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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
The Man-Hater - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Day Off

“Wu, you're out.”

The police officer unlocked the cell, and the very haggard-looking Chun got out of the cell. Too much stress for out lover boy. You see, he had to endure being harassed by two muscular, sex-hungered, gay men inside the cell. Good thing the police officer stopped them before they could even rape lover boy.

As he got out, he saw his three friends. He folded his arms, and glared at them. “Very funny.” he said. “We just couldn't believe that you would actually do that. You are desperate, Chun.” George said. “Look, I had a very long night. So spare me all your mocking.” he said. He just signed some papers, and then he was free to go. Tomorrow, he is expecting that he will be the headline of all newspapers. He could picture it. Hotel Heir attempts to rape young architect. That would be the headline. He let out a sigh at that thought. He could accept it if he really did try to rape her. He jut kissed her. “Just fucking kissed her!” he thought. Ella sure is a smart woman. As soon as she saw some policemen getting out of the car, she cried rape. Of course, though he tried to reason out with them, they would not believe her, because he was pinning her on the wall.

He was damn tired. As soon as he got into his bad, he went straight to his room, and threw himself on the bed. “How I wished I really did rape her... at least it would ease all the embarrassment. But I just fucking kissed her.” he told himself. He laid on his back, and he closed his eyes. The memory of that kiss came into his mind again.

“Then, I will turn you into a woman.”

He remember the shocked look on Ella's face as he leaned down to force a kiss on her. He remembered her soft lips against his. Cherry. She must be wearing a cherry-flavored lipstick, he thought. He remembered not wanting to stop, if all the deities in the universe would just allow him, he will kiss her forever and ever. He loved the feeling of her breath against her, and the feeling of her hear racing against her chest as they kissed. He let out a smile, and touched his lips. “That was one hell of a kiss...” he thought.

He knew his head was swirling as he kissed her, and he never felt that way before. He just couldn't remember if she did respond to her. Maybe she was too busy fighting with him, struggling to get free from his grip that she actually didnt know that she is responding to him. Though his body fell sore from her hits, there was no way he would stop. But as he felt a tear fall down her eyes, he felt that he needed to stop. When he looked into her eyes, he saw something in it – fear. He never saw that in her all this time that he is chasing her. Not from the mighty Ella Chen. And then there was sadness.

Maybe what he did was over edge. He shouldn't have done that, being a gentleman that he is. Girls forced to kiss him, not the other way around. It was only Ella that made him do the things that he have never done before. It was only Ella that made him this frustrated. It was only Ella made him embarrassed. It was only her that had the power to make him feel this way.

He let out a smile as he touched his lips with his finger. That kiss will not be the last, he swore. He will not stop until he could conquer that man-hater's heart.


“Are you going to give up now, Chun?” George asked as he swung his golf club. Chun paused, then looked at him, giving him a smirk. “Are you kidding me?” he said. “You meant to say, after all the things that happened, you are still going after her? Are you insane?” George asked. “Not insane. Let's just say that she challenge me enough. No woman had this effect on me. And besides, I've gone this far in chasing her, why should I stop now.” Chun said. With that, George just shook his head. “Fine... just don't call us again if you get in trouble with that girl.” he said.


She walked towards a grave.

She stopped before it, and placed the lavender flowers on it. Her fingers run through the name engraved on the tombstone. She bit her lips as she tried her fought back her tears from streaming her face. It has always been this way, always the same story when she visits this grave. She couldn't help but remember that painful memory that had haunted her ever since. But as she closed her eyes, she could still remember that night – the night that changed her life forever.

“Daddy!” she cried. “Daddy don't leave us! Please!” She held on tight to her father's hand, but the elder man just pushed her away, making her fall on the floor. She could remember the glare in his eyes as he looked at her. It broke her little heart to see him look at him angrily. And though no matter how hard she stopped him from leaving her, he just wouldn't listen. Then, on that rainy day, he walked out of the door of their home, and walked out of their lives forever. As the door closed behind him, the family picture sitting on a the table fell on the floor, with it's shattered glassed all over the happy picture they had as a family.

She took a deep breath, and opened her eyes. She wiped the tear from her eyes, and erasing her previous thought. She let out a sad smile as she looked at the grave before her. “I'm sorry, mom...” she said. “I know you wouldn't want me to be sad... but I just couldn't help but cry whenever I remember that night...” she said. She paused, and let out another tear from her eyes. “I just can't, mom... it's all because of him that I lost you... and I could never forgive him for that.” she said. Then, she stood up, and composed herself. “Happy birthday, mommy... I miss you...” she said. She turned around, and walked away from the grave. As she got into her car, a tall figure got out of hiding from the tree. He looked at the car as it drove away from him. “Jia Hua...” he whispered. He looked far away, longing to hold her, and to make her feel all right, but he just couldn't do that anymore. Then he looked a the grave, where she stayed a little while a few moments ago. “Auntie Chen...” he whispered sadly. “I'm sorry... I really am... I do hope you can forgive me for leaving your daughter...” he said. Then, he hang his head low as he walked away.


It's been a week since that kissing incident with Chun.

The lover have not been around the man-hater, pestering her and annoying her with his flirtings, which, of course, made our man-hater quite happy. At least that taught him the lesson not to mess up with her.

But then, one busy Wednesday morning, while she is in the middle of a meeting with her team of architects, Chun barged inside the conference room. Ella looked at him with shock and confusion. Behind him was the office's receptionist, Joe. “Architect Chen, I'm sorry, but Mr. Wu... he insisted...” the girl said nervously, afraid that she might fire her upon seeing her nemesis' face. “It's OK, Joe. Go back to work.” she said. Then, she looked at her team. “I think we should stop here for now.” she said.

Everyone collected their things and dashed out of the conference room, leaving Chun and Ella behind. Ella raised an eyebrow at him, her one hand on her waist. “What do you want, Mr. Wu?” she asked in a firm tone. Chun just let out a smirk as he walked up to her. “Revenge.” he said. Then, he gripped her hand so tight so that she won't escape her. As he held her tight, she struggled to get free. She doesn't know what's going on in that little head of his, but she knew she is in danger. She is always in danger when Wu Ji Chun is around her. “Let go of me!” she shouted at him. Chun ignored her. Instead, she dragged her outside of the conference room.

The guys at Polygon Designs could only watch with curiosity as lover boy drag the man-hater out. “Let go, you bastard!” she shouted at him, still struggling against his grip. Chun paused, and looked at her. “I won't this is my revenge.” he said. He let out another playful smirk on his lips as he dragged her out. Ella began to hit him everywhere, kicking him, but Chun just wouldn't let her go. “You stupid jerk! Let go or I'll call the police!” she shouted at him.

She found herself being dragged at the building's parking area. As they stopped in front of Chun's red ferrari, Chun pushed her inside. He secured her with his seatbelt, and then got on the driver's seat. Ella struggled to get free, but she couldn't. “Bastard! You're not even supposed to be near me! You should have kept your distance from me. 50 feet, to be exact!” she shouted angrily at him. Chun started the engine of his car. “50 feet? I dont think I received an order to be keep myself 50 feet away from you...”
“Jerk! I swear I am going to file a case against you. First, you attempted to rape me. Now, you're kidnapping me! You'll rot in hell.”
“I sure don't mind. Now keep your mouth shut or I will definitely rape you here.”
Then, he pressed on the accelerator, and drove the car away from this busy city.


Chun stopped his car in front of a villa. He got out of the car, and then opened the door on Ella's side. “Get out.” he commanded. Ella looked away from him as she folded her arm. “I am not going anywhere with a pervert like you.” she said. “You better get out or I will have to drag you out, missy.” he said. Ella shook her head. He let out a sigh. He sure is losing all his patience to this girl. “Get out now, Ms. Chen.” he said. “Bu shi. Iie. Ayaw.” Ella said. He let out another sigh, and decided to force her out of his car. He leaned down on her, their foreheads touching. Ella was surprised upon having his face close to hers, just like the last time. She was getting nervous. She doesn't know what Chun had in store for him. Then, he let out a smile as his face moved closer. Then, she heard a clicking sound. Soon, the seatbelt that secure her was gone. Then, he carried her out of the car in bridal style.

“Let me down!” she shouted at him. Chun let her down in an instant. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked. “Relax, Ella... I'm not going to do anything to you. As I've said, I want revenge.” he said. Ella raised an eyebrow at him again as she folded her arms. “And your revenge means disrupting someone's meeting and ruining her work schedule?” she asked sarcastically. “More like forcing her to take a day off.” Chun said. He walked towards the villa, and as she saw the house, she paused.
It's as if someone splashed cold water on her.

“W-what... what is this place?” she asked calmly. “This is my friend's villa. We're here in Kaoshiung, if you must now.” Chun explained. She continued to stare at the house in front of her. She lowered her head as memories of Ah Ru came back to her. She remembered that villa to be their very first project together when they were still starting out to be architects.


“Ah Ru! Look!” she said, pointing at the newly built villa before them. Ah Ru looked at it, and then looked at the blue print in his hand. Then he let out a smile as she looked at her. “We did it! I can't believe that we did it!” Ah Ru said. Ella smiled at him. Ah Ru then hugged her tight. Ella continued to gaze at the villa they have designed and built together. “Aiya... I wish one day we could have a house as pretty as this one.” she said. Ah Ru nodded his head. “Of course, Jia Hua. I will build a home for us, much bigger than this villa. But for now, you have to go with my little cramped apartment.” he said. Ella giggled at him, then she rested her head on his chest. “Anywhere, as long as I'm with you, it's much better than home. It's heaven.” she said. Then, she looked up at him, and he gave her a peck on the lips.

[End of Flashback]

“Take me back.” she commanded. Chun gave her a confused look. “We just got here, and -”
“Just take me back, Mr. Wu.”

She started to walk back to the car. Chun ran after her, and stopped her by holding her hand. “What's wrong?” he said in a frustrated tone. “Just take me back.” she said, not looking back at her. “Look, I just want one day to be with you. Why can't you give that to me?”
“Because I don't want to, all right?”
“Look, I don't know why you hate me, or all other guys for that matter. But let me prove to you that I am way better than that Calvin guy...”
This time, Ella looked at him with anger in his eyes. “Don't dare compare yourself with Ah Ru.” she said. “For me, he is a hundred times better than you. You are nothing to him.” she added. Chun let out a little laugh as he folded his arms. “Much better? If he is much better than me, why did he leave you on your wedding day?” he asked.

She was caught off-guard with his question. She wished she knew the answer, so that she could defend Ah Ru, but his sudden disappearance in his life had just brought more questions to her. “If he does love you, he will never walk out on you. If he does care for you, he should have not gotten all your hopes high. He's your past, and you know what, you should move on. You're only hurting yourself more by holding on to his memories.” he told her. “You don't have the right to tell me what to do.” she told him. “You have to know the truth, Ella. The truth is, you're hurting yourself more by not letting him go. He left you. Maybe he have fallen out of love with you. The fact that he is not man enough by telling you beforehand that he doesn't want to marry you, only means that he doesn't deserve you. The fact that he never came back for you only means that it's over for him. And you can't go blaming and hating other guys because of what he did.” he said. Ella could only glare at him. “Who are you tell me what I should do with my life? You think you know me well? Then think again, Mr. Wu. You don't know my story, like Ah Ru does. You don't know the very reason why I fell in love with him in the first place.”

Ella turned her back on him, and then walked up to the car. “Just take me away from here, all right” she said. Chun let out a groan, and followed her to the car. As they drove back, Ella was quietly staring outside the window. He felt a tug in his heart as he watched her stare outside sadly. Somehow, he felt bad of what he said a while ago, making her feel upset. As he drove past the beach, he let out a smile, and decided to stop there.

He got out of the car and soon, Ella followed him outside. “Do you want to be alone to think things through?” he asked. Ella could only glare at him. “Are you planning to leave me here? Be my guest.” she said. Chun let out a smile. He put his hands on his pockets, and looked at her again. “I'm sorry, all right. I didn't know you could be that emotional when it comes to Calvin. Look, I'll find something to eat first. Let me know when you're done crying.” he said. He left her alone to think.

As the cold breeze blew on her, she hugged herself and gazed at the sea. Maybe Chun is right. Maybe she should learn how to really move on. Seven years have already passed, and he have not come back for her, to even explain the reason why she left. No one really seem to understand why she was so attached to Ah Ru, why despite the fact that he left her, she continued to love her. Ah Ru is the only man she ever trusted, and the only man she ever loved. He was the one who have seen her at her worst, and cope up with it. He was the only man who accepted her past, the one who stood up for her. He loved her like no other man could. When he left, she felt like the biggest (and the best) part of her have already died.

With Chun coming into her life, it only made things harder for her. The lavender rose, the restaurant, the song he serenaded her, all of it just triggered her to remember Ah Ru. And she missed him now, more than ever. Chun made her realize that all these time, she have not moved on, although she have already convinced herself that she's over it. Why is it that when you have already forgotten the past, someone would come to remind it to you?

“ice cream?” Ella looked beside him, and saw him holding two cones of ice cream. She let out a smile, and took the ice cream from his hand. “Thanks.” she said. He felt his heart beat fast as she smiled his way. He felt himself blushing, just like a giddy little school boy. There was a silence between the two. Chun couldn't help but watch her as she ate her ice cream, and as her eyes would land a gaze at the sea. Whatever Calvin's reasons are for leaving Ella, he surely made a bad decision.

“So... you want to talk about it?” he asked. Ella eyed him, raising an eyebrow at him. “Why would I want to talk about it?” she asked. “Because letting him out can make a big difference. And I'm really curious about this Calvin guy... I mean, if I am going to compete with him, at least give me an advantage and let me know who he is.” he said. Ella raised an eyebrow at him. “Compete with him? Really now?” she said. Chun nodded his head. “As far as I am concerned, I am courting you, remember?” he said. Ella smiled as she nodded her head. “Well, to bad, you just don't have an advantage over him.” she said. With that, Chun let out a hurt expression. “Ouch... you broke my heart...” he said. Ella just laughed at his reaction.

Again, lover boy was feeling the tug in his heart. It was racing against his chest as she smiled, and laughed. He felt as if he was catching up with his breath as he gazed at her, and he prayed to God that she won't notice the redness in his cheek. “Come on... tell me about him...” he said. “Ah Ru...” she said. She paused, and let out a sad smile. “He loved me. He was the only man who ever loved me. He... he was there by my side as I reached for my dreams. He was there through all the loneliness and pain that I've been through. He... always manage to keep the smile on my face although there is no reason to smile about. He did the craziest things for me, made the impossible thing possible. Hell, if I would just ask for it, he will go up to the skies and bring stars for me...” she said. As she speaks, Chun just stares at her. At that moment, he wanted to be what Ah Ru is to her. He wanted to do the things that Ah Ru have done for her. He wanted to be in his place, period.

“So, all these time, you still love Ah Ru?” he asked. Ella turned to him, and nodded his head. “I never stopped loving him.” she said. “Ouch...” he thought. So much for him wanting to take Ah Ru's place, as it was hopeless for him. Ella hugged herself as she gazed at the sea again. “I knew Ah Ru loved me. I knew he did... that's why until now, I'm still wondering why he left me on our wedding day. He just told me that he can't marry me, and then he disappeared in my life just like that. There's a lot of things I want to say, I want to ask... but I guess those things will remain unsaid until the day he comes back... how I wish he will come back...”

She lowered her head as she bit her lower lip. Chun wanted so much to hold her close to him, and let her cry on his shoulder. “Ella...” he whispered. She looked up at him, and let out a smile. “Sorry... I am not used to let other people see this weak side of me.” she said. Chun shook her head. “Sometimes, you have to let people see that weak side of yours. You're not superman. You can never be strong at all kinds of situations.” he said. Ella let out another smile at him. “I never thought you can be this deep...” she said. “There's more to me that what you see in my facade. I only hope that you will give me a chance to show you the real me...” he said.

Ella let out a faint laugh. She shook herself, and looked away from him. “So, what will you do if Calvin comes back? What if he asks you back?” he asked. “Will he?”
“Who knows, when he comes back, then it means that he realized that he still loves you.”
“You know, I always wish for that day to come. If he does come back for me, and answer the questions in my heart, then I would be the happiest girl alive.”
Chun paused, and look at her. “If I make him appear in your life once more, then will you give me that chance to be close to you?” he asked. Ella gave him a confused look. “You will make him appear?” she asked. “I know I can make him come back into your life. If I do that, then will you give me the chance to get to know you better? If I make him come back, will you give me a chance to date you for just one night?” he asked. Ella let out another laugh at him. “You must be kidding. That's impossible.” she said.

As she laughed, she turned away from him, and walked through the shore. Chun let out a sigh as he watched her. “I can also make impossible things possible, Ella...” he said to her in a loud voice. Ella stopped, and looked back at him. “Mr. Wu?” she asked. Chun walked up to him. “if you think making him come back into your life is impossible, then I will make it possible. I'll do everything for you to see him again.” he said. Ella shook her head. “Mr. Wu...” she said. “And one more thing, cut the formalities and call me Chun, all right?” he said. Ella let out a sigh as she folded her arms. “Fine... Chun... I don't know how you will do it... but OK... you got yourself a deal, all right. If you make him come back, then I owe you a date.” she said. Upon hearing that, Chun let out a smile.


It was night time when Chun and Ella arrived back in Taipei. Chun stopped his car in front of Ella's house, and as he turned to her, he found her sleeping peacefully on her seat. He stared at her face for a long time, and then he brushed the hair on her face to have a closer look at her. As his fingers caressed her soft cheek, Ella slowly opened her eyes. She sat up straight, and as she looked outside the window, she saw that they are already in front of her house. “Oh... thank you for the ride, Chun.” she said. Chun nodded his head. “The pleasure is mine.” he said. As she unbuckled her seatbelt, Chun called her again. “Ella... can I see you again?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and smile. “You always get your way, don't you?” she said. “So, is that a yes?” he asked in an unsure tone. “I am actually expecting you to barge in anytime. I guess it's a yes, Chun.” she said. She gave him another smile as she got out of his car.

Chun smiled to himself as he watched Ella enter her house. He leaned back on his chair as he clutched his heart. “Game over, Chun...” he thought. “You were the one who fell in love with Ella Chen first...”

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