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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Speechless

Speechless, I wish there was something to say
I drank too much of you and now it's gone to my head
I'm laughing like a fool
You leave me speechless...


“Arron! Yoohoo!” Arron looked up and saw Jiro and Ella walking up to him. He smiled at the two. “Hey, Jiro!” he called. Ella, who was still being dragged by Jiro, gave her friend a startled look. “He know you?” she asked innocently. Jiro looked at Ella and smirked at her. “Of course! I'm the star player of the soccer team! Everyone in the university knows who I am. Duh?!” he said as he rolled his eyes.

Arron stood up from his seat, and walked towards them. “What can I do for you?” he asked, smiling at the two. “Hey Arron! I suppose you know my best friend here, Ella Chen?” Jiro said, then he looked at Ella and winked at her. Arron looked at Ella and smiled at her. “Of course, I know Ella. We were classmates in Humanities last semester...” he said. Meanwhile, Ella was surprised to know that he remembered that they were classmates before. She was surprised that she just stood sill in her place, and was speechless. She could only watch the two as they talk.

“Oh, by the way Arron...” she heard Jiro said. “Ella has something to tell you.” Jiro looked at her, then tapped her at her back, making her step forward in front of Arron. She swallowed had before she opened her mouth to speak. She felt nervous in front of him, she felt giddy. Her heart is beating loudly. Then, she closed her eyes and bowed at him. “Thank you for saving me the other day.” she said. “I'm sorry if I was not able to say thanks that day... it's because I -”

Before she could continue what she's suppose to say, Arron lifted her chin up, and smiled at her again. “I understand. I forgive you.” he said to her. With that, Ella got up. “Guess you were to shocked at that moment, if I were in your shoes I won't be able to speak as well.” he said. Ella was surprised at him. “Oh... oh... thank you, thank you!” she said. Then, Jiro nudged at her. “I better leave the two of you. I'll check what else I could help Calvin with.” he said. Before he left them, he winked at Ella, then gave her a thumbs up sign. Ella just glared at him as he walked away.

“I'm sorry about Jiro...” Ella said to Arron as soon as Jiro left them. “It's OK. I'm used to him...” he replied. Then, there was an awkward silence between them for a few seconds. “Uhmmm... I guess I -”
“Can you keep me company for a while?”
Ella was speechless at what he said. This is her prince charming asking her to stay for a while! Ella nodded her head and smiled. “S-sure! No p-problem!” she said. Arron's smile widened. “Great!”


Ella sat beside Arron, and watched him as he read his script. She noticed, just like a a while ago, he just kept on staring at it. “You seemed a little spaced out...” she said to Arron. Arron looked up at her. “Can't believe you noticed...” he said. “How would I not notice. You've been staring at the same page for a long time...”

Arron looked up at the stage, and smiled “Ella, do you know why I joined the school play?” he asked her. Ella just shook her head. All she knows is that Arron was picked out for the part. “Mr. Hsu said if I accept this part, I'll automatically pass English. At least English would be the least subject I'll be worrying for this semester...” he began. “I failed a lot of subjects last sem... and i'm failing two more subjects this sem...”

Ella watched him as he explained everything. She could understand all of his worries. Then, he looked at her. “I'm not really a smart guy, Ella... and I'm scared that if my family finds out about my failed subjects, they'll get mad at me.” Ella held his hand and smiled at him. “I know they will understand...”
“I know my dad will, but I'm worried about how Chun and my grandpa would react. They're expecting a lot from me...”
“What subjects are you failing at?”
“Algebra and Natural Science...”

Then, an idea struck her. Since he saved her the last time, it's time to help Arron back. “I have an idea...” she said. Arron looked at her. “If you want, I can tutor you with those subjects. Well... that is if you want me to tutor you...” Arron smiled at her. “Of course I want to. I'll do everything to pass those subjects.” he said. Then, it was Ella's turn to smile at him. “It's a deal then.”
“Thank you for helping me out. You're such an angel...”


Calvin and Jiro looked at Ella dumbfounded. They still can't believe what sh have told them just seconds ago. “Whoa...” Jiro said. Calvin smiled as he shook his head. “What happened to our shy, little Ella Chen?” Jiro said. “It's all your fault, Jiro. You encouraged her!” Calvin said.

They were hanging out at their favorite cafe after the rehearsals that afternoon. It was there that Ella told them about Arron's dilemma, and how she volunteered to tutor him. She could tell her two best friends were happy at her progress with Arron. At least this time, she got to talk to him instead of watching him from afar. Jiro looked closely at her, then poked her cheeks, which annoyed her. “Aiyo! What are you doing, Jiro?” she shouted at him. “Who are you and what have you done to our best friend?” he shouted back at her. “It's still me, OK? It's just that now that Arron's been talking to me... I realized I just couldn't let this moment pass...” she said in a low voice. Calvin smiled at her and held her hand. “I'm happy for you...” he said. “If Angela's with us, I know she would be happy for you as well.”

Angela is another childhood friend of them. Before the second semester started, her family migrated to Canada, leaving the three behind. Like Jiro and Calvin, she knew from the start that Ella's crushing on Arron. “Oh yeah... she will be very happy and our ears will bleed because of her high pitched shriek.” Jiro said as he rolled his eyes. The two just laughed at his reaction. “Don't be like that, Jiro. I know you miss Angela as much as we do.” Ella said. Jiro sighed, and raised an eyebrow at the two. “Yeah, right...” he mumbled. “Anyway, Ella... just to remind you, don't expect too much from him. You know... he just broke up with Gui Gui and - “
“I know, I know. As for now, I'm contented being his friend and tutor. Let's fate take it's course...”

The, she looked up at Calvin, her eyes widened. She was grinning from ear to ear when she heard the last part he said. “Wait, did you just said he broke up with Gui Gui?” she asked. Calvin gave him a confused look. “Didn't you know? It's all over school. They broke up a few weeks ago.”

Ella leaned at her seat, her smile widened as Calvin confirmed what she heard. “Hmmm... then let's just see what's going to happen...” she said. “Let's just leave everything up to fate...”

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