. After a small tour, he and the girl went out of the house. “So, are you interested in renting the place?” the girl asked. Chun nodded his head. “I sure am. It's a neat place, plus it's way nearer to my shop. I sure will take it.” he said. The girl smiled, and nodded her head. “That's good. If that's the case, then I'll ready the contract for you.” she said. “Thanks for showing me around. I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name?” The girl let out a faint laugh. “I'm Hebe. And you are?” she said, extending her hand to him. Chun juggled the paper bags in his hand, and took her hand. “I'm Chun. I own the bake shop a few blocks from here.” he said. Hebe nodded her head. “Oh, yes... 'Something Sweet', right? I've been to your shop before. I love the cakes.” she said. Chun smiled shyly at her. “Thanks...” he said. “I should make my move now. I'll come back tomorrow to sign the contract.” he added. “So, when are you planning to move in, and how many are you who'll be living at the house?” Hebe asked. “Oh, we're three – my cousin, Nic me, and my best friend, Ethan...” he said. Hebe just nodded her head. “Well then, I'll discuss you the details tomorrow as well as some of the house rules. I'm looking forward to be neighbors with you guys.” she said.

Chun said goodbye to Hebe, and then went back to the shop.


“Ethan...” Chun called as soon as he got out of the kitchen. He saw Ethan busily arranging the cakes on the display. “Hey, I have to go. I need to deliver the cakes.” he asked. But Ethan remained unmoved. It's as if he wasn't listening to Chun – scratch that – he isn't even listening to every word Chun said. “Ethan, are you listening to me?” Chun asked in annoyance. Ethan stood up, and went to the counter, ignoring Chun.

Chun let out a sigh, and followed Ethan. “Ethan Ruan Jing Tian!” he shouted. But still, Ethan remained unmoved. He then walked in front of him. “Ethan! Are you listening?!” he shouted. Ethan was surprised at him, and gave him a questioning look. Then, he took the earphone off his ears. “What did you say?” he asked. Chun let out another sigh, and shook his head. “Next time, will you turn the volume of your iPod a little lower so that I don't like a fool when I talk to you!” Chun shouted at him. Ethan could only flinch as his best friend scold him again. “I'm sorry, Chun... its just that I'm listening to this DJ, and I can't help but be mesmerize by her angelic voice...” Ethan said.

Again, Chun let out another sigh. When it comes to girls, Ethan tends to forget everything. “It's just a DJ. What's so special about her?” he asked. “As I've said she have the most angelic voice I've heard my entire life! And aside from that, she gives out great love advises.” he said. He took his earphone, and then put on Chun's ear. He listened to what the DJ was saying. “Sometimes we hide how we truly feel, not because we want to, but because we have no other choice but to keep the love in our hearts. We have no other choice, because we are scared of the pain that will come after the rejection, and we are scared that things will be complicated after we let it out. But keeping the feelings we have for that person will only scar us more, for it will only stay inside, unrequited and in silence. After a while, and we found the courage to shout to the world our love to that person, it becomes too late... for that person found their happiness with another. So, for those secretly in love, and are loving right now, don't be afraid to tell the person you love how you feel. Who knows, that person might also feel the same way for you, and that like you, they are also scared to let you know they feel for you...”

Chun was in a daze as he listened to the DJ. Ethan is right, the DJ have the most angelic voice he ever heard. Not to mention, she gives a good advice, and somehow her advice got into him. “Listen to what she said, Chun. I think her advice is really about you. You should let Bianca know how you feel!” Ethan teased. Chun just shot Ethan another glare. “Shut up.” he said.

Bianca is Chun's senior in Culinary School. The two of them got close when they had to work in a baking competition. Ever since he laid his eyes on her, he fell in love with her, but Bianca only treats him as a friend and as brother. Aside from that, Bianca is soon to be married to her Australian boyfriend. He took off the earphone from his ear, and then gave it to Ethan. “She's good. That's all. Still, nothing's special about her.” he said. Ethan just sighed and shook his head. If theres one thing that he hates about Chun, it's that he's hard to please. “I'm going now.” he said. He went out of the shop, and got into his car. As he started the engine of his car, he turned the car stereo on to the station where Ethan was listening to a while ago. And upon hearing the DJ's angelic voice, he smiled to himself.

“DJ Angel is back, and you're still tuned in to The Love Corner, only here at 97.8 DWRock”


Ella pressed the play button, and then she took off her headphone. As she stood up, she saw her fellow DJ, Jiro came in to the booth. “I'm pinch-hitting for Cal today. He's out sick.” he said. She smiled at him, and nodded his head. “So it means you'll be on air for 6 hours straight?” she asked. Jiro nodded his head. “6 hours straight of non-stop funny talk!” he said proudly. She just laughed at him. Jiro, like her, is one of the top DJs in the station, and is known for his funny on-air antics. She said goodbye to him, and headed out of the booth.

On her way back to the office, she saw Sphinx walking towards her. “Ellie! I've been looking for you!” he said. Ella gave him a warm smile. “Hey, Sphinx!” she said. “Are you free right now?” Sphinx asked. Ella nodded her head. “i do have some voice-overs to do, but that won't be until 4 PM. Why?” she asked. Sphinx clapped his hand in glee. “Great! Then maybe you can accompany me?” he asked. Ella gave him a confused look. “Accompany you where?” she asked. “Accompany me to buy Larissa's engagement ring...” he said. With that being said, Ella gave Sphinx a shocked look. “Are you out of your mind?!” she shouted at him. Sphinx was surprised at his best friend's reaction. “Why? Didn't you tell me maybe I should ask Larissa to marry me? I am going to ask her to be my wife tonight on our date!” he said happily.

Ella fell silent with what her best friend said. She never thought that Sphinx will take her advise seriously. She was secretly in love with him since they met in middle school, and she was hoping that one day, Sphinx would see her the way she sees him, but it seems that it won't happen anymore. Sphinx is madly in love with his monster of a girlfriend, and he have already decided to marry her. “Oh...” she said as the smile on her face slowly faded. Sphinx wrinkled his brow in confusion upon seeing his best friend's change of expression. “Ellie, is there anything wrong? Seems like you're not too happy with what I said...” he said worriedly. Ella looked up at him, and shook her head. She forced a smile on her face. “No! Of course I'm happy for you. I know how much you really love Larissa. I support you 100%.” she said. Sphinx smiled at her, and then gave her a hug. “Thank you so much, Ella. I'm really really lucky to have you as my best friend!” he said. As Sphinx hugged her, the smile on her face was replaced by a sad expression. “Yeah...” she said monotonously. “I'm just your best friend...” she added silently. “Just your best friend...”

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