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Saturday, October 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Catch Me I'm Falling

If I could just walk away
Without you from day to day
I would die just thinking of you
I know we can never be
More than friends, you and me
But why do I feel this way
Catch me I'm falling for you
And I don't know what to do...


He stood before the altar, and as he turned around, the cathedral's door began to open. The light came through the cathedral, and then a girl in a long white gown began to walk towards his direction. From afar, he could see her. He was instantly mesmerized by her beauty. She is beautiful, but she never looked this beautiful than today. Her radiant smile seems to lighten up the whole place. He could hear a thousand angels singing their song. It seems the world stopped at the glimpse of her. Before he knew it, she was already standing before him. He took her hand, and then led her to the altar. He never took his eyes off her, afraid that she would fade in an instant.

“Do you, Arron Yan-Wu, take Ariel Lin to be your wife, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death do you part?” he heard someone say. Arron smiled at her, and nodded his head. “I do.” he answered. Ariel smiled back at him upon hearing his answer. “Do you, Ariel Lin, take Arron Yan-Wu, to be your husband, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death do you part?” the voice asked again. Ariel smiled sweetly at him before giving her answer. “I do.” she said. “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Arron lifted up Ariel's veil, and stared into her lovely face for a long time. Then, he leaned over her, and kiss her on the lips.

“Wake up Arron, wake up. Wake up, Arron, wake up.”

Arron opened his eyes, and sat up on his chair. His alert tone really knows how to make him wake up from a beautiful dream. He looked at the clock beside him, and saw that it's already 10 AM. He still have an hour to prepare to go to school. He gathered his things, and put it inside his bag, then he went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once he's done, he got himself dressed and then he gathered his bag and his things to go to school. As he descended down the stairs, he saw a plate of food on the table. Curious, he walked towards it. He saw a note from Ariel. He took it, and read its contents.


I know you'll wake up late again. Anyway, I made you breakfast. Don't leave home without eating it all up, OK? Anyway, have a good day! Good luck in school and on your job. Jia You!


I miss you already :)

Once again, Arron felt that giddy feeling upon reading her notes. Everything that he's doing is really worth it, although he had to sacrifice most of his time working instead of hanging out with her. “Don't worry, Ariel... I promise to give you the best birthday ever.” he thought. He sat down on the table, and then he ate the breakfast that Ariel prepared for him.


“Arron, have you finished the plate that we'll be submitting next week?” Ken asked as they were walking through the hall. Arron paused, and then he smacked himself in the head. “How could I forget all about it!” he exclaimed. Ken could only laugh at him. He shook his head, then he patted his shoulder. “You keep on forgetting our assignments since you worked. Not to mention, you already look like a panda. Are you sure you can still manage it” he asked worried. Arron looked at him. He smiled, and nodded his head. “Of course, I can still manage it. Don't worry about me.” he said. “Are you really sure? I know you're not used to doing this, since you're a rich kid.”
“Even if I am a rich kid doesn't mean that I don't have to work.”
“Why are you even trying so hard, Arron. You know for yourself that you don't have to work.”

Arron paused, then he thought of Ariel, and he thought of the necklace he wanted to give to her on her birthday. “I just want to make some girl smile...” he said. Ken gave him a confused look. “What? You're working hard because of a girl?” he asked in a surprised tone. Arron nodded his head. “Lucky girl... I never thought you have a girlfriend. I bet you don't have much time for her because of your part time job...” Ken said. Arron looked away from him, and then smiled sadly. “I wish he is my girl...” he muttered under his breath. Ken gave him another confused look as he heard what he said. “Wait, this girl isn't your girlfriend?” he asked. Arron was taken aback by his question. “Well... uh... no... she isn't...” he said. “And you said you want to make her smile? Really lucky girl, whoever she is. Are you courting her?” Ken asked. Arron shook his head. “She's only a friend. A good friend.” he said. “And you want to be more than friends?” Ken asked. Arron smiled sadly, and shook his head. “We... we can never be more than friends...” he said sadly. Ken smiled at him, and patted his shoulder. “For sure... if she found out the reason why you're doing this, she would give you a chance. I assure you that, Arron. Girls fall for guys who really makes an effort to make them happy. Trust me.” he said. Arron smiled at him again and nodded his head. “Yeah... I really hope she would give me a chance...” he said.


It's 6 in the morning, and Ariel just woke up. She got out of her room, and saw Arron's door slightly open. She took a look inside his room, and she saw him still up and studying his lessons. “Arron?” she called as she opened the door. Arron looked at her, and smile. “Oh... hey, Ariel! You're up already?” he asked. She smiled and nodded her head. “Why did you wake up early? You came home late last night...” she said in a worried tone. Arron simply shook his head. “I haven't had a good sleep since I came home. I need to review for our exams today.” he said. He could see Ariel's eyes widen in surprise. “You haven't slept yet? Oh my God! Arron Yan-Wu! What are you doing to yourself? Are you trying to kill yourself?!” she said furiously at him. Arron only gave her a warm smile. “Ariel, calm down. Don't worry too much about me. Besides... I only did it today... I really need to stay up and study for our exams...” he said in a calm tone. “How can I not worry about you, Arron? Since you had that job in the bar, you didn't have enough sleep! You have to juggle your studies and your work. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You got thinner, and you already looked like a zombie! How can I not worry about you? What will grandpa tell me when they see like this? They'll tell me I am not taking care of you! And they might not let you go back here with me!” she shouted.

Arron could only smile at her in amusement. He have never seen Ariel this worried about him. Somehow, he could feel that Ariel does love her with the way she is acting, but he knows it's only a sisterly love. “Ariel... stop overreacting...” he said. “Overreacting? Overreacting?! Do you think
I'm overreacting?! Arron Yan-Wu... do you know why I'm acting this way? It's because I care about you! I care about you a lot and I'm scared that if something happens to you...” Arron stood up from his seat, and then walked towards her. Then, he hugged her tight, making her silent. “Ariel... stop being like this...” he said. Then, he let her go, and smiled at her. “Nothing will happen to me... trust me. Besides, it's just a few weeks deal. I will resign as soon as I got my aim. OK?” he said. “What aim? Will you promise me that you will if you got what you needed? Ariel asked. “I can't tell you the reason why I'm doing this, but I assure you, I'm going to be OK and I'll stop as soon as I get my aim.” he said. Ariel gave him a dubious look. “Are you sure?” she asked. “When did I break any promise to you, Ariel?” he asked. Ariel pouted at him, and shook her head. “See? I haven't broken a promise. I'm keeping my promise to you. I swear, if I can't bear it anymore, I'll stop.” he said. “Are you sure?” she asked again. Arron just laughed as he nodded his head. “I'm sure.” he said. Then, he raised his right hand. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”


“Closing time!” Ken shouted as he run up to the door. He changed the sign to 'Close', then he locked the doors. Arron then grabbed the mop from one corner and began to clean. “Wei, Arron... don't forget. We'll be passing our plates tomorrow.” Ken reminded him. Arron smiled at him, and nodded his head. He dipped the mop on the bucket filled with water, and began to clean up the place. Just then, Billie came up to them. “Oh, Ken and Arron... I need you again early tomorrow, OK?” she said. The two of them nodded their head, and then, Billie left the two to clean the place.

After a while, Ken stood up to rest for a while, then noticed something in Arron. He seemed so pale, and that his moves were getting slower. “Arron... are you OK?” he asked worriedly. Arron looked at him, and nodded his head. “I'm OK, don't worry.” he said. But Ken does not believe him. The truth is, our leading man is not feeling well. He was feeling weaker, and dizzy. Then, he paused, and tried to support himself on the mop he's holding. “Arron, I think you're not feeling well. Stop cleaning, I'll continue that for you...” Ken said. But stubborn as a mule, Arron shook his head. “I'm OK. Really...” he said in a faint voice. “You're not OK, Arron...” Ken said. Arron couldn't take it anymore. His vision is becoming more blurry, and he felt like everything around him is spinning. He looked at Ken, but he was fading from his sight. Then, he closed his eyes, and all he could remember is darkness.

Arron collapsed before Ken's eyes. “Arron!” Ken panicked. The staffs at the bar came up to him, including Billie. “What happened?” Billie asked Ken. “He just collapsed, jie... I think he isn't really feeling well...” ken said. “Hao lah, hao lah.... what are you guys doing there?! Carry him and we'll send this young man at the hospital.” she said in a panicked tone. Two other staff at the bar helped Ken carry Arron outside to rush him at the nearest hospital.


At the hospital...

Arron slowly opened his eyes, and the first person he saw is Ariel, who was not smiling at him. He smiled upon seeing her, for he thinks as if he have seen an angel. “Hey...” he said in a weak voice. Ariel folded her arms, and rolled her eyes. “Hey yourself. You got me worried.” she said. Arron let out a faint laugh at what he said. “Nevertheless, you're worried...” he said. Ariel sighed, and then she turned to him. “Arron... you promised me! You said that if you can't do it anymore, you'll stop. Look at you... you just tire yourself out!” she shouted at him. “It's not I'm going to die...” he said. Ariel frowned at him. “Or am I?” he asked. Ariel shook her head. “You lack sleep, and you weren't eating properly. That's what the doctor said. So, Mr. Wu, from now on you will have to follow what I say. You will stop working, and you'll rest for days, OK?” she said. Arron gave her a confused look. “Rest for days?” he asked. Ariel nodded her head. “For a week, to be exact.”
“But Ariel... I can't miss school!”
“And whose fault it is? Whose fault it is that you tire yourself out and got sick?”

Arron sighed in resignation. “My fault...” he said in a low voice. “See? Now you have to miss school, at time that it's almost finals week. Don't worry, I'll talk to your professors... maybe they can give you some make up projects or something...” Ariel said. Arron looked up at her, and smiled at her. “Ariel, thank you...” he said. “Don't thank me yet, Arron. And just curious... why do you need the money for?” she asked. Arron let out a playful smile at her. “Oh, that would be a secret...” he said. Now, it's Ariel's turn to give him a playful smile. “Are you trying to save up for your plane ticket going to Taiwan? To see Ella again?” she asked. Arron laughed and shook his head. “Of course not, silly. I'm preparing a surprise for someone very important to me.” he said. Ariel nodded her head. “Oh, so that's why you're tiring yourself. Actually, I called your brother to tell him what happened to you, and you know what he told me? He told me he sent you an extra for your allowance this month...” Ariel said. Arron could not believe what he heard. He thought his brother wouldn't send him an extra for that month, and then he did. “Chun ge did?” he asked. Ariel nodded her head again. “So I don't think you need to work now. He sent you an extra, so you don't have to worry about money matters...” she said. Arron smiled to himself. Now that he's got an extra allowance, he could buy that necklace for Ariel, and maybe throw a little surprise party for her.


Arron put the blind folds on Ariel's eyes, and then he held her hand, and lead her to a cab waiting outside their apartment. “Arron, tell me what's going on?” she asked for the 10th time that evening. “Just trust me, OK?” he said. Then, he looked at the driver, and gave him a thumbs up sing. The driver nodded his head, and began to drives. 15 minutes later, they were already in front of Billie's bar. Arron helped Ariel get out of the car, and enter the bar.

“Are you ready?” he asked Ariel. Ariel let out a nervous laugh. “I'm nervous...” she said. “Hey, don't be. I hope you'll like this little surprise.” he said. He walked behind her, and then he took off her blindfold. Ariel slowly opened her eyes, and she saw all of her friends and colleagues before her, and a big banner up on them. “Happy birthday, Ariel!” everyone shouted. Ariel was very surprised, and was happy at it. She looked at Arron, and smiled at her. “You... you did all of this for me? For my birthday?” she asked. Arron smiled, and nodded his head. “Now, you know why I took a part time job. I want to surprise your for your birthday.” he said. “You shouldn't have, Arron...” she said. Then she gave him a big hug. “Thank you Arron! You're the best!” she said. Arron was happy that Ariel loved the surprise he gave her. “Anything for you, princess...” he said as Ariel let her go. She doesn't know why, but she felt her cheeks turn red when Arron called her princess.

Then, Ariel's friend came up to her. One of her friends, Bryant, was carrying the cake. “Time to blow the cake, Ariel!” he said. He said. He lighted up the candle of the cake, and everyone sang her the birthday song. “Ariel, make a wish first before you blow the candle.” Arron said. Ariel looked at him, and smiled. “i don't think I have to wish for anything else, but I can't let my wish go to waste, right?” she said. Arron simply nodded his head. She clasped her hand, and closed her eyes, and made her wish silently. After a while, she opened her eyes, and blew the candle. “I hope your wish will come true Ariel...” Arron said. Ariel just smiled at him, and winked at him.

That whole night, all of them partied. Arron also hired a band to provide them with music. Everyone seems to be enjoying Ariel's birthday party. After a few songs, the vocalist of the band called on to Arron. “I heard the birthday celebrant's little brother have a little surprise for her...” the vocalist said. Everyone cheered onto Arron. “Arron, why don't you come up here...” Arron smiled shyly. Ariel could only laugh at seeing Arron's shy reaction. “What's the other surprise?” she asked. He just winked at her, then he stood up and went up to the stage. He then took the mic on it's stand. “So, Arron... I know you prepared for your little number?” the vocalist said. Arron nodded his head. “I'll be doing something that Ariel have been bugging me for years now.” he said. He patted Arron's shoulder, and winked at him. “OK. Good luck, man. Guys, let's hear it for Arron Yan-Wu!”

Arron positioned himself by turning his back on the crowd. As the upbeat music played, he made a funny dance (the one that Ariel have been requesting him to dance for years, which is more of a butt shaking dance), which made the crowd, even Ariel laugh hard. Then, he turned to face the crowd, and sing.

有时候只需要 一首歌就能 让我自在
You shi hou zhi xu yao yi shou ge jiu neng rang wo zi zai
There are times when I just need one song to let me free

Wang diao yao pai dui
Forgetting that I have to stand in line

空气湿答答 店员很坏
kong qi shi da da dian yuan hen huai
The weather starts to rain(?), the sales girl is so bad

就是这个时候 有一朵玫瑰在我心盛开
Jiu shi zhe ge shi hou you yi duo mei gui zai wo xin sheng kai
Right at this very moment, there’s a rose blooming in my heart

就在这个时候 阳光跟着撒下来
Jiu zai zhe ge shi hou yang guang gen zhe sa xia lai
Right at this very moment, the sunray follows to pour out

看见整个城市 在恋爱
Kan jian zheng ge cheng shi zai lian ai
Looking at the whole city that’s in love

Bu ke neng cuo guo ni
It’s impossible to miss you

yuan fen zhe jian shi you gou qi guai
The fate to meet, it is a little weird

我不期待 却偏要来
wo bu qi dai que pian yao lai
I am not gonna wait, but going to come by myself

Bu ke neng cuo guo ni
It’s impossible to miss you

ai qing zong jiao ren po bu ji dai
The feeling of love always calls out to people, unable to wait

多么愉快 自由自在
duo me yu kuai zi you zi zai
So pleasant and free

Wo jiu shi zi you zi zai
I am just so free

有时候只需要 一首歌就会 想谈恋爱
You shi hou zhi xu yao yi shou ge jiu hui xiang tan lian ai
There are times when we just need a song then we may feel the want to fall in love

Wang diao bu zi you
Forgetting that I am not free

钱会花很多 朋友责怪
qian hui hua hen duo peng you ze guai
Spending a lot of money, my friends are all criticizing me

就是这个时候 有一朵玫瑰在我心盛开
Jiu shi zhe ge shi hou you yi duo mei gui zai wo xin sheng kai
Right at this very moment, there’s a rose blooming in my heart

就在这个时候 彩虹跟着跑出来
Jiu zai zhe ge shi hou cai hong gen zhe pao chu lai
Right at this very moment, the rainbow follows to come out

那是你的微笑 你的爱
na shi ni de wei xiao ni de ai
The rainbow is your smile, it’s your love

Gang gang hao zhuan de xin qing
Just now that the feeling is getting better

jiu jian wu yun piao guo lai
The black cloud floats right after

过去的阴影 使你徘徊
Guo qu de yin ying shi ni pai huai
The shadow of the past just leaves you confused

Wo bu shi ai shen zhi hao try..try.. try..
I am not a god of love, I just try..try..try..

我不变 你就会明白
Wo bu bian ni jiu hui ming bai
I don’t change, you just have to understand

After Arron's song ended, everyone stood up and applauded him. “Go Arron! You're the man!” one of them shouted. He bowed before them, and smiled. “Thank you all!” he said. Then, he jumped from the stage, and went back to his and Ariel's table. Ariel smiled at him as he approached her. “I didn't know you would really do that funny dance!” she said as she laughed. Arron could only smile shyly at her. “Well, you've been asking for it for years now. I swear this will be the last time I'm going to do that.” he said. Then, Ariel hugged her again, which made him froze in his place. “Arron!Thanks for making this a very memorable birthday!” she said. She let him go, then pinched his cheeks. Well, our leading man can only blush at his lady love.


It was already 2 AM when Arron and Ariel came home. Ariel was so drunk, and Arron had to help her up to her room. “Princess... I know it's your birthday, but you shouldn't have to drink that much!” he scolded her as he lay her on her bed. Ariel laughed at him. “I am not drunk yet!” she protested. She sat up on her bed, and looked at Arron. “Why? Do I look awful already?” she slurred. Arron let out a faint laugh, and shook his head. “You're as red as a beet. If ge ge finds out about this, he'll kill me...” he said. “It's my birthday, Arron! I can drink all that I want!” she shouted at him. “Well, don't blame me if you have a huge hangover tomorrow.” he said. “No!” she slurred again. “I am not drunk. I'll prove it to you!”

Ariel stood up from her bed and made a few steps. As she made another, she lost her balance. Good thing Arron was quick, and he was able to catch her. “See, you're drunk already. Now go to bed, and sleep now, OK?” he said. Ariel looked at him, and smiled foolishly. She put her arms around her neck, and blinked her eyes, as if seducing him. “Arron...” she called in a low voice. Arron swallowed hard as he gazed into her face. He wanted to kiss her lips so bad, but he's trying to control himself for he knows it's wrong. Ariel is his brother's girlfriends, and he shouldn't do something that will break their relationship, or worse, make Ariel hate him. “Ariel... you have to sleep now.” he said. He was about to carry her back to her bed, when Ariel pulled him to her, and gave her a long kiss on the lips.

Arron's eyes widened with surprise as Ariel kissed him, but as her kiss deepened, he responded to her. He wished he could stay in this moment forever. He wished he could kiss her forever. He wanted to let Ariel feel how much he loves her by that kiss. He knows it's wrong to take advantage of her, but he couldn't help himself and control his emotions anymore. He love this girl so much, and he would grab every opportunity to let her know how much he loves her. Ariel broke their kiss. She looked up at him lovingly and smiled at him. Then, she rested her head on his chest, and then closed her eyes to slumber. Arron looked at her as she sleeps in his chest. Suddenly, he felt guilty for kissing her. “This is wrong... what have I done? I'm... I'm betraying my brother because of my feelings for Ariel...” he thought. He stared at her for awhile. He couldn't help but adore her more as she sleeps.

Then, Arron carried Ariel and lay her on her bed again. He sat beside her, and then stared at her for a while. “I love you, Ariel...” he whispered. Then, he leaned over her, and kissed her on the lips. He put a blanket on her, then he stood up to leave. As he closed the door behind him, he wasn't able to hear what Ariel said to him. “I love you too, Arron...”

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