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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 1

Chapter One: When I Met You

You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I’m feeling
You gave new meaning to my life
Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing
And it all began
When I met you


It all started four years ago...

Her head above the clouds, Ella dreamily looked at the poster on the school bulletin. It was about the upcoming school play entitled "Grease". She sighed. She regret not trying out for the school play. Her best friends, Jiro and Calvin have convinced her to try out, but being the sissy that she is, she never heeded their advise. But the good thing was, Mr. Hsu, her English professor, is willing to give extra credits for those willing to help behind the stage. Good thing she and Calvin signed up for it.

So why is our heroine seem to be looking forward with this play? It's because the school heartthrob, a.k.a. the apple of her eyes, Arron Yan-Wu would be acting as the lead, Danny Zukko. So, why is she excited with the play? You see, ever since her first day in the university, Ella's madly in love with Arron Yan-Wu. But just like other girls, she can only adore him from afar. He's the school's prince. She's just an ordinary student.

"If you keep on staring at Arron's face, that poster will melt..." she heard someone say. Ella turned around, and saw her best friend, Calvin. “Hey, Calvin!” she greeted him. Calvin put his arm around Ella as they walk towards the school auditorium. “You know what, if you really like Arron, why don't you ask him out...” he said. Ella paused and looked at him. “I don't want to do that! Besides, I don't have the guts to, and he doesn't even know who I am...” she said. “He doesn't know you? Weren't you in the same class as him last semester?”
“Yeah... but I sat at the back... he sat in front of the class... I don't even know if he knows me by name!”
“You know what, El, you're such a sissy.”
“I know, I know... but can you blame me?”

Before they knew it, they were already inside the auditorium. “If I were you, Ella, I'll take this opportunity to befriend Arron. Don't be such a scaredy-cat, OK?” Calvin said. Ella just sighed. “You know that when I see him, my mind goes blank...” she said in a low voice. Calvin looked at her and smiled. “Then have a presence of mind. Come on, they're all waiting for us!” Then, he took her hand and they ran towards the stage.


“No! Move that to the left! Not your left, it's my left! There!” Mr. Hsu just shook his head in dismay as his student put down the plant on the stage. He looked at his watch, just five more minutes before his favorite student could come and help with setting up the stage. He looked back, and he saw Calvin and Ella running towards the stage. “Finally...” he said to himself. He sighed with relief. Now that Ella and Calvin's here, they can take charge of the props while he can concentrate on rehearsing with his actors. “Thank heavens you two are here...” Mr. Hsu said as soon as Calvin and Ella approached him. He was thankful that they both volunteered to do the props and the other technical aspects of the play. He could use Ella and Calvin's creativity in his school play. “Calvin, Ella, take charge of the props OK? Make sure these guys won't mess up.” Mr. Hsu said to them. “Yes, sir!” they said in unison.

They watched as Mr. Hsu go down the stage and sit at the front row. “Time to work...” Ella said. She was about to go back stage when Calvin stopped her by holding her arm. “Wait...” he said. She gave him a startled look. She noticed he was looking towards the auditorium's entrance. Ella looked back, and then she saw him, her prince charming, the apple of her eyes – Arron Yan-Wu. “Oh. My. God. He's here!” she thought. She watched him as he walked inside the auditorium. He smiled at the people he passes by. As he reached the front row seat, she watched him as he talked with Mr. Hsu. She felt her heart melt whenever he smiles. She sighed as she watched him glide across the room. Everything seemed to be in slow motion.

“Earth to Ella Chen!” Calvin shouted in her ear. She snapped back to reality with that. “Awww...” she said as she massaged her ear. “Why do you have to shout at me, Calvin Chen?”
“You were dozing off! You just saw your prince charming, and you're brain shuts down and goes to dreamland.” Calvin shook his head. With Arron around, he doubts it if Ella could concentrate on their work. “She'll just watch him and daydream about him...” he thought. “Come on, let's just work on the props...” he said, dragging Ella at the backstage.


As Mr. Hsu handed him his script, Arron looked at the stage and found Ella and Calvin going to the backstage. He smiled to himself. “So, she is here...” he thought. He wondered if Ella has been casted for the school play. He remembered seeing her trying out for the play, but before her name was called, she left. “I sure hope you have memorized the third act, we'll start rehearsing from that part.” he heard Mr. Hsu said. Arron looked back at Mr. Hsu and smiled. “Yes, I did...” he said. “Good. Let's just wait for Gui Gui and the rest of the cast before we start, OK?”
“By the way, sir, is Ella part of the cast?”
“No, but she and Calvin's in charge of the props. We'll be working with her in this play as well.”

Arron nodded his head, then he excused himself from the professor. He took a seat at the
far side of the auditorium, and began to read his script.


“Calvin, can you help me put this disco ball at the ceiling?” Ella asked Calvin, who was busy painting their wall props. Calvin looked back at her then show her his hands, which is filled with pain. “Sorry, dirty hands.” he said. Then, she turned to the other guy beside her. “Nic, can you help me put this thing up?” Nicholas looked at Ella and smiled at her. “Sorry, El. My hands' are filled with paint as well. Why don't you ask Andy?” he said.

Then, she walked towards the other guy at the far end of the stage, who was busy moving the rest of the props on the stage. “Hey, Andy, can you help me put this thing up” she asked him. Andy looked at the disco ball she was holding, and then looked up at the ceiling. “Sorry Ella, I'm scared of heights...” he said apologetically. “You're a guy! You can do it!” she insisted on Andy. “I'm really sorry, El. The last time I went up a ladder, I fainted and fell. Why don't you ask Calvin?” She let out an exasperated sigh. “ Fine! I'll do it myself!” she shouted.

She pulled the ladder and put it up. With the disco ball in her hand, she went up the ladder and fixed the disco ball in it's place. As soon as it's fixed, she went down the ladder, but she missed a step and fell. “Aaaaahhh!” she shouted. She anticipated falling off the stage floor, or worse, falling off the stage floor then falling off the stage. She just closed her eyes as she fell, then she felt someone have caught her. She slowly opened her eyes, to find herself being carried by none other than Arron.

She felt her world go slow mo again. She found herself staring into his almond eyes, and getting lost in it. She felt her heart melting again as he smiled at her. Then, he helped her up. “Good thing I was here.” he said to her. She just smiled dumbly at him, as she slowly nodded her head. “Be careful next time, Ella...” then he waved at her and walked off the stage.

She still felt like she's in a dream, even though Arron have left already. Calvin, who saw Ella fell from the ladder, immediately rushed to her side as soon as Arron left. “Ella, are you OK?” he asked in a worried tone. Ella nodded her head. Then, she looked at Calvin, and held his arm really tight. “Calvin! He knows my name!” she said in a low, shrieking voice. “He knows my name!” she said again, then he pinched Calvin's arm. “Awwww! Stop it Ella!”

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