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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Star - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - That One Chance

"Where's my letter?" Zhou Yi Quan asked his assistant, Mei Ru, as soon as he arrived. He was looking forward to receive another letter from 'Angel', and he have gave instructions to his assistant that if he noticed another letter without an address in it, he should give it to him as soon as possible. "Would that be from Ms. Anonymous, Mr. Zhou?" Mei Ru asked. Yi Quan nodded his head. Mei Ru smiled at him, and reached for his drawer. He received 3 new letters from 'Angel' that week. Yi Quan said his thanks to Mei Ru as he took the letters from him.

As he was about to leave, his manager came. "Yi Quan! Good to see you here!" Manager Ken said as he entered the room. Yi Quan smiled at his manager. He handed him his passport and his plane ticket. Tomorrow, he and the rest of his bandmates will fly to Manila for their concert. "Don't forget, you have an early flight tomorrow. Once we get there, you guys will meet the press." Manager Ken said. Yi Quan nodded his head, and watched as his manager leave the room.

"Excited?" he hear Mei Ru said once Ah Ken left. Yi Quan gave him a confused look. Well, he was looking forward to go to Manila and meet his fans, but he is not that excited. "I don't see any reason why I should... unless I get to meet the Queen of England there..." Yi Quan said. He plopped on the couch as he toyed with the plane ticket he's holding. "I know, but based on my research, there's a chance that your Ms. Anonymous lives in Manila..." A smile gradually formed on Yi Quan's lips. "Manila..." he repeated in a low voice. "Yup! Manila. Based on the stamps on her envelope, she could be based there." In his heart, there was a longing to see this Angel, the one who would anonymously send her fan mails. He have to find her after their concert.


"Ugh! I can't believe your luck!" Kelsi said to her best friend, Millie, as they walked towards the university's canteen. They have known each other since they were in grade school, and is inseparable. Both of them are taking up Medicine at one of the most prestigious universities in Manila. Like Kelsi, Millie's also a fan of HyperActive. If she was able to get tickets for their concert before it got sold out, Millie won a backstage pass and a chance to meet and greet HyperActive after their concert. "How could you win? I sent more entries that you did!" Kelsi ranted. "Well, it just so happens that I'm a very lucky girl. But since I'm a good girl as well, I was planning to take you with me..."

Kelsi paused, then she looked at her best friend with disbelief. "Really?" she asked. Millie nodded her head. "Of course! You're my BFF... how can I leave you behind!" she said. With that, Kelsi jumped at her, and hugged her. "Wow! Thank you, Millie!"



"It's the day..."
"It's today..."
"Will I ever find you?"

Thought flooded in Yi Quan's mind. "Angel..." he thought. He took the violet envelope from his pocket and read it for the nth time. It was the letter that "Angel" sent before he left Taiwan for their concert in Manila

Dear Yi Quan,

How are you doing? I know you'll be going to Manila to have a concert with your band... and I can't wait to see you in person.

God knows I want to be able to be with you even for just a second. I want to stay beside you and let you know how much I support you... but that would be impossible. Everybody loves you, and I am one of those millions of girls waiting for that chance to be there by your side. I know I can only see you from afar... you but that's OK with me... what matters is that I would be seeing you soon. My dream would come true...

I can't wait to hear your angelic voice live. I can't wait to see you in person. I won't miss this one chance to see you...


A smile formed in his lips. Of all his fans, Angel is the one special for him. He doesn't know why... and maybe because of the fact that Angel is different from the other fans he have met. Those he met are too aggressive. But Angel... she was just happy seeing him from afar.

He wanted to see her. He wanted to thank her for supporting him. He wanted to meet her and let her feel how special she is to him. And now that he is in Manila, he would do everything to find her.


"I'm sorry sir, but since the letter doesn't have the address, we really can't help you trace where this came from..." The girl at the Post Office said. A man, who is covering himself up in shades and red cap, just sighed and said his thanks to the girl before he leaves. He hurried, not wanting the people around him to recognize who he is. He ran through the Post Office's stairs, then crossed to the park.

Meanwhile, Kelsi was busy fixing her things in the bag on her way to school. She was looking for something. "Where is it?" she thought. She smiled when she finally found what she was looking for. She took it from her bag, and held it along the way.

Just then, a man in red cap bumped into her. They both fell on the ground. "Ouch..." Kelsi said. She looked up at the guy who bumped into her. He stood up then he helped Kelsi to stand up. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." he said. He took something that fell on the ground, and then he hurried to leave. Kelsi just sighed. "Men..." she thought. "At least he's gentleman enough and helped me up." she said to herself.

Just then, she realize, the thing she was holding a while ago was gone...


Yi Quan hurried to the van waiting for him at the other side of the park. "Did you got the info you needed?" Mei Ru asked. "They can't help me..." Yi Quan said. Mei Ru shook his head. "Too bad..."

Just then, he realized he was holding a violet envelope. He looked at it, and then he put it on his pocket. "On another day... I will try my best to find her..." Yi Quan swore to himself. He have to see Angel during his week's stay in Manila. He have to... he needed to...


She carefully opened the door, and she saw her smiling at her. Her small and fragile body laid on the white bed. Her pale face formed a smile, and she was just as happy as her upon seeing her that way. "Did you do it?" The little girl asked. She nodded at her. "Yes. As always..."
"I wish I could see him too..."
"You will... just be a little better and then you would be able to see him. Trust me..."
"He's here already, right?"
"Yes, he just arrived."

The little girl smiled as she closed her eyes. She sat near her bed and held her hand. "I wish I could... I wish I would..." the little girl said. A tear formed at the corner of her eyes. She wished to take away all the pain she is feeling right now. She wished to take her place...

Why her? She was young, she was a good girl, she's innocent. Why does it have to be her? She have been asking that question since the day she met her. She have a good life ahead of her, and now that's being taken away from her. She prayed, prayed so hard that she could help her fulfill her last wish before time runs out...

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