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Sunday, August 23, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Love So Sweet

Memory, I’ll never, ever forget this sky, even if we’re apart
There’ll never again be a season when I meet someone I love so much
Shine brighter, my greatest lady, this love is sure to softly reach you
Believing is everything
There’s no night that won’t give way to the dawn
Believing is everything, love so sweet


“Really? Are you sure? As in really?” Ella shrieked in Chun's ears. The poor leading man could only flinch to endure her. “Eh!” Chun shouted at her. “Do you really have to shout at me? And why the hell are you excited? We're only going there for business.” he said. Ella let out another shriek, and jumped around. Chun could only sigh, roll his eyes and fold his arm. He doesn't know why she have to be like this. He only told her that they'll be going to Arashi's agency to talk to their manager. “Wei! Can you cut it out!” Chun shouted at her. In an instant, Ella topped. She looked at him, and grinned. “Oh my God, this is every fan girl's dream! I get to meet and talk to Arashi in the flesh! Oh my God! I have to ready my digicam! I will ask for autograph! Oh my, a lot of girls would envy me! I will get to talk to Jun, Sho, Aiba, Nino and Ohno! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Ella said. Chun could only sigh and roll his eyes again. Now, he thinks it's a bad idea that he brought Ella to Japan, and worse, to bring him to his meeting with the head of Johnny Entertainment. “Ella Chen, if you will not behave yourself, I will leave you in this hotel room, and I will make sure you're locked up here.” he told her. Ella immediately shut up, and nodded her head. “I will behave myself, Mr. Wu. You don't have to worry about a thing.” she said. “Good.” Chun said. Well, he really hoped that Ella will behave herself for today.


Chun and Ella waited at the conference room. After a while, Johnny Kitagawa, the head of JE came inside. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” he said as he sat across them. Chun just smiled at the elder man. “It's OK, Kitagawa-san. I'm sorry to barge into you like this...” Chun said. The elder man just smiled at him. “No, no... you don't have to apologize. I am happy that you chose Arashi to be the endorser for Zap Telecoms. I should be the one thanking you.” he said. Soon, the three discussed business matters that I will not write in this anymore since it will just bore you out. In the end, the two men agreed for a press conference to be held in Taiwan, as well as the shoot that will be done in Taiwan a few weeks after the press conference.

“It's nice doing business with you, Kitagawa-san.” Chun said as he shook his hand. “The pleasure is mine, Wu-san” the elder man said. Then, Johnny looked at Ella, and smiled at her. “So, Ella-san, would you like to meet Arashi in flesh?” he asked. Ella's eyes widened in happiness. “Every. Fan girl's. Dream.” she thought to herself. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “I know so! Good thing they are here right now. I'll call for them.” Johnny said. Ella was even more surprised at what he said. “T-t-they're h-here?” she asked, looking at Chun. Again, the leading man sighed and rolled his eyes at her. “Yeah... do I have to repeat it for you?” he said monotonously. After awhile, Jun, Aiba, Sho, Nino and Ohno came inside the room. And Ella was star struck.

“Konichiwa!” The five bowed before them. Ella just looked at them dreamily. “Aishteru...” she whispered. Good thing the five weren't able to hear her, but Chun did. He nudged his assistant so that she could back to reality. Ella stood up straight, and smiled at them. “Konichiwa!” she said bowing at them. “Watashi wa Ella-san desu. Kono wa watashi no boss, Chun-san desu” she said. Chun eyed on her with disbelief. “You speak Japanese?” he asked. Ella looked at her boss, and smirked at him. “There are a lot of things that you don't know about me, boss.” she said. “Wow! You speak Japanese well!” Sho said. “You don't have to worry, Ella-san, we can understand you.” Aiba said. Ella felt herself blush, and nodded her head. “Hey, thanks for choosing us to endorse your product....” they heard Nino said. “And as our way of saying thanks, we decided to give you guys a treat!” Ohno said enthusiastically. Ella's eyes widened again upon hearing what they said. First, she got to meet Arashi in person, and now they will give them a treat. Lady luck must be really on her side. “Really? Arigatou Gozaimasu!” she told him. Chun sighed and rolled his eyes again at her (and yes, that's what he's going to do for the rest of this chapter). He shook his head, and faced the guys. “We're OK, really. You don't have to do this.” he said. “But we insist... and besides, I want to spend some time with the lovely lady here.” Sho said, winking at Ella. Chun looked at her, and saw her acting like a giddy school girl. He sighed again and shook his head. “Fine, if you guys insist.” Chun said. “So, you guys like KTV?” Nino asked. Ella nodded her head. “I love to sing!” she said. “And so do we. That's why we decided to treat you out to this cool KTV bar a few blocks from here.” Jun said.

Ella turned to Chun, and tugged his arm. “Come on, let's go with them! Don't let this chance pass. And besides, we'll be working with them in the next couple of days, so it's better if he hang out with them...” she told him. “You just want to satisfy your own fan girl craving. I won't let that happen.” he said, folding his arms. “Come on... and besides, we need to relax as well, right?” she said. Chun sighed again, and decided to go with Ella. “Fine... let's do this...” he said.


“So, Ella... what do you want to sing?” Sho asked as soon as they settles inside the KTV room. “I'm not really a good singer, Sho-kun...” she said shyly. “Oh? I don't think so! The moment I saw you, I know you can sing!” Aiba said. Ella just blushed at what Aiba said. “Come on, Ella-chan. Sing for us, then we can sing for you and your boyfriend here.” Jun said, winking at the two. Chun's eyes widened at what Jun said. “You got it all wrong, Ella is simply my assistant!” he said defensively. Now, our leading man is wondering why all of he people they met are assuming that he and Ella are a couple. Jun and Nino exchanged meaningful glances, and then turned to Chun and smiled. “OK, if you say so...” Nino said. “So, does your boss wants to sing first?” Ohno asked Ella. Ella looked at Chun, then turned to him and shrugged her shoulder.

“OK, guys...” Jun said as he stood up from his seat. “How about we show our guests here how Arashi really performs?” Jun's bandmates all shouted with glee. All of them stood up from their seat, and went in front. Aiba pressed some buttons, and then a familiar song began to fill the air. Chun looked at Ella, and saw her eyes widened with glee. “Oh my god! They're going to sing 'Love so sweet', my favorite song!” she exclaimed. For the nth time, Chun sighed, and rolled his eyes at Ella.

Kagayaita no wa kagami demo taiyou demo nakute kimi da to kizuita toki kara
Ano namida gumu kumo no zutto ue ni wa hohoemu tsuki love story mata hitotsu

Kizu tsuita yume wa kinou no kanata e
Sora ni hibike ai no uta

Omoide zutto zutto wasurenai sora futari ga hanarete ittemo
Konna suki na hito ni deau kisetsu nido to nai
Hikatte motto saikou no lady kitto sotto omoi todoku
Shinjiru koto ga subete love so sweet

Soko kara itsumo mieru yo ni
Kono te wo sora ni muke hirogaru kimi to no omoide
Ano katakuna de ijippari na
Boku wo kaeta kimi no te love story arukidasu

Magari kunetteta futatsu no tabiji wa
Koko de hitotsu niji ni nare

Omoide zutto zutto oikaketa yume futari ga tooku e ittemo
Donna tsurai yoru mo kujikesou na chikai demo
Waratte motto saigo no lady kitto sotto negai todoku
Akenai yoru wa nai yo love so sweet

Tsutae kirenu itoshisa wa
Hana ni natte machi ni futte
Doko ni itemo kimi wo "koko" ni kanjiteru

Omoide zutto zutto wasurenai sora futari ga hanarete ittemo
Konna suki na hito ni deau kisetsu nido to nai
Hikatte motto saikou no lady kitto sotto omoi todoku
Shinjiru koto ga subete
Akenai yoru wa nai yo
Shinjiru koto ga subete love so sweet

“Oh my God, you guys are really great!” Ella exclaimed as soon as Arashi finished singing. “Arigatou, Ella-kun” Sho said. Chun looked at Ella. For the nth time, he sighed and rolled his eyes as his assistant. Aiba smiled at her, and handed her the microphone. “Your turn now, Ella-kun.” he said. Ella stood from her seat, and then picked out a Chinese song. Then, she turned to her audience. “First of all, gomen nasai, I'm not really a singer so please bear with my voice.” she said. “You can do it, Ella-kun!” Sho shouted. Ella felt herself blush as the five boys, excluding her own boss cheered on her. Again, Chun sighed, and rolled his eyes at her. Then, she began to sing.

Ying gai xue xi ying er,
Zai kuan rong yi dian,
Ku guo jiu wang le,
Bie zai ji zhe zuo tian,
Hai you shen me bei shang,
Baby don't cry,
Kuai le shi pian da hai wo shi fei xiang de chi bang,
Yao zi you yao xun zhao,
Yi qun shan liang xiao dao pai cheng hen da de wei xiao,
Jiao xin fu qun dao...

Ai cun zai zhe mei li xing shi jie,
Wo xi huan zi xin de gan jue,
Wo kan jian ni wei xiao xiang tian shi,
Zhe jiu shi ai de qi miao,
Wo yuan yi pei zai ni de shen bian,
Rang xin tiao bu hui bian lao,
Huan ying lai zhe mei li xin shi jie,
Rang gan dong yi ge yi ge shi xian...

Bu guan ni zai na li fa she xin dian xun hao,
Jiu shun jian yong bao,
Yi qi nu li ben pao,
Chao yue shi kong kui dao,
Kan wei lai duo mei miao,
Wo you yi zhong,
Wo men hen xiang ai,
Hen qiang lie de yu gan,
Fang fu xia yi miao shi xian,
Yan lei shan shan,
Bian cheng le zuan shi,
Jiu yao zai xing kong xia,
Hua guo ni yan qian (ah~ah~ooh~)

Ai cun zai zhe mei li xing shi jie,
Wo xi huan zi xin de gan jue,
Wo kan jian ni wei xiao xiang tian shi,
Zhe jiu shi ai de qi miao,
Wo yuan yi pei zai ni de shen bian,
Rang xin tiao bu hui bian lao,
Huan ying lai zhe mei li xin shi jie,
Rang gan dong yi ge yi ge shi xian...

As soon as Ella finished her song, Arashi stood up from their seats and clapped their hands at her. “That was great! You should be signed up t our company, Ella-kun!” Sho said. Ella blushed again at what he said. “Thank you, Sho-kun...” she said shyly. Chun sighed and rolled his eyes at her. But nevertheless, he thinks Ella really have a good voice. “There are really a lot of things that I don't know about her...” he thought. Then, he smiled to himself, deciding that he should get to know his assistant more. Not only are they working together, he knows one day, Ella will become a part of the Wu Family. “Your turn, Chun-san.” Jun said, giving him the microphone. Chun shook his head, and smiled at Jun. “I don't really sing...” he said. “Come on, Chun-san! All of us sang already, including your assistant!” Nino said. Chun looked up at Ella, and saw her giving him puppy eyes. “Come on, boss... show us your talent.” she said. Chun sighed and rolled his eyes. “Silly girl, trying to embarrass me in front of these guys...” he thought. “You don't have to worry if you don't have a good singing voice. Just enjoy singing, OK?” Ohno said. Chun sighed, and no, he didn't roll his eyes this time. He stood up from his seat and went in front. He took the microphone from Ella and chose an English song this time. “Don't blame me if it rains later...” he said. All of them laughed, and then he began to sing.

So she said, "What's the problem baby?"
What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love, think about it every time
I think about it, can't stop thinking 'bout it

How much longer will it take to cure this
Just to cure it 'cause I can't ignore it if it's love
Makes me wanna turn around and face me
But I don't know nothing about love

Come on, come on
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on
The world will follow after
Come on, come on
Because everybody's after love

So I said, "I'm a snowball running"
Running down into the spring
That's coming all this love melting under
Blue skies belting out sunlight, shimmering love

Well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love

These lines of lightning
Mean we're never alone
Never alone, no, no

Come on, come on
Move a little closer
Come on, come on
I want to hear you whisper
Come on, come on
Settle down inside my love

Come on, come on
Jump a little higher
Come on, come on
If you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on
We were once upon a time in love

We're accidentally in love
Accidentally in love
Accidentally in love
Accidentally in love

I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love

Come on, come on
Spin a little tighter
Come on, come on
And the world's a little brighter
Come on, come on
Just get yourself inside her
Love, I'm in love


Ella watched as Jun, Chun and Nino went crazy singing their favorite song in front of the screen. She laughed as she watched Chun belt out the high notes. “He wasn't a bad singer at all...” she thought as she watched her boss more closely. “Ella-kun...” she heard someone call her. She looked up, and saw Sho coming up to her. He placed a glass of iced tea in front of her. “Thanks, Sho-kun.” she said, smiling at him. Sho smiled at him, and sat beside her. “I hope you're enjoying this...” he said. Ella nodded her head. “i am, of course. The only problem is, I can't seem to sing with those guys in front of the screen.” she commented. Sho laughed at her, and shook his head. “Yeah you guessed it right. When Jun and Nino gets inside the KTV bar and got a hold of the mic, expect that you won't have your turn to sign.” he said. He turned his attention to the three boys who were singing, and Aiba and Ohno who were cheering on them. “So, he really is your boss, huh?” he asked, pointing at Chun. Ella nodded her head again. “Yeah. Just my boss...” she said. Sho looked at her with this playful smile on his face. “Are you sure? He's just your boss?” he asked. “Well, he also happens to be the elder brother of my close friend.” she said. Sho smiled, and nodded his head. “That explains it...” he said.

Ella looked up at him, confused at what he said. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Well, at first I thought he's just not a boss. Maybe he's your boyfriend or something. Now I understand why he's being like that.” Sho said. This made Ella even more confused. “I don't understand? How could you assume that my boss is my boyfriend? And what do you mean he's being like that?” she asked. Before Sho could answer her question, Chun walked up to them and sat beside Ella. “You guys aren't going to sing?” he asked. He looked up at Sho, and glared at him. Seems like our leading man is getting jealous already. “Maybe later, Ella-kun and I are still discussing some things.” Sho answered. “What things?” Chun asked. “Oh, some personal things, Chun-san. I want to get to know Ella-kun much better.” Sho said. Chun sighed frustratedly, and folded his arm. He looked away from Sho and Ella. He doesn't know why Sho is taking interest on his assistant, and seems to him that his assistant wanted to get much closer to this celebrity.

Meanwhile, Sho smiled secretly to himself. This is the kind of reaction he was expecting from him, which only proves his theory on Chun and Ella. “Eh, Ella-kun... can you go with me outside? I want to show you something.” Chun heard Sho said. Chun looked at Sho, and glared at him. “No!” he exclaimed. This made Ella even more confused. “What's wrong, boss?” she asked. “It won't take a while, I assure you Chun-san.” Sho said. Before Chun could make any violent reaction. Sho and Ella stood up, the latter leading our leading lady out of their private KTV room. “Why that perv!” Chun thought. He sighed exasperatedly, and leaned on the couch. Just then, Jun came up to Chun and sat beside him. “What's wrong, man?” he asked. Chun looked at him and only shook his head. “Nothing...” he said. “Nothing means something...” Jun said. Chun looked at the younger guy beside him and gave him a confused look. “You're jealous, aren't you?” Jun said. Chun was surprised at what he said. “Oh please! There's no way I'm jealous!” he said defensively. Jun just laughed at his reaction. “Then why are you glaring at Sho all the time?” Jun asked. Chun looked away from him, not answering his question. “A guy who reacts like that is usually a jealous guy...” Jun said. “I'm not jealous, OK?” Chun snapped at him. Jun could only laugh at his reaction. “You're only her boss. Why do you have to react that way?” Jun asked. “Look, it just so happened that Ella is my younger brother's girlfriend, and I'm just protecting her from your pervert of a friend.” Chun said.

Jun sighed, and rolled his eyes at him. “Well, Sho doesn't really flirt a lot. I can see that he only finds Ella cute, that's why he's fond of her, so don't be too jealous.” Jun said. Chun just looked at him, and watched him as he stood up and walked over the three guys who were crazily singing a song. He leaned back on the couch, and let out a sigh. “I'm not jealous... why would I be?” he thought, trying to convince himself that he isn't. But the truth is, he couldn't bear seeing Ella enjoying the company of another guy.


They had a few drinks that night at club near the KTV bar that night, and then the two (Chun and Ella) came back to their hotel room, tipsy. Chun opened the door of the bedroom, and Ella followed behind him. As soon as Ella saw the bed, she plopped on the bed. “Hey, you better stand up. You're not allowed to sleep here!” Chun said to her. “Boss, can I just lie down here for a few minutes?” she said. Chun could only sigh at her. Knowing that she's drank a lot of wine a while ago, he have to be very careful or she might kiss her again, just like the last time. “Fine. I'm going to take a shower first, and when I come back you better get out of my room. He did not wait for her answer anymore, and went inside the bathroom to take a quick shower.

After he took a shower, he went inside the bedroom again, and saw Ella still lying on the bed. “Ella Chen!” he said in annoyed tone. “I told you not to stay long in my room!” He walked up to her, and saw that she was already fast asleep. Chun sighed, and rolled his eyes. “Great! You slept on my bed” he said. He pulled her up, but he couldn't move her. He tried to carry her, but he was too tired and doesn't have enough strength to carry her and throw her out of his room. He looked at her, and sighed again. “Fine, you can sleep here tonight.” he said. He walked to the other side of the bed, and laid beside her. He took the extra pillow, and put it between them. “Just don't wake up and do something perverted to me!” he told her. He turn the lights off, and then went to sleep.

Of course, the two were in their deep slumber that they actually didn't know what happened. Well, nothing perverted happened between the two of them, but come the next morning, the two were facing each other, and Chun had his arms around our leading lady. It was Ella who first woke up. She slowly opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Chun's handsome sleeping face. “Good morning...” she said groggily, and closed her eyes again to sleep. After a while, it sinked in to her. She was in bed with her perverted boss. She opened her eyes this time, and then sat up and let out an eardrum-breaking shriek, which made Chun finally wake up. “What the hell...” he said sleepily as he stood up. Ella gave him a bewildered look. “You... you... you pervert!” she shouted at him. Chun looked at her, sighed, and rolled his eyes. “Oh please! I didn't do anything to you, silly girl!” he said. She looked at herself beneath the blanket, and saw that she still have her clothes on. “Look, you fell asleep on my bed, and I can't even wake you up or even carry you outside.” Chun explained. Ella could only glare at her boss. “Then why didn't you sleep on the couch? Why did you have to sleep beside me? And you were hugging me!” Ella shouted at him. “Please, this is my room. I have the right to sleep here because I paid for this room! And I am not hugging you, OK?”
“You did! You have your arms around me!”
“Well, I'm sorry! I thought I was hugging a big pillow. I didn't know I was hugging you. And hugging you does not equate to raping you. You're still a virgin, OK?”
“But you... you pervert!”

Chun sighed and rolled his eyes. “I did not do anything!” he said frustratedly. Ella glared at him again. “Are you sure?” she asked. Chun looked at her, trying to remember the events last night. Well, there was nothing he did to Ella before he slept. “I'm sure.” he said. But, is he really sure?


It was a pleasant dream. More than a pleasant dream. He stood by the altar, looking ever so dashing in his black tuxedo. While she, she looked ever so lovely in her long white gown. She took her steps carefully, and then finally, he reached her. He smiled at her lovingly, gazing into those big black orbs. “I love you forever and a day...” he said. “I love you until there are no more stars in the night sky..” she said. Then, he took the veil off her face, and kissed her on the lips.

Both of them were having the same dream. It felt so real. Chun could not clearly see the face of his bride, and Ella could not clearly see the face of his groom. Chun turned to his side, facing Ella. He put his arms around her, and kicked the pillow that was supposed to be their barrier. “I love you...” he mumbled. “Love you too...” Ella answered. Chun moved closer to her, until the tip of their noses touched. Then, Ella lifted up her face, that their lips were already touching. At that second that Chun felt her lips, he captured it, and kissed Ella's lips with love...

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