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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 4

Round 4 - My Best Friend To the Rescue!

Selina opened the door, and saw Sphinx standing outside the house. “What's wrong? I came as soon as you called.” he said, entering their house. Hebe looked at Sphinx, and folded her arms. “Your best friend is in real trouble...” Hebe said. Sphinx gave the two girls a confused look. “What trouble?” he asked. “Does the words 'chicken face' rings a bell?” Hebe asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Where's Ellie?” he asked. Selina pointed upstairs. Then, Sphinx immediately ran up to Ella's room. Hebe let out a sigh, and put her arm around her. “If only I knew that Chun guy is that chicken face...” she said, shaking her head. “Well, now you know.” Selina said. Hebe just nodded her head.

Sphinx reached Ella's room, and he knocked softly on her door. “Ellie... it's me...” he said. There was no answer from her. He turned the knob, and gently open the door. He saw Ella siting on the floor with an album on her lap. “Ellie?” he called. Ella looked at him, and nodded faintly. “Are you OK?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. Sphinx entered her room, and then sat beside her on the floor. He looked at the photo album on her hand, and saw that she was looking at her old elementary school pictures. He saw the old pictures of Ella. She used to be fat as a kid, but when they reached middle school, she began to trim down. “Damn that chicken face! How dare him call me Ms. Piggy!” she muttered. Sphinx looked at her, and smiled. “Oh, so you're mad because of that chicken face. What's wrong?” he asked. “That damn chicken face is my new next door neighbor.” she said. Sphinx let out a laugh as he shook his head. “Ellie, twelve years have passed. Can't you forgive him?” he asked. “How can I forgive him if he still calls me Ms. Piggy. And you know that I can't forgive him for all the things he have done in the past.”
“But Ellie, do you think that there's a reason why your paths crossed again?”
“What reasons?”
“Maybe it's about time for the two of you to be friends...”

Ella shook her head. “I can't, and will never be, friends with that chicken face.” she said. “You know what they say, Ellie. The more you hate, the more you love...” Sphinx said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Please, Sphinx. That will never ever happen.” she said. Sphinx let out another laugh. “Don't be too defensive, Ellie. I'm just kidding.” he said. Then he put his arms around her, and let Ella rest on her shoulder. “Remember what I promised you when you told me about him, and all the nasty things he did to you in the past?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “I still remember that. You said that no one can hurt anymore because you're here with me... and that you will always be there to protect me...” she said. “I'm keeping my promise, Ellie. I will protect you. I will protect you from him, and I'll make sure he won't be able to hurt you again.” Sphinx said. Ella looked up at him, and smiled. “Promise?” she asked. “I promise you that.” he said. Then, he leaned towards her, and then kissed her on the forehead.


The Next Day...

Nicholas stood before the gate, then he looked at the paper on his hand. “1223-B Willow Street...” he said to himself. He looked around him, but he can't seem to find that address. “This is Willow street, but where is 1223-B?” he thought. Just then, Hebe got out of the gate. Nicholas had an idea to ask the girl where he could find the address. “Excuse me...” he said as he approached Hebe. Hebe paused, and looked at him. As Nicholas smiled at her, she suddenly felt like she's in a daze, and that she's melting. “Y-yes?” she stuttered. She let out an idiotic smile at him. “Hi. I'm wondering if you can help me? I'm looking for this address...” he said, showing her the paper in his hand. Hebe took a look at it, and smiled at him. “There is no 1223-B Willow Street... but there is 12223-B Willow Street.” she said. She pointed at the gate. Nicholas looked at the number on the gate, then looked at the paper in his hand. “That's weird...” he muttered.

Just then, Chun came out of the gate, and surprised to see his stepbrother. “Nic!” he called. Nicholas looked up, and his face lightened up upon seeing his stepbrother. “Chun!” he said. The two hugged for a while, then Chun turned to face his landlady. “Oh, Hebe, this is stepbrother, Nic. He's the one I told you who'll live with me and Ethan. Nic, this is Hebe, our landlady.” he said Hebe smiled at him. “Oh, so that's your stepbrother...” she said with interest. Chun nodded his head. “Yeah. He's here to take over the family business...” he said, nudging Nicholas. Nicholas just let out a laugh. “Of course not. Don't listen to him. Actually, I'm here because mom and dad threw me here.” he said. Hebe just laughed with him. “Well, whatever the reason is, welcome to the neighborhood, Nic. I'll see you around, I guess...” she said. Nicholas smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Looking forward to see you around, Hebe.” he said. Then, he and Chun went back inside the apartment.

Hebe watched them as the two left. She admits, it's love at first sight for her. He had her at hello. “Oh, Nic...” she thought dreamily. “Hebe, dear...” she heard someone call. She looked back, and saw Arron, one of her tenants. “Is that the new guys?” he asked. Hebe nodded her head. “And that tall guy with cute smile whom you were looking at dreamily?” Arron asked. “He's one of them.” Hebe answered. Arron folded his arms, smirked at her. “What?” she asked. “Dear, with the look on your face, don't ever think about it. I can smell him...” Arron said. Hebe gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. “That cute guy is gay. I can sense it. So, don't think of falling for him, or it'll just break your heart.” he said. Hebe could only watch with disbelief as Arron went inside. “Nic? Gay?” she thought. Then she shook her head. It couldn't be that the new guy is gay.


“Come on, we still have an hour before the movie starts.” Ella said to Sphinx. She pulled him to nearest cafe. “Ellie, sweetie... slow down will you?” Sphinx told her. Ella paused, and looked at him. Then, he smiled at her, and his smile immediately melted her heart. She looked down, and saw her holding his hand. She suddenly felt awkward at that, so she let him go. She turned away from him so that he couldn't see her blushing face. “Hey, what's wrong?” he asked. He put his arm around her, and she stood in her place frozen by his mere touch. “Slow down. It's not that the cafe will disappear if we don't get there in five minutes.” he said, laughing. Ella let out a nervous laugh. “Y-yeah... you're right...” she said. This is their first 'date' since Sphinx broke up with Larissa, and still, our leading lady does not how to act 'normally' in front of the the love of her life. Then, Sphinx held her hand, and smiled at him. “Come on, let's go to the cafe.” he said. Ella looked up at him and smile. “OK.” she said.

They entered the cafe, and ordered their iced coffee and panini. As Sphinx turned around, he saw Larissa enter the cafe. But she is not alone. He saw her with another guy, and she was holding her hand. Upon seeing he dropped the paper bag on his hand. “Sphinx?” Ella called him a confused tone. She looked up at him, and he looked as if he have seen a ghost. And that ghost broke his heart, for he was about to cry. “Let's get out of here, Ellie...” he said. Ella turned around, and saw Larissa sitting at one corner of the cafe, and she saw her holding hand with another girl. She looked up at Sphinx again, and saw him lower his head to hide the sadness in his eyes. Seeing her best friend hurt like that because of Larissa made her really mad. She looked at Larissa again, and she could see how happy she is with her date. She doesn't know how Sphinx is being hurt because of what she is doing.

Ella clenched her fist. As she stepped forward to go to Larissa, she felt Sphinx held her to stop her. “Ellie... don't do this...” he said. He knew Ella would confront Larissa, and she doesn't want her to hear the hurtful words Larissa would tell her. “But Sphinx! She's cheating on you!” she protested. “We broke up, remember?”
“How can you let her get away with this?”
“Because I still love her...”
“If you do love her, then you should stand up for what you really feel! If you love Larissa, you will let me go to her and make her realize the wrong things she's doing to you.”
“I love her that's why I chose to let her go... so that she would be happy... with her new guy...”

Ella looked at him with disbelief. “Is Larissa seeing that guy even before the two of you broke up? Did she cheat on you again?” she asked. Sphinx didn't answer her, and just looked away from her. “Sphinx! Tell me the truth!” she said. Sphinx closed his eyes, and slowly nodded his head. That was the last straw. Ella began to march towards Larissa's table to confront her. “Ella!” Sphinx said as she followed her. Ella stood beside their table. She folded her arms and looked angrily at her best friend's ex-girlfriend. Larissa looked up at her, and let out a mocking smile. “Why, fancy meeting you here, Ella.” she said. Ella glared at her. “If you had some self-respect, you will stand up from your seat and you'll follow me outside.” she said. Larissa sighed, and rolled her eyes at her. “Whatever...” she said, turning her gaze to her now confused date. Ella then turned to face Larissa's date. “Did you know that your girlfriend here is still dating my best friend when the two of you got together? Did you know that she cheated on him twice? She've done it before with Sphinx, and she'll do it to you, I swear.” she told him. Larissa's date looked at her with disbelief. “I thought the two of you broke up before we got together?” her dates asked. Larissa smiled sweetly at him, and held his hand. “Of course, we did...” she said. Then she turned to Ella and glared at her. “We already did.” she said. Ella shook her head, and smirked at her. “Nah-uh. You broke up with Sphinx just this week, remember?” she said.

Angry, Larissa stood up from her seat, and faced Ella. Sphinx held on to Ella's arm, and tugged her. “Come on, Ellie, stop this...” he muttered. Ella turned to face her best friend. “Look, if you can't stand up from what you feel, then I'll do it for you.” she sad. “That's the thing!” Larissa shouted at the two. Ella gave her a confused look. “He can't stand up on his own! He can't decide on his own! The problem with your best friend is that every decision he have to make has to come through you. 'Ella thinks it's not a good idea...' 'Ella thinks we should do this...' Ella, Ella, Ella! I'm so tired of listening to him telling me how great Ella Chen is! Everything have to be consulted to you!” Larissa shouted at her. “So, this is all about me, huh? You broke up with Sphinx because you're jealous of me? Well, FYI, even before the two of you met, I'm already part of his life! Don't make him choose between the two of us because you know how hard it will be for him!” Ella shouted angrily at her. “Well then you can have your best friend by yourself! I don't need a spineless man like him! He doesn't have the guts to make his own decision! The problem is that you babied him! You made him so dependent on you so much that it's affecting our relationship. And you are too dependent on him, that it's always ruining our perfect moment. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of him, I'm sick of you!” Larissa shouted.

Ella closed her eyes, and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she faced Larissa again. “Do you know how lucky you are to be loved by someone like Sphinx? He love you so much, he even put you in a pedestal. And what did you do? You hurt him constantly. He may have his shortcomings, and he may not be perfect, but can't you forgive him for that? Before you expect a lot from Sphinx, look at yourself in the mirror? Are you perfect enough to deserve his love, or anyone's love for that matter?” she said. Larissa looked angrily at her, and pointed at her. “Don't give me that shit, OK? I don't need your cheesy love advise. I know what to do with my love life. Look at you... you don't even have a boyfriend because you follow your best friend like a stray dog. The two of you deserve each other.” she said. “Well, just don't come begging him to take you back if your new guy dumps you. I won't let you hurt Sphinx ever again.” she said. She took Sphinx's hand, and the stormed out of the cafe.

“Ella...” Sphinx called as they were walking away from the cafe. Ella stopped, and then turned to face him. “You shouldn't have done that. What if Larissa hurt you?” he said. Ella sighed, and smiled at him. “Then, I will take it. She's blaming me for things I have not done, and if it would make her happy, then I'll let her hurt me.” she said. Sphinx shook her head. “I cant let her do that to you.” he said. He cupped her cheeks with his palm, and looked her into her eyes. “If she hurt you, I could never ever forgive her...” he said. Ella let out a faint smile. She felt herself blushing at what he said. “Thank you, Ella.” Sphinx said. Ella gave her a confused look. “For what?” she asked. “For standing up for me. You know very well I can't confront her because I don't want to hurt her, and you did it for me...” he answered. “Sphinx, you are my best friend, and like you, I can't let anyone hurt you. Not even that bitch.” she said. Sphinx smiled at her, and then hugged her tight. “Thanks, Ella...” he said. “You're the best.”


It was evening, and Chun was peeking from his window. He saw a car parked in front of Ella's apartment, and he saw Ella and the guy he saw yesterday got out of the car. “Who could that be...” he thought. Then, Ethan joined him by the window. “I really think it's Ella's boyfriend.” he said. Chun glared at him. “How can that ugly and fat girl get herself a boyfriend?” he said. “I don't think Ella is ugly. She's not fat either. Actually, I find her really cute...” Ethan said. Chun just shook his head. “Yeah, cute my ass.” he muttered. Ethan could only laugh at his best friend. Guess he still have that grudge on his childhood enemy after all these time.

“How was the movie?” Selina said as she put the glass of juice on the coffee table. “It's great, actually. You and Hebe should have joined us today.” Sphinx said. Selina smiled at him, and shook her head. “Oh, I really don't want to go. I'll only be the third wheel, and a distraction for the two of you.” she sad. Selina looked at Ella, and winked at her. Ella, at that moment, wanted to kill Selina because of what she said. “Third wheel? You can't be the third wheel. I mean, all of us our friends here.” Sphinx said. “I think what Selina is trying to say is that Ella wants you by herself – I mean you and Ella should spend more time together.” Hebe said. Ella looked at Hebe, and smiled at her and giving her a death glare at the same time. “Thank you for that explanation, Hebe.” she said, still glaring at her.

“I think it's a good idea if all of us go out together once in a while. We haven't get together that much since college.” Sphinx said. “That won't be a good idea, Sphinx. Ella will kill us.” Selina muttered. Sphinx gave her a confused look. “What did you say?” he asked. “I said, that would be a good idea. Ella likes it, right Ella?” Selina said. Ella smiled at her, and at the same time glaring at her. “Yes, it is a good idea, Sel.” she said. “How about you guys... anything interesting thing that happened here while we're gone? How's you new neighbor?” Sphinx asked. “They're OK. Everything is at peace while Ella is gone. I guess we should lock Ella to her room whenever Chun is around so that it won't become World War 4.” Selina said. Hebe and Sphinx laughed at what she said, while Ella wasn't amused. “Please, like I would start the fight. He always starts the fight, Sel, and you know that.” she said. “Yeah... and have you seen how the two of you were yesterday? You guys acted like you are still kids. Geez...” she said. She shook her head at her.

Then, Sphinx turned to Ella, and smiled. “Just tell me if that guy's harassing you, OK? I'll tell him off for you, don't worry.” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “I'll bear that in mind.” she said.

After a while, Chun is still staring outside from his window. Then, she saw Sphinx went out of Ella's house. Ella smiled at her, and waved goodbye at him. He saw Sphinx smile at her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Definitely Ella's boyfriend.” Ethan said as he looked outside. Chun gave him another glare. “Shut up.” he hissed at him. “What? Ella have the right to have a boyfriend as well. I mean, look at her. She's as pretty as her cousin. Any guy would like her.” Ethan said. “Who's pretty?” Nicholas asked. He joined the two by the window. “Well, we have this cute neighbor who happens to live across us. Unfortunately, one of them turns out to be Chun's childhood enemy.” Ethan told him. Nicholas looked at Chun with disbelief. “Ms. Piggy? She's your neighbor?” he asked Chun. Chun nodded his head and sighed. “Unfortunately.” he said. Then, Nicholas gave him a meaningful smile. “Hey, isn't she -” Chun knew exactly what Nicholas was about to say. Before Nicholas could continue what he was about to say, he gave him a death glare. With that, Nicholas shuts up. “Ella is what?” Ethan asked. “Ella is Chun's worst nightmare...” Nicholas said. Ethan laughed, and shook his head. “Yeah, definitely. But I'm wondering, if Ella is Chun's nemesis, why is he looking outside the window, as if watching her every move?” he asked. “Because I have to prepare for her attacks. I know she'll think of a way to get back at me after our last encounter. I have to observe her every moves so I know how to counter-attack her.” he said. Ethan and Nicholas exchanged glances. “Is he on a battlefield?” Ethan asked Nicholas. Nicholas just shrugged his shoulder. “I think he had too much video games.” Nicholas said. The two threw a glance at Chun, who is still looking at Ella's apartment. And then, they both decided to leave him, so that he can plan his 'counter-attack' on Ella.


It was Tuesday morning, and Sphinx passed by Ella's house to pick her up. “Oh, there you are!” Ella said as she saw him standing by the door. “Are you ready to go to work?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Just give me a minute to get my bag.” she said. Sphinx decided to wait for Ella outside. As he turned around, he saw Chun and Ethan coming out of their apartment. “Come on, we have tons of work to do!” Chun told Ethan. Then, Ethan paused as soon as he noticed Sphinx. Sphinx smiled at him, and nodded his head.

“Sphinx!” Ethan heard Selina call. “Oh, hey Sel...” Sphinx said. “I was wondering if you could give me a ride as well? My car is still at the shop and I'm really late...” she said. Sphinx smiled at her, and nodded his head. “No problem.” he said. With that, Selina jumped in glee, and pinched him on his cheeks. Upon seeing that, the smile on Ethan's face abruptly disappeared. “See? I told you he's Selina's boyfriend.” Chun said. Ethan glared at him. “No way!” he said. “Then, why don't you find it out yourself?” Chun asked. Sphinx threw a glance at them, and shook his head. Their voice is loud enough that he could hear their conversation. He just laughed in amusement as the two argue as to who's boyfriend he is. “Keep on guessing...” he thought. “You want me to come up to him and ask him if he is Selina's boyfriend?” Ethan asked Chun. “Well, are you scared to know I'm right?” Chun said. Ethan glared at him, then he started to march towards Sphinx.

“Hi.” Ethan said, letting out a fake smile at Sphinx. “Hi.” Sphinx said. “I'm Ethan, and that is my best buddy, Chun. We're new here. Actually, the two of us are arguing if a hot guy like you -”
“Sorry, but I'm not into 'that' thing. I'm straight.”
Chun just laughed upon hearing what he said. “That's so Ella...” he thought as he shook his head. “No. I mean, Both of us are wondering if you are Ella or Selina's boyfriend.” Ethan said. Sphinx just let out a smile at him. “Does it matter if I'm Ella or Selina's boyfriend? What does it have to do with the two of you?” he asked. Then, Sphinx turned to Chun, and smirked at him. “Oh, I forgot. Your friend over there could be wondering why the hell I'm bothering with Ms. Piggy, am I right?” he said. Chun heard what he said. It's early in the morning, and it seems that this guy wants to pick a fight with him. Then, he came to approach Sphinx. “Look, Mister. My friend is just asking who between the two girls living there is your girlfriend.” Chun said. Sphinx let out another smirk at him. “I can't believe that for a guy like you, you're such a snoop. Why do you care?” he asked. Chun sighed as he put his hand on his waist. “Can't you just answer my question?” he snapped at Sphinx. Sphinx foled his arms, and glared at him. “I am Ella's boyfriend. Satisfied?” he answered.

Both Ethan and Chun's jaw dropped upon hearing Sphinx said. “You're Ella's boyfriend?!” the two asked in a surprised tone. “I am. And I know who the hell you are...” he said, turning to Chun. “I know you are Ella's childhood enemy. I know you hate Ella a lot, and I don't know why. If you do something bad or nasty to Ella, you won't like what I'll do to you.” he said. Chun became angry at what he said. “Hey, look here. If someone will do something bad first, it will be your precious little girlfriend!” Chun said. Sphinx shook his head. “I've known Ella since middle school. I know what she can do and what she can't do. And basing from what I heard about you, it's most likely that you will do something bad first to her. So, I'm warning you. Stay away from her, or else.” he said.

Just then, Ella and Selina came out of the house, and saw Ethan and Chun. “What's going on here?” Selina asked. Ella folded her arms, and glared at Chun. “Are you here to ruin my day, chicken face?” she snapped at her. Chun looked at her angrily. “Actually, my day is already ruined because of you. Ms. Piggy!” he said. “Then what are you doing here?” Ella said. Chun just looked at her. Then, he turned his back on her, and headed to his car. “Hey, Chun! Wait for me!” Ethan said, following Chun. Then, he paused, and waved at Selina. “Have a nice day, Selina!” he shouted at her. Selina smiled at him, and waved at him. “Call me!” she said. Sphinx and Ella gave her a confused look. “I think I'll go get into you car, Sphinx.” she said, leaving the two alone.

“Did that jerk do something to you?” Ella asked. Sphinx smiled, and shook his head. “If he did, he should have been lying on the ground by now and unconscious.” he said. Ella laughed at him. “Actually, I just gave him a warning... I told him not to do anything bad to you or else...” he said. Ella felt giddy upon hearing what he said. She feels so luck that Sphinx is her best friend, for she felt he is his knight in shining armor. “Thanks, Sphinx.” she said. Sphinx just nodded his head. “I promised you, remember? As long as I'm here, no one can hurt you...”


“Welcome to the Love Corner, and this is DJ Angel. Before I read our letter of the day, let me play this new song from Fahrenheit.”

A lonely song played on the radio as he drives from the hotel where he delivers cakes, back to his shop . Chun turned the volume on as he listened to the song.

What more moving words can I say
To prove the most intimate relationship
the rain is surrounding in the sky
there is no setting
the rain is the best promise
What more beautiful words can I say
To express the most tacit understanding
When I am beside you
My breath becomes silent
Yet you know each of my emotions
This world is too busy
How can it be heard
One heart calling out to another one’s beat
No matter how busy this world becomes
Luckily that we still
Are very quiet here

As he listened to the song, he remembered something from his past. Something that he sure could not forget. It's one of the most beautiful memories of his childhood. He remembered a cute girl from his past – the one whom he have fallen in love with at first sight. He have loved her for so long, but the girl never looks at his way. Maybe it's his fault, because as a young boy, he could not clearly express what he feels for her. And so, his love remained silently in his heart.

“What is it like to secretly love someone? Does it give a feeling of happiness to the one who's loving silently? Or does it gives you the more painful feeling in the world? Have you ever loved someone secretly, for you never had the guts to tell the one you love how you feel?” Chun heard DJ Angel said. “You betcha!” he said as he sighed. He have been loving someone secretly as a child, and he guessed it will remain that way until the day he dies. He have no courage to let the girl know what he truly feels. He knows she is happy with someone else, and he just have to accept that fact.

He parked the car in front of the shop, and headed directly to the kitchen. With the story that DJ Angel read today about two childhood friends who were secretly in love all this time, he suddenly remembered his first love. His first real love. He closed his eyes, and remembered her cute button nose. He could remember her warm smile, and her melodious laughter. Before he knew it, he was starting to bake chocolate chip cookies. So what does chocolate chip cookies have to do with his first love? It's because it's the cookie that he would secretly give to his first love, especially when he knows that she is sad or upset. As he packed the cookies inside a bag, he took one, and ate it. The cookies he made were his mom's recipe, and as a kid, he would ask his mom to bake him those cookies so that he could give it to her. When he grew up, he asked his mom to teach him how to bake those cookies, and later on, the cookies he was giving to his first love were the cookies that he made himself. He made it with love, just for her.

He leaned on the counter as he ate another piece. Then, he smiled sadly to himself. Guess he and his first love will never be together again. After all, she's happy in the arms of another guy, who seems to love her more than he loves her...

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