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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 15

Round 15 – Broken Promises


Ella and Chun looked by the door, and saw Sphinx walking up to them. “How are you feeling now?” Sphinx asked Chun in a formal tone. “I feel a little sore... but I'm OK now, I guess.” he said. “So, can you walk? Because if you can, then we'll get out of here so you can rest more in your own house. Bianca told me you're not comfortable staying in the hospital.” Sphinx said. Chun looked at Ella, confused as to why Sphinx seems to be too formal around him. Shortly, Sphinx left and Chun was able to question Ella. “What's wrong with your best friend?” he asked. Ella shrugged his shoulder. “Maybe he's in a bad mood because of what happened to his girlfriend.” Ella said. “Do you think he's blaming me?” he asked again. Ella shrugged her shoulders again. “I tried to protect Bianca. I did my best. Tell him that.” Chun said in an irritated tone.

Sphinx was walking through the hall, still wondering what is going on with Ella and Chun. They hated each other, that he know. He knew there was some kind of a truce between the two since he and Bianca is going out. But it seems to him that the two have been really close. Too close for comfort to be exact. Just the other day, they were fighting. Their war is like between USA and Iraq. And now, they were starting to flirt with each other. “Could it be that...” he thought. Then, he shook his head to erase his thought. “It can't be. There's no way Ella could be...”

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Bianca calling him. He smiled at her, and as she reached him, he put his arm around her, and kissed her. “How's Chunnie?” she asked. “He woke up already. I think he can go home.” he said. Bianca looked closely at Sphinx, and noticed that there's something wrong with him. “Honey, are you OK?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Don't worry about me. Let me just settle the bill so Chun can go home already, OK?” he said. Bianca smiled and nodded her head. “I'll go and see how Chunnie is doing.” Bianca said. Sphinx kissed Bianca on the cheeks before letting her go.

“I should have taken picture of you a while ago... you really looked funny!” Ella said in between laugh. Chun just laughed with her. “I know... I know... I looked so embarrassing!” he said. Just then, Bianca came in and walked up to Chun. “Chunnie! Oh my God, look at you!” she said as she rushed up to him. Ella stood up from her seat, and gave way to her. Bianca took Ella' place, and then he cupped Chun's bruised face. “Oh my God... look what they've done to you!” Bianca said in a worried tone. Chun flinched in pain as Bianca touched his face. “Ouch! Careful, it hurts.” he said. Chun could feel his heart beating as he sees the worried look in Bianca's face. Somehow, he felt special, because the girl he loves still cares for him, despite the fact that she already have a boyfriend. “Chun, you shouldn't have done that. You got me really worried.” she said. Chun let out a smile. “You know I'll do everything to protect you, Bianca. You're important to me, and I will never forgive myself if something happens to you.” he said. Ella just stood watching Bianca and Chun together. She should be used to seeing the two of them together, but then, she was feeling uncomfortable.
“Maybe I should leave this two alone...” she thought. She doesn't know why, but she somehow felt envy of Bianca. She always have a way, not only with Sphinx, but with Chun as well. She looked at Chun, and could see how happy he is that Bianca was so worried about him. “Hmp! He's taking advantage of it.” she thought as she folded her arms.

Just then, Sphinx came in. “Chun, are you ready to go home?” he asked. Chun just nodded his head. “Yeah, I guess so. God, I hate this place...” he thought. Bianca looked at Chun, and smiled. “I know you hate hospitals. Don't worry, I'll stay with you tonight.” she said. Chun smiled at Bianca, and nodded his head. “OK.” he said. Ella looked at Chun, and then rolled his eyes. “Hah! If I know, you're happy because Bianca got to notice you again.” she thought. Chun eyed Ella secretly, and smirked at her. “At least, of all the failed plans we had, this one somehow worked. Shes going to stay with me tonight!” he thought happily. Ella just shook her head. “Yeah, right... just for tonight. Because tomorrow, she'll be back in Sphinx's arms.” she thought. “You're just jealous!” Chun answered her in his thoughts.


“It's a good thing that Bianca will be taking care of Chun tonight...” Sphinx said as he and Ella strolled at the nearby park that evening. “There are some things that I want to discuss with you, Ellie.” he said. Ella paused, then faced him, giving him a confused look. “What about?” she asked. “About you and Chun...” Sphinx said. “What about us?” she asked. Sphinx sighed, and then he put his hands on his waist. “I'm worried about you, Ella. All of a sudden, you and Chun suddenly became friends...” he said. Ella turned away from him, and smiled secretly. “Oh my God, I think he's jealous of Chun...” she thought.

Sphinx thought that Ella was laughing at him, which made him a little annoyed. “Look, Ellie. I'm serious here, all right?” he said. Ella turned to him again, and stopped herself from smiling. “So what if Chun and I suddenly became friends? Don't you guys want us to make up?” she asked. “Yes we do, but...”
“But what?”
“I felt something is wrong here.”
“What could go wrong? Chun and I are on a truce, remember?”
“I know you guys are on a truce, but I feel something wrong is going to happen.”

Sphinx put his hands on her shoulder and gazed into her eyes. “Listen to me, Ellie... I can't always be there for you when that guy does something bad to you. I suggest that you keep your distance from him for the mean time...” he said. Ella could not believe what he said. She knows he's worried about her, but she never expected that he would ask her to avoid her only ally at the moment. “Why should I keep my distance from Chun?” she asked in an annoyed tone. “Look Ellie, I'm just scared that in the end, he will hurt you. I don't want that to happen.” Sphinx said. She put his hands away from her shoulder, and walked away from him. “He could never hurt me. You are the one who hurt me...” she muttered.

“Ellie...” Sphinx called as he followed Ella. Ella stopped walking, and faced him. “Look, Sphinx, You may be my best friend but you have no right to tell me whom I should befriend or not. It just so happen that lately, I'm seeing Chun's side, all right? And he was always there for me. During the times that you ignore me because you are too excited to have a new girlfriend, he was there for me.” Ella told him. Sphinx sighed again as he listened to her rant. “Yes, Chun and I may had some misunderstanding before, but that's before. It's all water under the bridge now, OK?” Ella said again. “I still don't trust him that much... not with you. Ella, I'm scared that Chun is just using you against me. I know he is in love with Bianca before. Maybe he is getting back at me through you.” Sphinx argued. “Why do you think of Chun that way? Chun loves Bianca, yes.. but he is man enough to face his rejection, all right?” Ella said.

Sphinx was surprised at the way Ella reacted. He never thought that she would defend this way. He have never seen Ella this angry before, and it's because he wanted Ella to be wary of Chun's action. “Ella... I can't believe he would mean this much to you...” he said in a calm tone. “I never thought...” He sighed again, and shook his head. “Because for a smart guy like you, it's so low of you to think of other people that way. I never thought you could be so judgmental, Sphinx.” Ella said. Sphinx lowered his head. “I'm sorry, Ella... don't worry, I won't bug you about him anymore...” he said. Then, he looked up at her, and smiled. “It's just that... I'm scared that eventually, he will take my place in your life...” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Sphinx, are you jealous of Chun?” she asked. He nodded his head.

Ella let out a laugh, and then she walked up to him, and hugged him. “Sorry, Ella. I'm scared that he will replace me to be your best friend. You know that I'm not used with having other guys close to you than me...” Sphinx said. Ella smiled at him. “Sphinx, you know that no matter what happens, you will always be my best friend.” she said. “Even if I want us to be more than friends, I guess that's all what we'll ever be...” she thought. Sphinx smiled at her, and then hugged her again. “Sorry if I've been jealous of Chun. Of course, I should be happy for the two of you...” he said to her. “At least, when I leave, I know someone will take care of you in my absence...” he wanted to say. He swallowed hard as he looked down at Ella, and let out a sad smile.

“What's wrong?” she asked. Sphinx just shook his head. “What if we spend a day together? No Chun, no Bianca... just the two of us.” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “I would love that. And besides, my birthday is coming soon...” she said. “I know. Why don't we go and celebrate together a day before your birthday?” he asked. Ella gave him a confused look. “We always celebrate my the day of my birthday... why should we change it this year?” she asked. Sphinx looked down, and took her hand to hold it. “Ella, I guess it's time for you to know...” he said. Ella waited for him to speak. “Ellie, I'm leaving with Bianca for Australia. On your birthday...”


Bianca opened the door, and went inside Chun's room. “I prepared your favorite soup!” she said. Chun put his book down, and sat up on his bed. “Wow!” he said. Bianca put the tray on his lap, and watched Chun as he ate. “As always, your mushroom soup is the best!” Chun said. Bianca smiled at him, and ruffled his hair. “It's sad that I have to leave soon. If I could, I'll stay longer and take care of you...” Bianca said. “Is it me that you want to take care of, or Sphinx?” he teased. Bianca laughed, and shook her head.

Chun put down his spoon, and then looked up at Bianca. “I forgot, you'll be leaving next week, right?” he asked. Bianca nodded her head. “So, after I leave, you better take care of yourself, all right? Don't make me worried.” she said. Chun just nodded his head. “I will, ma'am.” he said. “Actually, I don't think I have to worry about you that much. I know you can take care of yourself. And you have Ethan and Nic here... what I'm worried about is Sphinx and Ella.” she said. “Don't worry, I'll guard your boyfriend to make sure that he doesn't flit with other girls.” Chun said. Bianca let out a faint laugh and shook her head. “No, I don't worry about Sphinx that much...” she said. Then, Bianca held Chun's hand. “Can you promise me one thing, Chunnie?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Will you take care of Ella?” she asked. Chun gave her a confused look. “Why should I take care of her? She's a big girl now... she can take care of herself. And besides, she have Sphinx...” he said.

Bianca shook her head. “I know she can take care of herself, but she's used to having Sphinx around her. And with that, I'm a little worried about Sphinx...” she said. Chun became even more confused with what she is saying. “Wait, I don't understand...” he said. Bianca smiled sadly as she looked into Chun's eyes. “Sphinx got a scholarship at RMIT... and he'll be leaving with me.” she said. With that, Chun dropped his spoon because of shock.


“Y-you're... you're leaving me?” Ella asked in disbelief. Sphinx nodded his head. “Remember that scholarship I got at RMIT? I finally decided to accept it, Ellie.” he said, trying to brighten up her mood, Ella shook her head, and then as she looked up at Sphinx, she shot him an angry glare. “No!” she shouted at him. “You said you didn't want to go there! You said you didn't want to leave! Why are you doing this, Sphinx?” she shouted at him. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn't believe that her best friend would leave her just to be with a woman he just met. She can't believe that he would be abandoning her all of a sudden. And worse of all, he'll be leaving her on the day of her birthday. Sphinx held her arms to calm her down. “Ellie, listen to me-” he said. “No!” Ella shouted. “No! I won't listen! You're leaving to be with Bianca, right? You're choosing that girl you just met over me, your best friend!”
“It's not like that, Ella. Listen to me...”
“I don't want to listen to you, Sphinx! Not anymore!”

She let herself go from his grip, and wiped the tear from her eyes. “You promised me! You promised me that you will always stay with me! You promised me you'll take care of me! You promised me you'll never leave me! How could you do this to me?! I can't believe you're breaking all of your promises just because of... of that girl!” she cried. Ella turned away and ran away from him. Sphinx followed behind her until they reached her apartment. “Ella, wait! Listen to what I have to say!” he shouted. But Ella did not heed his call. “Ella!” he shouted. Ella opened the door of her apartment and stormed inside. She closed the door behind her, leaving Sphinx outside.

“He's going with you in Australia?” Chun asked Bianca. Bianca nodded her head. “It was sudden, but I'm happy that we can be together for a long time.” she said. Chun sighed sadly and leaned back on his bed. He thought that when Bianca goes back to Australia, it would be an advantage for him because Sphinx will be left behind, and not all long-distance relationships works as he believe. But then, Sphinx wasted no time and decided to go with Bianca. He was in his deep thoughts when he heard Sphinx shouting. “Ella! Listen to me!” he shouted. “Go away! I hate you!” Ella shouted. “What's going on?” he asked. Bianca shrugged her shoulder. The tow of them looked outside the window, and saw Sphinx knocking hard on the door. “I think Sphinx already told Ella about it, and I think Ella didn't accept it...” he said. Bianca nodded her head. “I think so too...” she said. Then, Chun put his slippers on and then dashed outside his house. “Chun, wait for me!” Bianca said as she followed him.

“Ella... please open the door... please talk to me...” Sphinx said weakly as he knocked on the door. “I don't want to talk to you anymore. Leave me alone!” Ella shouted. Sphinx lowered his head, and let the tears fall down his eyes. Ella have never been mad at her. They never had any arguments for the past twelve years that they were friends. He knew he was wrong when he kept his plans from her, but he is only a guy who is very in love. And he never thought that his rushed decision would hurt his best friend, making her think that he is breaking all of his promises to her. “Ella... please... even if I leave, it doesn't mean I'm breaking all my promises to you...” he said in between tears. “You are, Sphinx. You are...” she said. Ella leaned on the door, and slid unto the floor. “You... you promised me... you will marry me... you... you promised that and I held on to your promise for a long time. And then you broke it. You broke it when you fell in love with Bianca. Do you know how much that hurts me? I... I hope you just hurt me physically that you hurt me emotionally, Sphinx... I... I hate you for that...” she said.

Chun got out of the door, and saw Sphinx leaning by the door, crying. “I'm sorry, Ella... please...” Sphinx said. Chun sighed, and then walked up to Sphinx. “Dude... I think you should let her anger pass first... You know how she is when she's mad, right? She will refuse to talk to you. She might just say something that you don't want to hear, and something that she wouldn't want to say. She could be so rash when she's mad.” he said. He reached for his shoulder, but then Sphinx looked angrily at him and put his hand away. “What do you know about her, huh?” he asked. Chun was surprised by his reaction. “You make it look as though as you know her all your life! Let me remind you that you are nothing but her childhood enemy. I am her best friend, and I've known Ella for twelve years now! So don't act like you know her from head to toe!” Sphinx shouted at him.

Chun was enraged because of what he said. “Excuse me! I'm just trying to help you out here, all right?” he shouted at her. Suddenly, Ella opened the door, and saw Chun and Sphinx outside. She also saw Bianca who was giving her a pity look. Then, she glared at Sphinx. “You know what, on second thought, it would be better if you leave me.” she said. “I think it's better if you get out of my life for good. Yes, you are my best friend, but whenever you are in love, you always forget that I exist. I think it's better that way, that we become strangers...” she said. Sphinx face fell sad again upon hearing what she said. He felt guilty. “Chun is much better that you, did you know that? He listens to me. He always makes me smile. I don't know why I've been making a fool of myself before, and I fell in love with you!” she shouted. Sphinx was surprised at what she said. “Ella...” he said. Ella wiped her tears, and looked at him bravely. “Yes, I am in love with you Sphinx. For the past 12 years, I am. But you have rejected me so many times. You didn't even gave me a chance to prove that I do love you... that I'm worthy of you...” she said as she cried again.

Then, she looked at Chun. “You said you are jealous of Chun because you felt he is taking your place? Well let me tell you this, Sphinx Ting... Chun now officially replaces you in my life.” she said. Chun was confused with what she is saying. “What?!” he said. Ella walked up to him. “Chun, didn't you said that you like me? That the reason why you bullied me when we were kids is because you had a crush on me?” she asked. Chun could only give her a confused look. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “And didn't you say that you want me to give us a chance?” she said. Then, she leaned towards him. “Plan Z.” she whispered. Chun is nevertheless still confused. He doesn't know what's going on with Ella. Then, he felt Ella cup his cheeks, and pulled him towards her for a long kiss. Chun was surprised at what she did, but then he went with it. After Ella kissed him, she turned to the Sphinx and Bianca, who know had a shocked look on their face. “I don't need you anymore, Sphinx.” she said to her. Then, she took Chun's hand, and pulled him inside the house.

Sphinx was left outside. His heart was filled with so much emotion – shock, hurt, jealous, sad. He was shocked because of what Ella said about her being in love with him, and because of how she kissed Chun in front of him. He is hurt because of those hurtful words she said. He is jealous because Chun have taken his place. And most of all, he is sad because of Ella chose to end their friendship because of this. He never thought that everything will end just like this. And he knows it's all his fault. He lowered his head. He admits his defeat now. “I'm sorry, Ella...” he whispered.


Chun and Ell sat on the couch. All this time, Chun just watched Ella as she kept her silence. “Ella...” he called. “Please, Chun... I know you're mad because of what I did, but can you give me this moment to cry?” she asked. Chun sighed, and leaned on the couch. “I know you are hurt because of Sphinx's decision... but you have to learn to let him go, Ella. You have to accept the fact that you two can't be together, and he broke his love promise to you the moment he fell in love with Bianca.” Chun said. “I know...” she whispered as she lowered her head. “And you shouldn't have held on to his promise. As they said, promised are always made to be broken.” he added.

Chun looked at Ella, and could hear her muffled cried. He leaned closer to her, and then put his arm around her. “You don't have to keep everything inside, you know. Cry. It's the only way to ease the pain.” he said. Ella looked up at him, and he could clearly see the sadness in her eyes. He sighed, and then pulled her to him. “Just this once, let me be your shoulder to cry on. After all, I am your friend to, right? Let me replace Sphinx in your life, even for just this moment. Let me be your best friend just for tonight.” he said. With that, Ella closed her eyes and let her heart cry out all the pain she is feeling inside, as Chun wraps his arm around her in an embrace, as if protecting her from all the hurt and pain.

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