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Saturday, April 11, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Smile at Me

You light my way
You always take my breath away
You set me free
When every time you smile at me



“Done, finally!” Ella said as she stretched out her arms. She looked at the computer screen and saved her work. After that, She clicked on the print button to print the report. After a while, she took the documents from the printer, and put it inside the folder. “Whoa? Your done with the report already?” she heard Wallace said. Ella looked at him and smiled. “Yup. Done with it.” she said. Wallace just smiled at Ella. Since the day she started working for Chun, she have impressed him a lot. “Better give that to Mr. Wu before he leaves for the meeting.” Wallace said. Ella nodded his head, and then headed to Chun's office.

She knocked thrice before opening the door to take a peek. She saw his boss talking to on the phone, and he was smiling. His smile that day is more than unusual, because he looked like a giddy school boy as he talked on the phone. Chun looked up at the door and saw her peeking. He signaled her to get inside the office as he ended the call. “OK, I love you too. Bye.” he said before ending the call. Then, he turned to Ella, his face is formal this time. “What can I do for your, Ms. Ella?” he asked. Ella handed him her report that day. “I thought this is due tomorrow?”
“I thought maybe I could finish this today so that if you needed me to revise anything, I can still do it before my deadline.”
Chun scanned through the papers, and she can tell that he is satisfied with her work. Then, he looked up at her again. “This is OK, Ella. No need for any revisions.” he said. Ella smiled at his boss. “Thanks, Mr. Wu.”
“Maybe Joe needs help on something. Just bug her for the mean time. I'll let you know if I need you to do something.”
Ella nodded her head, and then headed out of his office.


“Hi...” Joe heard someone say. Joe looked up and saw Arron smiling at her. “Hi Mr. Wu? What can I do for you?” she asked. “I'm looking for Ella actually. Is she around?” he asked. Joe nodded her head. “I'll call her.” she said. Before she could reach for the phone, Ella came out. “Joe, is there anything I could help you with?” she asked. Joe just smiled, and then pointed at Arron. Ella was surprised to see Arron at the office. “Arron!” she said. She rushed up to him, and gave him a big hug. “I missed you!” she sad to him as she let him go. Arron just smiled at her. “That's why I'm here. I missed you.” he said. Ella blushed at what he said. She glances at Joe, who was smiling at them. “Just pretend I'm not here.” she said. The two just laughed at her.

“Hey, are you free?” Arron asked her. Ella nodded her head. “Good. Would you like to go out for lunch?” he asked. “Sure. I would love that. Let me tell your brother first, then we'll go.” she said. She walked over at Joe's cubicle, and then called Chun to tell him that she'll going out to have an early lunch. As soon as he said yes, Ella turned to Arron and gave him a thumbs up sign. She put the phone down, and then walked towards Arron. “Let's go?” she said. Arron nodded, and then she held Arron's arms as they leave the office.


Meanwhile, after Ella has gone, Calvin came to the office. Not to visit Ella, but to meet up with Chun for one of their projects. He entered the office, and he saw Joe busily typing on the computer. “Excuse me, Miss...” he said. Joe looked up at him, and then stood up. He gave her his sunshine smile. “I'm Calvin Chen, representative to Mr. George Chen. Is Mr. Chun Wu around?” he asked. Joe smiled back at him, and she could feel her cheeks turn pink as Calvin looked at her in her eyes. “Uhmmm... yes. Mr. Wu is inside.” she said. “I have a meeting with him. I am the one who called him this Tuesday regarding the Eon Toys marketing proposal.” he said. He leaned over the cubicle, and then winked at her as he smiled. Joe felt giddy as he winked at her. “Oh... you're Mr. Chen's son?” she asked. Calvin nodded his head. “The one and only.” he said. “I'll inform Mr. Wu that you are here. Please take a seat for the mean time.” she said..

Calvin walked over the couch, and then continued watching Joe as she talked on the phone with his boss. After that call. Joe looked at Calvin and smiled. “You can go inside his office, Mr. Chen.” she said. Calvin stood up from his seat. “Can you show me the way to his office, pretty miss?” he asked. Joe blushed again, and she nodded her head. “No problem, Mr. Chen. Follow me...” she said. “Oh, and please call me Calvin...” he said, then he looked at the ID she was wearing. “Qiao En.” he continued. Joe giggle at him. “Please call me Joe instead, Calvin.”


“And cut!” the director shouted. Everyone in the news room retreated as soon as the live telecast of the intercollegiate basketball game had ended. “Thanks for all your help.” Jiro heard the news anchor, Mike He, said. Jiro looked at Mike, and he saw him smiling at him. Then, he walked towards him. “Cuz, thanks for the help today.” He said to him. Jiro smiled at his favorite cousin. “Its my job. Anyway, is there anything else I can help you with, Mr. He?” he asked. Mike nodded his head. “How about helping me convince my cousin to try out for the national team for soccer? Who knows, he might make it in World Cup.” he said Jiro just laughed at what he said. “You know why I can't do that right?”
“You really can't leave her, can't you?”
“She needs me...”
“And you can't live without her, am I right?”
Jiro blushed at what his cousin said. “So, when can I meet this very mysterious girl?” he asked. “I think you already met her.” Jiro answered. Mike paused, and then gave Jiro a suspicious look. “What?” Jiro asked. “It's Ella?” Mike asked again. “Aiyo! No way! It's not Ella, OK?” he said defensively. Mike could only laugh at his favorite cousin. “Fine, fine... as you say...” he said.

Just then, one of the PA approached Mike. “Sir, you need to get ready for your next show.” she said. Mike smiled at the PA, and nodded his head. Then, he turned to Jiro. “I'll go ahead, OK? Do good on your next assignment. I know you will do good.” he said. Jiro nodded his head, and watched his cousin leave. After a while, his phone rang. A familiar name flashed on the screen. He smiled before he took the call. “Hello? Oh hi baby! I missed you too...”


“Thanks for the sumptuous lunch, Arron.” Ella said as they walked back to the office. “No problem. I hope we can always do this… you know, have lunch together…” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “Of course. We can always have lunch. Next time, it’s my turn to treat you out, OK?” she said. Arron smiled at her, and nodded his head. Just then, they saw Chun outside the office. “Good afternoon, Mr. Wu.” Ella greeted. Chun looked at her. “Good afternoon, Ms. Ella.” He said. Then, he looked at his watch, his forehead wrinkled as his eyebrows met. “Wei, isn’t lunch supposed to be for just an hour? You came out of the office at 11 AM, and you came back at 1:30 PM.” He said, glaring at her. “Ge… It’s my fault. Please don’t blame Ella.” Arron said. Chun looked at his younger brother, and smirked. “You’re a bad influence to Ella, did you know that, Arron.” He said.

Ella looked up at Chun, angered by what he said to his brother. Arron could only lower his head, as he know that it was his fault why Ella have gone beyond her break time. They were happily chatting about their lives, that they both didn’t notice the time. “Wei, Mr. Wu… even if Arron is your younger brother, and I am your subordinate, you have no right to tell him that he is a bad influence on me.” She said to him. Chun just ignored Ella as he walked towards his brother. “You go wasting other people’s time than doing something productive. You spend your time on things that are not worthy, and that’s the reason why you didn’t graduate in time. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, huh, Arron?” he said to him. Ella as surprised at what Chun said to Arron. “Wei!” Ella shouted angrily at Chun. “Why do you have to put your brother down? Aren’t you supposed to be encouraging and supporting him?” she told him. Chun glared at Ella. “Keep out of this, Ms. Ella. This is between me and my brother.” He said to her. “How can I not keep out of this?! Arron is my friend, and I can’t bear seeing you put him down.” She said. She put her hands on her waist, and glared at him. “For your information, Mr. Wu, Arron is a very smart kid. It just so happens that he doesn’t like the major he took up!” he shouted at Chun. Arron looked at Ella, and then held her arm. “Ella, stop it. Chun Ge’s still your boss…” he said to her. Ella looked at Arron. “I don’t care if he is, and I don’t care if he’s going to fire me I just have to tell him off.” She said to him. She just can’t stand Chun bullying his younger brother.

Chun chuckled at Ella, and then crossed his arms. “I never thought Ms. Ella Chen could be this childish.” He said as he shook his head. “Well, you can say anything you want. I won’t waste anymore time on the two of you.” Chun said. He took one last look at Arron before going on his way. “Ella…” she heard Arron call. She looked up at him, and saw him smiling at her. “Thank you…” he said. Ella smiled back at him. “Aiyo! It’s OK, Arron. I just don’t like it when other people put down others just to prove that they are all high and mighty.” She said to him.


Chun was interrupted by a soft knock on his door. Not bothering to look up at it, he continued typing on the computer. “Come in.” he said. Arron slowly opened the door, and went inside his office. “Ge...” he softly called. Chun looked up at him for a while, and then turned his attention on the monitor again. “Can I talk to you?” Arron asked. “I’m busy, Arron. Whatever it is, let’s talk about it later.” He said. Arron walked towards him, and then sat on the chair in front of Chun. “Ge… actually, there is another reason why I’m here aside from visiting Ella.” Arron began. Chun still didn’t look at him. “Ge… I know you’re mad at me because I failed in school and didn’t graduate on time. It’s all my fault because… because I didn’t focus on my studies. I’m really sorry…”
“Your sorry won’t make you graduate anyway, so what’s the use. Just make sure you’ll be able to march next semester.”
“I will Ge… I promise…”
“If there’s nothing else, you can leave now.”
“There is something else that I would like to ask you…”

Chun looked up at his brother this time. “Ge… since it’s our summer break, would it be OK if I work here with you?” Chun’s mouth curved into a smile upon hearing that. “I… I want to help you, and I want to learn from you… so that I would know what to do when I start working here…” Arron said. “It’s about time, Arron. It’s about time…” he said. “So… so you will hire me? You will let me work for you?” Arron asked. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t want for you to help me run this company.” He said. He stood up from his seat and extended his hand to Arron. Arron stood up and took his hand. “Well come to the Wu Corporation, little brother.”


“Really? That’s a great news!” Ella said to Arron. She could see how happy he is that his older brother hired him to work for him. “So, does that mean that you’ll be working with our team?” Ella asked again. “Yes. He said we would be working closely with him so that he could train us.” Arron said. Ella sighed, and then rest her head on the table. “Aiyo… I thought you will become my boss…” she said. She looked up at Arron, and then smiled. “At least we’ll be together, right?” Arron asked. Ella nodded her head.

Just then, Wallace came. “Hey, Arron…” he called. The two looked at him, and saw him smiling at Arron. “Welcome to the company. Good thing you have decided to work for your brother. You never knew how happy he is.” He said. Arron smiled at him and nodded his head. “I’m glad to hear that he’s happy with my decision. You know that I’ve always wanted his approval, and I got it. At least, I made him happy despite the fact that I disappointed him…” he said. “Aiyo, Arron… don’t blame yourself for not graduating. Our last semester at the uni is really a tough one.” Ella said. Wallace nodded in agreement. “And don’t worry. We would help you out on your first day here, OK?” Wallace said. Arron looked up at him again “Thanks, Wallace.” He said.

Just then, Chun came out of his office. “Ms. Ella, please come inside my office.” He said. The three looked at each other, and then Ella stood up from her seat and went inside Chun’s office. As soon as she closed the door behind her, Chun began to speak. “First things first, Ms. Ella. I am not very pleased with the way you acted a while ago.” Chun said as he leaned on his table. “It’s a matter between me and my brother.”
“Even if it’s something between you and your brother, I am there. I just can’t let you say those things to your brother.”
“I know you are Arron’s friend, but please… next time… shut up.”

Ella glared at him, clenching her fist. “Do you really hate your brother that much? What did he do to you?” she asked. “Even if I explain it to you, you won’t understand. That brother of mine never listens to me.” He said. “But, isn’t it enough that he decided to work for you?” Ella asked. “I told you to mind your own business, Ms. Ella. Never interfere with my family life, especially with Arron.” he said. Ella could only sigh as she resigns herself to what Chun wanted her to do. “I understand, Mr. Wu. This would not happen again.” She said. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Good. At least now, we're clear. Second thing. Arron will start to work for me this Monday. The two of you will work closely with me so that you would learn all the loops of this company.”


Jiro was holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand. He entered the restaurant, and at one corner, he saw her patiently waiting for him. He smiled to himself, he brushed his hair with his fingers, and then proceeded to their table. “Baby...” he called. She looked up at her, her big brown eyes, staring into his own orbs. At that moment, he wanted to melt from where he is standing. He surely missed the way she looked at him. “Hey, baby...” she said in her sweetest tone. Jiro leaned over her, and then kissed her on the cheek. Then, he handed her the roses. “Aww... baby, you shouldn't have. But thank you. I love them...” she said. Jiro took his seat in front of her, and smiled at her. “It's my peace offering... for what happened to us this morning.” he said. “You really don't have to, baby...” she said. Jiro looked at her lovingly, and then held her hand. “I love you....” he said to her sincerely. “You know that I love you too...” she said as she blushed. “I always know that. Hey, let's order now. I'm hungry...”

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