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Monday, July 6, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Dance With Me

Dance with me
I want to be your partner
Can't you see?
The music is just starting
Night is calling
And I am falling...
Dance with me...


Arron took another glance at Ella, and smiled at her. As Ella looked his way, he felt his heart begin to beat faster. He have never seen Ella as pretty as tonight. Of course, in his eyes, Ella is beautiful in her own way. Her simplicity is one of the things that drawn him to her. Ella is beautiful inside and out, and she doesn't have to wear think make up (like some girls he knew, a.k.a. The ex-girlfriend named Gui Gui) to prove to the world that she is pretty. But seeing her tonight, his opinion changed. Ella is beautiful. Far more beautiful. It felt like the girl standing before her is the other side of Ella that he have never seen before.

“Ella...” he called in a soft voice. “Is that really you?” he asked. Ella felt her cheeks turned crimson with the way Arron stared at her. If she could melt right at that moment, she would have melted a long time ago. “Do... do you like... how I look?” she asked nervously. Arron turned to a smile, one of those warmest smiles that makes her heart beat faster. “You're beautiful... really beautiful...” he said. Ella smiled at him shyly. She wanted to turn away from him, so that he wouldn't see how giddy she felt with each words he said to her. “T-thank you...” she said. Then, she looked up at her boss. Like Arron, Chun was staring at her. It's as if he ha have never seen a girl as pretty as her. “Err... Arron really have a pervert brother...” she thought. She felt annoyed with the way Chun looks at her. It's as if he wanted to eat her whole and alive. “Err... boss, are you OK?” she asked. Chun didn't took his eyes off of her as he nodded his head. “What's wrong with him?” she thought. “Err... boss?” she asked again. She saw Chun shook his head violently. Of course, the leading man of this story was mesmerized by our heroine's beauty, but he couldn't let his fiancée or even his little brother see that he is lusting – I mean – crushing on our heroine, right?

“Yeah, you look good.” Chun said nonchalantly. “You're all set for the party tonight.” he added. Ella's eyes widened upon hearing what he said. “Party? Tonight?” she asked in a bewildered tone. “Yeah. Why? Didn't you read the invitation that I gave you?” he asked. “Mr. Wu, how can I read the invitation you gave me when you dragged me to this shop after giving it to me? How can it sink in to me instantly that Mrs. Fang's birthday is today?” she said. Chun just let out a smirk at her, He could see Genie, Ariel and Arron giggling because of their 'conversation'. “Aren't you a little inconsiderate, Mr. Wu? What if I have other plans tonight?” she shouted at him. Chun just kept his cool as he smirked at her. “Why, do you have a date tonight?” he asked, eying at Arron. “I have plans! With my friends!” Ella shouted at him. “Then, go and cancel it. That's an order.” he said. He turned his back on her, and walked outside the shop.

Even after Chun left, Ariel and Genie were still laughing at them. They both have known Chun for a long time, and nobody dared to talk to him that way, except for Ella. “Suits him...” Genie said. Then, she turned to Ariel. “So, shall I get you ready for tonight's party?” she asked. Ariel smiled at her, and nodded her head. Before the two could come inside Genie's room, Ariel paused and looked back at Ella. “I really think you should cancel your plans for tonight. Aside from wasting the make over Genie gave you, you'll be missing half of your life if you won't go to the party with Arron as your date.” she said. Then, she winked at her. As soon as they left, Ella looked at Arron. “You're my date tonight?” she asked. Arron smiled and nodded his head. “Chun ge asked me to be your date tonight. Anyway, I wouldn't want any man at the party hitting on you...” he said. Ella couldn't contain her happiness at what he said. She immediately took her phone from he purse, and called Angela. “Hello? Angela?” she said on the phone. “Sorry, but I need to cancel our plans for tonight...”


“It's OK, we understand. Have fun tonight, OK? Take care.” Angela said. She put the phone down, and then looked at Calvin and Jiro. “Whozzat?” Jiro asked. “Ella. She said she needs to go to a party with his boss...” she said. “So, does that mean we can't go out tonight to watch the movie?” Calvin asked. Angela nodded her head. Calvin turned to smile as he stood up from his seat. “Great!” he said. He ran towards the phone, and took it. “Don't disturb me, OK? Need to talk to Joe...” he shouted as he ran up to his room. With that, Jiro gave Angela a confused look. “Is Calvin gay? Why is her spending more time with this Joe guy?” he asked. Angle glared at him, and whacked his head. “Stupid! Joe's not a guy! She's a girl. One of Ella's colleagues.” she said. “Why does that girl have a man's name. It made me think that Calvin's gay...” Jiro said. Angela rolled her eyes at him, and put her hands on her waist. “And so, what if Calvin's gay?” she asked. Jiro sighed. Then, she covered his chest with his arms. “What if he... he's lusting over me?” he asked in scared tone. With that, Angela whacked him in the head again.

After a while, Calvin came down of the stairs. He have changed to his favorite shirt, and the two could smell his favorite cologne. “I'm going out...” he said. “What? You're going out? Aren't you going to invite us, your friends, to come with you?” Jiro asked in a hurt tone. Calvin just gave him a smirk. “I have a date. Sorry...” he said. Then, he rushed out of the house. Jiro could only sigh as he watch his friend leave. “Wow, I can't believe I'm stuck with this amazon girl...” he muttered. Upon hearing that, Angela whacked Jiro again in the head. “I don't want to be stuck with you as well, you monkey boy!” she shouted at him.


That night, Arron, Ella, Chun and Ariel have arrived at the Fang Mansion for the party. Ella find herself in awe, as all of the people from the high society was invited at Mrs. Fang's birthday party. “Whoa...” she muttered. “Ms. Ella, I assume this is your first time to attend this kind of party?” she heard Chun asked. Ella looked up at him and nodded his head. “I expect that you will behave yourself for tonight.” he teased. Ella just rolled her eyes at her boss. “You should be the one who should behave, especially after you get drunk...” she thought. “Don't worry, this isn't the last party that you'll be attending. As long as I'm your boss, I will require you to come with me to such kinds of party. This is just the start.” Chun said. “I understand...” Ella said monotonously. She looked at Arron, and smiled at him. Then, Arron took her hand, and held it. “You'll be OK, don't worry...” he whispered to her. Then, he winked at her.

As they entered the mansion, they were greeted by Mrs. Fang herself. She smiled happily as soon as she saw Ella. “I'm glad you were able to come!” she said as she walked towards her. “Happy birthday, Mrs. Fang.” she said. “Aiyo, I told you before to call me Auntie Louise.” she said. Ella smiled at her. “I'm sorry, Auntie Louise... I wasn't able to bring you any gifts. I only learned about your party today, through my boss...” Ella said. Then, she threw dagger looks at her boss. Although Chun noticed the way Ella looked at her, he ignored it, and smiled to himself. “Its OK, Ella. What's important to me is that you were able to come.” she said. Then, Mrs. Fang turned her attention to Chun and Ariel. “And I'm glad you were able to come as well. This must be your fiancee, am I right?” she asked. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Mrs. Fang, this is my girlfriend, Ariel Lin.” he said. Mrs. Fang extended her hand to Ariel, and Ariel took it. “I'm glad to meet you, Ariel.” she said. “It's my pleasure, Mrs. Fang. Happy birthday.” she said. “Please, call me Auntie Louise as well.” Mrs. Fang said. Then, she turned to Arron and smiled at him. “And you must be Arron Yan-Wu?” she asked. Arron smiled at him and nodded his head. “It's my pleasure to meet you, Auntie Louise. Happy birthday.” he said. She smiled at him. Then, she looked closely at Ella and Arron. “You know what, if Ella haven't told me before that you're her good friend, I could easily mistaken you to be Ella's boyfriend.” she said. The two turned red upon hearing what she said. “Well... uh... that's what other people think as well...” Arron said shyly. Then, their eyes met as they smiled at each other.

Meanwhile, Chun was watching his brother and his assistant. He doesn't know why, but he suddenly felt jealous. He doesn't know if it's because of the attention that Ella have been giving Arron, or if it's because of what Mrs. Fang said, or because of both. And why would our leading man be jealous by the way? Didn't he remembered that it was him who was first mistaken to be Ella's boyfriend when they first met Mrs. Fang? Chun smiled to himself as he remembered that day. “I think so too, Arron. I can see the love between to two of you.” he heard Mrs. Fang said. Chun looked up at the elder lady and gave her a confused look. Then, he looked at Arron and Ella, and he can tell by the way Ella smiles that she's feeling all giddy again. “Actually, Mrs. Fang, Arron's right. They are just good friends, nothing more, nothing less.” Chun said. Ariel looked up at her boyfriend, confused at what he said. Didn't they agreed before to matchmake Arron and Ella? “But, Auntie Louise, I think they both look good together. It's like they're meant for each other. Don't you agree?” Ariel said. Mrs. Fang smiled at Ariel and nodded her head. “I agree.” she said. Mrs. Fang glanced at Chun, and she could sense that he is jealous.

Then, Arron heard his (and Ella's) favorite being played. “El, shall we dance?” he asked. Ella smiled at him and nodded her head. “I'd love to...” she said. They looked at Mrs. Fang and excused themselves, then Arron took Ella's hand and led her to the dance floor. Chun could only watch as Arron and Ella danced. With the way Ella looked at his brother, he felt the green-eyes monster creeping up to him. “What's wrong with me? Why am I getting jealous?” he thought as he shook his head. “Honey, are you OK?” he heard Ariel asked. Chun turned to her, and smiled. “I'm OK, my princess. Would you like to dance?” he asked. Ariel smiled at him and nodded his head. Mrs. Fang smiled to herself as she watched the two pairs danced. “So... are you enjoying your party, my dear?” she heard her husband asked. She turned to him, and smiled. “Yes...” she said. Then she turned her eyes on the two pairs. “But I'm enjoying this love story unfolding right before my eyes.”


Angela heard a soft knock on the door. She immediately got up, and opened it. She saw him standing by her door, with his back towards her. “Hey...” she said. “Hey...” he turned to her, and gave her a warm smile. “I'm sorry about a while ago...” he said. Angela smiled at him, and nodded her head. “I know you didn't mean what you said. And besides, I know you want to get stuck with me, don't you, monkey boy?” she said. He let out a laugh. Then, he paused, and moved closer to her. “I want to be alone with you. I want you all by myself...” he said. Angela felt her cheeks turn read with what he said. “Jiro Wang!” she shouted at him as he hit his arm. Jiro just laughed at her. Then, she put her arms around his neck, and Jiro pulled her closer to him. “I love you...” he said. And with that, he gave his girlfriend a long kiss on the lips.


As Chun danced with Ariel, he could not take his eyes off Ella and Arron. All through out, Ella was smiling at Arron. He could see Arron whispering something to Ella that made her smile even more. “Don't they look good together?” he heard Ariel said. Chun gave his girlfriend a skeptical look. “Do they? Look at Ella. She looks like a school girl whenever she's with Arron.”
“Of course, silly! Just look at them, it's like they are really meant for each other...”
“You really like Ella, huh?”
“i would love her to be my sister-in-law. I know you also want Ella to become a part of your family, don't you?”
Chun could only sigh as he continued to watch them. “Well, how can Ella become a part of the Wu family if Arron always gets nervous whenever he confesses his love for her?” he asked. Ariel looked at Arron, and saw him smiling sweetly at Ella. He have never seen Arron smile that way at any girl. “Except for me...” she thought. It felt that at that moment, Ella is taking away her little brother. She wanted to be jealous, but she knows she don't have the right to be jealous. She only wanted Arron's happiness, and she can see that he is happy with Ella.

“I think my brother is really in love with this girl...” Chun said. Ariel looked up at him, and smiled. “I think so too...” she said. “Well, I think he should propose to her soon and make her really happy.” Chun said. “Well, I think tonight's the night. Just look at how he looks at Ella. It's as if he wants to tell her something.” Ariel said. “Knowing my brother, I bet he won't bring himself to confess to Ella.” he said. “Then, let's make a bet.” Ariel said. Chun paused and looked at her. “If Arron would be able to confess to Ella tonight, you will let Arron go with me to the US.” she said. Chun let out a smile. “And if not?” he asked. Ariel smiled back at him. “Then, I'll stay here for good.” she said. Chun gave her a smirk as he pulled her closer to him. “Well, I think I'm going to win this time.” he said.



Arron looked back, and saw his brother standing behind him. “I noticed that you've been dancing with my assistant the whole night. Do you mind if I dance with her?” Chun asked. Arron just smiled at his brother. “I don't mind at all.” he said. Then, he handed Ella to him. As soon as Arron left, The two began to dance. There was an awkward silence between them. First of all, our heroine doesn't know what to say to our leading man, aside from work-related stuffs. “Well?” Chun asked. “Well what?” she asked. “How is it going between you and my brother. Have he told you anything yet?” he asked. “What would he tell me, aside from the fact that he wants to go to the US with Ariel to study?” she said. Chun let out a smirk at her, then, he moved and turned her around. “So, my brother have not confessed his love for you yet?” he asked. Ella shook her head. Then, she eyes on Arron, who was happily chatting with Ariel. “I can feel there is someone else that he likes, that's why all this time, he never confessed his love for me...” she thought. “Ella?” Chun called. Ella looked up at him, and smiled. “Mr. Wu, you know... I'm more than contented that Arron is my friend. That's all that matters to me.” she said. Chun turned away from her, and smiled to himself. He doesn't know why, but he felt contented and happy with Ella's answer. “So, you mean to say, you would rather be his friend that his girlfriend?” he asked. “If he thinks that I can only be his friend, then I won't do anything to change his mind. I love your brother, Mr. Wu, but I could not force him to love me.” she said.

Chun looked at his brother, and then smiled at him. “Mr. Wu... can I ask you a personal question?” he heard Ella said. Chun looked at her, and nodded his head. “I don't know what happened between you and your brother in the past. I know it's none of my business, but I want to ask... do you love your brother?” she asked. Chun paused, and just stared at her. “I... I do. I love my brother. That's why I want the best for him.” he said. “Do you really love him?” she asked again. This time, he got annoyed of her question. “What kind of a question is that, Ms. Ella?”
“Because if you love someone, you would only want their happiness, right?”
“Even though their happiness means you're not a part of it?”
“Mr. Wu, if you love your brother, do think you should let him go and do whatever it is that makes him happy?”

Chun looked away from her. The corner of his eye caught Arron already dancing with Ariel. “His happiness...” he whispered. “Arron is a talented painter, I know that you know that. And nothing makes him more happy than doing the thing he does best. I know he's just doing this, working under you, to make you happy... to please you... but this isn't what he wanted.” she said. “I need Arron to help me run the company. I want him to take responsibility...” Chun said. “Mr. Wu, you may not see it, but Arron is a responsible guy. He may have disappointed you in the past, but he's doing his best to make it up to you.” Ella said. Chun sighed, and looked at Ella. “I'm not having this conversation anymore, Ms. Ella. My decision is final. Arron will stay here.” he said. Ella sighed in resignation, and slowly nodded her head. “I understand, Mr. Wu. I understand...”


“So, have you told Ella that you like her?” Ariel asked as she danced with Arron. Arron smiled and shook his head. “It's that...” he paused, and looked at Ella. Then, he looked back at Ariel, and smiled. “I don't know how to start...” he said. “I can see in the way you look at her and in the way that you smile at her that you were smitten by her. Maybe that's the reason why you can't tell her how you feel.” she said. “I've never seen Ella this beautiful...” he said as he looked at Ella's way again. This time, Ariel became jealous with the way he looked at her. “He really loves her...” she thought. She shook her head to erase her thoughts about Arron. For her, Arron will always be the little brother that she never had.

“By the way, have you told your brother about your plans?” she asked. Arron shook his head. “I don't know how to tell him that I want to come with you. He seems to be always busy, and when I try to talk to him about it, he changes the subject. I even asked Ella's help about it, but I don't think she have talked to ge yet about it... the last time she defended me from him, Chun ge lashed it out to her...” Arron said. “But time is running out, Arron. You have to tell Chun about it. I have done my part, and it's now up to you to make him understand that this is what you have always wanted...” Ariel said. Arron looked away from her, and this time, he looked at his brother, who was still dancing with Ella. “Ariel, you know that since mom died, Chun have not liked me at all. I'm always doing things to make him notice me. If there's something I've done that he didn't liked, he won't speak to me for days. It's only now that we're coming into good terms... and I don't want to be on his bad side again because of my dream...” he said sadly. Then, he looked back at Ariel, and she could see the sadness in his eyes. “Now that I'm working for him, I felt that brotherly love that I've always wanted. I was hoping one day, we could get more closer like other siblings out there. My brother is more important to me than my dreams.” he said. Ariel paused, and smiled at him sadly. “Oh, Arron... I'm sorry...” she said in a low voice. “It's OK, Ariel. You don't have to be sorry. Actually, I want to thank you because whenever you're around, he sees me as his brother, and not as a stranger.” he said. “He still haven't got over what happened to Auntie Marie. But it's still wrong that he blames you for everything that happened in the past.” she said in a low voice. “I know he's not blaming me for anything. It's just that he wanted the best for me. I've seen all the hardships ge have gone through since mom died. Dad gave up working for the company, and decided to pursue his own dream. At a very young age, he have been pressured to do his best, because he is the next heir of our business. I understand that he needs me to help him, because he won't be able to bear it all...” Arron said. With that, Ariel smiled sweetly at him, and then pinched his cheeks. “That's what I like about you, Arron. You always see light in everything.” she said. He felt his cheeks blush with her compliment. “Thanks...” he said shyly. “And you know what, any girl would like that attitude of yours. Not only are you optimistic, but you are also considerate of other people's feelings. If only you were my boyfriend, I will never let you go.” she said. Arron just gave her another smile. Deep inside his heart, he was wishing that he really is her boyfriend.


Later that evening, Arron and Ella were taking a stroll at Mrs. Fang's garden. “I hope you enjoyed the party tonight.” Arron told her. Ella smiled at him and nodded her head. “I did, because you were my date.” she said. “I'm more than honored to be your date tonight...” he said. Then, Arron stopped walking, and then he faced her. He took her hands, and then stared into her eyes. “Ella... we need to talk...” he said in a low voice. Ella felt her heart beating faster. Will he finally confess to her tonight, or will he tell her the truth that's inside his heart. “W-we're already talking, aren't we?” she asked nervously. Arron smiled and nodded his head. “But there's something else that I want to tell you...” he said. Ella looked up at him, and waited for him to speak. “We've been friends for so long. And for that span of time that we have been together, it's the happiest time of my life. I am glad that I was able to find someone who became my friend, not because of my status or because of my wealth, but because I am me. When I'm with you, I know I can always be true to myself, because you assured me that you will always be there for me...” he said. He paused, and then took a deep breath before continuing. “I know that you have always liked me, Ella. I know. Any guy would be lucky to have someone like you...” he said. “Arron...” Ella said as he looked up at him. “I know what you're about to say. You will tell me that you can only see me as your friend, because you like another girl, right?” she said. Arron smiled at him again. “I was about to get on that part, maybe I will say that. Now, can I continue with my speech?” he asked. Ella laughed, and nodded her head. “You got it. I know you have liked me for so long, and maybe you're getting tired with us just being friends. The truth is, I didn't want to hit on you because I don't want to hurt you in the end. I didn't court you because I'm comfortable with our friendship. Boyfriends come and go, but friends do not... right?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “And yes, I like another girl. I've liked her for so long, but for her, I am just a friend. A little brother... that's why I understand how you feel. I know what it's like to lose without even starting the fight...” he said.

Arron moved closer to her. He was too close to her, that Ella could feel him breathe. “I guess this is the part that you will tell me that we can only be friends?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “I'm sorry, Ella. I don't want to hurt you...” he said. Ella felt her heart breaking at that instant. She had her hopes high, but now, it was all gone. Arron have finally told her the plain truth, that she will only be his friend. Ella looked up at him again, and forced a smile. “I understand. I know that you can never love me back. It's beyond my wild imagination if you would court me or something. I'm contented being your friend. It's better than not knowing you at all...” she said. “I'm really sorry, Ella. If I could chose someone whom I can give my heart to, I'll give my heart to you... but she will always have it...” he said in a low voice. “It's... it's Ariel, right? You're in love with your brother's wife-to-be?” Ella asked, her voice cracking. Arron paused, and stared at her for a long time. Then, he slowly nodded his head. “Yes... it's Ariel...” he said. “I've been lying a lot to the people around me, and I even used you to cover up my feelings for her. When I was talking to her a while ago, about me confessing my love for you, I realized that I couldn't continue with this lie anymore. Ella, I'm sorry if I used you...” he said in low voice. Instead of seeing anger in her eyes, Arron was surprised to see her smile at him. “I understand, Arron. What are friends for. I'm more than willing to cover for you. I know you'd do the very same thing if I were in your shoes.” she said. Arron smiled at her. Then, he pulled her to him, and embraced her. “Ella, thank you for understanding. Always remember that you will always be the most important person in my life...” he said. Then, he leaned down to her, and kissed her on the forehead.


What they didn't know is that when Arron kissed Ella, Chun saw them. At that sight, he felt his heart breaking. “Why am I feeling hurt? Why am I getting affected now that my brother and Ella are together?” he thought. He closed his eyes, and turned his back away from that scene. At that very moment, he was wishing that he's Arron. He wanted so much to be closer to this girl, but Ella only have her eyes on his brother. Little did he know, in some little ways, he is slowly falling in love with her...

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