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Friday, December 11, 2009
Star - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Suddenly

This is the start of a beautiful friendship…
While he’s trying to mend his broken heart,
She will be there for him to help him pick up the pieces.

He found her in the field of roses. She lay into the bed of flowers as she slumber peacefully. He smiled, as she walked towards her. Gently, he sat beside him, and kissed her on her forehead. She slowly opened her eye, and smiled upon seeing her. Then, he gently kissed her on the lips…

“… and then he’s going to be OK.” Yi Quan slowly opened his eyes, and found his assistant talking to one of the doctors. The lady doctor, and Mei Ru turned their attention to him as soon as they heard him moan. “Boss… are you OK?” Mei Ru asked. Yi Quan nodded her head. “God… my whole body aches…” he grumbled. The lady doctor walked up to him and smiled. “I’m glad you’re awake, Mr. Zhou.” She said, smiling at him. Yi Quan looked up to her…

She was familiar…
He have seen her before…
But where?

“Boss, this is Dr. Kelsi Ramirez. She was the one who attended to you when you were rushed to the hospital.” Mei Ru explained. He just stared at her face. He knew he saw her before… he is sure of that. Kelsi noticed that Yi Quan is staring at her. “Is there something wrong, Mr. Zhou?” she asked. “Have we… have we met before?” he asked. Then Kelsi burst out laughing. Mei Ru and Yi Quan gave her a startled look. “You know, Mr. Zhou, you asked me the same question when HyperActive had a concert in Manila…” she explained.

That’s it! She was the girl who won the backstage pass during their concert last year. “Oh… Oh… I’m sorry…” he said. Then he left out a weak laugh. Kelsi smiled at him, and held his hand. “I need to make my rounds. If you need anything, just call me…” she said.

As Kelsi left the room, Yi Quan just watched her. Her warm touch… her soft voice… they all seem familiar in his heart. His heart began to beat faster and faster… Who could she be?

“Boss?” Mei Ru called him. Yi Quan looked at Mei Ru. “Mei Ru…” Mei Ru smiled at him. “Interested with Dr. Ramirez?” he asked. Yi Quan shook his head. “No… I was about to tell you to leave me alone. I need to rest…”


Kelsi’s heart fluttered as she left Yi Quan’s room. She couldn’t believe she was the one assigned to look after him. “Dream come true…” she thought. She smiled at herself. “Charm…” She gently opened the door of his room again, and peeked at him. He was sleeping again. He’ll be here for a few more days, and Kelsi know it’s her chance to get to be close with his idol.


The next morning, Yi Quan was getting bored staying at the hospital. His bandmates visited him. Some colleagues visited him as well, but Nan and Ah Sa… they never bothered to pay him a visit.

Yi Quan sat up on his bed and tried to get up. As soon as he stood up, his feet flickered, making him fall on the floor. “Hey!” he heard a lady shout. He looked up and saw his doctor, Kelsi, reach for him. She helped him to stand up. “Mr. Zhou, what did I tell you about trying to stand up?” she said. Yi Quan smiled at her. “I’m just trying…”
“But’s you’re not strong enough yet!”
“But I want to!”
“Can you please try to stay in bed just for one more day? Please?”

Kelsi gave him puppy eyes. Yi Quan found himself laughing at her. He never laughed this way… not since the issue with his relationship with Ah Sa. “OK… OK… one more day…” he said. “But I’m getting bored… I need fresh air…” Kelsi smiled at him. “So you want to go out?” she asked. He looked up at her and smiled. “Yes… I would love to…” he said. “Wait for me here…” after saying that, Kelsi rushed out of his room.

After a few minutes, Kelsi returned to his room with a wheelchair on hand. “Now we can go out!” she said gleefully. “I’m going to ride that… that thing?” Yi Quan asked. Kelsi nodded her head. “But –“
“No but’s, superstar. You want to go out, right?”
“Yes but –“
“Well, this is the only way you can go out without standing. Come on, I’ll give you a ride!”


They went to the hospital’s garden. During the time that they were together, Yi Quan was silent. “You said you got bored at your room… don’t tell me you’re still bored here at the garden…” Kelsi said. Yi Quan looked up to her and smiled. “No… no… I’m… this is OK…” he said. Kelsi smiled back at him. “Penny for your thoughts?”
“Nothing really…”


“The… the tabloids… do you know what they said about… about what happened to me?” Yi Quan finally said. He know he should’ve not been talking to Kelsi about it, but he have to let it out somehow. Kelsi took a deep breath before answering him. “Do you want me to lie, or do you want me to tell you the truth…”
“The truth…”
“Well… they thought you’re about to end your life because… because…”
“Because of Ah Sa?”

Kelsi nodded her head. “Yeah… because of her…” she said. “She… she ran off with businessman, Mei Tian Nan after the accident…” she explained. Then, Yi Quan laughed. It was a bitter laugh. “I should’ve known” he said. “I should’ve known she would do that...”
“But everyone sympathizes with you…”
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Kelsi didn’t answer. She knows Yi Quan was hurt because of the bomb she dropped. “You know… I shouldn’t have told you about… about her…” she said, with a hint of guilt in her tone. “Anyway, it’s just none of my business and –“
“It’s OK, Kelsi…”

Kelsi smiled secretly when he spoke her name. She was getting this close with him. “You think she’s not worthy of me, right?” he asked again. “Well, everybody thinks she isn’t worthy of you. Anyways, there’s a lot of girls out there willing to replace her in your heart. You just have to keep your doors open…” she said. Yi Quan smiled at her. “I’ll keep that in mind…”


Thoughts of Kelsi filled his thoughts that night. He have known this doctor for only a few days, but he seemed to have an effect on him. He always looks forward to seeing her when she makes her rounds. He looks forward to having a small talk with him. She even taught her a few Filipino words!

He closed his eyes to sleep, tomorrow would be his last day in the hospital… and he hopes to see more of Kelsi as soon as he’s out.


He found her in a field of roses. She was lying among the flowers, as she slumbers peacefully. He walked towards her, and sat beside her, not wanting to wake her up. He gently he kissed her on the forehead. She gently opened her eyes, to find him smiling at her. “Hey…” he said. She smiled at him. She closed her eyes again, this time, his face moved closer to her, their lips started to touch…

She opened her eyes, the sun glimmered through her window. It was just another dream… just another dream… she thought. She sat on her bed and sighed. She was just beginning to get to know this man she loves. She’s taking small steps to be with him… one step at a time… and she knows she would be able to be with him. Who knows… maybe she would have his heart as well…


“You’re getting close to him…” Mei Ru told her. “Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?”
“You know, you’re already sounding like your boss…” she said. “It is a good thing for me, I guess…”
“Then tell him…”
“Tell him what?”
“That you’re Angel… the girl he have been looking for all this time.”
“Is he still looking for me? I don’t think so, Mei Ru… besides, I could feel that he’s still love with Ah Sa… being close to him is all that matters to me now…”
“Be close to whom?” Mei Ru heard a guy said. They both looked back and smiled upon seeing a familiar figure. “Hey, Boss!” Mei Ru said. The guy smiled at him. “Not your boss, he’s still at the hospital…” he said. She looked up at him and smiled. “Finally… I was able to meet you…” he said to her. She blushed upon seeing him. The guy turned to Mei Ru and smiled again. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” he asked. Mei Ru looked back at her. “Dr. Kelsi Ramirez, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Ding Xiao Yu…”


-Ding Xiao Yu-

So how did it happen that Mei Ru found Angel. How did he found out Kelsi’s little secret? Let me tell you about it…

It was during our Manila concert that Mei Ru found her by accident. Remembered how he tried to find her? Even going to the local post office to get information about her whereabouts? Mei Ru saw her there… she was carrying a violet envelope. It was the same envelope that she always uses to send Yi Quan a letter. Yi Quan didn’t know it, but he found her. Yi Quan found Angel without even noticing it.

Then at the concert. When Kelsi and her friend went to meet us backstage, he noticed that Kelsi is holding something familiar. When we were called on the stage, Kelsi and her friend stayed behind. Mei Ru excused himself, and when he cam back, he saw Kelsi putting the violet envelope on the table.

“Angel?” Mei Ru called. Kelsi was startled when he looked back at him. “I… I…” she stuttered. “You are Angel?” Mei Ru asked again. “You know who Angel is?” she asked. Mei Ru nodded his head. “I know who she is. Do you know who she is?” Mei Ru asked. Kelsi didn’t answer. “You are Angel?” Mei Ru asked again. Kelsi looked up at him. “Please don’t tell him!”
“But why?”
“I… I…”
“He have been looking for you… he really is! You should meet him now!”

Mei Ru pulled her, but Kelsi remained standing. “No… no… please…” she pleaded. Mei Ru gave her a startled. “Please don’t let him know it was me…. I have no intention of –“
Mei Ru let her hand go. “All right… but I tell you, it’s your chance, Angel…” he said. “Why are you letting this chance pass?”

Kelsi looked up to him. “Because it’s better this way… that he never know who I am… so that I could continue loving him from afar…”

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