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Friday, April 2, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Last Chapter

Last Round – Love At The Corner

Two years later…

“Get your butt down here, Ella! Sphinx and Cyndi are here already!” Ella heard Hebe shouted. Ella pulled the drawer, and took out her digicam. “I’m coming, Hebe!” she shouted. Ella rushed downstairs, to find her best friend, and his fiancée, Cyndi Wang, comfortably sitting on the couch. She let out a smile at the two. “Glad you two could come.” She said. Sphinx smiled at her. He stood up from his seat, and walked up to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Wouldn’t miss this for the world.” She said. Cyndi walked up to her, and kissed her on the cheek as well. “Happy birthday, Ellie.” She said, giving her a long, blue velvety box. “Oh, Cyndi, you shouldn’t have!” she said. Cyndi smiled, and shook her head. “You must accept it. After all, you are my best friend.” She said. She held on to Sphinx’s arms, and looked up at him. “Hey, I am Ella’s best friend, not you, lady!” he said in a hint of jealousy. “No way, I am Ellie’s new best friend now. Next to Hebe.” She said, smiling at the girl behind Ella. “And I thought you would shut me out of Ella’s life.” Hebe told her. All of them laughed at what she said.

Two years have passed, and a lot of things have already happened among them. Selina and Ethan eventually got married, and are now expecting their first child. Sphinx found a girl to love, and to top of it all, she really goes along well with Ella. Sometimes, he feels jealous of his girlfriend’s relationship with her best friend, because she always picks Ella over him. There are also plans for Hebe and Nicholas, but they are waiting till Nicholas finishes his Master’s degree. After that, they will fly to Australia so that Hebe will meet his parent. As for Ella, she chose to be single. She is single, and yet happy and contented with her life. She still works as a DJ, giving love advises on air. Since Selina and Ethan got married, Ella decided to stay at Hebe’s place. Meanwhile, Nicholas stays alone in their apartment.

“Where’s the birthday celebrant?” they heard someone ask. They looked at the door, and they saw Selina (who is already heavy with their child), and Ethan walking up to them. “There’s the celebrant!” Ethan said. Selina kissed her cousin on the cheek. “Ooohh… you’re getting bigger and bigger, Selina, huh?” she teased her. “But she’s still beautiful as ever. She’s the sexiest pregnant woman I’ve seen.” Ethan said, eying on his wife. He gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. “My husband is still a sweet talker as ever.” She said.

Sphinx looked at the clock, and saw that it is already 7:15 PM. “Time for Ellie to blow the cake!” he said. As if on cue, Nicholas got out of the kitchen with a cake on hand. Then, everyone started to sing her the birthday song.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Ellie,
Happy Birthday to you!

Ella let out a smile as she looked at the cake. “Make your wish now.” Cyndi told her. Ella nodded her head. Then, she clasped her hand and closed her eyes to make a wish. “Wait, before she blows her cake, let’s all make a wish for Ella instead.” Ethan suggested. Ella opened her eyes, and looked at her friends. “Good idea!” Selina said. “Well, for me, I wish Ella all the luck in the world.” Hebe said. “I wish that Ella will have a great career this year.” Sphinx said. “I wish that Ella will stop working her ass of, and that she will take a break.” Selina said. Ethan nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, you’ve been working your ass off since –“ Before Ethan could finish his sentence, Selina stomped on his feet, making him flinch in pain. Everyone just laughed at him. “I also have a wish. I wish Ella will have a love life.” Cyndi said. With that, everyone fell silent, much to her confusion. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “If pigs fly…” Nicholas muttered under his breath. Hebe heard it, and gave her boyfriend a nudge on his side.

Ella let out a nervous laugh as she looked at Cyndi. “Ha ha ha. I… I prefer a good career for now than love life. At least I get to earn a lot of money.” She said. “But –“ Before Cyndi could say anything, Sphinx let out a laugh and put an arm around her. “Honey, why don’t we let Ella make a wish and blow the cake, all right?” he said. Cyndi nodded her head. Ella looked at the cake before her. She let out a sad smile as she closed her eyes and clasped her eyes. Then, she made a wish, the same wish she had for the past two years. “God, all this time, I’ve been praying for You to bring him back in my life… it’s still my wish this year. I hope this time, you’ll grant my prayer…” she prayed. As she opened her eyes, she blew a gentle breath on the candles.


Ella heard a knock on the door as she was about to sleep that night. She stood up from her bed, and opened the door. “Hey, Ellie…” Hebe said as she walked inside the room. “Oh, hey… anything wrong?” she asked. Hebe smiled, and shook her head. “I hope you weren’t affected by what Cyndi said a while ago.” She said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “Cyndi have no clue what happened before.” She said. Hebe just nodded her head. “I know… but come to think of it… Cyndi is right. You’ve been focusing so much on your career… maybe it’s about to give yourself a chance to fall in love again…”

Then, Hebe took out the purple sea shell from her pocket. She took Ella’s hand, and placed it there. “Ella… two years have passed. It’s time for you to move on.. I know that you still love him, but you have to learn to love again. I wish that with this purple sea shell, you will be able to find your one true love… I wish that one day, you will get the happy ending that you truly deserve.” Hebe said.

Ella looked down at the purple sea shell on her hand. She knew Hebe only wanted the best for her, that’s why she’s giving it to her, but even though she tried to forget him, she just couldn’t bring herself to. She still believes that one day, he will come back for her, and everything will be back in its place. He will be the only man she will ever love, and no one can replace him in her heart. “Ellie… you know my intentions are good. I just don’t want to see you this sad anymore…” Hebe said. She looked up at her friend, and let out a smile. “I know, Hebe. And I know, with this gift of yours, I will find my one true love.” She said. Hebe smiled at her, and gave her a hug.


“I always believe in fate…” Ella said on the microphone as her show started. “I always believe that there are reasons for everything. There is a reason why the world turns, why the day turns into night, why the season changes, why the flowers bloom. I firmly believe that we are destined to do something, and do it for the rest of our life. People come into our lives with a certain purpose. They leave us with a reason, and eventually changes their roles in our lives. Among the people that step in our lives, there will always be that one person that you can never forget… that no matter how many years they have left us, we still hold on for them, and long for them to come back.

Welcome to ‘The Love Corner’. Today, I will not read any letters, nor ask you to call me and share your experiences. For the past years, I have been the one listening to all kinds of love problems, and giving love advises. For now, please give me a few minutes of your time to share to you what I have experienced in life and in love. Because just like you, I too had my share of heartaches and pain. I admit I am not a perfect person. I am not really an expert in love. You may all be wondering why a person like me is preaching all about it on air. I guess, all of us are never experts in love… because if we are, then maybe, no hearts will be broken, and no one will ever shed a tear…”

What more beautiful words can I say
To express the most tacit understanding
When I am beside you
My breath becomes silent
Yet you know each of my emotions

“Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ms. Piggy. She… she is this girl that is most likely to be bullied by boys in school. And so, she was bullied by one guy called chicken face. She never lets herself be bullied by this puny boy, and always fights back at him. They always get in trouble because they always fight. Ms. Piggy hated chicken face to the core, really. But what Ms. Piggy didn’t know is that while she is hating chicken face, Chicken face have already fallen in love with her. And while she was wasting her energy fighting and hating him, Chicken face was secretly loving her, showing it to her by leaving cookies on her desk.

Then, elementary graduation came. Chicken face was dared by his friends to kiss his crush. So that he won’t be obvious, chicken face told his friends that he will just kiss his sworn enemy, Ms. Piggy. His friends agreed, and then he made the kiss. The truth is, he really kissed his crush, and kissing Ms. Piggy caused him to march on stage with a black eye.”

She let out a faint laugh.

“Years have passed, and Ms. Piggy and Chicken face lived their own lives. Ms. Piggy fell in love with her best friend, who seems to be clueless on how she really feels for him, although she is already obvious. Chicken face is in love with his senior, who also didn’t have a clue about what he feels for her. Ms. Piggy became a well-known DJ, while Chicken face became a talented pastry chef. Fate brought them together again. One day, while sulking, Ms. Piggy’s cousin bought a cake from Chicken face’s shop. She liked it so much that she kept on coming back to buy their cakes and pastries. Chicken face, on the other hand, became fond of Angel, a DJ who gives out love advises. Chicken face didn’t know that DJ Angel was Ms. Piggy. Ms. Piggy have no idea that the guy who made her favorite pastries is Chicken face.

As if fate plays a trick on them, the two met again. Imagine their surprise when they found out that they will be neighbors. Imagine the shock on Chicken face when he found out that his favorite DJ was his nemesis, and imagine how Ms. Piggy reacted when she found out that the one who bakes her favorite pastries was the guy she hated the most. They were always clashing, always fighting, always bickering. They never got tired of hating each other so much…

Then, something happened. It turns out that the best friend Ms. Piggy was in love with all this time, fell with Chicken face’s apple of the eye. When they found out that they lost their chance at their respective love, they almost gave up. Until they decided to team up to break them apart. They made a truce so that they can make their loved ones realize how they feel for them. Those plans they made to break them apart eventually got them closer to each other. They became like the best of friends. They were too close for comfort…

Then, a big blow came to Ms. Piggy. Her best friend is leaving with his then girlfriend to Australia, to study and to have more time for her. Ms. Piggy was hurt with his decision. Chicken face was there for her to help her through it all. He took care of her when her best friend left her, on the same day as her birthday. He held her in the rain, and let her cry in her shoulder.

She thought it will be the last for them, but then, two weeks later, Ms. Piggy’s grandpa called saying he’ll be coming home to meet her boyfriend. If she will not be able to introduce a boyfriend to her grandpa, she will be forced to marry the man he have picked for her. She asked Chicken face for help, but he turned her down. She was already losing hope, and when her grandpa arrived, she thought it was the end of it, but he came and saved her by pretending to be her boyfriend. She later on learned that he agreed to be her fake boyfriend, because his grandma was forcing her to marry a girl of her choice. In the end, they both learned that they were supposed to marry each other. Of course, the two of them were so shocked, but they have to pretend for a while to please their grandparents…

The more that they pretend that they love each other, the more that they found themselves falling in love. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish if they are acting for real, or pretending. But this incident have made them much closer, and get to know each other better. It just made them love each other more. But even if they are both in love with each other, they were too stubborn to admit it. Reason is because they thought the other is still in love with their past love. Chicken face thought that Ms. Piggy is still in love with her best friend, while Ms. Piggy thought that Chicken face is still in love with his senior.

Finally, Chicken face had the courage to tell Ms. Piggy how she feels. And that happened when her best friend came back. He is scared to lose her to him, so he decided to fight for what he feels. Ms. Piggy told him that he feels the same. They got together. It was supposed to be a happy ending, but the worst is about to come. Her best friend does not approve of him, and worse, the best friend she used to love finally realized that he is in love with her. He set Chicken face up with a girl, and made Ms. Piggy believe that he is lying to her, that she’s cheating on him. Of course, she believed what she saw. She believed her best friend. It hurts her to see the man she loves in bed with another woman. She decided to break up with him for a while, not to see him to clear her mind. Her best friend took advantage of their situation, and tried to woo her, but she couldn’t accept his love. She still love Chicken face despite everything, and her best friend could not accept it. Meanwhile, Chicken face tried to find a proof of his innocence, to let Ms. Piggy know that he was faithful to her. When he got his proof, the first thing he did was to look for her, but when he found her, he saw her kissing her best friend.”

A tear rolled down her eyes as she remembered every moment of that chaotic stage of their relationship. She sniffed as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Chicken face thought that she didn’t love her anymore… that she chose to be with her best friend, but he was wrong. She chose him. She chose him even if she have no knowledge yet about him being setup. She was ready to forgive him, but her best friend ruined everything. Chicken face got mad. He broke up with her. He pushed her away. In the end, he left her alone. She could have followed him. She could have asked him to stay, but she chose not to. Her grandpa once told her that if you love someone, you will be after their happiness, even if it means that you’re not part of that happiness. He left because of her… she knew she have hurt him a lot, and she knew he simply wanted to move, and so, she let him go…”


Chun finally arrived in Taipei. He got inside Nicholas’ car, and the first thing he did was turn the radio on. The very first voice he heard was the voice of DJ Angel, the girl he loved, and still loves until now. He paused for a while, and listened to what she said.

“Chicken face, I don’t know if you can hear me. But if you do, I just want you to know that I love you… I still do. I’m sorry if I didn’t believe you. I’m sorry if I didn’t trust you enough. I’m sorry if I became weak. God knows how scared I am to lose you… and because I was too scared, I eventually lost you…”

He could hear her cry. He could hear her sob as she speaks.

“If God will give me another chance, I’ll never let you go. I’ll fight for you. I know one day, fate will bring you back to me. There was never a night that I prayed, hoping that He will bring you back to me. I never get tired of waiting for you, and if I had to wait for another lifetime, I will wait for you… even if I live another life, I will choose to love you, and only you…”

He felt a tear fall down on his eyes as she listened to her. He sure missed her so much. Then, he let out a smile. The timing is just perfect for him. He only came back to settle some of his business here, but now that he heard what Ella said, he have finally decided to stay for good. To be with the girl he loves.

He then looked at his brother. “Nic…” he called. Nicholas looked at him, and smiled. “I know.” Nicholas said. Then, he began to drive.


“DJ Angel, that was a very touching story. I sure hope that you will see your chicken face again. Jia You!” one of her callers said. Ella let out a sad smile. “Thank you for cheering me up.” She said. “DJ Angel, I never thought that all this time, you were broken hearted. I thank you for always being there for us in spite of it all. Don’t worry, we’ll always support you.” Another caller said. “DJ Angel, I believe that chicken face will come back for you. You always tell us that there is a reason for everything. Don’t worry, I know there is a good reason behind your heartache. Thanks for always being there for us.” Another caller said.

Ella pressed on the button to accept another caller. “And may we have another caller on the line. Hello?” she said. “DJ Angel…” a familiar voice said. She paused as she listened to him speak. “Who… who is this?” she asked as she stuttered. “This is your chicken face.”

Ella covered her mouth as she began to break down again. Tears cascaded from her eyes upon hearing Chun’s voice. “This chicken face is a jerk, you know… he left you… he left you to think things through… he’s also a jerk because he chose to give you up. He is a coward because he could have fought for what he feels… he chose to run away from all the hurt… he chose to make you cry, while he suffered silently. But after all this time, the chicken face still loved Ms. Piggy. He never grew tired of loving her, and praying for a sign that you would still feel the same…” he said. Ella bit her lips as more tears flowed from her eyes. As she looked at the window, she saw Chun standing with a phone on his ear.

“Both of us were in pain. In one way or another, we both have hurt each other. But looking back, I’d rather be hurt by you, than anyone else in this world. While I was away from you, I realized that I can never be truly happy without you. I realized that I couldn’t make it through without you. You were the only one who could give me the encouragement and the support I needed. With you, the day doesn’t seem that long. I don’t have to rush things, or wait for time to pass. When I’m with you, it’s as if nothing else matters… and I love that feeling. I love how I feel when I’m with you, and no one could ever make me feel that way. You had everything that I had, Ella… you had my life, my heart, my soul, and I could never be the same again if you’re not by my side.

I know, what happened in the past is just a test for us. Maybe we did fail it, but as you said, there’s always a reason for everything, right? I just got out of the airport, when I heard you talk about us. I guess that’s fate. I guess I really am meant to hear all the things that you’ve just said, to make me realize what I wanted the most – and that is you. “

Ella stood up from her seat. Chun went inside the DJ’s booth, still talking to her over the phone. As they both stood to face each other, tears couldn’t help but fall from their eyes. “Ella… I love you. I’ll always will. I will love you everyday, for the rest of my life. Will you give me another chance to make things right? Will you give me the chance to prove to you again that I am worthy of you? I promise I won’t mess up this time…” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “God, I love you, Ellie… I really do…” he said. “I love you too, Chun.” She said. Chun put his phone off. He reached for her cheek, and then wiped the tears away. “I can’t promise that I won’t make you cry. I also can’t promise that I won’t hurt you. But I promise to always believe and trust in you. I promise you that I will be a better man, and a better boyfriend. I assure you that…” he said. “You don’t have to promise me anything, Chun… just love me.” She said. Chun let out a smile. Then, he leaned down on her, and gave her a long kiss on the lips.


Three months later.

Chun put the headphones on as he sat under the tree. From afar, he could see Ella playing ball with Tammy. He could only smile as he watched the girl he loves. After a while, Ella ran up to him, and sat beside him. “What are you listening to?” she asked. “Oh, some random songs…” he said. Ella just nodded her head. Then, he let out a smile. “Baobei, this song is really great. Listen to it while I go get something, all right?” he said. Ella smiled at him, and then he gave her his iPod. As Chun stood up and leave, Ella pressed on the play button. There as a few seconds of silence, and instead of a song, she heard Chun’s voice.

“You may be surprised that instead of a song, you’re hearing my voice instead. Don’t dare to switch this or I swear to got, you will regret it.” She heard Chun said. She let out a laugh at what he said. “There are a lot of things I want to tell you. A lot of things that I tend to forget to say when I’m with you. Not that I have a short-term memory gap or something, but when I’m with you, I always end up getting mesmerized by you that I get speechless. So, listen to what I have to say.

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me another chance. I always tell you that I won’t mess up this time, and I am determined to keep that promise. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always stating by my side, for holding my hand when I’m scared, for assuring me that you do love me. Sometimes, I think to myself that I don’t deserve the kind of love that you are giving me. It’s too good to be true… it’s like a dream. But this is far better than a dream. For everything that you have done and will do for me, thank you.

Second, I want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on. Aside from my mom of course. Although there are times that I look at other girls when we’re together, it’s because I tend to compare them to you. I compare who is more prettier – you or them. In the end, it’s you who always won.”

Ella let out a laugh upon hearing what he said.

“You’re not just beautiful outside, but also inside. You are the most kindhearted girl I ever met in my entire life, so don’t ever change. The Ella I love is fat, have a cute button nose, and looks like a dragon when she’s mad.

Next, I want to tell you about my dream. I have this dream that I wish you can fulfill one day. And do you know what that is? I want you to become the mother of my kids…”

Ella paused as she heard what he said. Then, she looked up, and saw walking up to him. His recording on the iPod suddenly stopped as soon as he came back. “I want to have a family with you. A cute daughter that will look like you, and will be as smart as you are. I want us to live in a simple house with four kids, two dogs and a pool at the backyard. I want to take care of you when you’re sick, sleep beside you each night, be the first person I see when I wake up and the last one before I sleep. I want to grow old with you, and makes lots of memories with you.” Chun said.

Ella was getting confused of what he is telling her. “What is this all about, Chun?” she asked. Then, he reached for his pocket and showed him a small box. He opened it, and she saw a solitary diamond ring inside. Ella gasped, for she already knew what Chun is trying to tell her. “Ella Chen, Ms. Piggy, will you marry this chicken face who loves you so much?” he asked. He gave her a puppy-eye look which made her giggle. Then, she nodded her head. “I would love to be chicken face’s wife.” She said. Then, she gave him his hand, and he slid the ring on his finger.

Chun looked at her, and smiled. Finally, they will be together, forever.

“I love you, Ms. Piggy.”
“I love you too, Chicken face.”


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