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Saturday, March 20, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 35

Round 35 – Best Friends, Lovers

He shifted his body to his right side, and upon feeling the small, warm body beside him, he let out a smiled. He slowly opened his eyes, peeking at her to make sure that he was not dreaming. Yep, she's sleeping beside him, all right. This is not a dream. Well, this is far better than a dream. He let out a sigh of content as he put his arms around her bare body, which is covered with white sheets. He snuggled up against her, feeling her warmth. A smile formed into his sleeps as he closed his eyes. If this is a dream, there is no way he would want to wake up.

“Chun...” a sleepy voice called her. “Hmmm...” he answered. “I think we should wake up now... groovy grandpa should be in the airport in an hour?” Ella said. “Five minutes...” he said groggily. He shifted his body towards her as he hugged her tight. Ella could only let out a silent laugh as Chun hugged her tight. Her fingers brush the hair that's falling on his face, so that she could gaze at his handsome, sleeping face. “Chun...” she called again. “Hmmm...”
“We should get up... really...”
“Five minutes...”
“You said that almost two minutes ago...”
“Five minutes...”

She let out another laugh. She looked down at his bare chest, and then playfully, she drew circles on it. Chun couldn't help but be ticklish at what she is doing. “You really want to wake me up...” he said. “We're supposed to bring grandpa to the airport... or he's gonna be late...” she said. Chun opened his one eye, and let out a smirk. “Well, it's your fault he's gonna be late... if you didn't tell me you love me, then I wouldn't have made love to you the whole night...” he teased. Ella let out a laugh and then hit arm. “Perv! You're a perv! I wonder why I fell in love with a perv!” she teased. Chun smiled sexily at her, and gave her a wink. “You just can't resist my charms.” he said.

He held her by the arms, and then looked lovingly at her. It all seems like a dream to him. Up till now, he couldn't believe that Ella chose him, that she love him, that she's with him now. He wished all this happiness he is feeling would not go away, and that it will stay forever. He wished Ella and him can stay together this way, forever. “I love you...” he said to her. Ella let out a smile at him. “I love you too...” she said. He leaned down to her, and planted a kiss on her lips. He let out a playful smile at Ella as he looked at her. “Do you think you're being a bad granddaughter?” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Because, you're here... lying naked on my bed... trying to seduce me again.” he said. Ella pouted at him. “I did not seduce you. You raped me.” she said. “What is that, rape with consent?” he said.

Then, he let go of Ella, and then stoop up, covering his half body with a towel. “I'm going to change. Hey, do you know where you threw your clothes last night?” he teased. With that, Ella threw a pillow at him, and he couldn't help but laugh at his reaction.


“Here's my stop...” Groovy grandpa turned to Ella and Chun, and let out a smile. “It will be a long time before I come back for a visit. Take care of yourselves, all right?” he said. The two smiled, and nodded their heads. Then, groovy grandpa turned to Chun. “You have to promise me that you will always look after my princess. Promise me that you will not do anything to hurt her, or make her cry” he said to Chun. Chun nodded his head. “I promise, grandpa.” he said. He looked at Ella, and then put his arms around her. “I'll take good care of your granddaughter.” he added.

Ella walked up to her grandfather, and gave him a hug. “I'm going to miss you grandpa...” she said. She was on the verge of crying. “It's OK, my princess... I'll come back soon. I promise you that.” groovy grandpa said. He lifted her chin up, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. He turned his back on them, and then started to walk inside the airport. After a while, he paused, and looked back at them, giving them a warm smile. “I knew the first time I saw the two of you together, love could never be denied between you. I pray that the love you have for each other will continue to bloom, and that you will stay strong despite all the storms that would come between you.” he said. He waved goodbye at the two, while Chun and Ella remained standing, watching him as he disappeared from their sight.


Ella pressed on the play button, and then put her headset off her head. As she got out the DJ's booth, she heard her phone rang. She took it from her pocket, and a smile formed on her lips when she saw the name “chicken face” flashing on her screen. “Yes, chicken face...” she answered. She could hear Chun laugh at the other line. “Hey, Ms. Piggy... I'm on my way there to the station. Wait for me, all right?” he said. Ella let out a giddy smile as she nodded her head. “OK... I'll wait for you. Take care, all right? Love you.” she said. “Love you too, can't wait to see you...” Chun said.

Ella ended the call. The smile is still plastered on her face as she walked back to her work station. Since she and Chun have been together, she always felt giddy. He always does small sweet things that makes her heart skip a beat. “Ellie...” she heard someone call her. She looked back, and saw Sphinx walking up to him. “Oh, hey Sphinx!” she said. “I'm wondering if you want to go out and have lunch with me now?” he asked. She let out smile, and then she shook her head, which made Sphinx confused. “Sorry, Sphinx... but I'm going to have lunch with someone...” she said. “Someone?” Sphinx asked. Ella nodded her head. “Actually, he's on his way here now.” she said. “Who is this someone, Ellie?” Sphinx asked.

Before Ella could answer, she saw Chun come in. “Me.” Chun said. Sphinx looked back, and saw him walking up to him. Sphinx gave him a skeptical look. “You?!” he exclaimed. He turned to Ella, and saw her smiling at Chun. She totally ignored him, as she walked up to Chun. “Hey, chicken face.” she greeted him. Chun smiled at her. He put his arm around her, and then kissed her on the cheek. Sphinx could not believe what he is seeing. “Oh, come on... stop pretending...” he groaned. Chun looked up at him, and gave him a smirk. “Who say's we're pretending? Ella is my girlfriend. For real.” Chun said. Sphinx gave Ella a confused look. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “Chun and I got together the other day, Sphinx...” she said.

Sphinx snorted as he put his hands on his waist. “This is a joke, right?” he asked. Ella shook her head. “I believe we're not kidding this time.” Ella said. Sphinx turned to Chun, and glared at him, and Chun could only stick his tongue out of him, as if being proud of his victory over him. “So much things have happened when I'm gone, I see...” he muttered. Chun pulled Ella towards him, as he let out a victorious smile. “Oh, yes. A lot of things have happened.” Chun said. “And I never thought Ella would fall for a jerk like you, Chun.”
“I never thought Ella loved a jerk like you, before.”
“Between us, you are the jerk.”
“Both of us are.”
Sphinx folded his arms, as he continued to glare at Chun. Ella could almost see the electricity flowing out of their eyes as they glared at each other. “Guys... stop being so childish, all right?” she said in an annoyed tone. The two men looked at her. “You sure you're not getting back at me for what happened between me and Bianca, and the other girls, or for even breaking my promise?” Sphinx asked her. Ella sighed as she shook her head. “It's not... that, all right.” she said wearily. “Sphinx, during the past few months that you were gone, I've come to realize that there's a whole world out there, and that my life can go on without you. When you left, you taught me to be independent. I guess I've relied on you all these times... that you became my sole support... when you left, I realized that there are other people who can give me the support I needed, more than what you can give me, Sphinx. And one of them is Chun. He... he was there for me all these time. When you left me, he stayed by my side. He did nice things to me... things that you used to do, and things that you've never done for me.” she told him. Sphinx looked at Chun again. He noticed how protective he held Ella in his arms, as if shielding her from him.

He never thought that this day would come – that Ella will choose another for him. It's his fault anyway, because he never dared to choose her before. Although she is his best friend, she will only be the second best when it comes to his girlfriends. He felt losing all that they had in an instant. He felt that he have lost her for good, and he could not accept it. “So, does this mean... you don't need me anymore?” he asked sadly. Ella let out a faint smile, and shook her head. “It doesn't mean that way, Sphinx. I still need you. You are my best friend. My one and only best friend... and I love you for that.” she said. “So... it means... for you, I... I'm just the best friend... not the guy you love anymore?” he asked again. Ella nodded her head. “Chun... have taken that place... in my heart...” Ella said sadly.

She saw Sphinx lower his head slowly. She knew she have hurt him with what she said, but she couldn't lie to him just to make him feel better. She loves Chun, and nothing can change her mind about it. “Sphinx.... Sphinx... I'm really sorry...” she said. She reached out to hold his hand, but Sphinx pulled it away. “I... I'm sorry, Ella...” he said as he looked up at her. “I still can't believe things happened this way. When I came back... I was hoping for a chance between us... but... I guess I just assumed things. Things will never go back the way they are.” he said. He lowered his head, and retreated back. Ella watched as he walked away. She made a step towards him, but Chun stopped him. “Let him be with himself for a while, Ellie... guess it was a big blow for him...” he said. Ella looked at him sadly. “Chun... Sphinx... is my best friend...” she said. Chun nodded his head. “I understand that. But... look at him. He was hoping for a chance with you, and he got rejected. I know how it feels like. Right now, he needed time for himself, to think things through. If you go after him, you'll make it hard for him.” he said.

Ella looked away from him, and turned her eyes to the direction where Sphinx went. “But... I feel so bad for telling him that...” she said. “No, don't feel about it. You just made him understand the situation now.” he said. He embraced Ella tight, and let her head rest on his shoulder. Ella looked up at him, and saw him letting out a smile for her. “Don't feel bad, all right? You two will be OK. I assure you that.” he said. Then, she let out a weak smile at him. “Chunnie, thank you... thank you for being here. Thank you for standing by me. Thank you for making me see the light in the dark. I don't know how I'd do without you...” she said. “Believe me, Ella... I wouldn't know what I'll do without you here with me as well. The feeling is just mutual.” he said. With that, Ella let out a giggle, and then she pinched Chun's nose.


Sphinx sat on his bed with a photo album on his hand. It contained pictures of him and Ella all through these years. As he looked at the pictures, he felt a tear fall from his eyes. He still couldn't believe it when Ella told him that he is not the guy that she loved anymore, and that Chun was the one who took his place in his heart. It broke his heart to hear those words. He came back to Taipei with only one thing in his head – and that is to love her. He knew he made a lot of mistakes before, especially when he didn't acknowledge how she felt for him. He never knew that his best friend is in love with him, and while he is with other girls, he is breaking her heart. She hold on so long to the promise he made before, but when he met Bianca, he broke it.

She was the last person he wanted to hurt, but he never realized that he would be the one that would give her the most painful heartache she could ever feel. She was so hurt back then, that she never saw him before he left for Australia on her birthday. While he was away, and while he is Bianca, he realized what he did to Ella was wrong. And slowly, he have acknowledged to himself that he does love her. It was a blessing in disguise when Bianca met up with her ex, and she decided to give the guy another chance. After the their breakup, he had a moment for himself to think things through. Everywhere he go, he could only think of Ella. He tried to date other girls, but he kept on comparing them to Ella. He missed Ella. And then it hit him, that all these times, he loved Ella.

And so he came back for her, but he was too late. Ella does not love him anymore, the way he loved him back then. Maybe she grew tired of her unrequited love. Maybe she couldn't wait for him to keep his promise. Maybe he have hurt her enough, that she have fallen in love with another man. But he could not accept that she will fall for Chun, not him, not her childhood sworn enemy. He's still figuring out why it was him. He knew that back then, Ella was lying about him and Chun being together, for she only said that out of anger. And he also knew back then that there is a possibility of Chun to fall in love with Ella. He felt threatened by it, because he had no other choice but to give way to him. Because he had to leave. Because he was so in love with Bianca back then, that he chose to leave Ella.

He flipped another page of the album, and saw a solo picture of Ella's smiling face. He traced her smile with the tip of his finger, and let out a sad smile. “I love you so much, Ella...” he thought. “I'm sorry, but I can't let you go...”


“I sure hope you enjoyed our date tonight...” Chun said as he walked Ella to her door. Ella turned to him, and let out a smile. “I'm always happy when I'm with you, chicken face.” she said. Chun let out a laugh. She put her arms around his neck, and gazed into his eyes. “I wonder, what did I do to deserve your love?” she asked. Chen leaned over her, as his arms encircles her waist. “Its simple... God realized that you've been giving more than enough love to someone else, and you were not getting anything back. So, He sent me to you... to love you more that you love me... to make you feel special... so that finally, you could be happy...” he whispered to her. Ella let out a smile at him. “I'm glad He did... I just don't see myself with anyone, but you...”
“And I don't have any plans of being with anyone. I only want to be with you.”
“Forever and ever.”

Chun let out a smile at her. He leaned over her, and then kissed her lovingly on the lips. As he broke their kiss, he looked at her lovingly. “I love you so much, Ella...” he said. “I love you more, Chun.” she answered. “Can I not let you go? Can I stitch you to my side, so that you'll always be with me? Can I make you small, so that I could keep you by myself?” he asked. With what he said, Ella giggled. “You know that I'll always be yours...” she said. “I just want to be sure. I don't want other guys to look at you the way I do.”
“You're a very possessive guy.”
“Of course. After all that we've been through... I can't let other men steal you from me.”
“i wont let them steal me from you.”
“Then let me keep you forever...”

Ella smiled, as he nodded her head. Chun leaned down to her, and gave her a kiss on the lips. As he kissed her passionately, Chun pulled Ella close to her, as if never letting her go. She broke their kiss, then looked at her with misty eyes. “Can I not let you go tonight?” Chun asked. Ella let out laugh, then she smiled at him. “I don't want you to go as well...” she said. Chun leaned on her forehead, his finger tracing on her lips. “Have I told you that you're the most beautiful girl I have seen in my entire life?” he said. Ella giggled at him again. “You flatter me so much, Chun...” she said. He leaned down to her, and planted another kiss on her lips. “Can I stay with you tonight?” he whispered to her. Ella let out a laugh. She let him go, then she held his hand. “I'd love to...” she said. She opened the door of her apartment, and then pulled Chun inside.

What they didn't know is that someone have been watching them all this time. It was Sphinx. As he watched the two go inside the house, he clenched his fist in anger. “I should be the one in his place.. not that jerk...” he thought. He bit his lips, as he closed his eyes. Another tear fell from his eyes, as he felt his heart breaking from watching Chun and Ella together. “Ella... you know you could be happier with me... I know you're just putting up a show with him. You can't be with him... You have to choose me again...” he whispered. As the lights went out inside her house, he turned around and left.


“Oh, I see you were back...”

Sphinx looked back, and saw his ex-girlfriend, Larissa, walking up to him. He ignored her as he gulped down his whiskey. Larissa sat beside him at the bar, and leaned over her. “Ignoring me, huh? Why the sudden change of heart?” she asked. “I am not in the mood, all right?” Sphinx snapped at her. Larissa was shocked at his reaction. She took a deep breath to compose herself. “Relax. I'm here to keep you company, all right...” she said. “Misery needs no company.” Sphinx said. She let out a sly smile as she shook her head. “I don't think so, Sphinx. Misery needs company. Lots of it.” she said.

She leaned towards him, taking the glass of his hand. “So, why are you drinking yourself to death? Anything happened?” she asked. Sphinx looked at her, he was contemplating whether he would tell her the reason why he wanted to be sober. In the end, he chose not to tell her. “None of your business.” he told her. Larissa let out a smirk. “Oh really?”
“Why do you care?”
“Maybe I can help.”
“I don't think you can.”

Larissa let out another sigh. She called on the waiter, and ordered a drink. “So... have you seen your goody-two shoe best friend?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “I met her at the beach before. Well, it wasn't that fancy meeting her...” she said. Sphinx looked at her. “Can we not talk about her?” he asked. Larissa looked at him, and smiled. “Why? Trouble in Ella-land?”
“We're just not in good terms.”
“Not in good terms? That's new. I wished the two of you were not in good terms when we were still together.”
“Can you shut the hell up?”
“Why, can't I bring the past up now?”
“I don't want to talk about it.”
“Well, I do. You know from the start that I hate your BFF. Now, we have something in common.”
“I don't hate Ella. We're just not in good terms.”

Larissa let out a smirk, then she took a sip from her drink. “I've met her boyfriend when we met. Chun, if I got the name right...” she said. With that, Sphinx turned to Larissa, and started to listen to her. “I kinda like the guy, but your BFF got in my way. I don't even know what that guy sees in her that he wanted to date her...” Larissa said. “You... like Chun?” Sphinx asked. Larissa nodded her head. “Damn, I'll do everything so that he could into bed with me...” she said. “Do you still like him?” Sphinx asked. Larissa nodded her head. With that, an evil idea hit Sphinx's head. “Larissa... I think I know how you can get Chun...” he said. Larissa gave him a confused look. “I can help you get Chun... take it as you're also helping me to be with Ella...” he said. “Well, anything to be with that cute guy...” she said. Then, she let out a seductive smile. “You've got yourself a deal, Sphinx.”

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