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Saturday, April 10, 2010
The Man-Hater - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – His Return

“I need some information regarding Calvin Chen.” Chun said as he sat on the chair opposite Show. His best friend could only give him an annoyed look. “Chun, I am not a private investigator!” he said. “But you have the best investigators, Show. I trust you on this one.” he said. Show sighed, and leaned on his leather chair. “You're taking this dare seriously, Chun. Why do you have to look for her ex?” he asked. Chun just smiled at him. “I want to make her happy.” he answered.

Show raised an eyebrow at him. This is not his best friend, he thought. His best friend would not go to this extent to keep a girl happy. That is, unless he is in love with the man-hater, which he thought is not the case. “All for George Hu's villa...” he thought. Knowing Chun, he will not definitely accept if it he loses. Not Wu Ji Chun the great. “You sure are serious about making her fall for you, huh?” he asked again. Chun simply smiled at him. What his best friend didn't know is that there is more reason than the dare that's why he wanted to find Calvin Chen.


“We are so gonna party like there's no tomorrow!” Rainie shouted as the three girls walked inside the club. Ella could only sigh as she followed her best friend. If only she didn't drag her to go the club. She dreads going to the club. As they walked through their usual spot, they saw Rainie approached a long haired guy. “Lee Wei, honey!” she squealed. The guy named Lee Wei smiled upon seeing her. The two shared a passionate kiss, not minding the people around them. “I think I'm gonna throw up.” Hebe said in disgust. “Mind if I join you?” Ella said.

Rainie turned to her friends, with her arms hooks on Lee Wei's arms. “Guys, I want you to meet my new boyfriend, Lee Wei. Lee Wei, these are my best friends, Hebe and Ella.” she said. They all smiled at each other, before Rainie could drag her boyfriend to dance. “That's what I hate about Rainie. When she gets a new boyfriends, she acts as if we don't exist.” Hebe said as she folded her arms. “Then, why don't you do the same to her? Find a boyfriend and act as if she doesn't exist.” Ella said. “Don't you want to find yourself one too, Ella? After all... you know...” she said. Ella just laughed at her.

Meanwhile, at the bar counter, Mike and Chun were having a drink. As Mike turned around, he spotted Ella and her friend. “Chun, your man-hater is here.” Mike said. Then, he noticed Hebe, who was standing next to her. “And she got a cute friend over there.” he said, smiling at him. “Don't try, Mike. Besides, she might be like Ella...” Chun said, sipping his drink. Mike can only give him a confused look. “Also a man-hater?” he asked. Chun shook his head. “Someone who will also give you a hell of a hard time.” he thought. Mike let out a smile as he eyed Hebe again. “I don't mind. Hey, if you really get close to Ella, can you introduce me to her friend.” Mike asked. Chun let out a sigh. “Only if you promise to take her seriously.” Chun said. Mike gave her another confused look. “Chun, just so you know, I am not a playboy like you.” he said. Chun sipped his drink again, and turned around to see Ella.

He let out as he saw her smiling to her friend. He could feel his heart beating fast again upon seeing that smile on her face. How he wished that he could always make her smile. He'd do anything to be the reason of that smile. Then, he remembered what she told him at the beach the other day. She wanted to see Calvin once again. And now, he's doing everything he could to make that happen. It seems like when you're in love, you'll do even the most absurd thing. Even if it breaks your heart. Somehow, our leading man is wondering what will happen if Calvin comes back in her life. Will he ask her back? Will her love for him spark again? Will they be finally be together after all this time? He wanted to be selfish, and not look for that Calvin Chen anymore. But then, he knows seeing him again would make Ella happier.

“How could that guy leave a wonderful girl like her?” he thought. Sure, Ella beats the hell out of him before. But with that day at the beach, he finally saw that other side of her that she have been hiding from everyone – that she could love someone so much and give her all. And she did that to Calvin, for until now, she is still loving him, and hoping that one day they will see each other again. He maybe a jerk, but Calvin is more of a jerk than him. If he doesn't love Ella anymore, he should have broke up with her before their wedding day, instead of walking out on her and never giving her the reason. She deserves something better than that.

“She's gonna melt, Chun. If you want to be with her, why don't you go and approach her. I'm not seeing your obsessed ex-girlfriend anywhere in sight.” Mike told him. Chun looked at him, and let out a snort. “Thanks for the suggestion, but I love the view from here.” Chun said. “Oh, really now?” he asked. Chun nodded his head. “Scared that she will punch you in your handsome face, or pour her drink on your head?” Mike asked. “No. I just want to watch her as she enjoys her night.” he said.


Chun got out of the wash room, and as he walked back to his spot, he bumped into Rainie, who seems tipsy. “Oh, hey Rainie...” he said. He saw Rainie falling off her balance, so he helped her up. “Are you OK? You seem a little too drunk...” he said. Rainie could only glare at him. “Why do you care, you bastard?” she slurred. She stood up straight and composed herself, pulling his hands away from him. “Jerk, I know what you are up to...” she said. Chun gave her a confused look. “Ella, you dumbass!” she shouted at him. Chun was shocked at what she said. “Look, mister playboy, let me tell you something. I know Ella since diaper days, and Ella will never ever like someone like you, so stop pestering her, all right? All the beatings she gave you, even you spending a night in jail... sheesh, it still won't make you worthy of my best friend. Ah Ru is waaaaaaaaaaay better than you.” Rainie said.

Chun felt a pang of pain in his heart at what he said. “I know...” he muttered. Rainie let out a smirk as she looked closely at him. “So, you know... then stop this, all right? And besides, I won't let you toy with my best friends feelings like what you did to me. Over my dead body. I won't let you... you hear me? I won't let you make her cry, like what you did. I won't let you use her just to get off the heat from your body. Never!” she slurred again. Just then, Lee Wei and Ella came and saw that scene between Rainie and Chun. Lee Wei walked up to Rainie, and held her by her shoulder. “Rainie, honey, I think you had to much drink. I'll drive you home, all right?” he said. Rainie looked up at him, and smiled. “I'd love to, baby!” she said. As they turned to leave, Rainie gave Chun one last glare. They left Chun alone with Ella. “I guess I should get going and bring her home.” she said. Chun let out a faint smile at her, and nodded his head. “OK, take care, all right?” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded his head.

He watched her as she leaves. And as he watched her, he pondered on what Rainie told her a few minutes back. Yes, she is right about being a jerk. But she is wrong about Ah Ru being way better than him. How can Ella's best friend still like the guy who ditched her on their wedding day? If he were in Calvin Chen's shoe that time, he will never ever ditch Ella. He would even point a shot gun at her just to make sure that she won't run away from him. Guess it will take a lot of work to prove to Ella and her friends that he does deserve a chance.


As they walked out of the bar, a tall figure peeked from his hiding. Seeing her once again made his heart flinch in pain. “Jia Hua...” he thought. He leaned back on the wall, and closed his eyes. A tear fell from his eyes as her image lingered in the dark. He opened his eyes, and took a peek of her once again. He saw her got in the car with her friends, and they drove to leave the club. “I'm so sorry, Jia Hua... I'm so sorry...” he thought.


Ella and Hebe helped Rainie to her bed. She is drunk, all right – drunk and tired. “Anything else that I can do, girls?” Lee Wei asked. Ella looked at him, and smiled. “That's all, Lee Wei. We'll take it from here.” she said. Lee Wei smiled and nodded her head. “Then, I'll take my leave. Good night, girls.” he said.

Ella turned to her friend, who was sleeping peacefully on her bed. “Next time, we'll control the amount of alcohol she will take.” Hebe said. “Just let her be, all right... she's enjoying her time.” Ella said. “Yeah, she is enjoying her time, while we suffer as we always carry her home when she's drunk. Anyway, I'll go down for a while to check on the doors, all right?” Hebe said. Ella nodded her head, and watched her as she leaves the room. As soon as Hebe is gone, she turned to Rainie, and brushed her hair away from her face. She saw Rainie with Chun a while ago, and she knew that Rainie was picking a fight with him. Since the day Chun came into her life, Rainie have been constantly reminding her to keep her guards on. She thought that maybe, Rainie still have feelings left for Chun. Not that it does matter to her, but meeting Lee Wei today, she feels sorry for her new guy if Rainie does feel that way.

“Jia Hua...” she heard her call in a soft voice. “Yes, Cheng Lin. I'm here...” she said. “I told him off for you... you know...” she said. Ella gave her a confused look.. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Wu Chun... I know he's being such a pain in the ass for you... so I told her off...” Rainie mumbled. With that, she let out a little laugh. “I thought you were picking a fight with him. Rainie, do you still love Mr. Wu?” she asked. Rainie shook her head. “I am so in love with Lee Wei now... why should I still have feelings left for that guy after what he did to me?” she said.

Upon hearing that, Ella let out a sigh of relief. She does approve of Lee Wei for her best friend, and she was hoping that one day, he will end up with her best friend. “Jia Hua... I'm telling you... be careful of that jerk. He will only hurt you... the way he did to me. If he got what he wanted from you, he will dump you... drop you like a hot potato... so promise me... promise me you won't get involved with that jerk.” Rainie said. Ella let out a smile at her. “I promise.” she said. She put a blanket on her body, and brushed the hair from her face. “Jia Hua...” Rainie called again as she was about to stand up. “Chen Lin...” she said. “I saw Ah Ru... I saw him a while ago...”


Show and Chun entered the hotel's restaurant, and from inside, they saw a tall man sitting at the corner of the restaurant. “Do you want to talk to him?” Show asked. Chun did not answer him. Instead, he continued to stare at that man. “Chun?” Show asked again. He felt his heart beat fast with nervousness. Should he talk to this guy? He isn't the one with questions for him, anyway. And he knew that it would hurt him if he does talk to him.

“Info. Give me more info about this guy.” Chun said as he watched the man's every move. Show let out a sigh, and took out a folder that was tucked in his arms. “Calvin Chen. He left Taiwan seven years ago... on the day that he was supposed to marry Ella. He lived in Canada for seven years. Not yet married. And he came back just last week for a vacation.” Show said. Chun nodded his head as he listened to the information Show have given him.

He made a step, but he paused as he felt his heart beat fast again. Never have he felt this kind of fear before. He is used to facing his business rivals, but with facing his love rival, that's a different story. “I can do this. I can talk to him.” Chun said as he took a deep breath. “Then, go talk to him now.” Show said. Chun breathe again and nodded his head. “OK, I will talk to him.” he said. Show looked at his best friend, and saw him still frozen on his place. “Man, you will just talk to him. Ask him if he wants to meet Ella.” Show said. Chun nodded his head again. “OK. I will ask him about Ella.” he said. A few seconds later, Chun still haven't made his move. Annoyed, Show was left with no choice but to push him inside the restaurant, making him startled. With what happened, it made Calvin to notice him. Chun's face turned red upon seeing him look at him. He composed himself, and then walked up to him.

“Hi... you're Calvin Chen, right?” he asked. Calvin nodded his head. “Do I know you?” he asked. Chun let out a smile, and extended his hand at him. “Chun, Wu Ji Chun.” he said. Calvin smiled at him, and took his hand to shake. “Nice meeting you, Mr. Wu. Care to join me?” he asked. Chun nodded his head, and sat on the chair opposite to him. “So, is there anything I can do for you?” he asked. Chun swallowed hard as he looked at him. Yes, our lover boy sure is nervous and scared. “Y-yeah... there is...” he stuttered. Calvin gave him a confused look. “All right... let me hear it out...” he said. “You know Ella Chen, don't you?” Chun asked. Upon hearing her name, Calvin let out a dreamy smile. “Yeah... I know her...” he said. “Well, you see... according to my sources you used to be her boyfriend?” Chun asked. Calvin nodded his head in confirmation. “Are you her boyfriend?” Calvin asked. With that, Chun let out a nervous laugh. “Boyfriend? Oh... yes, I mean no, not yet... but I am courting her.” he said.

Calvin let out a smile at him. “Then, you must be having a hard time to woo her?” he asked. Chun nodded his head. “And you looked for me to asked for advise on how to win her heart?” he asked again. “Yes. I mean, no.” Chun said. Calvin let out another smile at him. “I'll take that as a yes, Chun. I hope you don't mind me calling you Chun... since you will the one that will replace me, right?” Calvin said. Chun did not answer him, instead, he just stared at him with disbelief. “All I can say is just take all her beatings. Ella is the kind of girl that is hard to please. If she hates you, she hates you. There's nothing that could change her mind... unless you do something out of ordinary for her...” Calvin said. Chun wrinkled his brow with confusion. “I don't get it...” he said. “You must do something really impossible for her. Then, you win her heart.” Calvin explained. “So, what's that impossible thing you've done that made her fall for you?” Chun asked. Calvin paused for a while as he remembered that thing he did to make Ella love him so much. “I sang her favorite song till it rained...” he said.

Chun was surprised at what he said. Luck sure is on the side of this guy when it comes to Ella. Because of what he did, Ella loved him. “That's it?” he asked. Calvin shook his head. “There's a lot more to that. Whatever it is that made Ella love me, it will remain a secret till the day I die.” Calvin said. Chun could only nod his head. “I guess you want to keep it a secret because you still love Ella, right?” Chun asked. Calvin nodded his head. “And you're going to use your old ways to win back her heart?”
“I've always had her heart.”
“So, you came back for her?”
“I came back to face the ghost of my past. And that includes Ella.”
“So, you came back to win her back, right?”

Calvin could see the scared look on his face, and he found it rather amusing. “Maybe, maybe not.” he said. Chun felt as if someone stabbed him in his heart. He felt that the chance of “maybe” is much higher than the “maybe not”. “If you love her, then why did you leave her?” he asked. “I have my own reasons why...” Calvin said. “Reasons like?”
“Reasons that I only know. Reasons that most people don't understand.”
“Please don't tell me that you've fallen out of love with her back then, and now you realized that you love her that's why you came back...”
“Maybe. Maybe not.”

Chun groaned in frustration with his answer. Calvin sure knows how to make himself mysterious. “Look... whatever the reason is, I know Ella would love to hear it.” Chun said. Calvin paused, and looked at him. “Of all the ghost of my past that I had to face, she is the one person that I can't face right now... she must have hated me for leaving her at the altar...” he said sadly. Chun let out a sigh, and then glared at the man before him. “Look, Calvin. Ella still loves you. Until now, she's hoping that one day, you will come back for her and that the two of you will end up with each other. So, can you help me make her happy by facing her?” Chun said.

Calvin looked at him. Then, he closed his eyes to somewhat seemed like forever, then he opened it to face him. “All right... you won. I will face her. You're right. One day, I will have to face this ghost of the past... and no other better moment than now... now that you're with her.” Calvin said.


Chun have arranged for Calvin to meet Ella that night. As soon as he left Calvin at the restaurant that afternoon, the first thing he did was to call Ella. “Look, I have a surprise for you. I'll pick you up after your work, so don't go overtime.” Chun said over the phone as he drove. Ella was confused with him. “Surprise? Chun... what kind of a surprise is that?” Ella said. “If I tell you what is it, then, it won't be a surprise anymore. I know this is something that will make you happy. Just trust me on this, all right?” he said. Then, he ended the call. As he gripped on the steering wheel, he let out a sigh. He felt as if he couldn't breathe at all. Tonight will be the make or break of it all – if Ella will finally be happy and if he will finally lose. He was trying to block the thoughts of what will happen after Calvin and Ella talked. Though there was a hesitation on Calvin's part to see Ella, he eventually gave in, and he could tell it's because he still love her just like before. And he will eventually lose her to her first love, and he will lose her without even fighting for what he feels. Just that thought managed to pain his heart.


Ella found herself standing in front of the door of the hotel room that evening. She let out a sigh, then turned angrily at Chun, who was standing behind her. “Is this some kind of a joke? What kind of a surprise is this? You want to surprise me by bringing me to a hotel room, and what, go to bed with me?” she told him. Chun lowered his head, and shook his head. “It's not that...” he muttered. “I told you, Chun, I am not easy to get. If this is really you're surprise, then I'm going home.” she said. As she was about to take her leave, Chun stopped her. “Trust me, all right...” he said as his voice cracked. He was fighting the urge to cry. “Behind that door is your happiness.” he said. Ella glared at him again. “I don't find jumping to bed with you the kind of happiness I want.” she told him angrily. “Just trust me on this one, Ella. Trust me. After tonight, you may be thanking me. Just open the door, and you will soon find out what I'm telling you.” he said.

Ella let out another sigh, and then turned to face the door again. She reached for the knob, and turned to open it. As the door opens it, she saw a familiar man standing with his back facing her. By just looking at his back, she knew instantly who it was, and it made her heart skip a beat. Then, she turned to Chun. There was a mix of confusion and nervousness in her face. Chun let out a warm smile at him. “I told you, I can also make the impossible things possible.” he said. Then, she turned to the man standing by the window. She stared at him, gazing at him for a long time. She felt as if she was in a daze as she walked inside the hotel room. If this is a dream, then she never wants to wake up from it.

“Ah Ru...” she called. With that, Calvin turned around to face her. “Jia Hua...” he called. Ella walk up to him, and hugged him tight. Chun watched from the door as she embraced him. He wasn't ready for any of these yet. And so, he closed the door in front of him so that he wouldn't see the sight of them together.

“Ah Ru... I've waited for you...” she said tearfully. “I've waited a long time for you...” She looked up at him, and saw him smiling at her. “I... I missed you too, Jia Hua...” he said. He leaned down on her, and kissed those tears from her cheek. “Now that you're back... you're not going to leave me again, right? You came back for me? You still love me, right?” she asked hopefully. Calvin could only stare at her, unable to answer her questions. “Jia Hua...” he whispered. “Please tell me you are staying for my sake... please, Ah Ru... please tell me that you still love me... because I have been loving you still for the past seven years... please Ah Ru... please...” she pleaded as she crised. Calvin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ella's pleading eyes still filled with tears. “I don't know why you left that day. I don't know why you walked away from our wedding, but whatever the reason is, I don't care anymore. Just tell me that you won't leave me again... we can go back to the past, Ah Ru...” she said. “Hua... don't you want to ask why I left?” Calvin asked. Ella put covered her ears as she shook her head. “No... no...” she said as she sobbed. Calvin put his hands on her shoulder, and looked at her into her eyes. “Jia Hua... it's about time that you know...” he said. “You were just nervous. Maybe you got scared. Maybe you weren't ready to marry me yet. Maybe I pressured you too much. Ah Ru... whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter to me. I still love you, and... and please tell me that you still love me...” she said. “I still love you, Ella...”
“Then, we can go back to the way we were before, right?”
“Ella, listen to me...”
“We can pick up where we left off... maybe we can start from the scratch again...”

Calvin shook his head. With that, Ella lowered her head, and let the tears cascade from her eyes. “Ah Ru... please... I beg of you, please...” she said helplessly. “I wish we could go back to our past, and be what we were before, but things have changed now...” he said. Ella could only sob as he speaks. “I thought you still love me... you said that you still love me...” she said. Calvin nodded his head. “You will always be the only girl that I will ever love, Jia Hua...”
“Then, why? Why can't you stay with me? Why are you rejecting me again?”
“Because I am not the same Ah Ru that you have known from before...”
“Then, why? Why did you leave me before? Why did you have to change? Why did you have a change of heart?”

Calvin looked at her sadly. He couldn't bear hurting her, and seeing her being hurt, but he knew he have to drop the bomb anytime soon. “Is there another person that you love that's why you left me?” she asked. Calvin slowly nodded his head. Ella could feel her heart shattering at his answer. “Who... who is she?” she managed to ask. “Ella... you know that you are the only girl I love...” Calvin said softly. “Who is she, goddamnit, Calvin? Don't tell me that I am the only girl that you love, if there is someone else in your life!” she shouted angrily at him. “That's the thing, Jia Hua... the person I love... is not a she...”

Ella gave him a confused look. “Jia Hua... I'm gay.” Calvin said. With that, the sad expression on her face changed from sad to confused. A very funny confused expression. “What?!”

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