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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Everything

I'm thinking of you, whatever you do
I can feel you
I’m just loving you, wherever you are
You’re with me the whole day
I’m completely filled with love for you


Tokyo, Japan.

Chun and Ella entered the hotel's lobby. They have arrived a few hours ago, and they had to get the keys to their hotel room first before going to the function room for the conference. Chun approached the reception area, and then smiled at the lady behind the counter. “Konichiwa, welcome to Holiday Inn Tokyo.” the lady said. “Konichiwa. I'm Chun Yan-Wu, I have reservations for two rooms.” he said. The lady nodded her head, and then faced the computer. After a while, the lady turn to them sadly. “Mr. Wu, unfortunately, we only have one room left.” she said. Both of their eyes widened at what the lady said. “What?!” they said in unison. Chun took a deep breath to calm himself down. There's no way he'll be sharing rooms with Ella. After what happened before. “Errr... Miss... the room left have two beds on it, right?” Ella asked. The lady shook her head. “It only has a king size bed.” the lady said. Chun sighed again in frustration. “Are there any hotels nearby?” he asked. “All the other hotels are fully booked already, Mr. Wu. It's because of the coming festival this Friday.” she said. Chun sighed again. Guess he have no other choice but to share rooms with Ella. Ella looked up to him, and smiled. “I guess I can go and find an inn to stay for tonight...” she said. “No!” he shouted at her. “You'll stay with me. I won't be responsible for you when something bad happened to you.” he said. “So, you're willing to share rooms with me?” she asked. “As if I have a choice.” he said.

“So, Mr. Wu, are you going to get the room?” the receptionist asked. “Yeah... and please add sheets and extra pillows, OK?” he said. The lady nodded her head. “Wow, I can't believe I'm stuck with you again...” Ella commented. “Wei, as if I have a choice! I don't want to get stuck with a weirdo like you!” Chun snapped at her. “And I don't want to get stuck with a pervert like you.”
“Who are you calling pervert?”
“You, who else?”
“Look, you are the perverted one here.”
“i am not a pervert. You are!”
“Wei! How can you say I'm a pervert. I didn't even dare to touch you!”
Ella glared at him, while Chun gave her dagger looks. If only looks could kill, by now the hotel lobby is filled with blood. “Err... Mr. Wu...” the receptionist called. The two glared at the receptionist. “What?!” they both asked in an annoyed tone. “Here's your key.” she said. She was starting to get scared with their new guest, so scared that she wanted to call security to watch over them. She was thinking the two might actually murder each other.

Chun took the key from receptionist, and smiled at her. “Thank you...” The he looked at her name tag. “Tomoyo. Thank you, Tomoyo.” she said. Then, Ella saw him winking at her. “Hmmm... this guy's flirting with this girl. What if I tell Arron and Ariel about this?” she thought. Then, she smiled to herself as if she discovered something. Another evil plan is hatched in her mind. “Look, stop smiling like an idiot, and follow me to our room.” she heard Chun said. Ella immediately took her bag, and followed Chun.


“Finally!” Ella said as she jumped on the bed. Chun walked towards the bed with his hands on his waist, and glared at Ella. “Wei! You can't have the bed on your own!” he said to her. Ella sat up, and gave her boss a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Of course, I paid for the room. I get to have the bed.” he said. He sat on the bed, and took off his shoe. “What?!” Ella shouted in his ear, making him flinch in pain. Chun looked back at her, and glared at her again. “What? It's only right. I paid for this room, so I get to have the bed.” he said. “That is so ungentlemanly of you, Mr. Wu! Then where am I going to sleep for the next five nights?” she asked. “That's why I asked for an extra sheet and pillows. You can sleep on the floor, or on the couch.” he said.

Ella felt her blood rushing up to her head again. Nobody have made her this angry, than her very own boss. “Why, you perv...” she muttered under her breath. She dragged herself out of the bed, and went outside the room. She slumped on the couch, and then folded her arm. Chun followed her, and looked at her closely. She looked like a child who got her lollipop taken away from her. Chun could only laugh at his assistant. “Wei... don't be like that. It wasn't my fault that there were no rooms left in this hotel!” he said. Ella looked at him, and stuck her tongue out of him. Chun just shook his head, and laughed at her childish antics.

Then, they heard a knock on the door. Chun immediately went to the door, and opened it. It was the room boy, who had the extra sheet, blanket and pillows that he asked for. “Konichiwa, Wu-san. Here are the sheets and pillows you asked for.” the room boy said. Chun took the pillows sheets from him. “Arigatou Gozaimasu.” he said, bowing his head. “Enjoy your stay, Mr. And Mrs. Wu.” the room boy said before leaving said. As he turned to close the door, he realized what the room boy said. “Mr. and Mrs. Wu?!” he muttered under his breath. He opened the door again, and called on the room boy to explain. “Wei! It's not... We're not...” he said. Meanwhile, Ella was laughing at him. She did hear what the room boy said to him. Chun sighed, and looked back at him. “Wei. Don't get too excited just because the room boy thought you were Mrs. Wu!” he told her. Ella ignored him, and laughed at him. “Wei... it's not my fault that I was mistaken to be your wife!” she told him. Chun could only sigh and shook his head.


The first day of the conference started that afternoon. All throughout the session, Ella was just dribbling on a piece of paper in front of her. Somehow, she couldn't quite understand what the speaker is talking about. Blah Blah Blah, that's all she could hear. Chun noticed that Ella was not paying attention to the speaker, so he kicked her leg under the table. Ella flinched in pain silently, and glared at him. “Stupid perv...” she thought. She glared at him, and saw him jotting something in his paper. She glanced at it, and saw him drawing a cartoon character on his paper. Ella thought of good pay back at him. She leaned on her chair, and then secretly, she kicked Chun hard on his legs, making him flinch in pain. “Ouch!” he shouted. Everyone looked at him, including the speaker. He felt embarrassed interrupting the whole session. “Sorry... I felt a pain in my leg...” he said. Everyone looked away from him, and the speaker continued with his lecture. He looked back at Ella, and saw her smiling wickedly to herself. “Silly girl...” he thought. “I'll get back to you... just wait and see...”


“Mr. Wu!” he heard someone call him. He looked back, and saw a familiar man walking up to him. “Hiro?” he asked. The man smiled at him, and nodded his head. “The one and only!” he said. Chun smiled at him, and then gave him a hug. Hiro is one of his classmates back in Oxford University. “Chun Yan-Wu! It's nice to see you again!” Hiro said. “Me too! It's been, what? Five years since we last saw each other?” he said. Hiro nodded her head. “So, are you here for the conference as well?” Chun asked. Hiro smiled and shook his head. “I'm here for my honeymoon. My wife and I used to live here in Tokyo, so we decided to have our honeymoon here.” he explained. Chun just nodded his head. “So, are you married? I remembered, when we are still in college, you were already engaged, right?” he asked. Chun looked back, and saw Ella walking. Finally, he thought of a way to get back at her. “I'm still engaged. We're getting married next year.” he explained. Hiro turn to smile upon hearing his answer. “Really? IS your fiancee with you right now?” he asked. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, actually, he's here.” he said.

Chun walked up to Ella, and pulled him over, so much to Ella's confusion. They both faced Hiro, and Chun hugged Ella tight. “This is my wife-to-be, Ella Chen.” he said to Hiro. Ella looked up at Chun, surprised at what he said. “Wife-to-be? What wife-to-be?” she asked. Hiro gave Ella a confused look. Chun let out a nervous laugh, and held her close to him. “Aiyo, stop joking around, Ella. We are getting married next year, remember?” he said, glaring at her. Ella was still confused with what he was talking about. And since when did he became Chun's fiancee?” “What are you talking about?” she asked in confusion. Chun smiled at her, and held her tight. “Eh, Hiro... please excuse my fiancee. She had a little accident before we came here, and she have this short-term amnesia.” Chun said. Hiro smiled and nodded his head. “Ah, so that's why. I understand now, Chun.” he said. Ella looked at Hiro and shook his head. “No, you don't understand.” she said. “Well, it's nice to meet you, Ella. You are lucky to have Chun by yourself. A lot of girls were chasing him back in our school, but he remained faithful to you.” he said. Then, he looked up at Chun. “I see that you really love her. I know she will remember you soon. Good luck on you guys.” he said. Then, a petite lady came up to Hiro, and put her arms around his arm. “Hiro, dear... I'm ready to go.” she said, smiling sweetly at him. Hiro looked at her, and smiled. “By the way, Nana, this is Chun, my college friend. And this is Ella, his fiancee.” he said. Nana turned to the two, and smiled. “It's nice to meet you, Ella, Chun. Please excuse us for a while.” she said. The two nodded their heads at Ella and Chun, and left them.

“Wait, you got it all wrong!” Ella shouted at him as soon as Chun released him. Chun laughed as he walked beside Ella. He move his face closer to her face, and smiled evilly at him. “One point for me.” he said. Then, he walked away from her. “What? What point? Stupid perverted evil brother!” she shouted at him.


it was their second night in Tokyo, and Ella is still thinking of ways to get back at Chun, after that incident with his college friend. She sat up on the couch, and then glared at the door of his room. “Stupid pervert. First, he took the room by himself and let me sleep here in the couch. Then, he kicked my leg. He told that Hiro guy I'm his fiancee, then he accidentally spilled his drink on my jacket a while ago. I have to think of a way to get back at him.” she thought. She folded her arms, and then began to think. She stood up from the couch, and went to the door of his room. As she turned the knob, she realized that it was open. Then, an evil plan was hatched in her mind.

She took a marker from her bag, and sneaked inside his room. He saw him sleeping peacefully on his bed, snoring a little. “Come to think of it, you look cute when you're asleep. You look like an angel. But you're a devil once you're awake.” she thought to herself as she looked closely at her. She opened the marker, and then looked at him, smiling evilly. She began to draw a big circle around his eyes, and then put some dots on his cheeks. As soon as she's finished playing with his face, she got satisfied with her work. She laughed silently, and retreated outside of his room.

After a few hours, Chun woke up and decided to go to the bathroom to pee. After he peed, he went to the sink, to wash his hands. He was still half-asleep that time, but he noticed something in his face. He opened his eyes, and saw his face filled with drawing. “What the-” he thought. Ella. He knew Ella did this to him. “You're getting back at me, huh?” he said. He took a bottle of styling gel, and went outside his room. From the couch, he saw Ella sleeping soundly, smiling to herself. “You witch! I knew it's your evil work!” he thought. He opened the bottle of gel, and poured everything on his hand. He sneaked up behind Ella and then styled her hair in a weird way. As soon as her hair resembled that of Son Gokou, he laughed to himself. “That will teach you a lesson not to mess up with Chun Yan-Wu!” he thought. Then, he retreated back to his room.



Chun was awakened by a loud shout, that he fell on the floor. “Stupid Ella! Your shriek is way louder than that of the ambulance!” he thought. He stood up from the floor, and got out of the room. “What?!” he shouted at her. Ella looked up at him, and glared at him. The sight of her Son Gokou hair made him laugh so hard. “What? Got up from the wrong side of the bed, Son Gokou?” he asked. Ella glared at him angrily. It hit her, that it was Chun's evil work. “Why you stupid, evil, pervert!” she shouted at him. Chun folded his arm, and smirked at her. “Why, you're welcome, Ms. Ella. I'm glad you liked what I did to your hair.” he said. Ella stood up from the couch, and walked up to him. “Why you evil man! Why are you getting back at me?” she asked. “Why not? After what you did to my face?” he said, pointing to his face that was still filled with her scribbles. “Oh, you look handsome in that make up, Mr. Wu. You're welcome...” she said, smirking at him. “So, we're quits now. I'm only giving you a dose of your own medicine.” he said. He turned his back on him, and walked inside his room. Before he could make another step, he felt Ella pull him. “Why you evil man!” she shouted.

He looked back at her. She tried to hit him with her hand, but Chun was able to get hold her arm. “Why, you silly girl!” he shouted at her. “Who are you calling Silly?” she asked. “And who are you calling evil?” he snapped at her. “You pervert! You made me look like Son Gokou!” she shouted at him. “And you made me look so ugly!” he shouted at her. “Serves you right, pervert!” she shouted at him again. “Serves you right too, silly girl!” he shouted at her. Ella tried to attack him again, but she lost her balance. Chun was able to get hold of her, but then the two of them fell on the floor, with him on top of her.

They were in that position for a long time, as our lover boy stares into our heroine's face. “Why didn't I notice it before? She... she looked pretty...” he thought to himself. Meanwhile, Ella stared into Chun's eyes. It's like she's seeing our leading man in a different light. “Why didn't I notice that he have such beautiful eyes...” she thought. Both of them were mesmerized with each other, not wanting to take their eyes off. Chun had this urge to kiss her lips. He could still remember the last time they kissed. If only Ella didn't broke their kissed, and puked at him, there's a tendency that he wouldn't be able to control himself. He felt something in her kiss. Something that he have never felt before. “Oh my God, what am I thinking? I'm going to be married to Ariel, and I'm lusting over my brother's girlfriend-to-be!” he thought. Ella looked at Chun's face, and she doesn't know she wanted to kiss him. She could still remember the first time they kissed. She admits she felt something in that kiss. It was her first, and she wanted to feel it again. “Wait, what am I thinking? I should hate this guy for stealing my first kiss! And, he's getting married to Ariel, while I still love Arron!” she thought.

Then, Ella glared at him. “Mr. Wu, if you don't get off of me, I'll shout at the top of my lungs and tell everyone that you're raping me!” she told him. With that, Chun immediately got off of her. “Wei, who wants to rape you anyway!” he snapped at her. Ella sat up, and hit his arm really hard, making him flinch in pain. “Who else, but you!” she said. Chun looked at her, and smirked. “I think you're still in shock. Excuse me, but you're not my type. Why don't you go, and take a shower. Maybe you'll wake up from your dream after that.” he said. Ella flinched at what he said. “Why you... stupid... pervert!” she shouted at him. She hit his arm again before standing up from the floor. “I'll get you next time, you evil man!” she shouted at him. Chun just laughed at what she said. “We'll see, silly girl!” he shouted back at her.

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