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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
All For You - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Be my date, please?

"OK, girls..." their class president, Kelly, said as she pass around small pieces of paper. Nina took a paper, and read what's written on it. "Vote where you want our Graduation Ball should be held" it says. Nina looked at Kelly, who's still passing the papers. "Admin approved the Grad Ball proposal. We just need to know where you want it to be held!" she said in a very loud voice. Millie, who was the vice president, approached Kelly. "Kelly, we can hear you, you don't have to shout..." she whispered.

Nina just put the paper away, and went back to what she was doing a while ago - writing. Lainey noticed that Nina didn''t pay any attention to the paper, so she approached her. "Nina! This is the first time in 10 million light years that the admin approved the Grad Ball. You have to vote!" she said. Nina looked back at her and smiled. "It's OK, I'm not coming." she said casually. Lainey was shocked with what she heard. "You're. Not. Coming. To the Grad Ball?" she asked. Nina smiled and nodded her head.

Lainey took the empty seat beside her and began to talk in a low voice. "Girl, if not all would come to the Grad Ball, the admin will not push through with it? Would you want to ruin everyone's high school memories? For all we know, we're the only school that doesn't have a Prom or a Grad Ball!" she said. "Lainey, why should I go if I don't have a date?"
"Well, you have me, CJ and Millie!"
"You'll go with your boyfriend, CJ will go with her brother, and Millie will go with the guy that her parents arranged her to be married to. That leaves me all alone. I better not go..."

She went back to writing her notes, and left Lainey thinking what to do to make Nina go to the Grad Ball. While thinking, Lainey stared outside the window. Just then, she saw Brent together with his friends. She looked back at Nina, then looked back at Brent, and finally looking back at Nina. Nina could sense that Lainey was staring at her, and she was right. When she turned to Lainey, she saw her looking at her, with a goofy smile on her face. "What?"
"I have a plan!" she said excitedly. Nina shook her head, as she took a deep breath. "Give it up, Lainey... Grad Ball's gonna be held in March, so don't plan yet."
"I know," Lainey said, still smiling. "but it's long enough to get with my plan for you..."

"What?" Nina shouted at Lainey when she told her "the plan" later that after. They were at the school's waiting area. "I can't do that! It's so not me. Besides, I'm a girl, he's the guy, and he should ask me first." she continued, then she turn her back from her friend. "Well, how could he ask you? Does he know you?" Lainey snapped back. Realizing her friend was right, Nina faced her again. "OK, so he does not know me, but why should I do that?" she asked. Just then, CJ and Millie came, and they heard everything Nina said. "Do what?" CJ asked. The two girls looked back, and they say Millie and CJ approaching them. Lainey smiled, because she knew that the two would back her up and pester Nina until she agrees with them. "Good thing you're here!" Lainey said. I was just telling Nina about my plan..."

CJ and Millie exchange looks. "Plan? What plan? How come we didn't know this?" Millie asked. Nina smiled at them. "Because it's a ridiculous plan that I will not do." she said. Lainey started to explain everything to her friends. "Well, the plan is to get Nina a date for the Grad Ball since she doesn't want to attend. And the plan is, Nina will ask Brent to be his date."

As expected by Lainey, CJ and Millie sided with her. "I don't see anything wrong with that. Why don't you ask Brent to be your date? I know you're going to have a blast!" CJ said. Nina was silent. Her friends knew her well, and anyway, she's been dreaming to have Brent as her partner for the Grad Ball. She decided to go with the plan. "At least I can be close to Brent if I ask him to be my date..." she thought. She turned to her friends again and smiled. "OK. I'll do it."


Little did they know, Leon heard what the girls were talking. "In your dreams, nerd!" he thought as he eavesdrop on Nina's group. "You out of my friend's league. He'll just turn you down."

He watched a the four girls cheered and left the school. After they left, Jasper and Brent came at the waiting area. "What's up man!" Brent said as he pat Leon's shoulder. "Well, nothing... just eavesdropping on some high school girls' conversation..." he said. Leon looked outside the date, and she saw the four girls waiting for a ride. "Brent, see that girl with the thick glasses..." he said as she pointed to Nina. Both Brent and Jasper looked outside and watched Nina. "Yeah, I know her. Nina Mendoza, the honor student from high school department. What about her?" Brent asked. "Apparently, they have a Grad Ball this March, and the poor girl does not have a date. She plans to ask you to her date." Leon said.

Brent just stared at Nina until they were able to get a ride. He heard a lot of news about Nina being a klutz. "He reminds me of someone who's dear to me..." he thought. "So, Brent..." he heard Leon call him. "If she asked you to be her date, you're gonna turn her down, right?"
"Nope. Not at all." Brent said. He's two friends were surprised. "What? She's not even half as pretty as the cheerleaders, man!"
"I know that. Beside, I want to date a nerd anyway. I'll just give her a chance..." he said.

Jasper and Leon shook their heads in disbelief. "But, I have a plan for her..." he continued. The two guys gave hima confused look. "Plan?" they asked. Brent looked at them, and gave them a devilish smile. "Just wait and see..."


Plan A:

"Hey, there he is!" Lainey said excitedly the moment they saw Brent the next day. It was right after their class, and luckily, the varsity team were practicing for the upcoming basketball tournament at the court. Lainey and CJ pulled Nina, who's still hesitant to ask him to be her date. "Guys... don't do that, you'll only make me nervous!" she shouted. As soon as they're near the court, they let Nina go. "Ask him after the practice." Lainey commanded. Nina gave her a surprised look. "What? With all of his team mates around?" she said. "Just wait till he's alone.

While waiting for him to finish, they decided to watch them play. Nina secretly cheered for Brent whenever she throw the ball. "You're so great, and handsome, and cute..." she thought dreamily. Before she knew it, the ball was about to hit her face. "Look out!" Brent shouted. Before she knew it and before she could move, the ball hit her. She fell on the ground.

She became unconscious for a few second, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Brent helping her up. "Are you OK?" he asked in a worried tone. She was dumbfound when she saw him, and she smiled, well, dumbly (if there is such a word...). "I'm OK..." she said in her cutest voice. "Next time, be careful or you might damage this ball!" he shouted at her, changing his tone from being worried to mad. He left her still sitting on the ground, and the only thing she could do is pout. "What a jerk..." she heard Millie said. "It's OK..." she said as her friends help her up. "It's my fault anyway. I should've been more careful." she explained.

PLAN A: Failed



The next plan is for Nina to wait for Brent at the front lobby, and ask him. They waited for him for two hours, then after that, Brent came. "Come on, Nina! This is your chance!" Millie said as she pulled Nina from her set. Nina took a deep breath and followed Brent. Just then, she heard footsteps from behind. When looked back, she saw all the grade schoolers running down to the lobby. It was to late to get out of the way because they were already approaching her. One of the little boys managed to knock her down, and so, she fell on the floor while the grade schoolers ran over her. She passed out.

PLAN B: Failed



"That's it! I don't want to ask him anymore!" she said as they went to the waiting area that same day she was run over by some grade one students. She was annoyed, especially when her friends tease her about being knocked down by a little boy. "Don't laugh, or I'll never ever be friends with you ever again." she said in an irritated tone. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it..." CJ said, still laughing. Lainey pat her back and smiled at her. "I'm sorry, Nina. I shouldn't have made you do this plan. I just want your high school year memorable..." she said. Nina looked at her and held her hand. "I know you mean well, Lainey. Maybe he's not meant to be my date. Maybe I'm not meant to go to that Grad ball..."
"Or maybe, you're meant to go to the Grad ball with a different date. Don't worry, I'll ask Jin-Eun to be your date." Millie said.

Jin-Eun is the Korean classmate of Millie's finace'. Nina have met the guy, and he's not as bad as he seems. But the thing is, the guy's gay. "Jin-Eun? No way! He'll just hit on other guys!" she shouted. While the three were talking on how to help Nina find a date, she saw Brent walking towards the gate. She decided to stick with the plan, so she immediately approached him.


She was standing face to face with her long time crush. It could've been easy - she just have to ask him directly to be her date on the Grad Ball, but no words came out of her mouth. "What do you want?" Brent asked in a irritated tone. "I... I... I..." Nina stuttered. "What?" he said in a loud voice, making her more nervous. "I... I..." she stuttered again. She took a deep breath and looked up at him again. "Be my date! On our Grad Ball! Please!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. All the students passing by them stopped and looked at them.Even those who were just passing by the streets stopped and stared at her. When she noticed that everybody's looking at her because of what she said, she wanted to melt. "Oh great! You just made a complete fool of yourself..." she thought. She lowered her head because of shame.

Brent gave her a devilish smile. "I knew you're gonna ask me!" he said. "OK, I'll be your date." he continued. Nina looked up at him and smiled. She can't believe he actually said yes.


"But..." Brent continued. "You have to do one thing..." Nina just nodded, as she eagerly listen to what Brent's about to say. "I'll do everything you say, Brent." she said. "Good... in return for this favor, I want you to be my slave starting tomorrow, until the day of the Grad Ball..."

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