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Saturday, September 19, 2009
Star - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mysteries

"Tell me how he looks like..." The little girl said to her. She gave her a smile before she began to speak. "He looks like an angel... no. He looks like a prince that just stepped out of a fairy tale book..."
"He has an angelic voice. When he sang, he sang with his whole heart..."
"He has the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen..."
"The sound of his laughter is like a melody..."

The little girl smiled at her. "By the way you described him, it seems that you have loved him more..." she said. The smile on her face slowly faded. "I could never be the girl he would want... there are a lot of pretty girls lining up to him..." she said sadly. "I love him so much that it's starting to hurt me..." The little girl held her had to comfort her. "I love him too... he is my first love..." she said, laughing gently. She smiled at her. At 10, she never thought this little girl knows more about love. Then, the girl squeezed her hand. "Promise me..." she said. "Promise me... when I am gone, you will follow what you heart says... promise me..."


Back at his hotel room that night, Yi Quan sat on the couch. He was tired from trying to search 'Angel', and from the rehearsals. "How can I ever find you..." he thought. He took a deep sigh, and then he took the envelope from the back pocket of his pants. As he reached for the letter, another violet envelope dropped on the carpeted floor. "What is this?" he thought. He thought he only brought one letter with him that morning, and he was surprised to find another one.

He took it, and was surprised to see that it's not yet open. "A new letter?" he thought. Still confused, he called on Mei Ru. "What is it, boss?" Mei Ru asked as soon as he arrived. "Did... did anyone gave you this letter?" Yi Quan asked, waving the the violet envelope in his face. "No... the last one we got is the one you received before we left for the airport." Mei Ru explained. He looked away from him, and then he dismissed his assistant. He looked at the letter in his hand, as he wondered... did he found her without ever knowing that he did?


Kelsi's room has turned topsy-turvy. She just couldn't find it. She thought it was in her bag all along, but when she looked for it, it's gone. "Where is it!" she shouted in frustration. Jeff heard her shout, so he peeked inside her room. "Sis? What's wrong?" he asked. Kelsi looked up at her brother. "It's gone!" she said in a panicked voice. "Which is gone?"
"The letter!"
"Which letter?"
"The letter for..."

Kelsi paused. She did not want her brother to know about her little secret. No, she just can't let him know. "The letter for... for... the hospital where I'll be applying..." she said. Jeff gave him a confused look. "Can't you print another one?"
"No! I mean... no... the dean already signed it..."
"Then print one again and let the dean sign it."

Jeff left her room, and as soon as he left, Kelsi began to look for that letter again.


He stared outside the window of his hotel room. He's still wondering how he got that new letter from 'Angel'. He reached for his pocket and began to open the envelope. He smiled as he read her letter, written in a neat, cursive penmanship.

Dear Yi Quan,

How are you? Are you nervous about your concert? I am looking forward for the day that you will be singing live... I am looking forward to the day that I would be seeing you perform on stage... That is my greatest dream...

Yi Quan, no matter what happens, I will forever support you. I will always be here, cheering for you...


He folded the letter, and stared out of the window again. He knew he found her... and it's all up to him to find her again. And if he does find her, he will not let her go this time...


Concert Day.

"Hey Yi Quan!" Wang Ya Se called him while he was busy preparing for the concert. Yi Quan smiled at his bandmate. "I'm as nervous as you are... wow! have you seen the audience! I never thought we would have a lot of fans here in the Philippines!" Ya Se said. "I never thought we had a lot of supporters here..." Ding Xiao Yu, his other bandmate, said as he approached him. Wang Ya Se then left once he saw Xiu Yi.

Xiao Yu sat beside Yi Quan and tapped his shoulder. Aside from Mei Ru, he knew all about 'Angel'. "Still could not find her?" Xiao Yu asked. Yi Quan nodded his head. "We've been here for a week, and I can't even trace her... God, I don't even know why I'm looking for her!" he said. Xiao Yu smiled at him. "Xiao Yu... how... how would I know if it's her? How would I know I found the right Angel?" he asked. "You would know... only your heart would know, Quan..." Xiao Yu said.

Their conversation was interrupted when Ah Ken came. With him are two Filipina girls who won the backstage pass for their concert. "Ah... Yi Quan, Xiao Yu, glad you are here." Ah Ken said. "This is Millie, the girl who won the contest, and with her is her friend, Kelsi..." Yi Quan smiled at the two girls, and shook their hands. When he took Kelsi's hand, he felt something... as if she's very familiar to him. He stared into her eyes, trying to remember if he met her before.Kelsi, on the other hand, became too conscious at the way Yi Quan stared at her. "Oh my God... I'm melting..." she thought. She looked up at her and blushed. "Did we... Have we met before?" he asked her. Kelsi looked at him, dumbfounded. What a pick-up line... she thought. But she remembered something... that man at the park. "I... I'm not sure...." she said.

Xiao Yu smiled at Kelsi. "Sorry, miss... we have a lot of pretty ladies that looked like you back in Taiwan. Maybe my friend here thought he have met you in Taiwan before." he explained. Kelsi laughed nervously. "Oh! Well... I have never been to Taiwan..." she said. After a few minutes, their manager called on Yi Quan and Xiao Yu. It's time to perform onstage.


"And for our next song... it's "Bu Hui Ai" Xiu Yi announced. Then, the music played and they began to sing the song...

zhi hao rang li wu an jing tang zai wo kou dai
yi bian kan zhe ni gen ta kuai le liao dao xiao kai
dan you qing liang zi bu zu xing rong wo qing gan
xin qing dou sui ni zhuan wan

er ji ta qing qing wen wo er duo ai qing gen ting bu wan
shi he wo men de cong bu shi lang man

ni bu hui ai wo de ai wo ming bai
ni de zui ai na yi kuai na tian wo cai chun zai
wo bu hui ai ni de ai shou shang hai
suo yi ning yuan an jing de deng dai

zhi sheng xia bing leng kong qi pei wo yi zheng wan
ji muo que duo dao sai che gen ben wu fa dong tan
yi fan shen wo zai ban ye tu ran jiu xing lai
meng li ni de chun rou ruan

er ji ta qing qing wen wo er duo ai qing gen ting bu wan
shi he wo men de cong bu shi lang man

ni bu hui ai wo de ai wo ming bai
ni de zui ai na yi kuai na tian wo cai chun zai
wo bu hui ai ni de ai shou shang hai
suo yi ning yuan an jing de deng dai

ai ni wo man bu xia lai mei you na yi tian li wai
gen zi ji bi kuai wo hui gan shang ni wei lai

ni bu hui ai wo de ai wo ming bai
ni de zui ai na yi kuai na tian wo cai chun zai
wo bu hui ai ni de ai shou shang hai
suo yi ning yuan an jing de deng dai

As Yi Quan sing this song, the only girl he could think of was Angel. The mystery girl who have written her letters... the unknown girl he have learned to love....


As his voice sang the song she have longed to hear, she smiled. Tears almost fell from her eyes... this was her dream... and she would not want to wake up from this dream. At some point, she was ready to give up her love for him. She swore to God, once she saw him in person, she would let go of this madness... but her feelings are unstoppable. She just can't give up this man, this star, who have given her the inspiration and the happiness she have wanted... "Mahal kita..." she whispered. The crowd cheered, and her whisper cannot be heard by him, even if she is just in front of him...


"Mahal kita..." He heard someone say. It was inaudible, but he was able to hear it. His heart began to beat faster. It was a weird feeling... he was not like this in their previous concerts. But after they sang "Bu Hui Ai" and he heard those words... he felt something really different. "Only your heart would know..." Xiao Yu said to him a while ago. She's here, he knew... he looked out to the crowd, finding who among them could be this 'Angel', but among the unfamiliar face in the crowd, his not sure... he is unsure....


"I promise..." she said to the girl, who is peacefully sleeping on the hospital bed. She gently kissed her forehead, and tucked her in. A tear slowly fell down from her cheeks. "Though it's hurting me more and more... I will follow my heart... then maybe, just maybe, he could learn to love an ordinary girl like me..." she thought. She stood up and went to the side table, and from there, she took a long, white envelope.

People might think that this is too much, but she knew she have to do this. Not for herself, but for the little girl whom she made a pact.


Dear Ms. Kelsi Ramirez,


You have been admitted as an Intern at the National Taiwan University Hospital.


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