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Saturday, October 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Thank You For Your Tenderness

Thank you for being tender
The candlelight that enlightens the smile
Only warms but doesn't disturb my cold winter
Haven't decided where to go
That's why I can't let you accompany me
Scared that you'll be like me
I will plant you inside my heart
Maybe one day a dream will finally grow within


Chun entered the mansion, and from where he is standing, he could see his grandpa and Ella talking at the patio. He smiled to himself as he caught a glimpse of his lady love. “Hey grandpa!” he said as he walked towards them. “Oh, speaking of the devil, Chun is here...” grandpa said, winking at him. Ella couldn't help but laugh at what grandpa said. Chun took the seat next to Ella. He looked at Ella, and smiled at her. “So, Ms. Ella... what are you doing in our humble abode?” he asked. Ella looked at him and smile. “Please tell me I'm the one you're visiting and not my old man... please tell me you miss me that's why you're here...” he thought. “Oh, I missed grandpa so I came to visit him. I also brought him his favorite cake.” she said. Chun seemed to be a little disappointed with her answer. He thought she came to see him, but he was wrong. “Oh...” he said in a sad voice. Then, he looked at his grandpa. “Grandpa, don't eat too much of the cake. You know what the doctor told you the last time.” he said. Grandpa made a face at his grandson. “You act like my father, and yet I'm older than you. Look at your dad, he lets me have what I want to eat.” he said. “Well, we don't want to end up in the hospital again, right grandpa?” he said. Grandpa could only roll his eyes at him. “Fine...”

Just then, Jonas came up to them. “Oh, hey guys!” he greeted. “Oh, Jonas! You're here! Your son here doesn't want me to eat chocolate cake...” grandpa said. “Dad, I think it's about time you listen to Chun. You know what the doctor told you the last time.” he said. Grandpa gave his son a surprised look. “What?! Even you?!” he said in bewildered tone. Jonas just winked at his father. “You can dad, but take a little serving of each.” he said. Then, Jonas looked at Ella, and smiled. “Oh, you're here, Ella. Missing our little Arron?” he asked. Ella didn't answer him, instead, she just let out a smile. “Oh, I bet you do. Don't worry, if Arron calls, I'll tell him to give his girlfriend a call. Anyway, I have to go.” he said. “Oh, Jonas... the opening of your art exhibit would be next week, right?” grandpa asked. Jonas nodded his head. “I expect all of you to be there, OK?” Jonas said. “I won't miss it for the world, uncle Jonas...” Ella said. “Of course, it's my son's art exhibit so I will definitely come.” grandpa said. Then, he eyes on Chun, who seems to be not so happy with what his father said. “Chun? You're going, aren't you?” grandpa asked. He looked up at his grandfather, and let out a faint smile. “I'll try, grandpa.” he said.

Ella looked at Chun, and saw the sudden change in his expression. “What's wrong with him?” she thought. “I think you should go, Chun. I know it will be fun.” she said. Then, he looked up at his father and gave him a faint smile. “I'll try to come dad. Don't worry.” he said. Jonas smiled at him, and then tapped his shoulder. He said goodbye to the three, then left. Ella gazed at Chun, and he seem to be in his deep thoughts. He noticed that whenever his father is around, he felt somewhat uncomfortable, as if he doesn't want to be near him. “As for me, I need to go and see a good friend for a while.” they heard grandpa said. The old man stood up from his seat. “Well, Ella... it's nice having you around. I hope you'll still be here when I come back from the Lins. I would really love to talk to you. You know, I can't even talk to this grandson of mine, even if it's a Sunday.” grandpa said. “I can wait for you, grandpa.” Ella said, smiling at him. Then, grandpa looked at Chun. “Keep Ella company for a while. I'll be back after I see Martin, and Ariel's father.” grandpa said. Then, he left the two alone.

“So, why do you think your grandpa would see Ariel's grandpa and dad?” Ella asked Chun as soon as they were alone. “Well, grandpa is always like that. Every Sundays, he always visits Ariel's grandpa and they play chess the whole day.” Chun said. “So, it means that it's your grandpa and her grandpa that betrothed the two of you since you were kids?” Ella asked again. Chun nodded his head. “They have been best friends for so long. I guess, it's already given that me and Ariel were to be married when we grow up. I know both of them have always wanted this arranged marriage, and I did it because I want to please grandpa... so that I could prove to him that I am much better.”
“Chun, do you think you're trying too much to please your grandpa? By my observation, he's the kind of grandpa that would love you even if you don't do everything he asks you to do.”
“The thing is, you only see our present situation, Ella. You don't know a thing about the past.”

Then, Chun took Ella's hand, and stared into her eyes. “I hope you would understand if I won't tell you the story now. One day, I will tell you everything when I'm ready... but for now, let's not talk about it, OK?” he said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “I will wait for that day, Chun.” she said. Chun let out a smile, then, he kissed the back of Ella's hand. “Thank you for being understanding, Ella. I'm so lucky to have you.” he said.


“Chun, can I ask you a question?” Ella asked as they were strolling at the garden that afternoon. Chun paused, and then he looked at Ella. “I just noticed there's something in the way you act when your father is around... is there something wrong between you and your dad?” she asked. Chun looked away from her, and continued to walk. Ella knew he got her boyfriend mad with her question. “Chun... I'm sorry...” she said. Then, Chun stopped walking, and looked at her. “I forgot. I shouldn't be prying on to your relationship with your family. It's just that...” Before she could finish her sentence, Chun walked up to her, and hugged her tight. She could feel the loneliness he is feeling in his heart with his embrace. “Chun?” she called. Chun looked at her, and gave her a faint smile. “What did I tell you a while ago?” he asked. “That you're not ready to talk about the past, but you will tell me all about it when you're ready.” she said. He nodded his head. “Whatever it is that you see between me and my dad, it's all part of my past. Whatever it is that you've seen between my and brother before, it's all about what happened in the past.” he said. “Don't you want to talk about it, Chun?” she asked again. Chun shook his head.

Ella let out another sweet smile at him. “So, do you find me annoying now?” she asked. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. “Annoying, but sweet.” he said. She hugged him, and then rested her head on his shoulder. “Chun... I'm sorry... it's just that I'm worried with you that you're acting that way. I want you and your dad to be in good terms.” she said. Chun put his arm around Ella, and enclosed her in an embrace. He knows that Ella only wanted everything to be OK for him. “I understand Ella. Even you're such a nosy brat, I understand.” he said. He looked down at her, and gave her a smirk, and Ella made a face at him. “And I won't accept your sorry, silly girl.” he said. He then pointed at his cheeks, and then smiled playfully. Ella got what he means by that. She raised an eyebrow at him. “You're such a perv, you know!” she said in a somewhat mad tone. Chun could only laugh at him. As he looked away from her, Ella reached up to him to kiss his cheek, but Chun looked at him, and she kissed her lips. “Oh! So, who's the perv now?” Chun teased her. Ella hit his arm, to get back at him.


“I know they're going to love you.” Calvin said to Joe as they walked up to the door of the Chen mansion. “But, I'm scared... what if your mom and dad doesn't like me at all? What if in the end, they have arranged another girl for you to marry?” Joe asked nervously. Calvin laughed at her, then he pinched his girlfriend's nose. “You know, you're watching too much idol dramas. No, I am not arranged to marry someone, and yes, they will love you. They will, I assure you that.” he said. Then, he put his arms around her, then door suddenly opened. “Oh there is our little prince!” Mrs. Chen squealed. She immediately walked up to him, and pinched his cheeks, which made him embarrassed. “Oh, how I missed my little poochiepoo!” Mrs. Chen cooed. Joe couldn't help but laugh at him. “Mom... you're embarrassing me...” he said. Mr. Chen immediately came up to his rescue, and took her wife away from their son. “Enough of it, Linda. Don't embarrass our son in front of his girlfriend.” Mr. Chen said. Then, Mrs. Chen looked at Joe and smiled at her. “Oh, and this must be the princess who captured our little prince's heart!” Mrs. Chen said. She walked up to Joe, and smiled at her. “Good morning, Mrs. Chen. I'm Joe Chen.” she said. “Oh, such a pretty girl! I love how big your eyes are! Randolf, look here, see how pretty her eyes is. Calvin, she sure is a sweet and pretty girl.” Mrs. Chen said.

Calvin got confused with the way his mom is reacting upon meeting Joe. “What's wrong?” he thought. “Hao lah, hao lah, stop it Linda.” Mr. Chen said, pulling his wife away. Mr. Chen looked at Joe, and smiled shyly at her. “I'm sorry about it. It's just that my wife is -” Before he could finish his sentence, Mrs. Chen stomped on his feet, which made Calvin's father flinch in pain. “Don't say anything yet.” she scolded him. Calvin and Joe couldn't help but laugh at the two. Although they have been married for years, they act as if they were newly married. “I'm sorry, Joe. It's just that you are really really pretty. Now I know why my son fell in love with you.” she said. Joe smiled at her, and nodded her head. She felt herself blushing at Mrs. Chen's compliment. “Thank you...” she said in a low voice. She looked at Calvin, and he just winked at her. “You kids must be hungry by now. Let's all go inside, I prepared at special meal for all of us.” Mr. Chen said. Calvin put his arms around Joe, and they went inside the house.

They had a sumptuous lunch. While they were having their meal, Calvin's mom was asking questions on how the two of them met, and how they got together. The couple told their story to his parents, and his mom could only look at them dreamily as she listened to their love story. In return, his parents told Joe about their love story, the embarrassing stories when Calvin was a kid, and they also gave them tips regarding their relationship. “OK, now we'll tell you our surprise.” Mrs. Chen said. Calvin gave his parents a confused look. “Surprise?” she asked. Mr. Chen held his wife's hand, and looked lovingly at her. Then the older couple looked at their son. “We want to tell you something, son...” Mr. Chen said. Calvin took a glass of water beside him. “Go ahead.” he said. Then, he drank the content of the glass. “We're having a baby.”

With that, Calvin spit out the water in his mouth. Joe could only laugh at his reaction. After he coughed the water he drank in the wrong way, he gave his parents a surprised look. “What?!” he asked excitedly. His parents only nodded their head. He looked at Joe, and she could tell by the way he smiled that he was so happy. She knew right from the start that he have been longing for a baby sister, and now his dreams finally came true. “Did you hear that, Joe? I'm going to have a baby sister!” he said. Joe smiled at him, and nodded her head. Then, she looked at his parents. “Congratulations, Auntie, uncle. I'm so happy for you.” she said. “Now that explains my wife's reaction of you a while ago.” Mr. Chen said, winking at her. “You will help me prepare for the baby, right, Joe? It would be a good practice for you when you Calvin get yourself a baby one day.” Mrs. Chen said. Calvin could only blush at what his mother said. “Aiyo, mom... aren't we suppose to get married first before having a baby?” he said. The three of them could only laugh at Calvin.


Chun heard a knock on his office. “Come in.” he said. Ella then entered his office. “Mr. Wu, I have the report you needed.” she said. Chun looked up at her, and smile. “Please put it on the table, baobei... and please stay for a while.” he said to her. Ella smiled at him. She put the documents on the table, and sat on the chair in front of Chun. “Still busy?” she asked. Chun nodded her head. “I need to finish this by tomorrow...” he said. “By the way, I want to remind you... Today is the opening of Uncle Jonas' art exhibit. I think we should go.” she said. The smile on is face slowly faded at what she said, and Ella noticed it. “Chun...” she said as she held his hand. “I really don't want to go, Ella.” he said. “Whatever it is that you have against your dad, can you forget it, even for tonight?” she asked him. Chun looked at her, and he could see the worry in her eyes. “Today is a special day for your dad. I know he wants you to be part of it. Can you do it for me, baobei?” she asked again. “I really can't go, Ella. I hope you understand...”
“Is this part of the past that you still don't want to tell me, is it?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Then, just think it as you're doing this for your dad. Do this for me. You promised me that we'll make a lot of memories... and I want to make memories with you tonight. Will you accompany me to your dad's art exhibit?”

Chun closed his eyes, and let out a sigh. He really didn't want to go to his dad's art exhibit, for it will only remind him of a past he wished to forget. But then, he doesn't want to disappoint Ella. He knew Ella wanted to go to his art exhibit so bad, and he wanted to accompany her, but he was scared he would see the thing he wished he didn't want to see anymore. “I guess it's time to face this...” he thought. Then, he opened his eyes, and smiled at her. “OK... I'll go with you. But just this once.” he said. Then, Ella gave him a sweet smile. She squeezed his hands tight. “Thank you, baobei.” she said.


Chun and Ella walked inside the art exhibit. Ella held onto to his hand as they entered. She looked up at him, and she could see the uneasiness in his face. Somehow, she regrets asking Chun to accompany her here. “Chun, are you all right?” she asked. Chun looked at her, and let out a faint smile. “I'm OK, don't worry.” he said. “Oh, there is my grandson!” they heard grandpa said. They both looked at his direction, and saw the elder man coming their way. Ella immediately let go of Chun's hand as he approached them. “Hey, grandpa!” Ella said before giving a kiss on his cheek. “I'm glad that you were able to come. And I'm glad you convinced your boss here to come.” grandpa said as he eyes on Chun. “I wouldn't miss it for the world.” Chun said monotonously. Grandpa could only sigh at him. “Chun... try to be more happy for your dad today. Don't fake it.” he said as he patted his shoulder. Then grandpa smiled at Ella, and excused himself to entertain the other guests.

Ella looked up at Chun, and could see that his expression still has not changed. “Chun, are you OK?” she asked. Chun simply nodded his head. “I will be, I guess. Do you want to look around?” he asked her. Ella smiled and nodded her head. Chun took Ella's hand, and together, they looked around the art exhibit, and looked at his dad's paintings. He could see the Ella is amazed by his dads masterpieces, but as for him, he is not happy to see his works. Seeing his dad's paintings only reminds him of the responsibility he walked out on years ago. “Wow! Chun, look at this painting.” Ella said. She pulled him towards the painting of a smiling lady in a white gown. Behind the lady is a garden filled with roses. “That woman is really pretty! He looked a lot like Arron.” Ella said in awe. Chun glanced at the painting, and seeing it made his heart flinch in pain.

“Oh, I'm glad you liked the painting of my wife.” they heard Chun's father say. Ella looked back at him, and gave him a confused expression. “This is the very last painting I have of Chun and Arron's mother. I believe I painted that a week after we got married... at our summer house at the north.” Uncle Jonas said. Ella smiled at him, and then looked back at the painting. “Your wife sure is pretty, uncle Jonas. Now I know where I got Chun and Arron's good looks.” she said. “This painting is very precious to me, Ella. This is my first and last painting of Rong Xuan...” Jonas said. As Ella looked at him, she saw the smile slowly fade from his lips. “You must have really loved her, uncle Jonas...” Ella said. Jonas nodded his head. “With all my heart.” he answered.

Chun looked up at the painting with anger. He clenched his fist as he listened to every words his father said. “So, that's why after mom died, you chose to leave us.” he said. Jonas ans Ella looked at Chun. “That's why after mom died, you chose to walk out on me and Arron. You chose to leave us with grandpa. That's why after mom died, it's as if you lived a life without any responsibility.” he said. The tears were forming at the corner of his eyes. Just seeing her mother's painting made him remember what their dad did to them in the past, right after their mom died from that accident. His father could only lower his head in guilt. His son is right, and he is to blame for all the things that happened in the past. He is to blame for what happened to his own family. “Chun... stop it...” Jonas said in a low voice. “Why? Because you don't want to hear the truth?” he asked him angrily. Ella looked at Chun, confused as to what's happening between them. The tension between Chun and his father is growing stronger. And she have never seen Chun this angry.

“Chun...” she said as she walked beside him. Then, he held his hand, hoping it would appease his anger. “I didn't want to leave you and Arron, Chun...” Jonas said. “You didn't want to leave?!” he shouted angrily at him. “You didn't want to leave us, yet you did! You abandoned me and Arron during the times we needed you the most! And you know, because of what you did... I have to assume your position at an early age! I have to be Arron's father, because you were not there for us! I had to take care of him because you were not there to be our father! Did you know the pressure you put on me when you left us?! I was pressured to do my best in everything and become grandpa's successor... did you know that! I had to sacrifice my own dream because you left!” he shouted at him. All eyes were on Chun and his father now. Warm tears began to cascade in Chun's eyes as he blamed his father for everything. Jonas could only look away from his son. “I'm sorry...” he said in a low voce. “Your sorry is useless now, dad. Your sorry could not bring back the time and correct everything. You ruined everything, dad... you ruined everything.” Chun said. Then, he turned his back on his dad, and walked away from him.

“Chun!” Ella called him. But, her call did not stop him from leaving. She looked up at Jonas, still confused with what's happening. “I'm OK, Ella. It's Chun that I'm worried about. Can you do me a favor and follow him?” he asked. “But Uncle Jonas...”
“I'm going to be OK. One day, I will explain to you and to Chun the real reason why I left them years ago. But for now... please follow him. Stay with him, and make sure he's OK.”
Jonas held her hand, and looked at her pleading her to do his request. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. Then, she ran after Chun.


Ella found herself with Chun at the Wu mausoleum. Chun knelt down before his mother grave as he cried. “Mom... I hate him... I hate him...” Chun said between sobs. Ella knelt before him, and held his hand to comfort him. Then, Chun looked at her. “Do you know, Ella... do you know why I hate my dad? Why I'm cold towards him? Do you know why I became strict with Arron before? Do you know why I didn't want him to be an artist?” he asked. Ella shook his head. “It's because he left us... he left us after mom died. He wasn't a good father when mom was a live, and he became worse when mom died...” he said. “I... I don't understand, Chun... what do you mean?” she asked. She began to listen to him as he started his story.

“Did you know, Arron and I are really close before. I always look after him, making sure he's all right, and that nobody bullies us. Mom... she love us, that I know. She was always there for me and Arron. Dad isn't always around because he had to take care of our company, since he's grandpa's successor. He wasn't there during the most important occasions in our lives. He wasn't there during our birthdays. He wasn't there during their wedding anniversary. He wasn't there to teach us how to ride a bike or even teach us how to play basketball. He's always out, doing business. One day, mom came to pick us up from school. On our way home, Arron dropped his ball and it rolled to the street. Arron followed it, and mom called him... but Arron didn't listen. Then, she saw this truck coming towards his direction. She ran after Arron, and pushed him to safety while she... she got hit by the car...”

“Mom was in critical condition. We called dad, but he said he can't go home. He have to go abroad for some business. Mom waited for him, but then she couldn't wait that long for him. Eventually, mom died without even seeing my father. After mom died... dad changed. He didn't go to work. He always stay home and lock himself in his room. We thought it's a good thing, until one day, grandpa told us that dad left. He left us alone. He had been gone for so long. In his absence, it was grandpa who pressured me to be his own successor. At an early age, I have to learn the loops of his business. I have to learn everything about it. I felt as if I have no other choice but to accept being grandpa's successor. That time, I told myself that I won't be irresponsible like dad. I told myself that me and Arron will survive without him. Then, after a few years, dad came back... I thought that now he's back, he can save me from all the pressures I have in my shoulder, but I was wrong. He decided to become an artist, a painter... I hated him for that decision, Ella. I hated him because he only thinks of himself. I didn't want Arron to be like him so I became strict with him. I want Arron to be more responsible. I didn't want him to turn out like dad...”

“And because of what I did, Arron thought that I am blaming him for mom's death. I am not blaming my brother, Ella... it's not his fault. I blame my dad for ruining everything, for ruining our lives. I could live another life, you know that? I could live with my dreams, if only he didn't leave us. But he did... he chose to leave us... we needed him, but he wasn't there for us. And now, he wanted to be a good father to us? For what? It's already too late... it's too late...”

Ella watched him as he buried his head onto his arms, and cry like a baby. She could feel the pain in her heart seeing him break down like this. Now, she finally understand why he was so strict with Arron before, and why he disliked his father that much. Then, Chun looked up at her. “I'm a bad son, am I? I'm a bad son that I can't forgive my father for what happened in the past?” he asked. Ella shook her head. “You have every right to mad at your dad, Chun... but you have to forgive him for what he did. He may have his own reasons why he left you and Arron before. You have to talk to him and hear him out.” she said. Chun could only shake his head. “No... I don't want to.” he said firmly. Ella took his hand, and held it. Then, she looked into his eyes, and smiled sadly. “Chun, life is short for you to hate someone this much. One day, it might be too late for you to forgive your father... One day, it will be too late for you to tell him how much he means to you... and you will regret it that you didn't forgive him and tell him how much you love him.” she said. “I don't love him...” Chun said. Ella smiled, and shook her head. “I don't believe you. You do love your father, but you past is an hindrance for you to love him. Which child does not love his parents? Maybe your father made a mistake before... but you have to forgive him for his shortcomings, Chun.” she said.

Chun looked at the girl beside him, and realized she's right. It wasn't easy, but he have to. It's also hard on his part to carry this grudge in his heart for his father. “I don't know... I don't know how to ask forgiveness from him...” he said. “I know your dad will forgive you despite all the things that happened tonight, Chun...” she said. Chun held her hand, and then he leaned on her shoulder. “I... I don't know what to do, Ella...” he said softly. Ella hugged him tight as he let him cry in her shoulder. She wished there's something she could do to ease the hurt Chun is feeling inside.


Chun and Ella entered the Wu mansion, and from the living room, they saw his grandpa and dad sitting on the couch. Both of them looked like they didn't have any sleep and waited for Chun to come home. “Well... your son is here, Jonas.” grandpa said as he stood up from his seat. “It's about time that you talk to him, and tell him your side of the story.” he continued. He walked towards Ella, and led her inside the dining room to leave Chun alone with his father.

For a while, there was an awkward silence between them. Chun could not stand being with him for so long, so he walked and headed to the stairs. “I love your mother... believe me.” he heard his father said. Chun paused, and listened to him. “Do you know how it pains me that I can't be there in her deathbed? Do you know how it hurts me when I can't be there for you and Arron while the two of you were growing up? All my life, all I did is to look after our business. If you think you're the only one who can't live a life you've always wanted because you have obligations as a successor, then think again, Chun. I had to sacrifice everything for dad... for his empire...” Jonas began. Chun turned around to face him, and Jonas could see the anger in his son's eyes. “Then, why did you left? If it hurts you... then why did you abandoned me and Arron? Did you know, because of what you did, I was left with no choice but to grow up, be mature and be responsible for everything. I had to take care of Arron. I had to handle the business at a young age. Why, dad? Why?” he asked. “Because it's what your mom wanted...”

Chun was surprised at what his father said. “Mom... wanted you to leave us?” he asked in disbelief. Jonas shook his head. “After your mom died, I began to reflect on what's happening with my life. Chun, all I wanted is to have a happy family, and to do the thing I've always wanted to do. Well, I did get my first wish. I married the woman I love, and I had kids – you and Arron. But I still felt unfulfilled. Yes, I may have became a successful businessman that everyone looks up to, but I am not happy with what I'm doing. Rong Xuan knew right before that painting has been my passion, and I have to give up that passion to take over dad's business. Do you know why that painting of your mom is important to me? It's because it will always remind me of the dream that I got through her encouragement.” Jonas said. Chun shook his head in confusion. “I... I don't understand, dad...” he said. Jonas walked up to him as he began to explain things to him.

“When your mom died, I blamed myself for not being there for her. I wasn't a perfect husband or father, that I know. As a man, I know I failed myself because I can't do the thing I loved the most. After she died, I locked myself in the room... crying for Rong Xuan's loss. One day, I saw your mom's diary, and I read it. In her diary, I read about the pain she's feeling because of me... because she could see how I'm suffering, living the life I never wanted. She said in her diary that she would be most happy if I won't give up on my passion, and be the best artist that I can be, and draw her again just like what I did when we got married. That's when I decided to resign and do what I've always wanted to do. I talked to your grandpa about it, but he refused to listen to me. He said he will not allow me to do what I want. That's when I decided to make a crucial decision. I decided to leave and be away from dad's iron hands. For once, I wanted to decided on my own, live freely on my own, without anyone dictating me what to do. I tried to get you and Arron from him, but he wouldn't let me. He won't let you go with me. He said he can't trust me, and irresponsible man, to raise two young boys. Then, dad got sick, and that's when he forgave me and let me come back... but I guess I'm too late. You hated me for leaving you and Arron, and I can't blame you for that... but please remember this, Chun... there was never a time that you and Arron left my mind. You are always with me throughout my journey. I... I love you son. Always remember that.”

Jonas' eyes were filled with tears as he speaks. As he turned his back on his son, Chun couldn't help but cry. Chun watched him as he slowly walked away from him. Suddenly, that feeling he felt the first time his father left came back to him. He was a young boy, and he remembered begging his dad not to go. “Don't go, dad...” he said as he cried. Jonas paused, and listened to his son. “Dad... I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hating you. I'm sorry for blaming you because of your decision. I... I didn't know. Jonas looked back at him, and saw him walking up to him. “Don't leave me again, dad. Those times that you were not by our side... it was the worst time of our lives. Dad... I'm sorry... I... I love you...” he said. He walked towards his dad, and hugged him. The two of them cried, then Jonas let go of him, and smiled. “Son... I won't leave you ever again. I will always be here for you, no matter what.”


Ella and grandpa watched as father and son made up. Both of there were in tears as they watch them. “Finally...” grandpa said. “It's very heartwarming, grandpa...” Ella said. Grandpa nodded his head. “i was wrong, Ella. I shouldn't have forced Jonas to do the things I wanted him to do. I was also wrong when I pressured Chun when he was young. I hope the two of them could forgive me for what I have done in the past...” grandpa said. Ella looked at the elder man, and held his hand. “I know they will, grandpa. You are only a parent who only wanted his children to have a better life.” she said. “I hope Chun doesn't think that I'm being unfair... that I asked him to take care of my business while I let Arron do what he pleases. If only I could turn back time...” Ella patted his shoulder to console him. “Grandpa, don't blame yourself. If you weren't strict on Chun, he wouldn't end up to be a responsible man. As for Arron, it just so happen that he have the same talent as his dad, and it's only the right decision to let him follow what his heart says. Don't blame yourself, grandpa.” she said. Grandpa looked at her, and gave her a warm smile. “How can you be such an angel, Ella? Arron is really lucky to have you.” he said. Then, he put his arms around her, and gave her a hug.


Chun was by the pool that afternoon. He was smiling to himself, as he gaze at his reflection on the water. For the longest time, he never felt this happy. He felt like he was unburdened after talking to his dad. “Chun?” he heard Ella call. He looked back, and saw her walking towards him. “Oh, you're still here?” he asked. Ella nodded her head as she sat beside him. “I told grandpa and uncle that I'll make sure you're OK before I leave. By the way, grandpa and uncle went back to the art exhibit. He said he have a friend who's interested in your dad's work.” she said. Chun smiled, and nodded his head.

After being silent for a while, Chun reached for Ella's hand, and held it. Then, he looked at her, and gazed into her eyes. “Ella, thank you...” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “For what?” she asked. “For enlightening me. For telling me to forgive my dad. You know, it felt so good inside... that I don't have this hatred inside me anymore. Everything seems so much lighter now... and everything seems to be in its place. It just felt so good...” he said. “I know what it's like, Chun. Mom and Dad have been Canada for so long because they have to work.. I know what it feels like when you don't have your parents beside you... that's why I told you that you should forgive him, and tell him you love him before it's too late.” she said.

Chun reached for her cheek, and gently caressed it. Then, he smiled lovingly at her. “Have anyone told you that you're such an angel?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Grandpa told me a while ago.” he said. He let out a faint laugh at what she said. “You're an angel that God sent to me, Ella. If it wasn't for you, I won't be able to understand my brother more. If it wasn't for you, me and dad would still be in bad terms. You helped put this family back together... and I'll forever thank you for this. Tell me, what can I do to repay your good deed?” he asked. Ella smiled, and shook her head. “There's nothing in this world that I wanted more that to be by your side even for only a short period of time. All I want is to be loved by someone like you, even if it's just for a while.” she said. Chun stared at her for a long time. Though Ella is smiling, he could see the sadness in her eyes. “I... I want to be with you forever, Ella...” he said. Ella shook her head. “It won't be that easy, Chun. Ariel... she...”

Before Ella could finish his sentence, Chun silenced her with a long kiss on the lips. At that moment, Chun have finally decided, that he wanted to be with this girl for the rest of his love. “I love you Ella, and I'll always will for the rest of my life...”

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